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Chapter 7 How Can You Be Such A Person? Lou Chen has not decided yet if she would agree but Qu Ning Shuang face became grim as she listened and swiftly remarked, “We are going to investigate ! You want her to come together with us and why would she?!” Jin Yan pursed his lips and said, ” It is because ….” Lou Chen was also staring Jin Yan Hen, she also would like to know if he can find a reasonable excuse. “Because she is my ……” Jin Yan Hen paused a bit and his face had that smiling expression ( T/N: Have some naughty thoughts I suppose) , a look that like someone asking for some awful beating, but at the same time he noted the chilly radiant coming from Lou Chen’s eye, Jin Yan Hen with mouth as quick as his brain swiftly said,” Friend !…  A friend of mine and also the most attractive girl I have ever seen. But what is most important is that we are equally very clever, with the two of us that will assist you from the side, Miss Qu (dàxiǎo jie was the actual word used here, addressing her with utmost respect) will certainly solve the case in no time.” Lou Chen was wrong not acknowledged the ability of this man before, what was worse was she also underestimated the” thickness of his face”.* *This a common saying in Chinese which was literally translated which meant someone who doesn’t care about losing face or a person who doesn’t care about the opinion of the others. Miss Qu’s face expressed that now she was well aware of that fact and in the know, this time she has not rewarded him a supercilious look but reached out her hand and prepared to grab Lou Chen’s belt to lead her along down the wall. Lou Chen took one step and reached out her hand to hold on her shoulder, makes a slight effort and they leap together. On the ground, Lou Chen recovered her hand. After the incident, Qu Ning Shuang ‘s heart she started to have doubts and glanced at Lou Chen. She jumped down together with this girl and she felt that her agility and obviously her speed going down was pretty quicker than hers, she felt lighter than her which means her qing gong skill was definitely better than her. Why would such a person fear height? She watched Lou Chen for awhile and finally Qu Ning Shuang cannot make out anything from her face, to avoid anymore entanglement, the three walked towards the county alley together. Because Qu Ning Shuang was with them, Lou Chen thought she was a stranger and entering the government office yamen for the first time, unexpectedly none of the constables inside the yamen had come out to stop them. The government office in Luo Shui town was not big, from the side they entered, then went around the short section of the road and the three people arrived at the room that was specially built with black stone.

“Really there’s a wound, ah! ” Qu Ning Shuang was very focused, after looking and thoroughly searching, drew a similar conclusion, frustrated and not willing to accept it, Qu Ning Shuang asked, “You are saying that the murderer stabbed her with a knife first then patched it up and later punctured another?” Nobody answered her, she did not seemed to care about their answers actually but kept her eyes staring at the wound, her face has a look of anguish, “How do you know that the person had been stabbed by a second knife?” Inside the morgue, the dead bodies along the board have only few oil lamps and the light rays were not bright. Lou Chen looked at Jin Yan Hen, he lowered his head and she does not know what he was thinking but it was obvious that he did not intend to speak. She suddenly thought of instructing and guiding the person to solve a case in secret, probably this would turn out to be quite amusing. Lou Chen was in a good mood good, therefore said, “For you to know that the if the same wound has secondary injuries, you have to split the body to see that. The direction of the force is not the same, person’s power is not the same and the second track line of the knife will be different from the first. Qu Ning Shuang eyes lit up and grabbed the knife to cut the wound to check it out. The silent Jin Yan Hen suddenly approached her and held her arm to stop her, “Do not act recklessly and mess things up, if you destroy the corpse that is equivalent to the destruction important evidence.”

During the time she was studying acupuncture, she became very curious about the person’s body and studied under her mother ( T/N: For those who was not aware of MMM Book 1: Qing Feng is her mother who was a modern day forensic examiner). She dissects corpses for her without any difficulty but when it comes to strategy, analysis and experience, she slightly loses to her mother. Jin Yan Hen eyes lightened up and said with a smile, “Chen’er you can try?” Lou Chen was holding appreciatively the cutting tool in her hand, shot a look at his eyes and menacingly, “If it were you, I would be happy to open you up with a knife.” The knife in her white jade fingertips was rotating very fast, looking at her the gesture was done with ease, it seems that this knife and the book for her was just the same. Jin Yan Hen thought that his neck felt a cold whiz, the others person had the knife in the hand, after considering the situation for his own poor life; Jin Yan Hen understood it was time to shut his mouth. Lou Chen was contented and put down the knife satisfied and gave Qu Ning Shuang her attention , “In county government should have one medical examiner, ask him to come and make him examine the body.”

