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Han Li's brows furrowed at the sight of the two metamorphosis stage demon beasts, who were appraising him as if he were easy prey.

It wouldn't be difficult for him to kill these two demon beasts, but he simply didn't want to waste magic power to kill them when he didn't stand to gain anything by doing so.

Thus, he immediately made a hand seal and claps of thunder erupted behind him as a pair of silvery-white wings appeared on his back.

Silver light flashed and he abruptly disappeared.

He was planning to rush past the two demon beasts in order to avoid a battle.

The two demon beasts faltered slightly upon seeing that, but the three-eyed ninth grade monster reacted extremely quickly as it hurriedly yelled, "Where do you think you're going?"

Its head suddenly blurred before turning 180 degrees, thereby allowing it to face directly behind itself. At the same time, piercing black light suddenly radiated from the third demonic eye on its glabella, and a streak of black light shot forth through the air.

The black light suddenly exploded over 200 feet behind the two demon beasts. Amid a flurry of black light, Han Li was forced to relinquish his attempt to flee as he stumbled out of thin air with a shocked expression on his face.

The other green-eyed demon beast burst into raucous laughter upon seeing this as it said, "Haha, don't blame us, kid; blame your luck for running into Brother Wu. Fellow Daoist Wu's Heaven Piercing Eye can dispel all types of teleportation and evasion techniques. Even your Nascent Soul won't be able to escape from us!"

Han Li steadied himself before turning to the two demon beasts with a cold expression as he said, "Oh really? It seems that I should better educate myself. To think that I didn't know of the existence of such an amazing demon beast material. So be it; I didn't want to engage in a battle where I would stand to gain nothing even if I won, but it looks like this won't just be a waste of my time and energy. I'll send you two on your way now."

Even though he had summoned a small silver shield to keep the shockwaves of the explosion at bay in the nick of time, he was still rather disheveled in the aftermath of that attack. After having his attempt to flee thwarted, Han Li finally made up his mind to kill these two pesky beasts.

Just as his voice fell, a silver light flashed behind the green-eyed demon beast. An azure figure emerged before plunging its arm directly toward the demon beast's back.

Right at this moment, the three-eyed demon beast's third demonic eye flashed and it seemed to have sensed something. It immediately let loose a loud roar as it raised an arm into the air. A yellow ring then shot forth from his arm, hurtling directly toward that azure figure.

Han Li harrumphed coldly as 36 small golden swords rushed out of his sleeve amid a ringing sound. The swords transformed into streaks of golden light that were around a foot long each as they swept toward the three-eyed demon beast. He waved his other hand to hurl the yellow monk staff through the air, which swelled to several tens of feet in length in the blink of an eye while hurtling forth amid a peculiar howling sound.

At the same time as the flying swords and monk staff were unleashed, Han Li also opened his mouth to blast a fist-sized ball of purple flames through the air. Meanwhile, the Greatyin Fire Raven on his shoulder spread its wings and transformed into a ball of crimson flames that flew forth like a shooting star.

However, the purple and crimson balls of fire were flying at a leisurely rate, far slower and less intimidating than the flying swords and monk staff up ahead.

All of Han Li's attacks were being directed toward the three-eyed demon beast, an observation that sent a jolt of shock running through the latter's heart.

This demon beast originated from the Myriad Demon Valley and had engaged in countless battles with the other demon beasts in the valley. As such, both its battle sense and battle experience were far superior to human cultivators of the same stage. Even though it had never taken on Han Li's attacks before, it could tell just from the astonishing spiritual light radiating from the flying swords and monk staff that those were extremely fearsome projectiles.

As such, it was forced to turn its attention away from its eighth grade demon beast companion in order to focus on defending itself. It slapped the storage pouch on its waist, upon which a burst of yellow light that was over 100 feet in length emerged, flashing straight toward the golden flying swords.

Explosive booms erupted as the two clashed amid blinding flashes of light. The treasure unleashed by the demon beast was able to keep all of the golden flying swords at bay on its own, and did not fall to a disadvantage.

This was quite a surprising sight to Han Li.

However, right in this instant, the massive monk staff flashed past the golden swords, arriving directly above the three-eyed demon beast's head before crashing down like a small mountain.

The demon beast looked up with a dark expression and let loose a ferocious roar. All of its clothes were torn to shreds as a result, revealing a dark green body that appeared as if it had been forged from steel essence.

It raised its arms and they transformed into a set of massive steel pincers over 10 feet in length. It was going to use its arms to clamp down on the monk staff.

An earthshattering boom erupted as black and yellow light intertwined with one another. The demon beast really was able to clamp down on the monk staff firmly through brute strength alone, not allowing it to descend any further. However, this treasure was one of the three signature treasures used by the three masters of Kunwu. Han Li's cultivation arts prevented him from being able to unleash its full power, but the demon beast's massive body still shuddered as it was forced into a hunched position by the devastating power of the attack.

The demon beast was quite stunned to see this.

