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The raven only had to flap its wings slightly to unleash a pillar of purple flames that was several times more powerful than the previous one. Not only did the flames sweep aside the yellow mist with ease, even the strange insects behind the cloud were sealed in ice, completely immobilized. 

The Fire Raven's crimson eyes flashed and it flew toward the three-eyed demon beast with boundless glacial Qi emanating from its body.

The demon beast was trapped under the immense power of the monk staff and couldn't move a single inch. As such, it could only blast out a streak of black light from its third demonic eye.

However, the black light immediately disappeared into the Fire Raven's body, inflicting no damage on its target whatsoever. The purple Fire Raven let loose a long cry and reached the three-eyed demon beast in a flash.

The demon beast's entire body was enveloped by turbulent purple flames and it let loose a howl of anguish before it was sealed into a massive purple ice statue, frozen solid with an expression of shock and horror on its face.

Its protective demonic Qi was completely ineffective against the Purple Apex Flames!

A humanoid figure flashed toward the ice statue and the humanoid puppet emerged amid a burst of silver light. It rubbed its hands together before raising them into the air in unison, upon which two arcs of golden lightning struck the statue amid the sound of a resounding thunderclap.

As a result, the purple ice crumbled and the physical body of the demon beast sealed within naturally fell apart as well. However, a burst of green light then flashed through the air as a ball of green flames even larger than the green-eyed demon beast's essence shot forth. It only flashed a few times before it traveled over 200 feet away. 

"Isn't it a little too late to try and run now?"

A cold voice sounded, followed by an explosive thunderclap. A silver arc of light abruptly appeared before the green flames and Han Li emerged from within with his hands clasped behind his back. Silver light shimmered around his body as he appraised the demon beast's essence with a half-smile.

The demon beast's essence immediately tried to flee in another direction, but Han Li merely extended a hand to produce a green wooden ruler, which he gently waved toward the beast's essence.

Spiritual light flashed as a huge silver lotus that was around a foot in diameter instantly appeared beneath the beast's essence. The petals turned slightly and the demon beast was struck by the feeling that all of the spiritual Qi around it had congealed, making it unable to unleash its teleportation technique.

Its heart sank as spiritual light erupted from the silver petals and streaks of seven-colored Buddhist light shot forth from the center of the lotus. The streaks of light ensnared the beast's essence before rapidly pulling it back and forcibly capturing it into the silver lotus.

A cry of shock and horror rang out and the silver lotus flashed several times before crumbling into nonexistence.

The demon's essence within it also disappeared like the wind, completely vanishing from this world.

Han Li heaved a faint sigh as the wooden ruler in his hand also disappeared at his behest.

At this moment, the humanoid puppet flew toward Han Li and expressionlessly handed him something. The items being offered to Han Li consisted of two storage pouches, one silver ring ancient treasure, and an inky-black bead that was about the size of a thumb. Among them, that bead was none other than the three-eyed demon beast's third demonic eye.

Han Li narrowed his eyes and began to carefully examine this demon beast material. 

Aside from the fact that it was entirely pitch-black in color, Han Li didn't discover anything out of the ordinary about it.

However, when he looked into the demonic eyes, his expression suddenly changed before he stowed it away along with the silver ring.

The silver ring was a great ancient treasure but in the eyes of the current Han Li, it was only barely worth keeping.

As for that massive yellow streak of light that had held Han Li's flying swords at bay earlier, following the death of its wielder, it had become an ancient blade that was neither a saber nor a sword. After a brief examination, Han Li also stowed it away into his storage pouch.

After putting away the flying swords and monk staff, Han Li didn't remain here any longer. He obscured the humanoid puppet again before rushing toward the end of the corridor as a streak of azure light.

As he got closer and closer to the main hall, the number of North Night Palace cultivators and demon beasts he encountered declined sharply. However, those who did appear were all extremely powerful cultivators demon beasts, including some Nascent Soul cultivators and metamorphosis stage demon beasts. However, due to the fact that none of them got in his way, Han Li only took glances at them from afar and naturally didn't cause trouble for himself by interfering with those battles.

After passing by several courtyards and a plaza, Han Li finally saw where the main hall of the Spirit Void Hall was situated.

The white jade walls around the main hall stretched as far as the eyes could see, but the gates positioned before him wasn't all that tall or wide. It was only just over 100 feet tall and it seemed that it was merely one of the side gates.

At the entrance of the gate, there were people and one demon beast engaged in a heated battle.

The two white-robed cultivators consisted of one male and one female, of which the male cultivator was the North Night Palace's overseer elder, the grey-haired Elder Ye, while the female cultivator was a beautiful woman in white palatial robes; it was none other than Bai Yaoyi. 

The two of them were battling a black-robed old man who looked completely like a human. HIs head of long hair was flashing with azure light and a cold gleam was shimmering in his eyes, striking the onlooker with a sense of intimidation.

Bai Yaoyi and Elder Ye were wielding two silver flying swords and a peculiar jade vial that blasted black-white Qi, and they appeared to be struggling against the might of that old man.

In one hand, the old man was wielding a shimmering azure net. When the net was spread open, it transformed into an azure cloud that was over 100 feet wide with lightning flashing within, creating a formidable side to behold. In his other hand, he was wielding a pitch-black treasure that appeared to be a metal pestle. With every swing of the treasure, several tens of projections would be summoned to attack his opponents. Some of those projections were substantial while others were merely illusions, and they were very difficult to deal with.