Then, Qu Ning Shuang pointed to Lou Chen and said, “She said we have to make an incision and take a look, then we can know that the knife had just been a cover up. Therefore, I want to make you examine again.” Wu Yong Xi looked up to Lou Chen, at heart he could not help but gasp a cold air while looking at this significantly very cold and indifferent young woman. Since his adolescence he was with Qu daren and even trained in the capital city 10 years ago. His eyes could not misread a human and he could say that the makings and temperament of this person was not that of a commoner . He recovered his line of sight, Wu Yong Xi pondered for a moment then said, “Very well.” He then picks the nearby cutting tool, cut open the corpse’s chest gently. Before heard Wu Yi said that that the murderer killed using his left hand, Lou Chen knew that some medical examiner abilities of county yamen, can enter the angle and direction through the cutting edge, you can infer that the murderer use the left hand, this was not a general medical examiner can achieve. Now after seeing his way of dissecting the corpse, Lou Chen was affirmed of the previous perception. His knife’s position was very accurate and his movement was also quick, all of the sudden then shows the section that the knife holds into before the people all of a sudden he put the knife in cross section in front of everyone. Wu Yong Xi carefully looked at a wound, then glanced at Lou Chen, what a pity that on beautiful face does not have any expression, Wu Yong Xi turned his head and said to Qu Ning Shuang, “In this wound has two traces, one was shallow, another was much deeper.” “I see!”Qu Ning Shuang stared at the wound and earnestly stared at it for very longtime, she was extremely serious. This result was already expected by Lou chen, it does not give her any element of pleasant surprise anymore. Jin Yan Hen who was rarely quite, followed after the medical examiner, he has not spoken word. To be honest, Lou Chen to Jin Yan Hen, her curiosity was way far than this murder case alone. After all in the capital, she series of odd cases and file was broken in the Ministry of Justice by mother and younger aunt coordination, therefore she does not have anything to anticipate to this case, but on the contrary watching Jin Yan Hen, she felt to be more of the problem. Wu Yong Xi was observing Lou Chen in secret, Lou Chen was observing Jin Yan Hen, Jin Yan Hen, the person was frozen and ultimately pondering about the case, only then Miss Qu was left. “This is the evidence that shows, the deceased was stabbed first then stabbed again to death. The one who discovered the dead body first was the younger brother, Feng Qian Feng.I heard that that the relationship between this siblings were not intimate and he was also skillful, how come that day was chosen day to visit? That evening the surrounding neighbor had not heard Wang Si quarrelling with her, is it possible that someone, an acquaintance came, he did not pay so much attention about him and used the knife to stab her. The dead struggled and he was also injured, then flees to the wilderness, after going back, he feared that the matter will be exposed, therefore disguises by visiting the dead. After passing through the gate, he later discovered that the woman did not really die, therefore for a penny and for a pound, the he went for a kill and then shout, makes himself to come to see his elder sister again in false appearance that he finally discovered the elder sister death!” Qu Ning Shuang, as she was talking her excitement was grand, with great force she pounded the long and narrow table made of solid wood of funeral parlor and exclaimed, ” Let’s go and immediately meet Feng Qi Feng now!” Advisor Wu and Jin Yan Hen were both adapted to Miss Qu saying that obviously very much having the disposition like that of wind and of rain. Advisor Wu Wong Xi put a good words to urge her, “These are your speculations and its now haiji ( 9 to 11 p.m) , isn’t too late?” “While doing an investigating also this morning! I deduced also a moment ago that I have certain basis, first looks for the Feng Qi Feng for questioning, if is he is really the person who commit the crime, he will definitely leak something between questioning.” Miss Qu the more she wanted something badly the more she thought she was right. She rushed forward to catch and out of the morgue, then turned her head to look that Jin Yan Hen and Lou Chen who were leisurely walking behind. Qu Ning Shuang urgently urge, “You two, walk quickly, do not dawdle.” Jin Yan Hen footsteps were procrastinating, but also has hit a moment of sleepiness and yawned, with great reluctance said, “Miss Qu, I was formerly responsible to apprehend the suspect and I haven’t not rested for two days. The investigation is being manage by Xiao Touer, or you ask him to accompany you to go, you go with him is also good.” Qu Ning Shuang look blankly at Jin Yan Hen and whispered in a low voice, “I, if can go, but also needed you!” Finally she found a little clue with great difficulty, it was not like it was in her own accord, Qu Ning Shuang where was almost resigned, “Speed is a crucial asset in war**, be swift and resolute, doing the investigation quickly is vitally important! So don’t talk nonsense. Walk quickly, I was careful if you say something again I will complain with my father, later you did not need to be the constable!” (T/N From the idiom** ‘bīng guì shénsù’ meaning incredible speed is precious to the army or speed is crucial asset in war) Jin Yan Hen’s face has an appearance of being aggrieved but helpless, his footsteps actually has no qualm but followed in the Qu Ning Shuang behind by one ten feet. Three people went out of the government office yamen, Qu Ning Shuang walk in the forefront, turns head to look and happened to see Lou Chen before the government office yamen and has not come out yet, Qu Ning Shuang called out, “Hey, can you walk a bit faster.”
