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With the speed of the Bloodshadow Evasion, Han Li had arrived at the valley’s entrance in the span of a few breaths.

With his current cultivation, he was finally able to do what he couldn't at Core Formation and Nascent Soul stage. He was able to control his direction with the overbearing speed of the technique.

In the blink of an eye, Han Li arrived over fifty kilometers away and he swept his spiritual sense past his surroundings.

He discovered that Huang Liang and the others weren’t far away and were in close pursuit. His heart couldn't help but tremble.

Since they were all Spatial Tempering-stage cultivators, Han Li didn’t believe it would be so simple to escape them.

Still within the crimson light, he flipped his hand and two pearls sparkling with crimson-black talisman characters appeared in his hand. He quickly tossed them behind him and began to chant with his hands held in a gesture.

At that moment, he continued to blur through the air in a crimson flash and swept past the entrance to the Chaotic Valley.

Behind him, the three were still in quick pursuit

The two pearls spun and let out a drone before detonating in a world-shaking explosion.

Black and red light turned into two thirty-meter-wide blazing suns.

To the naked eye, one could see waves of violent Qi scattering around them like a storm. It completely engulfed the area of several kilometers.

Of the three cultivators pursuing Han Li, Xu Tian possessed the deepest cultivation and even used a secret technique to increase his speed. As a result, he was engulfed by the storm.

As for the other two, they had more time to react and quickly changed direction, thinking of flying around the dangerous storm.

Nevertheless, both the human and the demon didn’t let go of this opportunity to give a free hit to Xu Tian.

Huan Tianqi’s sleeve trembled and a grey demon wind roiled. Huang Liang waved his hand at the storm and released a yellow beam of light.

The two attacks entered the storm and let out a large explosion. Xu Tian’s furious roar immediately followed.

Seeing that Xu Tian was somewhat harmed, he would be occupied for some time.

The pair grinned at each other and then made their way to the valley entrance.

Because of the delay caused by the Immortal Vanquishing Pearls, Han Li already turned into a blur on the horizon.

The two didn’t take the distance to heart as the two were confident, they would be able to catch up using their secret techniques. But then, two wounds cracked from the stone walls of the valley.

Silver light flashed and two pillars of silver flames moved to engulf them.

Because the flames traveled at immense speed within the narrow valley, it arrived before them in the blink of an eye.

Spirit Lord Huang Liang chopped his hand through the air without another through, striking down the flames with a yellow sword streak.

But as soon as the swordstreak touched the flame, it was consumed entirely.

The silver flame didn’t stop there and rushed towards them with even greater momentum. The roiling temperatures left the cultivator completely dried out.

Huang Liang’s expression vastly changed and she shouted, “Spirit Extinguishing Bone Flame!”

Soon after, he grasped his hands in an incantation gesture, and he disappeared. The flame pillar engulfed the area where he once was.

Huan Tianqi found himself in a similar situation

He cast a demon wind, but the silver flames cleanly engulfed it. He astonishedly blurred several times in response and let several afterimages in his place to escape the flame.

Huan Tianqi looked at Huang Liang’s still figure with an unsightly expression and explained, “No, it isn’t Spirit Extinguishing Bone Flame! The white bone flame may be silver, but it is also filled with evil Qi. Only Ancestor White Bone can control them and no one else.”

The two silver flames then condensed at the center to reveal a three-meter-wide fireball. It shrunk several times in size to reveal a graceful silver flame bird.

“A fire spirit.” The two were startled to see one.

However, the silver flame bird coldly stared at the two before gently flapping its wings.

Silver light flickered and countless fist-sized fireballs appeared nearby. A clear ring sounded and the fireballs trembled, enveloping the two in a dense barrage of attacks from every direction.

When Huang Liang heard that it wasn’t that Spirit Extinguishing Bone Flame, he felt a wave of relief, and when he saw the fireballs, he snorted coldly. He waved his hand, wildly expanding an eight trigram mirror in front of him.

To his side, Huan Tianqi flipped his hand to produce a ball of silver lightning.

Although the two didn’t know the true nature of the silver flames, they couldn't treat it with contempt and would have to deal with it using full force.

But at that moment, the fireballs that were about to strike them brightly glowed and trembled before disappearing.

The roasting temperatures nearby seemed to completely disappear along with the fireballs.

