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A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: The Pirate's Daughter

Volume I Chapter 7  Snatching A Woman Part 1

The Moyi man’s words had taken over everyone's attention. The two pirates holding two of the fishermen rope lines stopped, but are unsure who was that "him" and was pointing to whom?

Qin Yan had been drowsy along the way and Su Su was tied up with him; they were almost close together. The jiade nanren looks over and 'safeguarding their pirate's from sweating'* out. The subordinate pirates simply cut the rope of the two people and push them to walk to the center of the cave.

*to not to be bothered by it anymore

The Yi Dang jiade casts a glance at the two youth with one eye, both have a stunted growth, look very weak and are not even able to walk with stability, and look a little dull. One has a little hat that covers half of his face. Then the Moyi man's gaze fell on the boy with the hat, as soon jiade nanren waves his hand, he laughs and says boldly, “You make sure to take them away.”

“Go over.” The pirates who heard the jiade nanren, immediately goes behind Su Su  and push her maliciously behind her back. She conveniently presses her brim hat then obediently walks toward that Moyi man while Qin Yan is pushed into a corner.

Su Su goes towards the side of the Moyi man and always keeps her head down. She looks to her left and right to find a place to go, she steps forward in front of the mysterious Moyi man at the low table and sits down.

Several people silently watch the situation in the middle of the cavern. The Moyi man silently continues to drink his wine. He turns to the youth sitting on the ground whose appearance looks dreary.

“Fellow brothers have worked hard, come and have a drink.”  The jiade nanren broke the quiet atmosphere and the crowds lift their hands holding a bowl and all reply in a loud voice, "Let's drink to it!"

“Another drink!"

"Bottoms up!"

Drinking shouts of 'yo-heave-ho' filled the limestone cave. It was not long before people remove their gazes from her. Su Su slightly lifts her hat and looks across the three men secretly.

Sitting closest to the jiade nanren is a man about 40 years old raising his head. He has a double apostrophe goatee, always has a smiling look and looks like a genial man. The man in the middle's personal appearance is especially tall and strong, dark skinned, hostile and the body has a pestilential aura. The jiade nanren has five or six points similiarity with him, Su Su suspects he is jiade nanren's son, sitting beside the last is a man or rather a boy. He is very young, looks like sixteen or seventee. His young eyes are roving all over the place, even at a young age, his eyes look very cunning. Su Su has never liked such a person.

She recovers her vision and moves her attention to the woman dressed in purple, who caused her to pay attention. She hears huzi's voice yelling, "Dang Jiade nanren, today we have plundered two ships, there were more than 30 chests of gold and silver jewelry, and caught more than 40 men, mostly young crewmembers!"

"Good! The harvest is truly good. Wu Mu, in the looted  gold, silver and jewelry, you choose one chest first."   The jiade nanren looks very happy and turns to the man with the silver gun, and says, "In addition, Ah Leng, you also choose one chest!" The man just does not answer but just nods. “Thank Dang Jiade nanren!" Gulping the wine in his hand, Wu Mu steps forward and heartily laughs and says, "that … … this woman?"

Jiade nanren takes one look at the woman on the ground and winks one corner of his at Wu Mu's delighted face, smiles, and announces, "That old rule, whoever is competent enough, will own the woman!"

With Jiade nanren's command, the atmosphere warms up immediately. Howling like wolves, upon hearing this Su Su's brow's became more and more tightly knit.

Qin Qian had woken up long ago but did not dare move, afraid that she will attract the attention of the pirates, but at this time pairs of eyes like hungry wolves are all on her, she cannot continue lying down and pretending; it is pointless.

Qin Qian opens her eyes and crawls up. Originally, she wanted to look for the opportunity to run out of the cave, but seeing that the cave unexpectedly has more than a hundred men, and the footbridge is also not ordinary, she cannot move. She is desperate but knows today, in any event, it is impossible to escape.

Fearing that she will not be able to refute even a little in the future, she unconsciously straightens her back with pride. This kind of pretty headstrong woman naturally attracts the greedy people to be stirred up more. Wolf-like eyes stare at her body and wish they rip her clothing.

