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Chapter 434.1

As Li Liheng’s spiritual awareness became more and more condensed, the interval of the fainting became longer and longer . The core senior officials of the Greatest Heaven Sect saw the hope of complete recovery for Li Liheng’s .

The normality of Li Liheng means the hope of that kind of magical cultivation method being successful and these core elders paid more and more attention to Li Liheng .

Yang Chen gave the Greatest Heaven Sect hundreds of spirit congealing pills at one time . If the Greatest Heaven Sect did not take a few to analyze, it would not be the Greatest Heaven Sect . How could such an important medicine be controlled by outsiders anytime, anywhere? The Greatest Heaven Sect must master the refining method .

The fifth grade lingzhi mushroom jade pill has already made the Greatest Heaven Sect suffer . The two pills delivered in the beginning almost caused the sect an internal strife . Later, the senior executives came forward and promised a lot of conditions, so that the dacheng stage elder and his family were quiet, waiting for their opportunity later .

But it took eight years for this and it was only after the Greatest Heaven Sect paid with the essence cultivation method and the sixth earth true essence before they got the pills promised by Yang Chen . In the eight years of waiting, there have been dozens of fights between the factions in the Greatest Heaven Sect, which almost killed people .

Even so, the Greatest Heaven Sect found out that there were several disciples in the Jiedan stage who they had no news off for seven or eight years and it was estimated that they were missing . Disciples under the Yuanying stage cannot leave a life source mark behind, so they didn’t know whether they were dead or alive . But many people have speculated that the missing disciples have already lost their lives .

It was not easy to wait for Yang Chen’s life-saving pill . The dacheng stage elder’s injury healed within a few months, but there were already many discords between the three factions . When the disciples met, there were always all kinds of clashes in secret .

 But for the time being the sect also didn’t have a very good way to eliminate this kind of opposition, they could only let it go and see if time could calm these internal conflicts .

There was only one fifth grade lingzhi mushroom jade pill, so there was no opportunity to study it in depth . But the spirit congealing pill was different, Yang Chen gave hundreds of them at a time, enough for people in the Greatest Heaven Sect to study it clearly .

Unsurprisingly, the raw materials of the spirit congealing pill were easily analyzed by the Greatest Heaven Sect’s alchemy masters, but the changes in the spirit congealing pill’s refining process made these masters unable to fully understand . So it always fails when they try to refine it .

As a last resort, the masters of the medicinal hall asked for a few more pills for more dismantling analysis and research . Within a decade, thousands of trials were made . But so far, there was still no clue found .

The raw materials were clear, if Yang Chen was there, no problems would be found . The real problem was that the unique method in the refining process and the key method when collecting the pill, without knowing these, it was never possible to refine the spirit congealing pill .

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They thought hundreds of them would be many, but unconsciously, people in the Greatest Heaven Sect medicine hall found to their surprise that it seemed that there were only dozens of the spirit congealing pills delivered by Yang Chen remaining . Everything else was consumed in the process of dismantling research .

Dozens of spirit congealing pills were remaining . At best, it could only keep Li Liheng safe within a few years . Who knows whether Li Liheng has been completely healed, except Yang Chen, no one dares to be sure . It seems that everyone unknowingly made a large bamboo bar personally and then waited to be sent to Yang Chen again .

The lifeline was pinched by Yang Chen and the Greatest Heaven Sect felt an unprecedented sense of frustration . However, these feelings were not worth mentioning at all compared to what Li Liheng gained in his recent cultivation .

In the past few days, Li Liheng, as always, cultivated his own unique spiritual awareness cultivation method, without knowing the reason, he felt a sense of awesomeness several times in a row . It seemed that his own spiritual awareness suddenly entered a vast sea, which made people feel a sense of admiration .

Li Liheng didn’t know why and immediately asked the sect master for advice . When sect master Li heard Li Liheng’s description, he almost jumped up in joy . He directly summoned several core elders and even awakened an old ancestor who had been in deep sleep and had been in seclusion to ask questions about Li Liheng’s cultivation method .

This sleeping ancestor was one of the Greatest Heaven Sect’s greatest strengths . He has already reached the state where he could cross his tribulation and ascend, but he has repressed his cultivation and fell into a deep sleep, while avoiding the tribulation and ascending, so as to be able to protect the Greatest Heaven Sect in the mortal world . There were at least several people in the Greatest Heaven Sect who knew this ancestor . He usually sleeps deeply and does not ask about the mortal world . He would be awakened only when the Greatest Heaven Sect was in crisis .

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Li Liheng’s cultivation method, of course, the ancestor knew, after listening carefully to the feeling of the spiritual awareness conveyed by sect master Li, he pondered for a while and said to Li Liheng suddenly “Please try to contact this old man with your spiritual awareness so that I can understand that feeling . “

The ancestor’s command, Li Liheng, of course, must abide by it . Immediately after conviction, he started to cultivate the cultivation method and began to contact the ancestor’s spiritual awareness, so that he could carefully experience the feeling .

“How  do you perceive the majestic majesty like the old man?” The old ancestor stared at Li Liheng carefully and asked .

“It seems to be stronger than the ancestor’s . This disciple wanted to kneel even when i sensed it . ” Li Liheng carefully described his feelings and compared them with the ancestors’ spiritual awareness before him .

The power of the ancestor has surpassed some of the guys who have crossed their tribulation and ascended and it was stronger than his . What was the concept? It seems that there was no other possibility except the people in the spiritual world .

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“Did the other party notice you?” The ancestor continued to ask .

“This disciple doesn’t know . ” Li Liheng honestly replied “However, one time this disciple had a strong feeling of being probed and was very uncomfortable . ”

“Oh?” Li Liheng’s answer instantly brightened the eyes of the ancestor . All these descriptions seem to be in line with the taste of communicating with the elders of the spiritual world in the cultivation method of Li Liheng .

“If you feel this way again next time, try to send your consciousness over to see if the other party has responded . ” The ancestor has not cultivated this kind of cultivation method and could only give this advice “You are here so try to cultivate, can you enter the state again . “

“Yes! Ancestor!” Li Liheng promised and began to cultivate in front of the several core elders .

After such a long period of cultivation, Li Liheng has already gotten used to this feeling several times . Soon, he felt the majesty again during his cultivation . This time, according to the instructions of his ancestor, he conveyed the meaning of his visit and then quietly waited for the result .

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