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The cloud of blood roiled and instantly condensed into a blood lotus that twirled around its body. Over ten streaks of swordlight were absorbed into it.

The small vial flew over thirty meters away and disappeared into emptiness in the blink of an eye.

When Huan Tianqi arrived and saw this, he let out a furious roar, spitting out a grey demon wind with it. Hail and sand and stone swept over the area Han Li was hidden.

Although the demon wasn’t able to see Han Li’s figure, he was rich with battle experience. He was able to make out that a human using concealment techniques had seized the bottle.

When Han Li saw the demon wind come to attack him, his expression faintly changed.

After he concealed himself, it was impossible for him to immediately fly out of range of the demon wind. Once the wind brushed past him, it would immediately dispel his invisibility talisman.

In that split second, Xu Tian’s face turned sullen and he pointed at the engulfing winds with an incantation gesture.

A red swordlight tore through the air from over the horizon and flew into his hand. It then flashed, cleaving through the demon winds and directly cutting at Hua Tianqi.

Frightened, Hua Tianqi hastily reached out above him.

A grey demon claw immediately appeared and cleaved at the incoming crimson light. The grey and red light intertwined finding themselves in a deadlock for the time being.

When Han Li saw this, he was elated and began to fly away, still concealed.

But then, a cold snort sounded from behind him, “Where do you think you’re going?”

He suddenly sensed something flash from the yellow mist and a white jade seal strangely warped above his head. In a blur, it turned over thirty-meters-large and pounded down towards Han Li.

The attack was lightning swift. Xu Tian shouted, knowing it was too late for him to help.

Han Li had already witnessed its might and when the giant pounded it, it was entirely unscathed.

He absolutely couldn't receive the strike.

His expression wavered several times before he let out a sigh.

As the jade seal pressed down, silver light flashed and revealed Han Li.

Han Li slapped the roof of his head and summoned a small cauldron wrapped in azure light. He opened it to release a string of clear cries, followed by a barrage of countless azure threads. They quickly waved together a net of light to catch the seal above him.

The seal continued to press down, dropping right on top of the net.

A chain of explosions ruptured. The seal appeared unharmed as usual, and the azure net began to slowly crumble. However, the Heavenvoid Cauldron was a Divine Spirit Treasure. With another wave of azure threads, it completely halted the jade seal’s momentum.

Han Li grasped his hands in an incantation gesture to use this opportunity. Thunder cried, followed by the appearance of azure-white wings on his back.

His body seemed to twist as he turned into a white line, disappearing along with the small cauldron.

When the seal broke free of the net of light, it naturally fell on top of nothing.

At that moment, azure lightning flashed over a hundred meters away where Han Li silently reappeared.

“How are you able to control that treasure? You aren’t Shi Yan!”

Xu Tian’s inconceivable voice sounded from within the blood cloud. Then it roiled to reveal a silhouette that was several inches tall. The profound spirit Xu Tian looked at Han Li with furious alarm.

“You aren’t from the spirit clan! You’re a human cultivator!” Light flashed from the yellow mist to reveal Spirit Lord Huang Liang, looking at Han Li with an astonished fash.

Huan Tianqi used this opportunity to scatter the crimson sword light and flashed forward to Huang Liang’s side, examining Han Li with bewilderment as well.

Facing the Spatial Tempering-stage existences, Han Li simply opened his mouth with an incantation gesture formed and spat out a mist of blood.

Soon after, a dense mist of blood enveloped him.

“He wants to run!” When Xu Tian saw this, he saw that it was a profound movement technique and he furiously shouted.

Soon after, the blood cloud stirred beneath Han Li as if it were ready to pounce.

Huan Tianqi snorted and said, “Fellow Daoist Xu Tian, there is no need to be so anxious. I merely want to experience your Bloodfiend Spirit Lotus. Brother Han Li, since he’s a human cultivator, you deal with him.” His form then turned half-demon in an instant and his body blurred as he pounced towards Xu Tian.

Huang Liang stared at Han Li and indifferently said, “Don’t worry, he is a trifling Deity Transformation-stage cultivator. Even with a spirit treasure, he will not escape me.

He then glanced at the Heavenvoid Cauldron at Han Li’s side.

As soon as those words were said, he opened his mouth and spat a small green sword. It blurred and arrived above the blood mist with wyrm-like agility.

A clang lightly sounded as a golden light shot out from the mist. Although it was repelled from the impact, it managed to block the green sword.

