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Chapter 2 - Surprise Attack of the Beauty at Late Night (2)

Sci-fic 21

With a clash, the knife hit the floor.

The head of the zombie was finally cut off. The fruit knife was so blunt that Bai Xiaofei had to tear apart rather than cut off the head after the cervical vertebra got sawed off. It could not be counted as a nice cut into the trachea, blood vessel, muscle fiber and skin of the zombie. The mess was more than disgusting.

Bai Xiaofei didn't stop.

He set right the motionless head of the zombie, lifted the fruit knife and stabbed in the eyes neat- breaking the eyeballs and piercing the brain issues. He stirred with force to make sure that there were no intact issues.

Then he raised his hand, throwing the head to the wall. Bang, the head bounced on the wall and to the ground, with the green liquid splashing all over. The head gave no response, however tortured by Bai Xiaofei.

Finally, it was dead, completely.

It looked like that the films, games and online novels were right about killing a zombie by destroying its head. If he were to use the knife to stabbed in the heart from behind, which was a lot easier, the zombie would have turned around and eaten himself even with a knife on the back.

Bai Xiaofei put aside the meritorious fruit knife near his bedstand. Just when he was about to sit down for a breath, he stood up in a start and was busy again- he dragged in the zombie's body that was stuck in the door and threw it over one side. Then he pushed the bed to fill the large hole. He was being very careful as he threw the bedstand, desk, chair and storage box onto the bed and leaned on behind the door. He could not rest his mind a little bit.

Darn it. Judging from the mutant zombie of the female neighbor, it was quite different from those in The Walking Dead in the flexible motion and strong power. Their body were deformed to some extent. The hook-like claws, the knife-like teeth and the elastic and hurting tongue. Clearly they were more powerful than the biochemical zombies.

Fuck me. The damn door would definitely not hold any more zombies.

But, where did the zombie come from? A biochemical virus? C virus or G virus? Hell with that. It's in China. And there was no Umbrella Corporation in H City. Why would there appear a monster like this?

Most importantly, was he affected by the virus and would he end up the monster like his female neighbor?

Bai Xiaofei's teeth were now trembling. Fuck that. Fuck all that. I don't wanna be such a monster. I don't wanna die without having a relationship.

Suddenly, the phone on the corner rang, "Answer the phone, my grandpa. Answer..."

The stupid ringtone of Bai Xiaofei was strikingly jarring in the silent and creepy apartment building. Bai Xiaofei sprang up to answer the phone. Oh God, I'd wish that the likely zombies in the apartment building would be attracted by the ringtone.

How could be such stupid. It was just fine to set the phone into vibration mode. It was amusing that he thought it amazing to be different by turning it to the highest volume. It seemed as if he would like everyone to know it- I am a special stupid.

You will not die unless you ask for it.

Bai Xiaofei looked at the phone screen while paying close attention to the sound outside the door. It was Da Bin, his best buddy in university who was now living in another city. He hurried to the window, trying to lower his voice as much as possible, "Da Bin?"

"Xiaofei, thank God that you are alive. I saw it from news that there was something wrong with your H City. Owing to the polluted tap water, a lot of people turned zombies. And those zombies would not be dead even if their heads got cut off."

They would not be dead even if their heads got cut off.

Bai Xiaofei was now frozen before the window. The midnight wind was cold when blowing over him. It was more so for his heart.

There came the voice of Da Bin from the phone, "Xiaofei, do not ever drink the tap water... I've heard it that the army has been mobilized... Hello, hello?"

Bai Xiaofei slowly turned around. The movement was so stiff that he could almost here the crackings of his cervical vertebra. No, there was not only the sound of the cervical vertebra. Instead, another weird sound was heard in this narrow room.

It was the sound of the reconstructing bones and muscles. A row of sharp teeth were clashing against each other. It was like a bone spur coming out of the flesh, a complete violation of basic sense of physiology.

The head-less body of the zombie was mutant again.

Just next to the feet of Bai Xiaofei, the remains that had no head on it or vitality in it should come back to life again. Moreover, it produced the mutation that was commonly seen in the exaggerated comics or computer games.

Her entire chest cracked from the throat to the belly, giving rise to a gigantic "mouth". And the ribs became horizontally-arrayed teeth, covered by unknown liquids. The teeth was flashing with the cold light, as if it could bite a steel bar at one attempt.

More bizarrely, there was a triangular bone plate on her back, just like a dragon. The tip of the bone plate was shining and reminding Bai Xiaofei that one scratch by such a thing would cause more than a crack in the skin. His entire leg and arm would be chopped like a stick

The only thing that did not look so scary or offensive was her new head, or rather one eye.

Where there should be a head, there appeared a long tentacle, and an eyeball of the normal size was mounted on the top of that.

Why on earth would there be such a thing?

How could it act when it had no brains? Where was his nervus centralis? How could it think? Does she had her own consciousness? Or whether the eyeball had replaced the function of the brain?

It was just not compliant with science.

Bai Xiaofei leaned against the window, with numerous thoughts crowding in his head. There was a crazy howling voice in the end, "What now? What now? What now?"

The only weapon he had- the fruit knife, was on the bed. Still, even he got the knife on hand, would he be able to defeat the mutant zombie?

Compared with the arrays of sharp teeth, the fruit knife was more of a toy. Moreover, where was he supposed to attack first? The eyeball? Or the body that had already became a mouth?

One missing strike would be followed by the swallowing of larger part of him by the mouth, without even a burp.

And it just happened that his bed and writing desk were used to block the door. How could he escape for life now?

There was a moment that Bai Xiaofei dared himself to jump out of the window. But the thought that he was now on the fifth floor and that he would be smashed if he did so stopped him from turning itself into a reality.

Because Bai Xiaofei saw another streak of hope.

The mutant zombie was not coming up to him and smashing Bai Xiaofei with her big mouth, The eyeball on the top of the tentacle was dangling before Bai Xiaofei, as if measuring him with curiosity.

Bai Xiaofei caught a glimpse of the head that was sawed off and thrown to the wall corner. Could it be possible that without the brain, the zombie was now somewhat unconscious and unable to recognize whether he was the enemy or friend, or whether he was a delicious moving piece of meat.

It was a possibility.

Even a beast would know what it should do next with his brains.

Although the further mutation made the zombie more fierce and powerful in its appearance. The mutant nervus centralis that was hidden nowhere seemed not to be fully recovered yet. As we who surfed the Internet a lot put it, it was now brain-damaged.

Maybe there was a chance that he could survive,

Bai Xiaofei forced himself to calm down and observe the movement of the eyeball,

It was unknown where the eyeball of the zombie mutated, for the two original eyeballs were stabbed by Bai Xiaofei and thrown away along with the head. But the eyeball looked just the same as those of others.

For Bai Xiaofei, he would also say that the eyeball bore some purity.

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