“This woman is really beautiful!”

“It’s beauty, ah!”

“Get lost, go away, I’ll go first! ”

Sounds of profanities and vulgar language filled the whole cavern; ones eardrums would hurt just hearing them. “Bastards, get lost, this bitch is Lao-tze's!" Wu Mu shouts with annoyance and the few men who rushed close to Qin Qian's side retreat.

There were several men staring at Qin Qian, who wants to come forward but are afraid of Wu Mu. He coldly challenges them with grunts, "Who has the courage to face Lao-tze , come on try to snatch together!" When they heard 'together' it raised a little hope from several men and they glance and exchange look. In the next moment, they pounce on Wu Mu at the same time.

Wu Mu's strength is enormous! Several men seized him by the arms and legs but he just shakes them off to force them out. Few who brandish their fist past, were now lying on the ground on their stomach.

The desperate outlaws, before there were several of them but now there are only 3 left that are twice determined, but there are still seven to eight men continuing to swarm in. even before there were several of them now there were 3 left that were twice determined, but there were still seven to eight men continued to swarm in.

Su Su's grim eyes secretly watches and examines Wu Mu's fist style and movements. Just as she had thought before, he has great internal force. His vital force is deep; however, it is a pity that he has a monotonous boxing style. If he continues fighting like this, he will consume all his strength and soon it will be best to admit defeat.

Obviously the huzi also saw it clearly, after dealing with five or six people, he finally pulled out a snickersnee * (actually a short sword or a very large knife) from his back and says, "Those not afraid of death, come!” Wu Mu is panting and his fierce eyes are glaring. His shiny ruthless blade, with one strok, it would mean death. Although the competitors are desperate for a woman, no one wants to lose their lives. Finally no one dares to come forward. Everyone is embarrassed and all sit on the sidelines and start heckling and booing the competition.

Huzi is satisfied and puts away the sword, readily stuck it into the ground, turns around and impatiently goes to Qin Qian, bending over her.

Perhaps he spent a lot of energy in the fight so that when he threw his body to Qin Qian, she is able to hide unexpectedly.

“You … … You  don’t come here … …,” Qin Qian hasn’t finished when Qu Mu grabs her foot and drags her to the ground. “Ah!” Qin Qian screams but her cheeks have been covered by his big hand. Wu Mu tightly clasps her face saying, "Tsk, this skin and flesh might possibly resist, I need to break the surface before it will come around, right?”

“Let go of my sister! I will fight with you!" Qin Yan who had been huddling in the corner comes out from behind Wu Mu, his fist desperately aims to hit his head.

" @#&* mother , wishes your  death ."  Wu Mu angrily grabs Qin Yan on the shoulder, pulls him back hard, taking advantage of the opportunity, he pushes his palm to his chest.  Qin Yan's body flew back immediately and hits the ground, though he did not faint but his mouth actually unceasingly spits out blood, he couldn't even crawl. “Xiao Yan!” Qin Qian struggles to stand up but is no match to Wu Mu's strength.

Rippp!   “Don't!  No!” The sound of clothes being shred could be heard in the midst of the wolves howls. “Kill me! Kill me……”

Qian Qin no longer struggles, perhaps death is a relief, eyes with hate and decisive, Qin Qian clenches her teeth.

“You want to die? Just obey." Just hearing a screeching sound and her chin has already been dislocated, even if she wants to die by biting her tongues, now she will not be able to.

Now, even death is a wishful thinking? Qin Qian tightly closes her eyes and doesn’t want to catch a glimpse of this dirty and cruel world. Her beautiful eyes are leaking tears of despair.

Qin Qian's despaired weak appearance makes the huzi more excited, “Little beauty, how Lao-tze loves you, did not allow you to die and guarantee for a while you will also not be able to die!”

The sound of howling calls flood the entire cave. They once again treat this cruel game as a carnival of performances to enjoy. Suddenly a snickersnee came from out of nowhere, in the air drawing a white arc, without bias and carefree, the knife is inserted into the mud besides Wu Mu's body. If he had moved as much as three inches, it would have pierced him behind.