The golden light revealed itself to be a foot-long flying sword.

Huang Liang sneered and pointed at his sword.

The green streak flew immediately intertwining with the flying golden sword. Under the bright clash, the golden light found itself further pressured and restrained as the green streak began to revolve and turn into a meter-long wheel, revolving at a force that would crush anything in its path.

A series of sharp metal clangs sounded, but strangely enough, the golden sword appeared almost entirely unscathed from the fierce blows apart from growing dimmer.

Instead, the flying sword continued to forcibly tangle with the azure sword and distract it.

Huang Liang let out a yelp and his face stirred.

Although he hadn’t refined the green sword from extraordinary materials, when he completed the first cycle of cultivation, he honed it with several thousand years of effort. Its might already was equivalent to a spirit treasure, but now it was being repelled by the flying sword of a Deity Transformation-stage cultivator.

He was thoroughly shocked, but he retained a calm appearance and quickly formed an incantation gesture, causing his sword to let out a ring. It blurred as it turned into thirty-six identical copies. They all cleaved at the blood mist in a dense barrage of attack, intending on skewering Han Li’s corpse.

But what Huang Liang couldn't have expected was for Han Li’s back to blur, summoning tens of small golden swords as well. They all flew out in sword streaks and blocked the azure lights, letting not one of them through.

At that moment, the blood mist was growing violently unstable as Han Li continued to chant. His ten fingers began to cycle through incantation gestures as if he was about to finish his spell.

When Spirit Lord Huang Liang saw this, his astonishment was clear to see, but a cold glint soon shined from his eye. Soon after, yellow mist brightly lit up and he vanished.

Han Li let out a deep sigh and suddenly crimson marks flashed on his brow, followed by the appearance of a black eye-ball. It immediately released a thin beam of jet-black light before disappearing.

Thirty meters away, a loud boom shook the air. Yellow mist and black light flickered together to reveal Spirit Lord Huang Liang. He cried out in alarm, “You have such a treasure? An annihilating treasure!”

The Spatial Tempering-stage cultivator wore a grim expression, but after some surprise, there was neither rage nor joy.

He raised his hand and slowly reached his hand out in front of him.

The sounds of tearing space erupted above Han Li’s head and the winds drew up a storm nearby. Countless threads of mist appeared in the nearby air, condensing into a ball of light in th blink of an eye. A three-meter-long crystalline jade axe appeared in the air.

Huang Liang made a first with his hand and waved down, uttering, “Cleave.”

The rainbow jade axe trembled and slowly moved down, but before the axe drew close, lightning rang.

Balls of azure lightning flickered off of the axe, warping the nearby space it touched. The might’s axe was beyond what it displayed.

As he still casted from within the blood mist, Han Li’s expression changed.

Without another thought, he opened his mouth and spat out a small black mountain. It trembled to release halos of grey light from its surface. Where ever the strange halo of light passed through any of the azure swordlight’s, they let out a wail and trembled uncontrollably as if they were stunned.

The huge jade axe clearly wasn’t comparable to the azure swordlight, however. It easily brushed past the halos and scattered them with ease.

Han Li’s heart grew tense and the small mountain burst, suddenly condensing a dozen rings of light together into an incredibly dense halo. It disappeared with a trembled, suddenly reappearing nearby the jade axe and quickly wrapping around it.

The rainbow light on the axe’s surface pulsed in resistance, but then, the axe suddenly lost control.

Huang Liang was completely aghast by the sight of this. Without another thought, he shouted and released a chain of spell seals.

Suddenly, the jade axe let out a roll of thunder and a series of azure lightning bolts exploded, fiercely cleaving down and tearing through the grey halo.

But that moment of delay bought Han Li just enough time. He suddenly blurred in a crimson streak and he left the blood mist. At an inconceivable speed, he arrived hundreds of kilometers away, a mere black speck in the horizon.

As for his flying swords and the small black mountain, they disappeared as well.

With his Deity Transformation-stage cultivation and his fiercely powerful body, this life-saving evasion technique possessed inconceivable speeds. In several flickers, he already disappeared from sight.

At that moment, Spirit Lord Huang Liang and the others ceased their fighting and looked into the distance with shock.

The three yelled with alarm at nearly the same time and cast incantation gestures at nearly the same instant, streaking forward in furious pursuit.

Several seconds later, the nearby skies were completely empty, the three flying at a speed nearly comparable to the Bloodshadow Evasion.

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