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A Mistaken Marriage Match 6: Pirate’s Daughter

Volume III Chapter 84 The Conflict

 "You ... ... what happened to you?!"

Li Yang also came forward to support his master, heart bursting with

lament inside, sister, can you stop talking? ! Why did the Master like

this person?

I order to find her, he braced himself and gathered his internal

strength, but his vigor now took a dive, the poison is now wrecking

havoc inside his body. He tried to suppress the pain in his chest and

want to speak, but he found his throat very tight and speechless. Mo

Yuan can only use his pair of black eyes, nervously focused on her,

seemingly important for him to make her understand what his mind is.

Su Su was supporting him. She could feel that he is having a hard time.

His whole body is shivering and cold like a piece of ice, however, the

look in his eyes was unusually very warm. Under such a gaze, Su Su

thought of the word she asked before, Su Su began to turn red. This

time she did not look at him with wide eyes. She wipes the dark blood

stain on the side of his mouth, she gathered herself and looked at Li

Yang calmly. “Li Yang, please carry him. We will go back, right now.”

Li Yang doesn’t need to be told twice. He nodded immediately and

put Mo Yuan on his back.

Su Su could still feel the gaze of Mo Yuan on her, she grasps his hand

and squeezed and whispered. “Let’s go back first, if there’s anything

you want to say, you can say it again later!”She took Bajiao from Li

Yang who was still struggling to be free. Su Su carried it on the scruff

and scolds, “Behave or I’ll take a string and tie you up!”

Do not know if Bajiao understood the threat of Su Su or sensing her

firmness, because after she threw the little fellow inside her coat, it

did not dare come out again, just lay inside, motionless.

Although the snow is getting lesser and lesser, the sky is now

completely dark. If not of Li Yang who is familiar with the road, the

three of them cannot return to Mohist territory so quickly. Li Yang

wants to carry Mo Yuan back to Lin Yuan Xuan Pavilion. But she

stopped him and whispered. "Directly go to Mr. Pu Shan."

Li Yang shook his head and said, "No, we should ask for permission

first before bringing him there. Mr. Pu Shan will not meet outsiders,

let alone giving them a treatment."

Mo Yuan closes his eyes and the whole body leaning against Li Yang’s 

back. His lips turned black and either he is still conscious or fainted,

the eyes that were always full of sunshine now turned misty. She

pondered for a moment, coldly says, "It doesn't matter. He will save,

just go."

Li Yang did not know where her confidence came from, but he also

knew that when this moment was not a time to debate. Master’s

situation is very bad. If he really got treated, well then better.

When the trio rushed to Shang Sang, they found several people

standing in front of the door. The leader was forty-five or fifty-year-old

man. He was wearing Chinese dress and his manner was amazingly

imposing. Two men stood behind him, holding a torch in their hand,

and there is a sedan next to it. In a sedan, there is a person but in the

dim of the night, she couldn’t see how that person looks like.

Su Su remembered her original intent and ignored those few men. She

wanted to go in but found that there is no entrance gate to the

courtyard. There were actually wooden doors and those doors were

shut tightly. Inside is very quite that she couldn’t even hear a sound.

Su Su went forward and patted the wooden door while calling, "Mr.

Pu Shan, are you in?"

Seeing her knock on the door, the leader took two steps back to

retreat, resigns itself from blocking the front door.

After patting the door from some time, Su Su’s palm now turned red

and there is still no sound or movements behind the closed doors. She

was pleading and shouting and there is no reason for the people inside

not to hear her. She never lost hope and her voice is a louder this

time, “Mr. Pu Shan, Mo Yuan, we don’t know what’s the matter with

him, but he suddenly spits blood. Can you please give him treatment?”

Su Su wants to continue patting the door but she finally heard a cold

male door finally heard a cold and low male voice said, “ No cure.”

After hearing the unexpected answer, Su Su was not surprised.

According to the time when Sang Nuan went back to the guest house

yesterday, she should still be here. She learned that these so-called

people with high skill have quirks. She did not ask him to open the

door, but loudly. Said, " Though you will not cure, let it be, but let Ah

Nuan come out.”

" Go away!"