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Lord investigate thoroughly … … beseech you to let somebody get away with something

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Volume I  Chapter 8 Snatching A Woman Part 2

Three feet of the blade's point was left out and the rest of the snickersnee was stuck in the mud, leaving the hilt of the sword humming and shaking.  The sudden and unexpected changes shock the group of hungry wolf-like men. They close their mouths and the howling stops. The once noisy cave abruptly became quiet, leaving only the crackling sound of the burning wood.

"If I have not misunderstood, Jiade nanren, a moment ago, said whoever has the ability, the lady can be snatched by anyone. I do not know if I am qualified also to fight in this competition?" The cold voice suddenly sounded, even with a bit of smile, the relaxed tone falls on everyone’s ears, inexplicably producing a weird feeling.

The people look at each other for a good while, only then dare to affirm. The one who doesn't fear death is unexpectedly the small young boy. He did not even stand up, just sits at the nearby table. They cannot see clearly for the felt hat covers his face, but evidently a smile raises at the corner of his mouth.

She cannot stand by and watch a woman be humiliated to death in front of her and do nothing about. Moreover, such as she, if she doesn't do anything, she doesn't deserve to be the Su Family's daughter! So she had been waiting for an opportunity to intervene.

Although the moment is not the best, but the matter can no longer be delayed any further.

Su Su has initiated a challenge with her words but pretends to be lazy to actually act on it. She actually moves closer to the Moyi man. According to her observation, this man, amidst the pirate's den, has a very subtle status. She even feels jiade nanren is careful around him and had dreaded him for a few minutes, since he proclaimed a moment ago that he "wanted her". (TL:–look at her logic, she was using him as a shield)

Su Su looks very relaxed, but she is actually ready and alert. Her alertness level is even higher in front of the ferocious pirates. Making a façade of protection from the Moyi man and though owing to the fact that she does not entirely understand him, he remains a mystery.

Fortunately, regardless of her verbal provocation and being deliberately close to the Moyi man, it seems he is tacitly consenting to her actions and does not seem to care because he is just holding his cup of wine.

Yi Meng jiade's tiger ink-eyes look at Su Su and then to the Moyi man then paces back and forth between the two of them without talking.

At this time, Wu Mu works off his anger and in an imposing manner recovers the snickersnee and finally leaps from the ground viciously staring at Su Su. With a murderous look, he asks, "Just you, and you dare to compete with Lao-tze for her?"

“What's wrong, don't you dare?” Su Su is still on the corner of the table, just sitting and taking some time to respond made him boil with anger.

“Good, let Lao-tze kill you first, bastard, and then Lao-tze will come enjoy the beauty!” Wu Mu is naturally strong, knew martial arts and at this moment bolder because he is in this pirate’s nest. Also in his account, there are names under him. Today, he is covered with provocation on the spot by this unthinking boy. Angry right now, the blue veins in his hands stick out. He couldn't wait to get it over by twisting and breaking the rascal's neck.

“Boy, are you tired of living?” Ah Leng, the man with the silver gun sat on the side casting a sidelong glance, his eyes filled with contempt, laughing at her stupidity. Su Su just slightly raises one eyebrow and ignores him. An angry huzi is more beneficial to her. It is her call to disturb his attack and defense poise and to make him mentally chaotic; reading military strategy books was not in vain after all!

Watching Wu Mu rush over, Su Su looks to the man in the higher seat and exclaims, "It is also easy for me. Let the master be a witness then.”

Yi Meng looks at the Moyi man; doesn’t know what to think about this. He heroically laughs, looks like fun and it perks his interest. He picks up the bowl and while drinking, says, “Okay!” If you win, Wu Mu and this bitch will belong to you.”

After getting Yi Meng's commitment, Su Su did not say anything anymore. She picks up the snickersnee that was stuck in the leg of the lamb on the table, and then moves towards Wu Mu.

“Brother Wu, kill him!”

“Kill him!”

The peaceful cave once again seeth with excitement. The group of bloodthirsty followers is full of enthusiasm for the upcoming bloody scene. This ignorant boy dared to challenge Wu Mu. They do not have the slightest sympathy.

