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Chapter 69 - You Can't Complain About Dying



As soon as he put the jade bottle into the hands of the person wearing the embroidered gown, it was as if the whole Li Lou Village had detonated. A second grade foundation stage pill! It was possible that the person who received these two foundation stage pills already had a ninety percent chance of stepping into the foundation stage, the remaining ten percent depended on his luck. If he did not face some kind of unexpected mishap, then the foundation stage was already within his reach.

Everyone present on the scene, apart from Yang Chen, were all foundation stage- or even JieDan stage experts, who among them didn’t want to support the younger generation? The problem was that foundation stage pills were not a problem, as long as they were willing to spend a little money, everyone could find them, but second grade foundation stage pills were just objects of legend.

Currently everyone was blankly staring at those two foundation stage pills within the hands of the person with the embroidered gown, everyone’s gaze was burning hot with desire. Being the attention of everyone’s gaze, the person with the embroidered gown was scared and immediately concealed the jade bottle inside of his qiankun pouch. Soon afterwards he very respectfully took out a huge pile of spirit essences and delivered them to Yang Chen.

“This is the promised reward for the great master. It is but a minor reward, unable to express my respect for you!”

Despite Yang Chen failing for the first time, he was still able to refine two second grade foundation stage pills for him, the person with the embroidered was already so pleased that he did not know what to say, so he hastily offered the reward. He was the first person to ask Yang Chen to concoct pills and the results were his good karma, maybe in the future he would still get to have further contact with Yang Chen. This kind of opportunity… His intestines would turn green in regret if he lost this opportunity, so how could he dare to withhold Yang Chen’s remuneration?

The person in the embroidered gown also addressed Yang Chen exceptionally smoothly as ‘great master’, without feeling any awkwardness. If the person who could refine second grade pills at the qi layer was not suited to be called a great master, then who would be?

“Myself is the Sky Sword Villa’s Yong Zhu, great master, if you want anything from that region in the future, don’t hesitate to call for me, I will go through water and tread on fire for you, even a thousand deaths won’t be able to stop me!”

After delivering the remuneration, the person in the embroidered gown did not dare to be neglectful and immediately introduced himself. If he wasn’t able to make Yang Chen remember his name this time, then wouldn’t that be the biggest blunder?

“ Yang……….Great master, I also want to request two second grade foundation stage pills!”

Just as Yong Zhu was had declared his identity, a person immediately started shouting while rushing towards Yang Chen. After knowing Yang Chen’s identity, he had barely shouted Yang Chen’s surname when he noticed that it was not appropriate, so at the last moment he changed it into great master, but his speed was very fast and in a moment he came very close.

Yong Zhu’s complexion changed, this was obviously someone trying to snatch his chance, he was just about to show his anger when he suddenly heard the voices of a bunch of people who had already managed to surround them.

“Great master, I want to request one second grade foundation stage pill!”

“Great master, can you refine the nature pill?”

The people coming and flocking around, almost directly pushed Yong Zhu to the outside. Yong Zhu couldn’t do anything about these circumstances and could only rejoice that he was the first one who obtained Yang Chen’s pills and got the opportunity to inform him about himself. Fortunately, he was able to tell his name to Yang Chen just a moment ago, so in the future after Yang Chen came out of the Immortal Falling Well, he had to carefully try to get close to Yang Chen.

People who wanted pills were many, but several of them hadn’t completely prepared the ingredients. There were large number of people who were coming over, wanting to make a deal with Yang Chen first and then wanted to come again later at a suitable opportunity to deliver the missing ingredients. Although Yang Chen did not reject any of them, he asked them to wait for some time. The reward hadn’t been reduced, however.

All of the people were extremely delighted, to be able to connect with a pill concocting master with boundless prospects, even if Yang Chen only agreed to give them an opportunity in the future to refine for them, that would still be an enormous chance. Even if Yang Chen’s cultivation was the lowest within the Li Lou Village, when passing by his cabin, nobody dared to make a loud noise for the fear that they would disturb Yang Chen’s cultivation.

All of them had extremely delighted expressions on their faces. Yang Chen was currently able to refine second grade foundation stage pills, didn’t this mean that, after reaching the foundation stage, he would be able to refine the nature pill, which was the first choice of pill at the time of congealing dan? This pill was something all of the foundation stage cultivators yearned for, most of all a second grade nature pill would simply mean that the chances of congealing their dan were increased by fifty percent.

Who did not want to increase their chances of congealing a dan? Who did not want to improve their cultivation and break through to the next realm? For that they would naturally try to curry favor with this pill concocting master by all possible means.

Afterwards Yang Chen never left Li Lou Village, instead, if someone requested him to concoct pills, Yang Chen would lend a hand by concocting the pills, conveniently upgrading his own pill concocting skills and at the same time also increasing the medicinal qi nurturing of the Profound Spirit Furnace. The reason why the Profound Spirit Furnace was so powerful in his previous life, was because a large number of all kinds of pills had been refined in it. No matter what kind of spirit medicine it was, whenever any kind of pill was refined in the furnace, it would leave behind a trace of its medicinal qi, which would nourish the furnace. Yang Chen naturally knew this very well.