In his alarm, Huang Liang then narrowed his eyes as he looked at the silver flame bird.

Under his stare, he heard a light bang.

The flame bird combusted of its own accord. It scattered like the fireballs and strangely disappeared.

With a sullen expression, he turned to look at Huan Tianqi.

The Jasper Mouse Clan Elder wore an ashen expression.

As doubt flickered through his eyes, Huan Tianqi coldly said, “Even if the flames weren’t the Spirit Extinguishing Bone Flames, they were still significant. I’ve never heard of a cultivator like that before!”

Huang Liang shook his head and glanced in the direction outside the valley. He coldly laughed and said, “I don’t recognize him. Perhaps he is a cultivator from another region. In any case, this is the first time I’ve seen him in the Heaven Origin Region. But for a lone person to use such small tricks to escape our grasp, we must’ve been quite arrogant. Although it’s too late to place a spiritual sense marker on his body, with our vastly powerful spiritual sense, we should be able to find him in the Setting Sun Tomb if he hasn’t escaped over five thousand kilometers away.”

At the moment, Han Li had already disappeared past the edge of the sky.

Huan Tianqi nodded and agreed.

Afterwards, the two closed their eyes and slowly expanded their immensely powerful spiritual sense.

After just a moment of time, their faces revealed wonder and astonishment as if they couldn't believe what they sensed.

“How can this be possible? All traces of his spiritual power have disappeared. Not a single trace.” Huang Liang opened his eyes to reveal shock.

“I also couldn't find it. Even if he died, traces of his aura should’ve remained for a short time,” Huan Tianqi muttered, “Either his cultivation was far beyond ours, or he used a peculiar technique to conceal his aura from our spiritual sense.”

Spirit Lord Huang Liang frowned, “It must be the second reason! Don’t forget, this person was already concealed nearby yet we weren’t able to find him. It seems that this person must be skilled in formidable concealment techniques.”

“How troublesome. With those abilities, we won’t be able to find him.” Huan Tianqi’s cheek twitched.

“That might not be certain. We might have another opportunity. Now that he’s concealed himself, he won’t be able to travel far with his movement techniques. He should be around a thousand kilometers away. So long as we utilize our subordinates, the entire area will be under our control.

Besides, with your Illusion Flame Moths’ Thousand Moth Technique, I am confident we won’t be able to hide from us forever.” A cold glint flashed from his eyes.

“The Thousand Moth Technique would wear down their vitality, but I guess there is no other choice. It will be worth it to use this technique. However, as for that Setting Sun Crystal...” Huan Tianqi reluctantly nodded and then dropped his gaze to the treasure in Huang Liang’s hand.

Having already decided on the matter, Huang Liang answered, “Hehe, so long as we acquire that item from the spirit clan, I will give the crystal. Even if you can’t find him, I’ll split the crystal in half.”

“Good, that will be fine...”

Huan Tianqi smiled and wanted to say something else when they heard a long screech from behind them along with a heaven-shattering eruption. An astonishing spirit wave spread throughout the sky.

The two felt their hearts tremble and they quickly turned around.

Not far away, the storm from the Immortal Vanquishing Beads had already disappeared. There was a thirty-meter-wide blood lotus twirling through the air along with a person at its center, staring at them with an icy ominous gaze.

It was Xu Tian, who the two had struck while he was down.

Huan Tianqi displayed not even a trace of fear and calmly said, “Fellow Daoist Xu Tian, you still wish to fight us? The person who deceived you has escaped to who knows where. Let us stop for the time being. It might be likely he’ll escape.

Xu Tian glanced around him to find no trace of Han Li. Then he glared at the two and coldly snorted, “I have no choice but to let you go for now. But if there is a chance in the future, I will be sure to test your skills.”

Afterwards, the blood lotus petals beneath him closed together.

Then, it shrieked through the valley at piercing speeds.

Not long after, it could no longer be seen.

Huang Liang and the demon didn’t take the spirit cultivator’s threat very seriously.

Not only is it impossible for spirits to remain in the human and demon domains for long, but the two held the advantage when their forces were combined.

Afterwards, the two had a brief discussion before heading in their own ways.

They prepared to gather their men and seal off an area over a thousand kilometers wide. Not even a fly or mouse would be able to make it through!

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