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Chapter 74 - Is This Something A Human Can Do?


Yang Chen did not cower in the least and walked over to the open space. The other people sat down in their respective corners, waiting to see what kind of fire controlling method Yang Chen would use in the end.

As a matter of fact, Elder Wu was not only anxious in his heart, but much more suspicious. He had talked with Yang Chen all throughout the journey and he didn’t think that Yang Chen was a person without a sense of propriety, but here he was being so abnormal, which really put him at a loss. He really did not understand it; Yang Chen was a qi layer youngster, even if he was very confident, how could he still dare to challenge a YuanYing expert?

Zhu Peng, Deng Yi and Fan Shan were similarly perplexed. Deng Yi and Zhu Peng were both pill concocting experts, both were fire attributed cultivators and both were YuanYing experts. Because of their experience, they were able to roughly estimate He LianYun’s control over fire. They really didn’t believe that Yang Chen had any way to achieve victory.

And even though Fan Shan was a person of the Beast Taming Sect, it was not like he was completely ignorant of the fire attribute. The qi layer against the YuanYing stage, this disparity between cultivation was an impassable mountain, even if Yang Chen used an exquisite fire controlling method, He LianYun could make up for anything merely by using his cultivation. It had to be known that these two people hadn’t agreed on restricting He LianYun’s cultivation base.

This also displayed He LianYun’s calm headedness, even if he was burning with fury in his heart, he was still cautious enough to leave behind a loophole for him to cheat. Zhu Peng knew about this point, so did Deng Yi and Fan Shan, but none of them reminded Yang Chen. Afterall, when all was said and done, Yang Chen was only a qi layer youngster, unworthy for them to become hostile with a fellow YuanYing stage pill concocting master.

Everyone was waiting to look at Yang Chen’s performance and Yang Chen didn’t let them wait for long. He walked to the middle of the open space and stopped, then, after concentrating his breath and calming down, he lifted his hands up. Soon afterwards, a trace of flame emerged between his hands.

The dark red colored flame made the eyes of everyone present turn sinister. Everyone could clearly make out with just a glance that the flame in Yang Chen’s hand was the Geocentric Flame, without the slightest amount of corruption. Moreover, under the probing of everyone’s Spiritual Awareness, they confirmed that Yang Chen was really at the qi layer and not some expert in disguise.

Currently Yang Chen’s performance was equivalent to qi layer cultivation, not exceeding it even a little bit. But the more it was like this, the more it made everyone curious, their eyes were fixed on the scene, but this was still not sufficient, everyone’s Spiritual Awareness was also firmly observing everything, afraid to miss even a little.

The dark red colored flame had successfully surrounded him like a ring. Soon after that, it drew the outline of a somewhat baffling image. This skill was not something that amazed everyone, instead it could even be called as just ordinary. A complacent smile covered He LianYun’s face, apparently the Geocentric Flame had already fallen into his hands.

Yang Chen naturally hadn’t finished; the flame in front of his body had turned into a paintbrush, accurately drawing the outline of a strange picture. For the time being it could be said that nobody could make out anything about the picture, but that one trace of flame was well proportioned from beginning to end. Furthermore, until now it was still a trace, without the slightest interruptions. Just this skill alone was worthy of everyone’s applause.

For those YuanYing cultivators it was not difficult to accomplish such a thing, especially for the three pill concocting experts. But the person doing the performance, Yang Chen was a qi layer cultivator, so this was actually very precious and remarkable. Everyone was clear about what was going on, even if it was a JieDan stage expert, wanting to accomplish such a thing was not an easy matter.

Just seeing this, everyone clearly realized why had Elder Wu had brought Yang Chen together with him, just based on this control over fire and his Geocentric Flame, he is absolutely capable of increasing the grade of all ingredients for the Heaven Seizing Pill. if the grades of all ingredients were increased, then they were convinced that the rate of success for refining would greatly increase.

Elder Wu, who had originally brought Yang Chen here, had also made the decision after seeing this. Currently everyone clearly realized Elder Wu’s intentions, but the previous contempt shown by everyone, together with He LianYun’s ruthless proposal had forced Yang Chen into a corner, where he was forced to stand up for himself.

For the chances of refining the Heaven Seizing Pill to increase was something that everyone, whether it was Elder Wu or those other people, would be glad to see. If the Heaven Seizing Pill was refined successfully, not only would Elder Wu gain benefits, but these other people who were participating in the refining would also gain an eternal name, and in the future, when they would be ascending, they would have the means to increase their chances of success.