As for monitoring the Li Lou Village, Yang Chen didn’t relax even one bit, he wanted to take care of the people who dared to attack him, he had been good for too long. In this life Yang Chen would not be the one who never tries to offend anybody. Li Lou Village was the only exit of the Immortal Falling Well, Yang Chen did not believe that they would not stop here.

Peng Hui was in very bad mood these recent few days, the people on the outside had entrusted him with the task of getting rid of a trifling qi layer cultivator within the Immortal Falling Well, even providing him with a compass that could trace his qiankun pouch, but he, together with many other people, had allowed the target to escape when they were chasing him and furthermore they still let one of their companions be killed by him.

Although the person who died was a big sect’s disciple with whom he did not have a good relationship, as a loose cultivator, Peng Hui was looking forward to his early death, but not being able to accomplish the task entrusted to him from the outside by someone had made Peng Hui lose a lot of face. To be able to make these people wait for half a year and then disappear from under their eyes… Who could be happy about this?

Killing spirit beasts around the magma lake had also become very troublesome affair. After Yang Chen had run away, he found that all of the spirit beasts in the surroundings seemed to have gone mad, and frequently began to attack those people. In the end, everyone had to join together, only then were they able to charge out from there, but this had still made them battered and exhausted.

Within this half year, everything had gone the wrong way for him, no positive event had happened during this time. After killing the spirit beasts for two months on the outside, Peng Hui was finally exhausted and was going to return to the Li Lou Village to resupply.

Just as he entered the mouth of the Li Lou Village, Peng Hui immediately sensed something abnormal with the atmosphere. When he raised his head to investigate, he saw Yang Chen standing at a distance not too far from him with a smile spread across his entire face and his eyes filled of interest.

Seeing that Peng hui was looking at him, the smile on Yang Chen’s face became even wider.

“Fellow Daoist, I don’t know how to address you?”

Peng Hui was startled, he suddenly felt empty within his heart, surprisingly not even daring to announce his own name. Without paying any more attention to Yang Chen, he snorted and turned towards another direction, still pondering within his heart, he had to inform those friends of himself. The most proper thing was not to let Yang Chen know his identity.

Peng Hui was thinking about this when he suddenly heard an unbelievable sound.

“Great master, this is a lone, loose cultivator, Fellow Daoist Peng Hui, for what reason are you asking about him?”

Who spoke out his name without even blinking? The thing that made Peng Hui even more puzzled was the phrase ‘great master’, who was this great master?

Peng Hui turned around angrily, but then he saw a scene which made him completely speechless. A lot of people had appeared beside Yang Chen, why these people had appeared, Peng Hui did not understand, but it was already clear that the strength of these people was much greater compared to his.

What made him even more shocked, was that people who had an even higher cultivation were accompanying Yang Chen with a smile on their face. One person still had his finger pointed towards Peng Hui, as if taking credits for his report.

“Great master, I know where he lives, for what kind of matter are you seeking him? Or do you need our help for something?”

Even a fool could understand that there was some disagreement between Peng Hui and Yang Chen. On one side there was a high level pill concocting master with boundless prospects, on the other side was a loose cultivator without any influence, even a child would know whom to choose. The scene in front of Yang Chen was completely in line with the expectation of people, except of one person: Peng Hui.

Another person was even more straightforward, he directly rushed to Yang Chen and asked:

“Whoever he is, great master, has he committed some kind of offence against you? Should I capture him and make him kowtow to you to beg for forgiveness?”

The person speaking this time was a peak foundation stage expert, he certainly didn’t hold Peng Hui, a middle foundation stage cultivator, within his eyes. As long as Yang Chen nodded once, he would immediately follow through with the idea he mentioned earlier. This attitude gave a huge fright to Peng Hui.

When had Yang Chen turned into a great master? Has the entire Li Lou Village begun to go foolish? Right away a large group of people gathered over there with a pleasant smile towards Yang Chen, Peng Hui already knew that the current situation was far from good. When he wanted to flee, he suddenly felt a coldness on his neck, as if something was put on top of his neck, soon afterwards a sinister, cold voice came from behind his body:

“Great master, has this guy offended you or not, how about I kill him right now?”

Peng Hui was scared stiff, who could have thought that a qi layer youngster would surprisingly have the support of so many people at the Li Lou Village? Hearing everyone’s voices, it seemed as if they were using his life to curry favor with Yang Chen. He intended to turn around, but due to the flying sword on his neck, he didn’t dare to make any movement, fearing that if it gave rise to some kind of misunderstanding, then he would killed in one blow.

“This ………………. This………………. Here………….. Is…………… the………. Immoral Falling Well!”

