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A bead that was around the size of a fist was enshrouded within the green and yellow ball of light.

This bead was yellow in color and as it shot forth through the air, the faint sound of thunderclaps could be heard. This was clearly some kind of treasure.

However, Han Li did not have any intention of holding back his sword. Instead, he unleashed his sword art and golden light spilled forth for several feet from the huge sword, creating a resounding boom as it was brought downward.

At this moment, the remarkably dense pillars of cream-colored light also reached Han Li in the blink of an eye.

Han Li inhaled lightly before opening his mouth to unleash a ball of purple flames. As soon as this ball of Purple Apex Flames was expelled out his mouth, it made a spluttering sound as its size drastically swelled while flying through the air. In the blink of an eye, it had become a massive fireball that was around half the size of a wagon wheel. Following a muffled thump, the purple fireball split apart and shot forth in all directions, instantly transforming into several smaller purple balls of fire that met the oncoming pillars of light.

A series of resounding booms erupted as the pillars of light immediately clashed with the purple fireballs.

Purple and white light flashed as two types of glacial auras exploded throughout the entire space. Countless flashes of light emerged in mid-air as bursts of dual-colored glacial energy radiated outward.

Meanwhile, the huge golden sword had already struck the yellow bead amid an earthshattering boom.

The clash between the two created a marvelous spectacle.

There were golden and green arcs of lightning erupting at the same time around the sword and the bead. The two types of lightning arcs intertwined with one another, instantly forming a massive ball of electricity that was over 100 feet in diameter. Scintillating light flashed as deafening booms erupted.

This bead was an extremely rare lightning attribute ancient treasure.

Han Li paid no heed to the glacial energy surging toward him. He merely raised a single hand and a layer of purple flames surfaced all over his body. The glacial energy was immediately eradicated into nothingness as soon as they approached him. However, the emergence of the massive ball of lightning was quite a surprise to him.

What kind of lightning is this? It seems to have some type of origin. To think that it's able to withstand the might of the Divine Devilbane Lightning! 

Han Li didn't exert any more might with his huge sword. Instead, he tapped the Heavenvoid Cauldron in front of him with his hand. Following a dull thump, a burst of green threads shot forth, attempting to bind themselves around the bead in order to forcibly capture it.

The green-robed middle-aged man's heart jolted as he saw this from outside the restriction. He immediately relinquished all efforts to conserve magic power as he unleashed several Celestial Techniques at once, injecting all of his spiritual power into that bead.

This lightning bead was a treasure that he had obtained many years ago. 

 Even though he was yet to fully comprehend it, it was already astonishingly powerful and he didn't want to relinquish it.

With the injection of power from the green-robed middle-aged man, the impasse between the two evenly-matched balls of lightning was instantly broken. A brilliant burst of green light erupted, looking as if it were going to force back the golden arcs of lightning.

However, Han Li's immediately darkened.

His sword had been created from condensing over 10 flying swords and possessed the power of the Divine Devilbane Lightning. As such, it was clearly not something that the green lightning contained within a mere bead could compare with. Hence, he only had to exert more power and several arcs of golden lightning with diameters comparable to that of large bowls surfaced on his sword. They then transformed into several massive golden pythons which pounced toward the ball of lightning below with devastating force.

The green arcs of lightning had only just gained the upper hand when they were struck by the golden pythons. Electricity flashed and thunderous booms erupted before the golden arcs of lightning were completely shredded, revealing the yellow bead once again.

Right at this moment, the green threads on the Heavenvoid Cauldron came rushing down, as if they had been waiting precisely for this opportunity, and bound the bead before rapidly pulling it backward.

The green-robed middle-aged man was extremely flustered to see this and an urgent look appeared on his face. He began to make a series of hand seals one after the other, and the bead within the green threads began to struggle violently as if it were trying to break free.

Bai Mengxin's brows also furrowed with concern in response to this situation. She immediately tapped her hand against the mirror in her other hand before tossing it into the air.

A frosty moon appeared overhead while the surface of the mirror reflected a vast expanse of murky whiteness.

Bai Mengxin opened her mouth and exhaled a ball of remarkably pure white energy, which struck the mirror.

The sound of serpentine hissing rang out from within the mirror, immediately following which a green light flashed, as if something had escaped from inside the mirror. However, it was moving too quickly for anyone to be able to identify what it was.

Han Li was in the process of manipulating the Heavenvoid Cauldron to secure the bead when he abruptly turned his head. Brilliant blue light erupted from his eyes as several beams of light suddenly shot forth from the revolving expanse of golden light in front of him.

All of them were aimed toward a single target!

The beams of golden light suddenly exploded with a resounding over 100 feet in front of him, as if they had struck something.

Han Li paid no heed to that as he swiped his sleeve rapidly through the air, forcibly grabbing onto the bead that was trapped in the green threads. He stowed the bead away into his storage pouch before narrowing his eyes as he turned toward the direction where the golden light had exploded.

As the golden light receded, he could indistinctly make out several golden flying swords surrounding a strange-looking insect, with which the swords were locked in an intense battle.

This insect appeared to be a massive scorpion, except it had two tails and four wings on its back. Thre was also a pattern on its back that very much resembled a human face. Just the sight of it was enough to send shivers running down one's spine!

This completely green scorpion was using its two pitch-black venomous tails to create a black shadow, which was shielding its body within it. The Azure Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords were extremely sharp and destructive, but they were creating a high-pitched screeching sound as if they were striking something metallic in nature, and were unable to bypass the scorpion's defenses to kill it.