Lou Chen was somewhat astonished, hasn’t this girl disliked her? Unexpectedly inviting her to go together, but also that was really a little unexpected. Qu Ning Shuang the face flashes through an awkward look, she turned her head promptly, slightly lift her chin and put on a high and mighty act, ” You seemed to be intelligent person and will not be drag by this girl on her hind legs, if you followed in any case and I will let you investigate the case together.” To believe by letting someone accompany her where she goes, this girl has a lot of guts to say and declare it clearly with all authority, is it not a twisted and to turn and depart was little awkward, ‘to cover up will just makes matters worse’***. Lou Chen thought it was ridiculous, this girl was very funny. (*** T/N: idiomatic expression was used ‘ yù gài mí zhāng’ meaning to hide it makes it more conspicuous; or a cover up only makes matter worse.) Accompanying Qu Ning Shuang on her trip was also nothing, but Lou Chen thought about her conversation with Fang Ru Hui which she said she will come back to meet Zhang Jing, it was already so late, if she did not visit her it was really improper. Fortunately, the hospital is not far from the government yamen walking by the streets. Qu Ning Shuang was impatient and Lou Chen said in moderate pace, “.I must go to a ‘Thousand Grass’ Hospital. Qu Ning Shuang planned not to wait for Lou Chen, she walk by herself first with Jin Yan Hen , but after hearing the place where Lou Chen said she was going, her footsteps stopped immediately, asked, ” Why do you go to ‘Thousand Grass’ for?” Qu Ning eyes were full of doubts and a trace of tension, Lou Chen ponders and interestingly saw the transformation of the brilliance in her eyes, she turned and walked toward the hospital. “Hey, how can you be like this?”Qu Ning Shuang stared at the beautiful back on that road floating going far away, even if she stomped her feet she did not to feel relieved, she pursued after her. Jin Yan Hen’s index finger was stroking his chin gently, pondered the moment, then leisurely continued to follow after two people to walk toward the hospital. Not too long , the voice was that only of Miss Qu, can be heard saying …. “Why you went ahead, I asked you a question!” ” You go to the hospital to do what? Who are you?” “I don’t even know your name! My name is Qu Ning Shuang, you?” She was speaking her one’s mind all the way but did not received any response, Miss Qu was not the good nature person. If she was neglected like this, she will explode with rage, exclaimed, ” Why are you not saying anything? This is something extraordinary… …” Unknowingly, the three people reached the ‘Thousand Grass’ hospital gate, the front door of the hospital has closed, but there was door nearby that was open next to the gate and with a lantern hanging to illuminate the entrance. There seemed to be a sound and the tall figure walked out from the inside. After seeing that person, Miss Qu seemed like a duck being pinched on the throat, the ominous expressions all stopped up at the throat, her face flushing red. Qu Ning Shuang quickly stood straight, waved towards that person, simultaneously not forgetting to move several steps, kept off Lou Chen behind her, her smile brought, several points of shyness, greeted in a soft gentle voice, ” Hui elder brother, it was so late, you are still busy in the hospital ? You work very hard, you are really a good doctor.” Even though Lou Chen saw many surprises, but this one was outstanding, she was an able person who can suddenly turn very different, at this moment she must praise her, the time that this small girl turned hostile earlier, she learned about her very well. Fang Ru Hui smiled slightly as he greeted he, his voice was generally clear and bright like his mild personality, “Miss Qu, you so are also late.” Qu Ning’s both eyes pupil were radiating, her smiling face was bringing the obvious pride, answered saying,”I had found the vital clue and was preparing to investigate.” Fang Ru Hui glanced at Jin Yan Hen sideways and saw only him only curled his lips as signal and turned smug. Fang Ru Hui understood clearly and turned to Qu Ning and nods twice, did not continued to go but went to Lou Chen’s side on the contrary and whispered, ” Miss Lou, Madame Su took the medicine and went to sleep, the time was late, we might as well make her rest an evening at the hospital. Lou Chen thought and answered, “That is good. The doctor’s fee I will come tomorrow again to settle it.” Fang Ru Hui smiled bitterly, somewhat reluctantly returns saying,” The medicine payment was enough, Miss you don’t need to.” When Lou Chen prepares to turn around to leave, Fang Ru Hui goes forward suddenly one step, his facial expression was somewhat awkward, ” Miss Lou, I ……have a presumptuous request ……” Lou Chen unemotionally, calmly stood in place waiting for him to talk as he continued. Jin Yan Hen has been calm and composed the whole time with a faint smile looked at Fang Ru Hui. His heart was extremely anxious, for what matter can make this modest and self-demanding gentleman exist to have audacious request? Qu Ning Shuang has suddenly turned blue in appearance, such as Hui elder brother, how you can be such person! Seeing a beautiful girl, now boldly asking a favor? ***

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