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 Spent my weekend doing this chapter. Enjoy! Volume III Chapter 87  Part 2 Love Rivals   Su Su could feel a vision looking at her from the moment she stepped into the courtyard. She is being closely watched and observed by Tan Tai Feng. She turned and gave a generous smile, " Su Su greets General Tan Tai." Tan Tai Feng's eagle-like eyes slightly squinted and the corner of his mouth has the trace of a gentle smile before nodding towards her, " I have known your father for many years. Call me Uncle Tan Tai will be nice.  As expected, 'with a distinguished father such as you, an offspring is sure to do well**'. I heard that you were in Huan Lang Island and that Tan Tai Ye Lie loses out to you. Su Ling, having a daughter as you; surely he's living his life with no regrets. " **hǔ fù wú quǎnz- lit.  is a , a   be a ();  a   such as , the  is  to  well or   ,  Su  Su  calmly smiled at the mention of the Huan Lang Island, replied with confidence, " Uncle Tan Tai your praise is excessive, as, for the battle in Huang Lang Island, Ye Lie did not go all out, his few small coordinated moves are just for laughs."

Tan Tai Feng is still smiling but his heart is actually secretly sighing. This only daughter of Su Ling doesn't know fear. She is only 16 or 17 but her martial arts skill is not weak. Her attitude could be proud but not one degree arrogant, seems to be humble but also not humble, modest but not inferior, rightly so she knew when to retreat or advance, her every movement could gather all the great and influential families, even the Young Master Mo, their relationship not common, if Su and Mo families come together in marriage …oh no…no way. Not by any means!  To read the whole chapter click the link


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