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Han Li made a hand seal and a series of green Celestial Techniques were cast onto the vial.

After spinning around for a while, the opening of the vial was tipped upside-down and a few violent low snarls could be heard emanating from within.

Immediately afterward, five bursts of grey-white Qi  emerged, transforming into five sets of human skeletons that were as pristine as white jade.

The skeletons were only about a foot or so in size when they first appeared, but they quickly swelled to over 20 feet in height. At the same time, the grey-white Qi revolving around them bared its fangs, releasing a burst of sinister cackling that struck horror into one's heart. There were five shiny silver rings embedded deep into the bones of each skeleton around their necks, and their four limbs.

These were the Unbroken Cinque Devils that Han Li had forcibly tamed.

As soon as the five humanoid skeletons were fully expanded, murky grey demonic energy was expelled from their mouths. They abruptly turned around with vicious looks in their eyes and tried to throw themselves at Han Li.

Han Li's expression darkened as he activated the devil control arts. Turbulent waves of green flames were instantly ignited by the five silver rings and the acrid aroma of something being burned wafted through the air. The five demons were forced into retreat as a result, while emitting a panicked screeching sound with horrified looks on their faces.

Han Li then raised an arm and a green thread emerged from his sleeve, slitting his wrist to inflict a small gash.

Five drops of blood roughly the size of a thumb hurtled through the air, shooting in the huge mouths of the five devils with unerring accuracy.

The green energy in the eyes of the five demons instantly changed as their expressions became more tame and docile.


Han Li pointed toward the green-robed middle-aged man in the distance without any hesitation.

Demonic energy tumbled around the five demons and a vicious look appeared in their eyes as they rose into the air. Following a burst of ghastly howling, the five demons transformed into ghostly heads that were around the size of wagons.

The ghostly heads were all extremely terrifying in appearance, and unsettling screeching noises came out of their mouths as they shot forth straight toward Elder Ren. As they did so, a vast expanse of grey-white Qi was swept up behind them, creating an extremely intimidating spectacle to behold.

"The Unbroken Cinque Devils! You killed Old Devil Qian!" The green-robed middle-aged man was initially rather perplexed by the sight of the five demons. However, he had finally identified them and was stunned by the conclusion that he had reached!

The incident regarding Kunwu Mountain's Seal had affected many parties and even though the North Night Palace was situated in quite a secluded location, they still very knowledgeable about the incident. During the incident, the Ye Clan, widely renowned as the number one clan of the Great Jin, completely disappeared. Furthermore, the number of Nascent Soul cultivators who were killed was something that was rarely seen, even in 1,000 years.

Most noteworthy among those victims was Old Devil Qian, who was the grand elder of the Yin Sifting Sect. His death was a monumental event that had shocked the entire Great Jin! 

After all, in the eyes of normal cultivators, late-Nascent Soul cultivators were virtually unkillable beings unless if they were to die of old age.

This green-robed middle-aged man just so happened to witness the fearsome might of Old Devil Qian in battle a few years ago, where he had been using the five devils. If even Old Devil Qian had fallen by Han Li's hands, then didn't this mean that the latter was even more terrifyingly powerful than a late-Nascent Soul cultivator?

The green-robed middle-aged man knew just how powerful the Unbroken Cinque Devils were, and it was exactly this knowledge that was striking horror into his heart!

He immediately tossed his gong into the air without any hesitation. He flipped over his other palm, upon which a yellow jade pestle appeared, which he used to strike the gong from afar!

A crisp sound rang out as the gong was struck. Fragments of yellow light abruptly appeared around the green-robed middle-aged man and after another strike of the gong, those fragments instantly manifested themselves into over 100 yellow flying blades, each of which was roughly the size of a willow leaf. The blades were all shimmering with a cold light and they appeared to be as thin as cicada wings, but also extremely lethal at the same time.