Seeing that Wu Mu pulled out the short sword that was struck into the stand out from the sand and is rushing over, Su Su secretly sighs with relief. This was truly her strategy. If he had taken the broad sword, coupled with his strong arm and deep vital energy, she would have to use the Shiba Lian and the Su house sword fighting technique for her to win. Luckily, this would be unnecessary. (TL note: she wants to avoid using Su sword fighting techniques because it will give away her identity)

So she has been waiting, waiting patiently for him to accept the challenge and let him be consumed by a little more stress and use up his energy.

So she provoked him, infuriated him, let him grabbed his own short sword and can't wait to dash over to kill her.

Just like now -

Wu Mu's right hand is holding a snickersne walking towards the young man's face and wielding the short sword toward his neck with an overbearing force which made hilt rattle. If the blade met even a little of his neck, this juvenile's head will definitely fly off immediately.

The juvenile looked like he was 'very scared' of Wu Mu's attack and swiftly squats his body, evading the dangers of the sword. Wu Mu's body proceeds to rush swiftly. His sword hit an empty space and immediately proceeded to punch the boy's head. With the strength of his fist, gee, it will like crushing a 'flower'. Wu Mu, once again, abruptly rush over with the punches towards the thing body, who is unexpectedly not paying attention and merely ignoring him and is save by just sitting down. However, he has a keen intuition after killing by the knife's edge for many years and this misses made him throw himself into greater heights of murderous anger. He is alarmed and anxiously recovers his fist and draws back.

She dodges using a qing gong step, fortunately Su Su's knowledge is superficial compared to many and she immediately follows the move with a movement to conceal it. If not, at the moment, there are thousands of mulberry eyes watching them. She dares not to resort to Shiba lian (the 18 lotus qing gong steps). If not, even the huzi will not even have a chance to return.

Because Su Su needs to hide her real strength, Wu Mu is exhausted chasing after the juvenile. He had escaped the youth's no methodological punches and bashes, but then in his belly, came a cool stabbing sting. The sudden pain made him finally see the boy's hand holding a snickersnee to his abdomen. His bashes and punches seem to follow no rules, as if he is pretending to be very big, so now that the knife in his belly is drawing out blood from a hole, he was slow to react.

Breaking out in a cold sweat, Wu Mu never imagined this young man's shots were cunning and ruthless.

However, he does not know Su Su has received Su Military guidance and commandments. Soldiers were to act clever and crafty, she has heard about that from the age of three and now it serves to be the truth.

At this moment, Wu Mu is shocked and becomes angrier. This duel is simply a fight to the death. Su Su knew that this time if she is unable to sneak an attack again, getting a hit later will not be easy. It is a good thing she grew up playing at the army camp because from time to time, she compared notes with fellow military officers and discussed various methods of fighting. The use of 18 weapons, although she is not good, but she can make it work somehow. Thanks to the wide and complex martial art styles, it would not let people see her true martial art source. [Editor's Note: If you guys didn't catch that, she means that she is fighting using a variety of techniques and in a unprofessional kind of way to conceal her true skills.]

In the eyes of the crowd, this boy's hits were in a completely wide way, clueless, and without art at all. There were no rules and the people looking straight are shaking their heads. Fortunately, his skill is full of agility, although awkward and distressing, but always able to escape Wu Mu's knife and iron fist. So after dealing with him for half an incense stick, Su Su got plain tired. Wu Mu has deep internal force; fighting against him like this puts her at a disadvantage. If so, then there is only one way——mother's way!

Gu Yun's fighting methods rarely paid attention to moves but paid attention to speed, accuracy and fatality, based on the human body analysis chart sent by Big Aunt. The chart shows how to take down a man at a glance and where to put a death holes and the acupuncture points.

'Snake played seven inch’'**, Su  Su  decides to fiercely attack Wu Mu's key vitals. If she can knock him down, even if in just a small encounter, this fight will be hers to win!

