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Chapter 6 Doubtful Points “Who?! “Qu Ning Shuang two ears perked up and turned her stare to the place the sound came from. The day was not completely dark yet,  she saw a woman in black clothing suddenly appeared above the eaves and had the resemblance that she was standing on that place for  quite sometime and although the sun's light behind her completely blinds her appearance and facial expression, but that carefree attitude and ease of posture, obviously displayed not one iota of panic, trouble or distress that she was found. Qu Ning Shuang's face vigilantly stared at the woman and with a cold voice, “Who you are? Why are you lurking about here? “ “I am … …” woman voice was cool, very nice, she paused for a moment, raised her hand and pointed at Jin Yan Hen, continued, ” I came to look for him. “ Jin Yan Hen stepped up, with a look of surprised laughed, "Chen'er came for me. I’m really flattered. “  His face has no expression of exaggeration and pretention, Lou Chen may be persuaded to believe and be convinced with his words.  Qu Ning Shuang however suspiciously look at Lou Chen and then at Jin Yan Hen, voice full of doubt asked, “Who are you and what exactly are you looking for him to do? “  Lou Chen would like to say originally her purpose but after seeing Jin Yan Hen smile, that kind of grinning face, she decided to changed her excuse, “I think it is comparably better for me to go down and explain but I am afraid this place  is too high. Looked like  I will not be able to go down, will you come and give me a hand?”  Qu Ning Shuang stared with eyes wide open, feeling very uncomfortable, “Why should I help you, you are acting suspiciously, I didn’t arrest you right away because I don't actually see you doing wrong!"  Lou  Chen leisurely   stood up and in a cold voice  gently said, “You don’t have an evidence  that I’m a bad person. Only because I came over the wall to look for someone, you will arrest me, right? Besides being a constable, civilians seeks you for help and will you ignore it? Or is that … … “Lou Chen paused, puzzled eyes gave a sweeping looked up and down at  Qu Ning, checking what she sees,  lightly laughs, ” The girl is not constable,  also you cannot catch fast enough? “  “I am of course! ” Qu Ning Shuang reacted like a cat whose tail was just stepped on, roll up her sleeves a in few folds and said in a loud voice, “You just wait! “  Watching Qu Ning bravely and aggressively rushed, Jin Yan Hen cannot restrain his laugh, he was under the impression that the cold beauty does not like to talk generally, it turns out that she was somebody who doesn't like to talk a lot however when she does, she does not talk nonsense , her words were very casual but the result was one that pleases her, it accomplishes her desire, just like right now  she was able put Miss Qu stunned and actively come to her to personally arrest her in person,  Qu Ning Shuang went on top of the fence after double treading the wall, jumped forcibly, although with some instability she finally managed to stand on the wall. Standing near her, she finally saw the woman’s face and she marveled, this woman was so beautiful who do not appear to be that of human. (T/N: Probably she meant like goddess or something like beauty not of this world!) Qu Ning have a change of heart and started having a different opinion, suddenly she felt a bit in the wrong, this rather seems like a swear or scold at someone … … she coughs, 'ahem… ahem…' lightly to hide the heart that was indulging in fancy flights, Qu Ning Shuang faces Lou Chen with temperate voice compared to before and beckoned her, “You came along, I will support you by the arm to jump, we have to leave in anyway."  Lou Chen stayed in her place and did not mean to go ahead of her; Qu Ning stared at her in the eyes, also step by step to walk through the eaves, and finally arrived beside her after sometime. However,  Qu Ning pair of feet stepped on something strange, there a ‘thing’ at the backyard's back wall. She found a strange dark red imprint. Qu Ning Shuang yelp in surprise, 'Gee'  and promptly squat down to examine, touched the dry dark red mark and put in near her nose, sniffed carefully then said to herself, “How come there is blood here? “   She looked at the wall outside and looked at the ground, there were a few section with similar marks, Qu Ning Shuang excitedly exclaimed, “Jin Yan Hen, you quickly come here, I found bloodstains on the side of the wall, and they were many of them!"  