But at this moment, they did not know what was to be done about that matter caused by He LianYun. Even if they were able to provide an amicable conclusion to this, who could guarantee that Yang Chen would still make an all out effort to help them? Everyone had their usefulness, even a nobody had a nobody’s usefulness. Although everyone’s level was high, in the respect of extracting the material, they still required the Geocentric Flame, possessing Yang Chen’s full strength.

But He LianYun did not think in this way, he had fixed his gaze on Yang Chen and from time to time coldly snorted, filled with contempt. If this was everything Yang Chen had to show, he could do all of this effortlessly, did he even have the ability to control fire? This kind of minor talent, how could he even dare to show his face in front of a YuanYing stage fire attributed cultivator?

Yang Chen kept his concentration single mindedly on the flame, as if he had not noticed the change in everyone’s mood. The range of the flame was small, which had something to do with his cultivation. But the more smaller the range was, the more it tested his control over fire, everyone clearly understood this point.

The image began to become more and more complex, it was so densely packed that nobody was able to make out what kind of image it was. Everyone’s eyes were only fixed on the piece of dark red flame. Only with the use of Spiritual Awareness did it become clear that Yang Chen had used thread-like flames to draw a clear pattern on a disk.

The image was very regular, it was very much like a spell diagram, but it still wasn’t complete, so a nobody knew what it was. The more time was taken, the more their interest in the picure increased and the stronger their expectations were. If he was daring to fight with a YuanYing stage expert, then would a simple image be of any use?

Beads of sweat had already started appearing on Yang Chen’s head, clearly this kind of control required all of his attention. Nothing could be done about this, as his cultivation was only at the qi layer and hadn’t yet attained the level where he could connect the energy of heaven and earth. Using a lot of energy was a laborious task, this was a fact which no one could change. Even if Yang Chen’s Spiritual Awareness was formidable, this one fact still wouldn’t change.

Finally, when Yang Chen’s flame control reached its peak, the entire red pattern was complete. Yang Chen took a long sigh of relief and revealed a smiling expression.

“Is it over? In front of me you still dare to…”

He LianYun had only just spoken, when suddenly, as if he had seen a demon, he became speechless, staring at the painting within Yang Chen’s hands.

Not only He LianYun, but even Deng Yi, Zhu Peng and Fan Shan’s expressions were like they had seen a demon and Elder Wu was even more stunned when looking between Yang Chen’s hands that even his mouth opened, but he still did not dare to believe his own eyes.

Not only did he not dare to believe his eyes but he also did not dare to believe his Spiritual Awareness. How was this possible? Was this even something a qi layer youngster was able to achieve? To use the word ‘exaggerated’ could not cover his astonishment, was it even possible for a human to produce this!?

The image of flame in Yang Chen’s hands had already turned light blue at this moment and a portion of Spirit Power had begun to rise from the surroundings. Everyone on the scene was an expert, with just a sweep of their Spiritual Awareness did they clearly realize, that this portion of Spirit Power was water attributed Spirit Power.

Within the villa of a Da Cheng stage expert like Elder Wu, Spirit Power of all five phases was plentiful, so it was not a strange matter.

The image in Yang Chen’s hands, everyone clearly realized what it was at this moment, it was a spirit gathering spell, a low level spell formation to gather water attributed Spirit Power. Nobody there was a water attributed cultivator or a spell formation expert, it was only natural that they did not recognize it the first time when they saw the incomplete spell formation.

The flame was the low levelled Geocentric Flame, the spell formation was the low levelled spirit gathering formation, the Spirit Power that gathered was also not very great, merely some water attributed Spirit Power within a very small area, at most the spell formation’s result could cover the room they were in. But nobody dared to ridicule this spell formations formidable power and even less daring to ridicule Yang Chen’s control over the flame.

Using the flame of the Geocentric Flame to forcibly draw a spirit gathering spell of the water attribute, while it was also in the air, without using any ingredients and just with the help of the flame in his hand. Was this still a pill concocting master?

The most frightening thing was that Yang Chen had surprisingly used a flame to draw a water attributed spell formation, those two elements among the five phases which were completely opposite of each other were surprisingly unified at this moment. This kind of skill, if one did not see it with one’s own eyes, one wouldn’t even listen to the description.

Not daring, not believing, unimaginable! At this moment, no matter whether it was the YuanYing stage experts or the Da Cheng stage expert, no matter whether it was the pill concocting masters or the beast taming master, all of them had the same facial expressions. A flame could even be used in such a way, it could actually be used in conjunction with the realm of water?