Its true form was the descendant of a primordial beast that was not very commonly-known. Not only did it naturally possess the third demonic eye on its head, it possessed enormous strength that could allow it to tear tigers and lions apart with its bare hands a soon as it was born. As its cultivation base improved, this enormous strength was also enhanced. In its current state, it could easily carry several tons of weight without any trouble at all. However, the strike from the monk staff had made both of its arms completely numb. How could it not be stunned by such devastating power?

Right at this moment, an anguished howl erupted from nearby. The demon beast's heart sank as it hurriedly turned toward that direction to discover that the green-eyed demon beast's huge head had already been decapitated. Beside its headless corpse, there was a translucent black dagger whizzing through the air, radiating a faint black light.

However, that humanoid azure figure from earlier was nowhere to be seen.

Following the three-eyed demon beast's cautionary roar and the protection it had received from the silver ring, the eighth tier demon beast was able to evade the humanoid puppet's attack. However, just as it turned with shock and fury and was about to launch a counterattack, the Devil Essence Dagger that had snuck around behind it had caught it completely off guard, thereby successfully slicing off its head.

The demon beast had many abilities left unused, but in the face of such a powerful foe, there was no way for it to survive for any lengthy period of time.

A flash of light erupted from beneath the demon beast's headless corpse and a ball of green light shot forth, attempting to flee into the ground.

However, a silver light flashed as the humanoid azure figure somehow emerged from thin air below it, preventing it from being able to escape.

The demon beast's essence stirred with shock and attempted to flee in another direction, but it was already too late.

The green figure reached out with its hand and grabbed onto the ball of green light. It then immediately rubbed its hand together and a silver light flashed as the demon beast's essence was reduced into a puff of smoke.

Everything had taken place far too quickly! It seemed to the three-eyed demon beast that its companion had been slain in the blink of an eye.

Right at this moment, the azure humanoid figure turned to look at the three-eyed demon beast. Silver light flashed around its body as it disappeared along with the Devil Essence Dagger beside it.

The demon beast's expression changed drastically as a hint of horror finally surfaced in its eyes.

It could sense just how terrifying that humanoid puppet and that black flying dagger was. It didn't know that the humanoid figure was a puppet, but what it did know was that it was no match for it and Han Li combined. A sense of remorse welled up in his heart as he planned to make a retreat.

At the same time, light was flashing incessantly within its third demonic eye as it tried to track down the humanoid puppet.

Right at this moment, the balls of Purple Apex Flames and Greatyin True Flames flew toward it, one from the right and one from the left.

The demon beast's hands were completely full and it merely glanced at the two fireballs. It found the fireballs to be a little peculiar but didn't pay them much heed. It casually opened its mouth to unleash two bursts of yellow demonic Qi, thinking that that would be sufficient to keep the fireballs at bay.

However, it had made a severe lapse in judgment.

Just as an elated look appeared on its face as it caught sight of the humanoid puppet with its third demonic eye, the two fireballs exploded in unison.


The purple flames transformed into a pillar of fire over 100 feet tall in the blink of an eye, sweeping aside the burst of demonic Qi with disdain as it hurtled toward the demon beast.

Before it had even gotten close to the demon beast, the glacial Qi emanating from the pillar of flames was already making the space around it crackle and shriek. Layers of remarkably translucent ice quickly appeared from thin air before rapidly extending toward the demon beast, as if it were going to seal this entire space in ice.

Meanwhile, that crimson fireball also exploded, but reverted back into its Fire Raven form. However, with the crimson flames around it, it's body had swelled to over a foot in size. It merely opened its mouth and swallowed the demonic Qi shooting toward it before spreading open its wings and disappearing into the pillar of purple flames beside it.

The demon beast's face immediately paled with fright at the sight of the glacial Qi emanating from the Purple Apex Flames. In its horror, it immediately opened its mouth to unleash countless streaks of yellow light, of which there seemed to be an infinite number.

After tumbling through the air, those streaks of light transformed into peculiar insects that were about the size of thumbs. They had the upper bodies of centipedes and the lower bodies of scorpions. All of them were entirely yellow in color and appeared extremely sinister. As soon as the swarm of insects appeared, they began to exhale putrid mist, which converged to form a yellow ball in the blink of an eye. The ball of mist traveled directly toward the pillar of flames in an attempt to keep it at bay.

Meanwhile, demonic light flashed over the demon beast's body as its arms expanded even further. It was trying to inject more power into its arms in order to forcibly free itself from under the monk staff before fleeing the battle.

The three-eyed demon beast was completely devoid of any battle intent. All it wanted to do was to run for its life.

As soon as the yellow mist came into contact with the purple flames, the mist immediately began to waver and quiver. Parts of the mist were turning into crystals before falling from the sky. However, the countless insects behind the ball of mist were still exhaling yellow mist incessantly, thereby managing to temporarily keep the pillar of flames at bay.

At this moment, a sharp cry erupted from within the purple pillar of flames. The entire pillar abruptly converged and transformed into a massive raven over 100 feet in size, with purple fiery wings and a pair of crimson eyes.

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