This old man was able to force Bai Yaoyi and Elder Ye firmly onto the back foot while he himself appeared to be very relaxed.

However, the jade vial that Elder Ye was wielding appeared to be an extremely powerful treasure. The black-white Qi pouring forth from within was able to take on most of the bolts of azure lightning as well as the projections summoned by the black pestle. Meanwhile, Bai Yaoyi's silver flying swords were also quite powerful in their own right and the two of them were managing to stave off defeat together.

Blue light flashed through Han Li's eyes as his gaze scanned toward the old man, upon which his pupils contracted as his expression changed slightly.

This old man was a tenth grade metamorphosis stage demon beast! Even with his Brightsight Spirit Eyes, he was unable to identify what kind of demon beast the old man's true form was.

Han Li's heart jolted slightly as the streak of azure light that he had transformed into reached the edges of their battlefield in the blink of an eye. However, he showed no intention of stopping whatsoever as he abruptly accelerated. A flash of blinding azure light erupted as Han Li attempted to rush past the three of them en route to the main hall.

"You're not getting away!" As a tenth grade demon beast, the old man certainly wasn't going to let a human get away right under his nose. He could sense that Han Li was a mid-Nascent Soul cultivator, but he didn't pay that much heed. He raised his hand casually to point toward the azure net, upon which the azure cloud that the net had transformed into shuddered amid a loud rumbling sound. Several tens of balls of azure lightning shot forth from within, heading straight for Han Li.

. All of those fist-sized balls of lightning swelled to the size of human heads as they shot forth through the air, sealing off an area with a radius of over 200 feet and affording Han Li no avenue for escape.

Han Li's brows furrowed upon seeing this, but he didn't stop to address the threats at hand. Instead, the humanoid puppet behind him suddenly revealed itself. It raised an arm into the air to summon a small bow that was enveloped in crimson flames, before gently drawing the bowstring with his other hand.

A resounding boom erupted as countless balls of fire hurtled toward the azure balls of lightning. The balls of red and green clashed in mid-air before exploding into azure and crimson balls of fire, creating a marvelous spectacle to behold.

The power of the fireballs was clearly inferior to that of the azure lightning, but they were still able to slow down the azure balls, buying Han Li enough time to flash past the three that were engaged in battle, allowing him to escape into the hall through the gate.

"Huh?" A cry of surprise escaped from the old man's mouth.

With this tenth grade demon beast's astonishing cultivation base, he was able to immediately catch sight of the humanoid puppet that had appeared behind Han Li, which was why he was so surprised. He looked on as Han Li rushed into the hall and his brows furrowed slightly, but he didn't give chase. Instead, he focused his attention back on the two opponents he was facing and began to inject more power into his attacks.

Bai Yaoyi was also extremely shocked.

The azure streak of light had flown past too quickly for her to identify that it was Han Li, but the azure light was extremely familiar to her. After a split second of contemplation, she realized that it was definitely Han Li who had just sped past them.

Could it be that the grand elder and the others have already exited the Profound Jade Cave? 

The thought had only just occurred to Bai Yaoyi when the old man began to increase the intensity of his attacks. As such, she was unable to contemplate the issue any further and could only inject spiritual power into her flying swords in a frenzy. The two flying swords were like flood dragons emerging from the sea, assisting Elder Ye to just barely hold off the devastating attacks being thrown at them.

Elder Ye was also very surprised that the streak of azure light had been able to withstand the old demon beast's lightning attack before rushing into the hall. He didn't recognize that streak of azure light, but he sensed no demonic Qi coming from it and that, coupled with the fact that the old demon beast had unleashed an attack against it, indicated that this was a friend rather than a foe. As such, he didn't think too much about this matter as he injected more power into his jade vial.

He and Bai Yaoyi were only mid-Nascent Soul cultivators so even with this "Dual Qi Vial" spirit treasure replica, it was still too tall an order to expect them to take down a tenth grade demon beast.

At this moment, Han Li rushed through the gate and traveled for over 100 feet before revealing himself again.

He quickly surveyed his surroundings, trying to assess the situation within the main hall before deciding on a course of action.

However, before he had the chance to identify what was going on, the raucous laughter of an elderly man suddenly erupted.

"So there's another one that wants to die! Goo! One more or one less doesn't matter anyway. Get in here."

Han Li faltered slightly upon hearing this and before he had a chance to react, black light flashed around him and the surrounding scenery began to warp. In the blink of an eye, he had been transferred into a space where black demonic Qi was tumbling in all directions.

He had been trapped by some sort of treasure!

Han Li was naturally shocked upon making this realization.

The demonic Qi around him surged before sweeping toward him as if it were attempting to crush him to death.

Han Li took a deep breath as his hands balled up into tight fists in his sleeves.

Rumbling thunderclaps erupted from his body as a layer of golden lightning arcs emerged, instantly encapsulating his body within.

Several tens of small golden swords then flew out of his sleeves, circling around Han Li before transforming into fragments of golden light. Those light fragments settled outside the arcs of lightning to provide a second layer of defense.

At this moment, the black demonic Qi had reached Han Li and crashed into the golden light from all directions.

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