Peng Hui’s stuttering voice came through, only after waiting for a good moment did he continue:

“It is forbidden to kill people here!”

Everyone only wanted to curry favor with Yang Chen, but they had forgotten that they were currently at the Immortal Falling Well. Or perhaps they were aware that this was the Immortal Falling Well but a few of them still wanted to put out this kind of courageous appearance in order to leave a deep impression on Yang Chen. Hearing Peng Hui’s words everyone began to hesitate.

“Great master, what do you think should we do? Or should I make sure that after leaving the Immortal Falling Well, he dies without a burial site?”

The person who was holding the flying sword on Peng Hui’s neck, asked Yang Chen for instructions. Although the tone of his voice was still threatening, he did not appear like he would immediately kill Peng Hui anymore.

“There are many people like him who are killed by spirit beasts every day!”

A person immediately spoke from one side of Yang Chen.

“Let him go for now, we will follow after him and wait for him to reach a region with many spirit beasts!”

This guy was even more fierce, he wanted to kill him within the Immortal Falling Well itself and afterwards push the blame on underground spirit beasts.

Hearing everyone’s discussion, the coldness within Peng Hui’s heart grew. Yang Chen hadn’t said anything but that mocking smile was creating even more pressure on Peng Hui, compared to those other people’s remarks.

Who could have anticipated that a trifling qi stage youngster who had offended a great person in the outside world had flourished so well within the Immortal Falling Cave? Seven to eight peak foundation stage experts blocked his path, not even allowing him to speak, furthermore their strength was higher than his. He had never before seen such a huge group of supporters in the Immortal Falling Well. Peng Hui still did not know the reason why Yang Chen, who was just a minor qi layer disciple, had such high levelled cultivators fawning over him. Even if they could not kill him, could they not seize him?

On the scene, Peng hui knew that he had never been benevolent towards Yang Chen. The most likely outcome was that his body would be dismembered into ten thousand pieces after leaving the Immortal Falling Well, after all he had lived for a long time. What was even more probable was that after he went back after replenishing the materials he needed, his corpse would be found buried within the mouths of underground spirit beasts.

People could not kill each other within the Immortal Falling Well, all of the resentments and grudges from the outside should not be brought into the Immortal Falling Well, this was the regulation set by the council of the five formidable elders. However this regulation could only have effect in the Li Lou Village, nobody among the council of the five elders was an immortal, so could they still monitor every corner of the Immoral Falling Well? A large number of people settled their disputes at some corner, just like Yang Chen had been chased to kill him previously.

Chasing other people to kill them was an easy task, but when it’s one’s own turn to be chased and killed, that was a completely different feeling. Peng Hui was merely a middle foundation stage cultivator, against a group of peak foundation stage experts or even initial JieDan stage experts, even if he wanted to flee, it would be impossible. He also didn’t have Yang Chen’s hiding abilities, until now he didn’t know where Yang Chen had hidden in the end.

“You all don’t need to pay attention to him, I know how to take care of him!”

Against everyone’s expectation, Yang Chen let off Peng Hui quite lightly. Although everyone did not understand, but the person holding the blade did not want to defy Yang Chen, so he snorted towards Peng Hui once and then turned around and slowly left.

Just as that ice-cold sensation suddenly disappeared, Peng Hui loosened and took a deep breath. However, recalling the discussion between these people just a moment ago, he looked at Yang Chen’s calm face again. Peng knew what kind of calamity he had escaped today. In his desperation, Peng Hui could not help but clench his teeth, resolving that he would kill Yang Chen right there!

Within a moment, a flying sword suddenly soared in the air and rushed to attack Yang Chen, who had just turned his head and began to walk. The flying sword rapidly approached its target, which was very different from Yang Chen’s style of killing by beheading with a blade.

Everyone was greatly startled at this and were just about to take out their magic weapons when suddenly Yang Chen shouted loudly:

“Everyone must not move, in this Immortal Falling Well we follow the rules of the council of elders!”

The most unexpected thing was that, after glancing at the flying sword once, he continued to walk away.

Peng Hui had naturally heard Yang Chen’s words and noted it in his mind, but putting the sword back into his scabbard now would greatly shame him, so the flying sword hesitated for only one moment and then continued towards Yang Chen in order to kill him.


Suddenly these words echoed like a thunderclap within everyone’s ears and an overflowing loftiness directly engulfed all of those people. Peng Hui was so shaken that blood spurted from all of his seven orifices, the flying away flying sword turned around, defying it’s master’s control and with an even higher speed, it flew towards Peng Hui and without even stopping for one moment directly penetrated his body.

Peng Hui looked at his flying sword with his own blood all over it, with an unbelieving expression, his body swayed a little and then finally fell to the ground, even at the point of dying he still hadn’t closed his eyes and couldn’t die in peace.

“It is rare that someone doesn’t remember this old man’s rules, very good!”

The earlier voice echoed within everyone’s ears once again, but this time its tone was much more soft.

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