The sound of the gong being struck then rang out repeatedly in quick succession. The flying blades instantly twirled and danced in the air, creating an impenetrable net of blades that shielded the green-robed middle-aged man within. However, that still wasn't enough to make him feel safe. He unleashed the two black halberds from his sleeve, which transformed into two streaks of black light that set up another barrier behind the net of blades. He was retreating into his shell much like a cowardly turtle.

It appeared that the emergence of the Unbroken Cinque Devils had completely crushed his fighting spirit, and he was now solely prioritizing his survival in the face of the five devils.

Amid a burst of eerie screeching, the five ghostly heads instantly arrived before the green-robed middle-aged man. All five of them opened their mouths in unison and the grey and white demonic energy immediately inundated their target. The five ghostly heads then also rushed into the vast expanse of demonic energy themselves.

The sounds of explosions and ghostly howls rang out incessantly from within the tumbling mass of demonic energy!

After Han Li issued a command to the Unbroken Cinque Devils, he no longer paid any heed to them. The five devils were powerful enough to combat a late-Nascent Soul cultivator, so they would be able to handle a mid-Nascent Soul cultivator with ease. Meanwhile, Master Arctic Dragon and Bai Mengxin's expressions were just as grave as the green-robed man's upon seeing Han Li's Unbroken Cinque Devils.

Thye had never seen the Unbroken Cinque Devils in person, but their origins became quite clear to the two of them when they saw the five ghastly devils and heard the green-robed man yell out their name.

Master Arctic Dragon was powerful enough to not have to fear the five devils, but he was at a critical juncture in preparing his attack, so he was unable to do anything. In contrast, Bai Mengxin's motions had faltered in her shock, and the attack that she was halfway through preparing was unconsciously terminated.

It appeared that she already come to the realization that normal attacks would definitely be unable to pose a threat to Han Li; unleashing them would simply be a waste of her magic power.

However, Han Li was not going to afford her any time to catch her breath. He immediately made another hand seal and manifested four identical green silhouettes which split up into two groups, charging toward Bai Mengxin and Master Arctic Dragon respectively.

As for Han Li himself, he remained standing on the same spot, but he whipped out his sleeve to stow away the Heavenvoid Cauldron hovering before him. A feather fan then appeared in his other hand following a burst of three-colored flames.

At the same time, Han Li gave a powerful flap of his Thunderstorm Wings, upon which he transformed into a silver arc and disappeared on the spot.

Bai Mengxin's heart jolted in shock upon seeing that. She had already witnessed Han Li's teleportation ability through the use of his Thunderstorm Wings, an ability that he had used while trapped in the illusion technique, and she did not dare to treat the situation lightly. Furthermore, she was also unable to tell whether the four blurry clone-like silhouettes were merely illusions or actual clones. In any case, she absolutely didn't want to allow them to get close to her.

Thus, she immediately flicked several of her fair and slender fingers.

The sound of projectiles piercing through the air could be heard as four streaks of light shot forth toward the four green silhouettes. The streaks of light were some sort of unidentified treasures in the form of sharp spikes.

Her body then flashed and in the next instant, she appeared on the massive stone down below, standing shoulder to shoulder with Master Arctic Dragon.

She made a series of hand seals with a grave expression on her face, conjuring up a layer of white ice flames. The flames then materialized into an ice mountain that was as pristine white as jade, shielding both herself and Master Arctic Dragon within.

After doing all that, the woman raised her hands into the air and clumps of silver thread shot forth, intertwining with one another in mid-air. In the blink of an eye, a spherical net of threads was formed, encapsulating her within it.

She was employing the same all-out defensive tactic adopted by the green-robed man! It was clear that she had also lost the courage to face Han Li on her own. She was pinning her hopes entirely on Master Arctic Dragon, hoping that the power of the Profound Jade Cave in conjunction with Master Arctic Dragon's attack would be able to destroy this enemy, who was far more fearsome than they had anticipated. 