**Idiom meaning to easily get the upper hand or do something to catch the vital points

As soon as she throws herself, Wu Mu became very vigilant not to get near Su Su again. Stationed at their starting position, Su Su goes forward looking annoyed and angry. She attractively spins her body and places herself behind Wu Mu. He sees the clues and quickly wields the snickersnee to put up a barrier. Now, if she wants to get close to his back, she must certainly avoid the knife and if she could not avoid it, she will not be able to achieve a hit.

Weighing the consequences for only a second, Su Su makes a decision. The slender figure welcomes the blade used as a barrier but as soon as her body touches the blade, she twists her waist backwards and avoids the knife's edge by an inconceivable angle.

Three inches to his skull and an inch under his arm, Su Su hits with both hands at the same time.  Wu Mu's tall figure immediately falls. Unfortunately, she also had to pay a price for her decision. On her left arm, there is a big three inch cut with blood pouring out….glu..glu..making that cuckoo sound.

Su Su sits down on the floor, breathing heavily, and exhausted! It's painful! Who said playing a role of a pig to eat a tiger was easy! She only feared the tiger has no been eating and she would become a dead pig…

All along the pirates were shouting 'kill' but when they saw Wu Mu fall down, their arousal vanished; they became scared and dumbfounded as they looked at each other. No matter what this young man used, it is a fact that Wu Mu is now lying on the ground. Yi Meng is the first to regain his composure. Slapping his thigh with his hand, he exclaims, "Young fellow! You have real skill, enjoy the bitch, she's yours!"

Su Su gave a long sigh of relief. She had been afraid the people would jump out and want to test her in another competition because after all, this was the pirate's nest. If they broke their word, what can she say? They are not to be trusted. The sound of whistles, insults, clamoring sounds, creating a great disturbance once more. She could feel she is in the spotlight again. She has to retreat; she cannot manage these many pirates right now.

After breathing heavily, Su Su gets up from the ground, goes to Qin Qian's side, whose clothes had been shredded like rags, and carelessly and hurriedly covers the exposed flesh.

Looking at the already exhausted Qin Qian, she could not delay the rescue. However, as if stimulated by something, Qin Qian begins to struggle. Su Su could use brute force to grab her and so she says a few words, "Qin Jie, I am Xiao Shu." But it was of no use; Su Su hardens her heart and knock out Qin Qian using the handle of the knife.

This cave is very large; parts of the ground are covered in soft sand and some stones. There were several stones that were big and about half the size of a person. Su Su glances around and holds up Qin Qian neatly against some small stones she had found along the way.

She cannot take away Qin Qian right now. She will leave her there only temporarily to cut off being the cave's center of attention and vision. Su Su walks out of the place leaving Qin Qian and returns with Qin Yan, who is lying on the floor, almost fainting from his pain. She also places him on the small pile of stones.

Outside the stone heap, were sounds of various voices, Su Su is now worried about their series of actions. It certainly caught some attention and suspicions, presumably they were probably considering how to handle her. That’s ok, as long as that Yi Meng jiade says nothing, temporarily they are not in any danger.

At the moment, the situation is pitiful and awkward. She has a pair of dying siblings, Qin Yan is having breathing difficulties due to huzi's strength. Dislocation is certain and he also just vomited a mouthful of blood. By her estimate, he is suffering from internal injuries. In contrast, Qin Qian's situation is better. Grasping her chin with strength, Su Su gently helps Qin Qian connect the dislocated jaw. With the other bruises, Su Su cannot hastily rush to move her yet. Su Su turns around and crouches on Qin Yan's side. Gently lifting his arm while checking the injury on his side, she says, "Qin Yan, your arm has fractured, your shoulder is dislocated, and now, I will put it back, please endure."

Qin Yan's complexion was pale with the pain. Su Su, did not wait for his response, strengthened her position and directed the hands.  “Ah!”  Su Su finishes it as quickly as possible, but the pain caused by the bone made Qin Yan faint. Watching his mouth stained with blood, Su Su now knew the feeling of helplessness. Dealing with flesh wound,  hers was not that difficult, but internal injuries, she really does not quiet understand the mechanics of it.

Her worries went pale when a touch of purple appears like smoke in front of her.

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End of the chapter

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