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Volume III Chapter 85 Key

Feng Yi Qing took the initiative to begin the fight. Everyone saw

a white shadow with murderous anger leaped 3 to 4 zhang (1

zhang =3.3 meters). His weapon is a soft sword with extended

length than an ordinary sword. He brandishes it to stand up and

it waved like a silk. A double edge sword like have a spirit like a

serpent, twisting as it advances towards the face of Tan Tai


Tan Tai Feng’s eagle-like eyes flashed with

overflowing viciousness. He calmly and took a few steps

backward to escape the attac

"Both of you two are the guests of the Mohist, even if you want

to to compare notes and learn from each other, you don’t do it

in such a small and dark place. The Mohist state has venues for

that, if you two wishes, Mo Zhe is willing to arrange for that.”

They have almost destroyed "The Shang Sang" courtyard when

suddenly a big chilly male voice with strong internal force, clear

like a spring water hitting a big stone spoke like thunder.

The sound of his voice can be heard from far and near.

When the last word fell, a touch of a dark shadow was already

placed between two masters fighting fiercely. She only saw a

touch of his sleeves with overbearing force separating the two.

This person appeared silently in front of the crowd, he separated

the two who were plainly trying to kill quickly as displayed by

their reddened eyes. However, Feng Yi Qing, after seeing clearly

the person who arrives, took back his soft sword.

Li Yang also, who never bowed to anyone, after seeing the

person immediately bowed and respectfully salutes, saying, “


Patriarch?! Su Su stared with her big round eyes. It seems this is

not the opportune occasion and the ambiance is not quite right

but she very much wants to cry out “ heavens” to demonstrate

her heart’s surprise. This is the head of the clan of Mohism, the

father of Mo Yuan, impossible.....

The person before them is tall whose facial feature is very

handsome and elegant with black hair like the waterfall, wide

black robe covers his body with a sleeve that flutters in the air,

passing the aura of someone with divine enlightenment, wise

and just. He has some points similarity with Mo Yuan, in his

mouth has a very shallow smile, seems like gentler and friendlier

than other Mo family.

However these are not the thing that surprised Su Su. She has

not expected that the head of the clan of Mohist looked

unusually young. If he is an elder brother of Mo Yuan, she will

absolutely believe it! Su Su thought of Uncle Mo Bai that looks

exceptionally young, too, she finally feels relieved. Maybe

Mohist man doesn’t grow old very fast. As she thinks about it, Su 

Su secretly glanced at Mo Yuan on his side whose eyes is now

very profound, he slightly bowed his head, coldly called

out, "Patriarch."

Su Su slightly frowned; Mohist family is really different from

ordinary aristocratic family. In the future he will also take over

as the head of the clan, Su Su cannot imagine him being called

also a patriarch in that frame of mind. Su Su after the curiosity

and appreciation of the father, for some sort of reason suddenly

diminished after Mo Yuan called him faintly, “Patriarch.”

After the many ups and downs in the deliberation hall, Tan

Tai Feng already mastered the skill of remaining calm in the face

of events. His expression right now did not that have that

murderous air when fighting against Yeng Yi Qing tooth and

nail a moment ago. He slightly cupped his hands together across

his chest, a gesture filling the atmosphere, “Patriarch Mo, I have

heard from Madam Mo that you went to retreat. I thought I will

miss to see you, I felt sorry so it is hard to imagine that we are

predestined to meet.”

Mo Zhe maintains the insipid smile on his lips. He did not raise

the issue of why the two persons are fighting. The voice with the

slight chuckle indifferently said. “The family has a noble guest

coming, how can I not come out to meet, I don’t know why the

Tan Tai General has come to visit, actually why did you come?”

Looking at Mo Zhe unexpectedly not courteous in his greeting

and cutting the small talk, Tan Tai Feng put away his empty talk

and replied in a clear resonant voice, “ I came to Mohist state for

two reasons, first is because of my son’s health. I am hoping that

he can be treated here. The second is by coincidence. When I

was young, I had a privilege of meeting Ah Sang. She gifted me

one thing that she has been keeping for many years. After all,

this is a Mohist thing or because it is good to return it to the

original owner. I am here to return it to Mohist.”

Tan Tai Feng just finished speaking, the person who just

retracted his soft sword with difficulty sneered and suddenly

spoke, "Ah San. You, who could not wait for her death, how he

could possibly give something to you. I fear that you

robbed her possession, you shameless person."

Although, Tan Tai Feng’s appearance is not angry at the 

satire and provocation that Feng Yi Qing, his eyes don’t mince, “

Mr.Pu Shan are you joking? You were busy providing relief to

save others in the past, was respected by the common

people, naturally does not have the time to care about the

matter of that small girl. How will you know of my close

friendship with Ah Sang?"