Which known high level spells did not require high level ingredients, a high level spell diagram, and exceedingly powerful Spirit Power? Even if it was a low levelled spirit gathering spell, didn’t that also require some water attributed ingredients? Using the flame without any foundation to draw an image and produce Spirit Power from it, this was already enough to shock people, but using the flame to draw a water attributed spirit gathering spell, this had completely toppled all of the knowledge they had regarding the five phases. This, was this still something that a human could achieve?

Everyone here was an expert, so they didn’t need Yang Chen to remind them, naturally everyone had used their Spiritual Awareness to thoroughly examine everything from all around and inside out of this spell.

They didn’t have any doubts, the spell diagram was completely arranged by the flame, it was very clear to everyone that apart from the flame, no other method was used. Although everyone could see all five phases of spirit power within Yang Chen’s body, but among the people there, who didn’t? Apart from those people who had full spirit roots of the five phases, all people under the heavens have every kind of the five phases present, only in some people one attribute had a majority, that’s all. Yang Chen was no exception, with the fire attribute as the major.

But Yang Chen’s flame was against reason, to build a complete water attributed spirit gathering formation, which in addition to that already began to condense water attributed Spirit Power from the surroundings… This point was examined very thoroughly and attentively by the Spiritual Awareness of everyone there. In front of these four YuanYing stage experts and the one Da Cheng stage expert, Yang Chen had not possibility of lying.

Water and fire are not compatible, this was an argument that had been passed on for countless generations which had right then been destroyed in front of everyone’s eyes. Those people were completely shocked and looked at each other for a long time. Only then did they discover that the others had also lost their self control similar to themselves.

Apparently, all these years they had just been frogs at the bottom of a well, everyone clearly realized this point. Immediately afterwards the few pill concocting experts began to stand up excitedly. Fire could also be used this way, then wouldn’t it provide them a direction for future research? Even though Fan Shan and Elder Wu were not fire attributed cultivators, their bodies also possessed spirit roots of the five phases. If fire could be used in this way, then so could the other elements, which made them also very excited.

The only person who was alarmed was He LianYun. When Yang Chen had used the flame to make that water attributed spirit gathering spell and it began to condense Spirit Power, he was so stunned and dumbstruck that he was not even able to say anything.

He LianYun’s cultivation was very high and he also was a third grade pill concocting master already. Although his control over fire could not be said to be in the realm of perfection still it had reached great heights, otherwise it would not be possible for him to become a renowned pill concocting master. But this skill of Yang Chen, he did not even dare to think, let alone declare to go against it.

Even if he had the strength of the YuanYing stage and could make up for the deficiency in his control over fire by using the immense gap in their cultivation, he still did not dare to say that he was capable of merging fire and water. He clearly did not understand the crux of the matter, not to mention following Yang Chen’s method again all the way through.

However, previously he had already gambled his flame for Yang Chen’s flame, wouldn’t this mean that the Real Sun Flame, which he had obtained after making countless efforts and using countless number of pills as exchange, which had also wasted a century of his life to refine, would go to Yang Chen, this qi layer youngster, in vain?

It was not an exaggeration to say that a high level flame was like life blood to fire attributed cultivators. This time, Yang Chen had surpassed him in every aspect.

Once he handed over the Real Sun Fire, He Lianyun could conclude that his Ying would immediately be scattered and his realm would fall back down to the JieDan or an even lower realm. He had only reached the YuanYing stage after refining the Real Sun Fire, if he handed it over, there would be no difference between this and directly crippling his cultivation.

His words had not yet reached the ground and were only a ringing in the ears1, but, together with Yang Chen, he had invited Elder Wu to be the witness, did He LianYun dare to go back on his debt in front of Elder Wu? Would he really have to hand over the Real Sun Fire? If he did not have the Real Sun Fire, could he continue to preserve his status as a YuanYing stage cultivator and a pill concocting master?

In his fear, He LianYun’s eyes already turned to Zhu Peng and Deng Yi, as long as these two opened their mouths, Elder Wu would also not dare to risk offending the three high grade pill concocting masters at the same time to forcefully make him hand over the Real Sun Fire. Although the shame of eating his own words would forever stain his face, at least he would still be able to maintain his position.

What made He LianYun even more dismayed was the fact that, when he requested help from Zhu Peng and Deng Yi, as if both of them hadn’t sensed his gaze, their eyes were completely fixed on Yang Chen. He LianYun’s heart immediately fell to an all time low.

Something that was said very recently.

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