Jin Yan Hen look at Lou Chen and two eyes meet in locked  for a moment, Lou Chen looks unchanged, Jin Yan Hen graciously smiled, gently leaped on the wall.  Qu Ning Shuang  and jin Yan Hen were looking at the place at the same time , he nodded and said, “I see the  degree of dryness of dried blood here and  in the courtyard are consistent. “  Qu Ning Shuang apparently was very excited and began to seriously do her analysis, “So, the murderer was also injured at the same day, he turned behind the wall to come out. During that time with Uncle Xiao, they only routinely  inquire the households in the alley around, several people in the neighborhood and households on the front street. They ignored the back that was connected to few streets. The murderer had injury and highly likely that when he escaped, someone noticed him. T/N: the uncle term used here was Shushu which means her father's younger brother    Compared to Qu Ning Shuang's excitement on the twist and how the case was turning, Jin Yan Hen had an indifferent look and also said in timely manner, "When we arrest Wang Si, we didn’t see any wounds on his body. “  “Really?! “Qu Ning  Shuang both eyes were sparkling brightly, heartily  laughs,” Ha, ha, ha  that’s great, Wang Si maybe wronged! I will be able to find evidence to help him right an injustice! “  Lou Chen standing on the side and said unenthusiastically, " It is also likely that the murderer is more than one person. However…. … “Lou Chen turned to Jin Yan Hen, said with a faint smile,” In the event that Wang Si  has a  to proof that he is not on the scene, that is different from just having an alibi. “  Facing the stare of Lou Chen, Jin Yan Hen rarely conceal and hide things so,  naturally he said,  “According to Zhang Jing, Wang Si at  about youshi (5-7pm) left the foothill of Goddess of River Mountain , with that, even with the fastest speed to run home, it is impossible that in just two quarters of an hour, he coild murder somebody and immediately escape. So,  Zhang Jing statement  will prove in this case that Wang Si  did not commit the crime.”  After listening to something that seemed to be some clues, Qu Ning Shuang quickly asked, “Zhang Jing who is it? “  “Wang Si’s childhood sweetheart, that evening she saw Wang Si. “  Miss Qu Daxia, immediately became dejected and angrily, “Such an important clue, how could I not know? Why didn’t you say? “  Jin Yan Hen dig out his hurting ears, shocked and innocently replied. "Miss Qu, you didn’t ask me, ah. “  “Don’t say that. “Qu Ning Shuang grunted softly. She decided that she will no longer entangled herself with that  question again, standing on the wall and looked over one more time towards the courtyard, that long blood mark looked more ferocious. Qu Ning Shuang frowned, whispered,” The deceased only fatal wound was a knife in the chest and it pierced almost through her body, how could she possibly climbed so far? “  She pause for a moment however she really cannot think of a reason, Qu Ning  somewhat irritated  “This is very suspicious, we first look at the body again! The corpse will tell us how she died, what happened before the person die! “ Lou Chen froze for a moments, just because the words were too familiar, almost her mother’s mantra. Now, this young girl to say the same, really … … Listening to it felt so awkward. It was not that Qu Ning Shuang also knew her mother, is it? Lou Chen again judging by the girl’s hair and clothing and with aunt training where there was somewhat some resemblance? Lou Chen suddenly had a strange feeling, little girl earnest efforts has been an imitation of her mother and  xiaoyi ( meaning younger aunt ) a  … … (T/N: Lou Chen probably referring to her father's (Lou Xi Yan) younger sister Lou ??? I am jogging my memory but can’t seem to remember the name of Ji Sang’s wife ) Lou Chen secretly looking at the strange girl, her ears heard a voice close to her with a sound of laugher, before her said,  “Chen'er, why don't you come together with us? “ Lou Chen was still undecided, Qu Ning Shuang's face look grim, quickly answered, “We will go to investigate the case! Why she has to tag along?! “ Jin Yan Hen pouted his lips, said, “Because……”


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