"Tan Tai Feng!" Feng Yi Qing’s eyes have a wipe of pain and end

called out his name with clenching jaws.

 Seeing that the men are ready to draw the sword at any time,

Mo Zhe suddenly broke the tense atmosphere between the two.

“ General Tan Tai Feng, I did not know that Ah Sang stayed at

your place, what is the thing?”

Setting aside the flatteries, Tan Tai Feng did not say any word,

he pulled a brocade bag, open the mouth of the bag and gently

poured the content inside, a piece of creamy white object fell on

his hand.

"The Spoon of Lingshi?" Feng Yi Qing first saw the object on his

hand, his complexion paled, “ It is impossible! Ah Sang cannot

give it to you… impossible…”

Su Su brows slightly hooked up because the object in Tan Tai

Feng’s hand, though she only vaguely saw the distinct outline,

she recognized it, that is a white jade key. The one they

discovered from Ah Sang pit tomb looked exactly the same.

Su Su observes closely the facial expression of the people in the

crowd, although Mo Yuan kept a stern appearance, it seems

that this thing is truly important to Mohists.

Tan Tai Feng also watches the response of the crowd, took back

the jade key to his bosom and sighed, “ Ye Lie, my son is the

hope of Tan Tai ‘s young generation of generals. I came for the

cure of his poison and if this cannot be solved I have no interest

in dealing with other matters.”

Su Su suddenly realized why of his strange behavior. Tan Tai

Feng is an enemy of Feng Yi Qing, but unexpectedly he needs

medical help. It turned out in his hand; he was holding a

treasure that can coerce a person.

Surely when Feng Yi Qing saw the white jade key, his whole

person is once more look dispirited and he hesitated for a

moment, but then eventually decided to negotiate a condition

with Tan Tai Feng. “ I will cure him but the key to Lingshi you

must hand it over to me.”

Tan Tai Feng replied back. “ I came originally to return this to

Mohist. If the Mo patriarch does not have an opinion, I can’t

give the key to anyone. “

Mo Zhe was dim and silent. Feng Yi Qing was also silent.

Probably, thinking something.

Nobody spoke when Tan Tai Feng’s vision falls on Sang Nuan. “

Are you Sang Nuan? “ Compared to the previous time, his tone is

much tranquil but the pair of eagle eyes is very sharp. Standing

by her side, she could feel the profound meaning of inquisition.

 "Whatever her name is, it has no relations with you." Feng Yi

Qing ,who is silent with great difficulty was like a cat that was

stepped on its tail, once more madly exclaimed to Sang Nuan, "

You, also why don’t you go back inside quickly!"

Today, Feng Yi Qing is very odd. The sight of the crowd fell on

Sang Nuan, even that of Mo Zhe. He quietly observes her. His

eyes cannot hide the touch of deep pain.

Sang Nuan momentary looks at the crowd one by one. They

looked like stagnant water, no meaning to her. They are just like

people who happen to exist in the world or clowns jumping up

and down. Her vision finally fell on Su Su. She looks at her with

fondness and whispered, “ Let’s go, that injury is not light. Come

back inside and we will deal with your wound.”

"Oh."Su Su nodded her head. Now the crowd's eyes shifted to

her because of Sang Nuan. She felt the vision of Mo Zhe on her

also. Su Su smiled as Sang Nuan, then turned to the patriarch

and meet his gaze, and said with a smile, “ Patriarch of Mohist, I

had long admired. I am Su Su. Su Ling is my father.”

Mo Zhe did not expect the girl to be very natural as she bows

slightly. When he learned who she is, he whispered, “ The young

lady’s family is valiant, you were hurt…”

Su Su smiled heartily and replied, “Just a skin flesh wound, no

serious problem, it is embarrassing to look distressed on our first

meeting. I don't want to be disrespectful but I want to be

excused. I will visit you again, Patriarch Mo. "

Injury like this also just call it skin flesh wound ? This young lady

also can speak with confidence in front of him. Mo Zhe secretly

praises. This one has a refreshing personality, one who knows

when to appropriately advance or retreat. Mo Zhe bowed

slightly and said with a smile, "Rests."

Su SU looked at everyone, he nodded to Tan Tai Feng and said, “

To all of you, goodbye.”

Su Su just about to turn around and she discovered Mo Yuan

looking at her with a strange look. Su Su lightly clears her throat

and pretended not to notice anything but when she passed by Li

Yang, she slowed down and whispered, “ Look after him!” Then

she left and followed after with Sang Nuan and Ao San out of the

quarrelsome place.

Li Yang was stunned for a moment when suddenly a

feeling of wanting to cry but have no tears washes over him.

If he could manage his master even just a little, it will not

be such a sight to behold today.

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