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Chapter 430.1

When Yang Chen started to “refine the pills”, the people in the Greatest Heaven Sect finally breathed a sigh of relief . As long as they waited for two years, they would have the life-saving elixir .

No one would know that Yang Chen’s retreat was just him being together with his master . When he was free, he talked about cultivation or they drank tea, or did both .

Gongsun Ling went out again to perfect her mountain river geographical map . Under the constant exploration of Gongsun Ling, the power of the mountain river geographical map has burst out and even in the tempering process of the life source magic weapon, it could attack . This was a subversion of the whole concept of life source magic weapon .

However, this kind of thing could only be done by Gongsun Ling’s mountain river geographical map . No one else has the powerful magic weapon of the Dragon clan and there were hundreds of Yuanying stage and two dacheng stage masters trapped in the magical fantasy world . It was not impossible to do this by providing Gongsun Ling with a lot of spiritual powers .  

After returning, Gao Yue inspected several times and found that Yang Chen didn’t have to worry about the problem of his spiritual awareness splitting for decades and hundreds of years, so she was relieved .

The days with Yang Chen were joyful and Gao Yue spent almost all days carefree, Yang Chen did almost everything . At this moment, the two were just like normal husbands and wives . Except for fear of affecting their realm in the future, so there was no final integration, everything that the husband and wife could do has been done .

Yang Chen’s refining books and classics left by the master from the Greatest Heaven Sect in the Icefield were very precious and were good for Gao Yue and Wang Yong . The process of refining the dragon horn flying sword may even be advanced for some time because of these things .

There were already a hundred kinds of fire seeds in Yang Chen’s hands . The two major sects before and after the remuneration of the Greatest Heaven Sect, there were more than forty fire seeds of fifth grades and above alone . These high-level fire seeds were still scattered and temporarily not absorbed into the profound spirit furnace . This was exactly the time to complete these .

While leisurely controlling the furnace to absorb the fire seeds and while staying lovingly with Gao Yue, this was a very pleasant thing . Quickly two years passed by .

The two fifth grade pills were delivered into the hands of the master of the palace and he would make the final contact with the Greatest Heaven Sect . Of course, the master of the palace knew the inside story that the two pills were left over from the last Yang Chen refining .

The use of the two pills as cure would bring the price of the Greatest Heaven Sect so much and the two pills could also cause civil disturbances in the Greatest Heaven Sect . Of course, the master of the palace was happy .

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The palace master brought the elixir to the representative of the Greatest Heaven Sect in a very kind manner . On the surface, he gave a very humble apology and said his disciple was not good at refining and only two were made, which was extremely regrettable .

The disciple of the Greatest Heaven Sect who received the elixir were bitter in heart, but he could not speak a single word of complaint . The alchemy division has a low success rate in refining alchemy, which was still for ordinary alchemy, not to mention the fifth grade alchemy . Yang Chen could come up with two pills within two years, which was already something only a great master of refining could do, how could they blame Yang Chen?

The problem was that three of them were injured and all of them were masters of the dacheng stage . Everyone was evenly matched in power and it was a big trouble to whom to give first . No matter which one was left out in the end, it would bring a big storm .

Fortunately, the representative of the Greatest Heaven Sect just accepted the elixir on the sect’s behalf . It was not his turn to decide which elder to take and which elder to leave out, otherwise, he would be exhausted and anxious to make this decision .

The representative does not need to make a decision, but the senior management must make a decision . Three elders, that was, one must be sacrificed first . In other words, if they wanted Yang Chen to make another refining, they needed to pay a high price again .

It was one thing to balance the forces of the three dacheng elders and there was another thing, because of Li Liheng’s spiritual awareness problem, they needed to ask Yang Chen for help anyway . It was more than ten thousand times more important to be able to contact the seniors in the spiritual world than to kill Yang Chen . At this time, who cares about the so-called hatred with Yang Chen from before?

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The two fifth grade pills really caused disputes up and down in the Greatest Heaven Sect . Three dacheng stage elders, who was willing to fulfill others wish at this time? Their disciples and their families almost fought . If there were not a few dacheng stage masters in the sect, maybe the Greatest Heaven Sect would have directly caused an internal disturbance .

Their own people were arguing endlessly and were unwilling to be the object of that sacrifice . Everyone knew that without the fifth grade pills, it was impossible to recover from the injuries . Without recovery, there would be no dacheng stage elder backing them and many people would have a hard time in the future . For this reason, countless people were in contention .

This movement couldn’t be concealed from others . At least the Qiankun Sect, Five Elements Sect, Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island knew that Yang Chen was refining for the Greatest Heaven Sect, so all were staring at the results .

The civil strife in the Greatest Heaven Sect just made the four major sects look on lively from a distance . Everyone knows exactly what happened, they were just waiting to see how the Greatest Heaven Sect intends to distribute the two elixir to three people .

At this time, the senior officials of the Greatest Heaven Sect had to appease both internally and externally . Several senior managers took turns to communicate with the three injured masters and communicate with their apprentices in an effort to reach an agreement .

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After all, they were disciples of their own sect . They could never be suppressed by force . They could only allow various conditions to come into play . In the end, everyone pushed and discussed with each other . After more than three months of tossing, they made a decision .

The two most injured elders received the two pills and the relatively less injured one, after receiving the senior’s unknown guarantee, gave up the fight and waited for the sect to give him a second chance .  

However, it was almost impossible for the Greatest Heaven Sect to invite Yang Chen in the near future . The four major sects would never allow this kind of interruption to happen again . If they wanted Yang Chen’s help again, they could only contact Yang Chen in private to see what conditions could move Yang Chen .

The second refining of the fifth grade pills was successful and no one had any doubts about Yang Chen . The Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island were okay, they already had a batch of questioning inner heart pills, but Qiankun Sect and the Five Elements Sect began to have headaches . For the first time, they were going to ask Yang Chen to refine pills for them, so they didn’t know which pills to request at first .

Although the time was not long, the internal disputes in the Greatest Heaven Sect have fallen into the eyes of many people and everyone’s views on the Greatest Heaven Sect have also changed slightly .

In this case, the Greatest Heaven Sect had to bite the bullet and send someone to visit Yang Chen again .

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