The tone of his voice this time is angrier and more hostile than the

previous. She was startled but it also made her establish that Ah Nuan

is really inside. Su Su’s eyes brighten and a cunning smile appears at

the corners of her mouth. She steps back from the door and without 

knocking shouted in a louder voice, “ Ah Nuan, sister I was injured. I

am bleeding. If you don’t come out, I might faint. “

After yelling, Su Su inclined her ear and listened attentively; inside she

could hear some noises. She could not hear what they are saying, but

this outcome is much better than before.

They waited for a while, the door was suddenly opened from the

inside and two people came out, but not Sang Nuan.

When Ao San came out and saw the blood in Su Su’s body, those

sometimes sleepy and grim eyes suddenly narrowed. Su Su shrunk her

neck because of a guilty conscience. Su Su glanced behind him, the

gray hair already demonstrates the status of the person approaching.

He was worried about her, so Ao San ran out. That she could

understand but for the other person who comes out was actually Mr.

Pu Shan, this surprised her. She did not believe he would show up

because of her ruse of injury.

However, the fact is that she truly flushes him to come to her. Feng Yi

Qing approached Su Su and grabs her wrist to take her pulse. It took

him only awhile and return her hand, with eyes is full of disgust and

impatience he said, "It is nothing more than few superficial wounds.

Just rub it" He pulled out of his coat, a bottle of medicine and fling it

to Su Su and said in a cold tone of voice, “You can go now.”

After Feng Yi Qing finished talking, he turned around to walk back. Su

Su hurriedly came up and block his way with 'a doe eye' pleaded

before him, "Mr. Pu Shan, Mo Yuan’s poison played havoc again.

Please, take a look at him.”

Feng Yi Qing only glanced at Mo Yuan then ignored him. He bluntly

said, “Bùzhī qīngzhòng *, reap the consequences." He dodges quickly

and bypasses Su Su then walks to the door.

bùzhī qīngzhòng – not knowing what is important, naïve that he

doesn’t know his priorities

Su Su raised her eyebrows and shouted loudly.. ." Ah Nuan, sister..."

She only uttered three words when the figure that had left rushes

toward her swiftly, his pale hands went up straight to catch her throat.

Su Su’s eyes widen in surprise and she did not expect him to move his

hands directly to her throat and she only was only able to draw back

two steps. Mo Yuan saw the hands but he had no strength to move

fast enough. It is good that a quicker shadow rushes and separated

Feng Yi Qing hand. Su Su seizes her chance to leap back and hide.

Feng Yi Qing's was rid, after awfully frightening a person, what a pity

the girl that he scared earlier glanced at him and continued to cry out. 

" Ah Nuan..."

"Shut up." Feng Yi Qing yelled in a very high tone to stop Su Su from


For some sort of unknown reason, today Ah Nuan is Feng Yi Qing’s

vulnerable spot. Before Su Su made another call, surprisingly he was

already in front of Mo Yuan. He blankly grabs Mo Yuan ’s wrist to take

his pulse. Then he fished out a red medicine bottle, poured out a pill,

and stuffed it into Mo Yuan’s mouth, and whispered, "If you forcibly

consolidate your internal strength once again and smash into action,

even if your life is saved, if you are not careful, you will be crippled.

Shape up.”

Su Su was very close to them and Feng Yi Qing did not whisper so she

could hear everything. He actually used his internal force again, was

that... because she's looking for her? Su Su brows wrinkled very

tightly. She walked up to the front of Feng Yi Qing and slightly bowed

her head. After some time, she is displaying her admission of defeat

and humbly said, "Mr. Pu Shan, is there any drugs that he can eat and

he can no longer do something by force? "

 “Nothing!” Feng Yi Qing was doing things for Su Su irritatingly, and

hearing her open her mouth again, he flatly refuses her.

Feng Yi Qing suddenly has a change of heart. "But I have a medicine

that can make him so weak so he can only lie down."

Su Su was thinking. After pondering, she asked again, "Is there a side

effect that is harmful to the body?"


Su Su after hearing it immediately said. "Give me a few."

This time, Feng Yi Qing is very cooperative. He pulled out a small white

paper envelop and tosses it to her. Su Su carefully hid it inside her

waist pocket.

