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A Mistaken Marriage Match 4: The Pirate's Daughter 

Volume I Chapter 6  Wants Her

The storm was threatening and the fishing vessels rolled by the raging waves and were almost thrown off the boat several times. Fortunately, the pirates tied the ropes holding the crews firmly on the mast and they didn’t roll from the deck to the sea.

While the ship was being towed, the skill of the pirate on the helm of the ship was notably good, although extremely dangerous; they were slowly driven out of the center of the storm.

 After floating more than two hours, the rain was getting smaller and the dark clouds slowly dispersed, but the atmosphere was covered with the thick fog, Su Su stretched her neck that has grown stiff and looked up and surveyed the surroundings, she could only hear the sound of the mighty surging of the waves and she could only see thick mist and could not see the water below. There was only a vast expanse of white before her, and even the black ship  ahead appeared as fuzzy shadow. 

Su Su quietly looks towards the direction of the cabin, it was empty, and the figure that was there earlier was gone. With the thick mist around, if you want to escape, it is not without chances, but … … Su Su  took a quick glimpse at the misfortune that they went through, being  poured on with heavy rains for more than two hours, crew faces were ashen like and dispirited and finally select to 'hold back one's troop without moving.'    

**(idiom meaning to bid their time)

If she guessed correctly, they should have already entered the pirates' territory, the thick mist perhaps was camouflaging the pirates' den.

Su Su concentrated on trying to identify the movement of ships  after entering the misty water, they travelled  towards the East about a burning  joss stick of time ( proximately 15 minutes), turned North  for about half an hour before the water mist dispersed slowly. 

Sure enough when the mist cleared, she saw the direction of the ship going towards an island, far from a distance, the island was very large, as far as the eyes can see that piece of island was all covered in green.

The ship stopped on a shoal and the four pirates hiding in the cabin came out immediately, grabbed the ropes and pulled them out of the fishing boat.

Most of the fishermen  looked sluggish, there were few bold ones, looking around, Su Su also took the opportunity to swept the place with her eyes and scrutinize the surrounding environment.

 The ship's docking berth was very big, on the distant place along the coastline also seen five or six black ships anchored, almost like the size of the two which they have seen today, the ship was somewhat far,  so whether each have forts was still unknown.

 On the two black ships there were many who disembarked, pirates carrying swords alone were at least 30 people and Su Su secretly pleased with herself for not acting rashly.

Her gaze moved at the end of the people walking in line, some captives along the long rope were wearing gorgeous clothes. They looked like they were on a trade route when kidnapped and majority of the people were injured, and compared to them they were more distressed than the fishermen;  she reckoned they should have been be captured with fierce resistance.

  Su Su concentrated her attention to the people and continuously searches for a big man, finally she saw Qin Qian. She was still in the state of stupor carried by the huzi  on his shoulder.  She saw her dressed neatly and fully clothed and her body also does not have any sign of injuries, this group did not suffer any hardships on the journey. Su Su observed the group of people, except for huzi, she did not saw the man with silver gun and that mysterious one on the cabin.

The  two series of human 'strings' were  led to walk  deep into the island and the deeper they go, Su Su was welcomed with greater surprises for they were approaching a small village. She did not dare to cross brazenly but first looked in all direction and by her keen observation skill, it was enough to write down the pirates' nest basic garrison situation, along the way she saw three look-out posts located along the footbridge, in each footbridge stood four people and two of them has trumpets and at present there was no visible patrol guard.

She glanced towards the direction of their journey, she had an impression that they were moving towards a cave. The cave doesn't have a big entrance and there were seven to eight people standing to on guard. When they saw the huzi walked in, several people stood immediately and gave their happy hee -hee ha-ha greetings.

As they moved further inside, Su Su then only discovered that they were inside a huge and remarkable limestone cave. The limestone cave was extremely spacious; several bonfires piled high burning briskly making the cave extremely bright. Inside, the sound of people's voices were bubbling like a cauldron, the aroma of liquor and barbecue stimulates her belly to grumble.

The people inside the caverns seems to be quite wild, dozens of them were sitting around  drinking  and eating meat, they look boorish and by her estimate also carefree and uninhabited.

Basically, she have planned at the beginning to disappear but eventually abandoned the idea, she calculated that more than 200 people were in this cavern, outside the cave and on the walkway too. The pirate's population has surpassed her expectations.

The big huzi walked towards the center with resisting Qin Qian , threw her conveniently on the ground, they entreated him to sit at the seat of honor, he clasped his fist together and laughed heartily, ” Dang Jiade nanren***, today's great  harvest! "   

 *** this was the address for Pirate Chief which means a household manager or household  master, sometimes also addressed him as  Dang Jiade.

On the seat of honor was a 50 years old man, square faced with eyes like tiger and  the body has imposing manner and he was  listening to huzi who was very happy and said in return , “Good”. On his side were few people sitting respectively, three men were sitting on his right side, two of which were vigorously built and third was a very thin man. Three people were sitting on the left, Su Su met the two before, man with the silver gun and the Moyi man dressed in silver  but the last one has attracted her attention completely.

The group of rough men was dominated by the appearance of a purple figure exceptionally conspicuous, that stature was of that graceful of young woman, beautiful body wearing a purple long skirt, long black hair down to her knee were hanging behind,  her hand was holding a porcelain white cup, smooth lips sipping lightly,  she slightly pursed her lips, every gestures revealed her temperament and upbringing  that was also not lost  in the capital of the golden' branches of jade jewels'**, Su Su exclaimed in surprise, in the pirate's nest unexpectedly in their midst has that kind of a woman?  

(** idiom meaning blue blooded nobility especially Imperial kinsman)

The pirate's nest was causing her a great deal of curiosity!

In the cave except the open area at the center, there were many small tunnels on its side that seems to extend to all directions.  The tunnel on their right side was probably for them.

Where are the other people captured?  Perhaps she can find more information from those people. Next to that trade route status captives she can seize the opportunity inquire.  Su Su gathered her sight away from the purple clad woman and quickly catches up with the people in front of her.

 ” Yi Dang Jia, this man wish to ask you personal request."

Su Su's footsteps lag behind and she heard faint voices, she turned to glimpse a quick look, it was the Moyi man.

  "Oh really?" Yi Dang Jia nanren was holding a wine bowl paused and  followed his eyes and says with a smile immediately,  "Wants anyone, you said!"

“He wants him. "  

Who he wants?  Su Su was also intrigue.

She just wanted to look at that “him”, but she found herself hooked to that indifferent eyes fixed on her.

Wait a minute, he said… … wants me?! Su Su usually gave people a hard time and pretended to be stupid. What a circumstance … …     

The shadow reporter was  missing. What happened to this fellow.?  -Mayo


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