The four streaks of light were extremely fast and struck the four green silhouettes almost instantly. Three of the four streaks of light simply passed through their targets, while the final silhouette adjusted its trajectory slightly to evade the sharp spike, before continuing on toward Master Arctic Dragon.

At this moment, the facial features of the silhouette had already been revealed. It was a middle-aged man with an ordinary appearance in a set of green robes. Its aura was completely concealed and its body was erratic and insubstantial, as if it were a ghostly wraith.

This was a humanoid puppet that had been intermingled with the other illusionary silhouettes by Han Li, in an attempt to deal his opponents a heavy blow.

Han Li didn't know what kind of secret technique Master Arctic Dragon was preparing, but just the white Qilin silhouette taking shape above his head was definitely something out of the ordinary.

He was confident that in his ability to defend himself even if all of the cultivators in the cave were to attack him at once, but he definitely wasn't going to stand around and watch as his opponent prepared an attack against him.

Thus, he immediately unleashed two of his trump cards at once without any hesitation.

Bai Mengxin was stunned by the sight of the humanoid puppet, which completely resembled a real person. She didn't have time to consider how an unknown cultivator had suddenly appeared in the cave before hurriedly pointing a finger toward the four streaks of light in the distance.

The streaks of light immediately completed a U-turn before hurtling toward the humanoid puppet from behind. However, the latter simply ignored the oncoming sharp spikes and flipped over a palm, upon which a small bow enshrouded in crimson flames appeared in its hand. It then raised its head and aimed before shooting at the ice mountain before it.

A rumbling boom erupted as countless flaming arrows shot through the air. A small segment of the entire sky had been stained completely crimson as a scorching aura permeated forth. The Thunderfire Bow was a treasure that was definitely not inferior to a top-grade ancient treasure, and it was finally revealing its devastating might.

Bai Mengxin's pupils contracted as she looked on from within the ice mountain she had conjured up. The unknown cultivator was paying no heed to the threat approaching him from behind, so Bai Mengxin gritted her teeth and forced the four streaks of light into further acceleration. If she could kill this man, then the attacks he had unleashed would be automatically dispelled.

Of course, she hadn't forgotten about Han Li, either. She was quite wary of the fact that he had just disappeared using his Thunderstorm Wings, and she had already unleashed her mid-Nascent Soul Stage spiritual sense, which encompassed everything within a radius of 300 feet. She was doing so in order to defend herself against sneak attacks!

However, an astonishing scene then ensued.

The four streaks of light managed to strike the unknown cultivator squarely on the back. However, a five-colored barrier of light suddenly surfaced over his body, immediately following which four loud explosions erupted in quick succession as the streaks of silver light instantly intertwined with one another.

However, the cultivator's body only wobbled slightly within the five-colored barrier before he was able to shrug off the attacks as if nothing had happened. The four spike treasures were unable to penetrate that peculiar barrier of light.

Bai Mengxin was very stunned to see this and she wanted to react, but it was already too late. The swarm of fiery arrows had already descended and crashed heavily onto her ice mountain.

Resounding booms rang out one after another as boundless crimson flames tumbled over the surface of the ice mountain. The arrows then transformed into clumps of scorching fiery clouds, making it appear as if the ice mountain were situated within a sea of fire.

Bai Mengxin looked on at the clouds of fire, but her expression remained calm.

She knew that these fiery clouds were very powerful, but they would definitely be unable to bypass the defenses she had created with her glacial flames. As she expected, the crimson flames continued to surge in turbulent waves, but they were unable to vanquish the ice mountain; they were only able to make white light shimmer over its surface.

A glint of light flashed through Bai Mengxin's eyes as a faint smug smile appeared on her face.

However, right at this moment, a thunderclap suddenly erupted roughly 100 feet behind the ice mountain, where a silver arc surfaced.

A humanoid figure who was entirely enshrouded in purple flames emerged from the silver arc before flying toward the ice mountain without any hesitation!

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