Li Yang watches quietly at this scene. He really wanted to say to Su Su

that even if she cares about the Master’s body, she shouldn’t ask this

thing in his presence. With such unscrupulous drug for him, you get

hold of it like he never exists. No, ah, Li Yang is really afraid this will

agitate his master to be angry and vomit blood again.

Clearly, Li Yang has underestimated Mo Yuan. At present, he felt

helpless and just passive about it.

As Su Su was preparing to leave with Mo Yuan and Feng Yi Qing has

already entered the door, a clear deep loud voice suddenly spoke,

"Mr. Pu Shan, please stay."

Su Su saw the back of Mr. Pu Shan unexpectedly shook, without even

looking behind him, a fierce murderous spirit aura forth from him. "I

don't want to kill anyone here, but before I do it I better leave."

Su Su unconsciously falls back one step from her place. The middle age

leader, as if he did not feel that murderous threat continued to say,

"This father is coming trying to find treatment and cure for his young

son Ye Lie and if he cannot receive treatment, naturally I cannot leave.

Mr. Pu Shan, I believe is a person who sees someone in danger and

not do anything ."

Is that Ye Lie? ! Su Su quickly looked at the man covered with a white

gauze and the light was too dim to see. Su Su looked at the middleaged

man again. Her focus is only on him who was standing upright,

looked calm, as he asks for help; all of them looked like they were

neither haughty nor humble. Tan Tai Feng, ah, just like what his elders

said, the famous general of Liao Yue really lived up to reputation.

The imposing manner of both sides is overwhelming, and just as the

atmosphere condenses together, a gentle female voice resonates and

easily breaks the deadlock.

"What's the matter?" Sang Nuan waited inside for a long time, only to

hear the unceasing noise outside, She is really worried about Su Su

and came out to check.

"Ah Nuan." Su Su, perceives the current situation and steps forward

and pulled her aside, then stands in front of her to cover her.

Once he saw Sang Nuan comes out, Feng Yi Qing ’s facial expression

changed dramatically. There was a hint of fear in his eyes. “I told you

that I will treat her, but you unexpectedly came out also. Let’s go back

inside together.”

After saying that he actually wanted to take Sang Nuan with him, Su

Su quickly pulled Sang Nuan few steps back. Feng Yi Qing tried to once

again to get her but Ao San blocked the way.

Su Su pulled Sang Nuan out of the door. The torch outside is brightly

illuminating Su Su. Sang Nuan looked at Su Su for a moment and her

face turned pale, “ Su Su, how come you’re injured like this?” Truly, Su

Su’s bloodied clothes looked scary. Her hair is full of snowflakes and

the sleeves of her clothes were ripped and from shoulder to her arm

was covered of blood. Her whole back is also covered in blood. She is

wearing a white coat and she looked like one bloodied person all over.

To tell the truth, now her wound has already stopped bleeding and the

cold weather help for her not to feel the pain. Just like Feng Yi Qing

said, she only has shallow skin injury. For Sang Nuan’s sake not to be 

so worried, she stood up embarrassingly and apologetically said, "I’s a long story, this is not a serious injury, Ah Nuan, you do not

need to worry."

Where did she ever believe her words? She was about to pull Su Su

into the room to process her wound when a tall figure suddenly

blocked their way. “You are... Ah Sang's daughter?”

The voice is almost a whisper, but for the hearers, they all felt the

excitement and trembling of the person asking.

Su Su looked and caught the eye f the person talking. At the moment,

his eyes were staring at Sang Nuan with a strange expression in his

eyes. It was as if there is a display of both excitement and fear.

Tan Tai Feng actually knew Ah Nuan? Su Su is puzzled in her heart

when suddenly she senses that the murderousness atmosphere

started again. It was even fiercer than moments ago. Su Su turned to

look and indeed Feng Yi Qing is also looking at Ah Nuan, on his eyes is

an renders an expression of unreachable longing. It was not the first

time he gazes at Sang Nuan with deep attachment and love.

Su Su held Sang Nuan’s hand tensely and slowly drew back. Ao San

came next to them. Li Yang also realizes that something was wrong, he

stood beside Ao San. Mo Yuan who just taken the pill a while ago, his

countenance is obviously looked a lot better, came up one step, also

keeping the two behind him ...

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