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Chapter 427.1: 427.1
Even the Greatest Heaven Sect were asking for Yang Chen’s help, coupled with the influence of the Green Jade Immortal Island and Blue Cloud Sect as well as the Five Elements Sect and Qiankun Sect . Now would there be any guys with short eyesight who dared to fight Yang Chen, that would simply be throwing their life away .

In this regard, the Greatest Heaven Sect regarded it as a remedy and another way of killing people to silence them . After Yang Chen and the Pure Yang Palace agreed to refine the elixir for the Greatest Heaven Sect, at least fourteen of the killers who have accepted the assassination of Yang Chen and the secret killer organization was uprooted . The heads were sent to the Pure Yang Palace and they were placed behind the series of heads to shock the mortal world .

Yang Chen could even guess that these killer organizations were definitely hired by the Greatest Heaven Sect at that time and now they turned their face in disregard . Their heads became a way for the Greatest Heaven Sect to please Yang Chen and at the same time they cut off the possibility of people knowing that the Greatest Heaven Sect had done this .

Of course, Yang Chen must know that the Greatest Heaven Sect has been used, and the lives of the six masters of the Yuanying stage have been solved by one stroke, which was absolutely beyond concealment . These heads were the sincerity of the Greatest Heaven Sect now and also an attitude of the Greatest Heaven Sect .

Those who ask for someone’s help must have the proper attitude . As to how the Greatest Heaven Sect would react after this incident was another matter . In this world, there are no eternal enemies, only eternal interests . When there were benefits, even friends could become enemies .

Yang Chen smiled and accepted this sincerity . He took the “sincerity” sent by the Greatest Heaven Sect in his merit ring and embarked on his journey to the Green Jade Immortal Island .

It takes time for the small and large fire seeds to absorb and integrate, but Yang Chen does not have this time now . He must first find the two women to solve his spiritual awareness problem .

Fortunately . Shi Shanshan was training her apprentice in the sect, so Yang Chen easily met his fiancee .

In the Green Jade Immortal Island, Yang Chen was not having an ordinary popularity now, those disciples helping to receive Yang Chen, basically everyone could get some small gifts from Yang Chen . Although it was only a small first grade inner sensing pill, it was sent by a fifth grade alchemy master and it was still useful to everyone . The disciples in charge of the sect reception were full of expectations for Yang Chen .

“You’re here?” When she saw Yang Chen, Shi Shanshan’s eyes clearly flashed a little surprise, but she returned to normal immediately and asked with her usual indifferent voice . In front of her apprentice, Shi Shanshan has to maintain that frosty look .

“Greetings!” Shi Shanshan’s female disciple has almost the same character as Shi Shanshan . Seeing Yang Chen appear, she just bowed and saluted, but showed no other reaction .

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Like Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling, when Shi Shanshan chose her disciple, she was also a female disciple . This disciple’s qualifications were also very good, the same glamorous flower appearance but frosty look, under the guidance of Shi Shanshan, her cultivation base was not low . She was already at the peak foundation stage and would reach the Jeidan stage soon .

“Here is a gift for our first meeting ceremony!” Yang Chen wasn’t embarrassed, either, but took a first grade inner sensing pill and handed it to her . This was the apprentice to his fiancée so he must be partial . In addition, there were second grade inner sensing pills . He believed that if she had enough understanding, relying on these elixir would be enough for her to condense her dan quickly .

“Thank you sir!” This female disciple of Shi Shanshan was indeed not low-minded, she was very intelligent . Of course, she has heard of Yang Chen’s name . Dan Yao started to see that there was one that was different from the others . At the moment, she pressed the joy in her heart and seemed to calmly thank Yang Chen .

This master who doesn’t look amazing was not an ordinary person now . A fifth grade alchemy master that defeated her master in the same realm . She couldn’t help but be shocked . What Shi Shanshan’s fighting ability was, her disciple was the most clear about it .

Soon, only Yang Chen and Shi Shanshan were left here . Others had great eyesight and even Shi Shanshan’s disciple was no exception . She was smarter than anyone, and was the first to leave when she got something .

Shi Shanshan made a restriction at will and the space here became a private space for the two, no one could bother them . Later, Shi Shanshan looked at Yang Chen’s eyes and she felt a little more tender .

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Yang Chen gently lifted Shi Shanshan’s slim hand and sat down at the table together . With a little effort, Shi Shanshan leaned into Yang Chen’s arms . Neither of them said much, but it seemed that there was a different kind of joy in their hearts, the feeling of reuniting after a long absence was so wonderful .

If anyone saw Shi Shanshan’s current appearance, they would be so shocked that they would drop their chin on the ground . It was a frosty cold plum fairy to anyone, but there was such a gentle side to her . Any apprentice who dares to make a move at Shi Shanshan couldn’t escape, but Yang Chen’s salty hand could be so presumptuous, it was really enviable .

Although the action wss intimate, Shi Shanshan’s words were not much, almost nothing was said . Except for the first sentence “you came”, there was nothing else . Nestled in Yang Chen’s arms, Shi Shanshan’s body also softened, as if all her previous persistence had been put down . Here, Yang Chen could completely relax without having to brace the face and responsibilities of her talented disciples .

“I promised to refine an elixir to the Greatest Heaven Sect a few days ago, so they sent me five hundred years old tea trees, you and I will taste them in the future . ” Yang Chen said with a pleasant tone “There are several more spirit springs, you will help me taste it when the time comes . “

The news really made Shi Shanshan happy . Although she still didn’t speak, the smile on her face was richer and she nodded heavily . The Greatest Heaven Sect sent this kind of thing, apparently it was to please Shi Shanshan, Yang Chen’s fiancee .

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“Before refining the alchemy, I need some help from you . ” Yang Chen didn’t talk much nonsense and straightforwardly stated his purpose .

Shi Shanshan didn’t know what it was, as if she didn’t want to talk any more, she just looked up at Yang Chen and nodded heavily . She doesn’t seem to want to ask Yang Chen what he wants help with, as long as it was Yang Chen who needs it, she could be satisfied .

“My spiritual awareness faced a little problem when I was cultivating . ” Yang Chen still told the truth, but just kept it a little bit vague “I need you and I to have a spiritual awareness double cultivation . ”

“Spiritual awareness double cultivation?” Shi Shanshan frowned .

“What’s wrong?” Yang Chen asked subconsciously . If Shi Shanshan couldn’t do it, then he could only find Sun Qingxue alone .

“I am already your fiancee, of course there is no problem with having a double cultivation . ” Shi Shanshan shook her head: “But, do you have the proper cultivation method? The Green Jade Immortal Island cultivation method, if you want to cultivate it, you need the approval of the island master . ”

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