"That's a Twin-Tailed Human Face Scorpion!" Han Li murmured to himself, seemingly slightly surprised.

The scorpion was a spirit insect that was ranked at 29th on the Spirit Insect Roll. Due to the fact that it had a set of patterns on its back that resembled a human face, Han Li had a rather deep impression of the insect, which was why he was able to identify it right away.

However, the human-face patterns on this scorpion's back were still rather indistinct, clearly indicating that it was still in its infantile stages.

At Han Li's current power level, he harbored no fear toward any spirit insects below the 20th rank on the Spirit Insect Roll.

After a brief flash of surprise, his expression darkened as he patted the spirit insect pouch hanging from his waist. The sound of loud buzzing immediately erupted as a swarm of golden insects flew directly toward the scorpion.

The Twin-Tailed Human Face Scorpion seemed to have sensed it was in danger upon catching sight of the swarm of insects, and it let loose a low cry. Its body began to blur and it completely disappeared from beneath the flying swords.

However, it reappeared in the next instant in a location that was over 200 feet away from where it was. This four-winged spirit insect really was extraordinarily fast.

Despite this, Han Li only gave a cold chuckle as he pointed a finger at the swarm of insects.

A dull thump immediately rang out from within the insect swarm as countless golden flowers shot forth in all directions, encompassing the region in a radius of over 1,000 feet in the blink of an eye. Countless golden beetles several inches in size surrounded the twin-tailed scorpion in a sinister manner.

Bai Mengxin was manipulating the scorpion from afar using her mirror, and she was struck by a sense of foreboding upon seeing this. As such, she immediately tried to manipulate her scorpion to escape from the swarm of beetles.

However, it was already too late. All of the Gold Devouring Beetles buzzed as they converged toward the scorpion from all directions. They weren't very fast, but there was a vast number of them and they left no gaps for the scorpion to evade or retreat.

Thus, the scorpion was forced to transform its tails into a dark shadow again in order to protect itself. It then shuddered as it identified a certain direction to fly toward, attempting to force its way out of the insect swarm as it did so.

If these were just ordinary spirit insects, the measures taken by the scorpion would be the most appropriate course of action. However, in the face of sacred bugs like these Gold Devouring Beetles, it was merely rushing to its death.

Due to the fact that it had to wave its tails through the air, the scorpion's speed had been drastically reduced to less than half of what it was. Despite that, it was still able to swat countless beetles flying and rushed ahead for over 100 feet. However, there were only more golden beetles waiting for it, and they traveled along with the scorpion as they threw themselves at it fearlessly.

The Gold Devouring Beetles feared neither the scorpion's venom nor its sharp tails. More and more of them began to cling onto the scorpion’s tails with their teeth, causing both the scorpion as well as its twin tails to slow down.

In the blink of an eye, a golden sheen had appeared over the entirety of the Twin-Tailed Human Face Scorpion's body, and it finally let loose a shrill cry of despair.

Moments later, the scorpion was completely inundated by the sea of beetles and engulfed into nothingness.

When the beetles finally flew back upon receiving an instruction from Han Li's spiritual sense, there was only a pair of pitch-black venomous scorpion hooks hanging in mid-air while exuding a faint light. The hooks were too hard and contained incredibly lethal venom, so even the Gold Devouring Beetles weren't interested in forcibly devouring it.

However, Han Li was quite interested in those two poisonous hooks. He reached out with his hand and clutched at them from afar, netting a pair of demon beast materials for himself. He examined the two hooks briefly before stowing them away into his pouch. He then turned his attention toward the huge golden sword, which was hovering in the distance, completely stationary.

He guided it with his spiritual sense, upon which the golden sword unleashed a downward strike. Golden arcs revolved around the sword, lending the slash around 30% more power.

Following a loud burst of rumbling, white light abruptly appeared and expanded from the location in the air that had been struck by the sword. Immediately afterward, the snow fluttering through the air was transformed into wisps of light.

The surrounding scenery warped once again and Han Li reappeared in the original formation spell. He had finally escaped from the illusion.

Han Li was ecstatic upon making this discovery, but he then immediately surveyed his surroundings.

The green-robed middle-aged man had produced a treasure that resembled a gong from his storage pouch, and appeared to be preparing to use it. Meanwhile, Bai Mengxin wore a frosty expression on her face as she unleashed a few Celestial Techniques in quick succession toward the white mirror hovering above her head. Even though the spirit insect living within the mirror had been destroyed, she appeared to still be able to use the mirror to unleash some form of attack.

The two of them faltered slightly upon seeing Han Li emerge from the illusion technique, and their expressions changed drastically.

Elsewhere, a vast expanse of five-colored light was flashing in an unstable manner as Buddhist chants erupted incessantly within. The battle between the grey-robed monk and the old woman had reached the climax, and it appeared that they were still evenly matched, even though they were inside the restriction. This was rather surprising to Han Li.

However, what was most noteworthy to Han Li was Master Arctic Dragon, who was still standing on the giant stone and chanting relentlessly.

He was glowering at Han Li with a dark expression and the silhouette of a white Qilin was already taking shape above his head. At the very center of the Qilin was none other than that Profound Jade badge.

Han Li raised his brows minutely upon seeing that before silently patting the storage pouch hanging from his waist.

A ball of black light instantly shot forth from the pouch, flying in a circle before hovering in front of Han Li.

It was a black jade vial several inches in size!

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