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Chapter 425.1
When Hou Yun was here, of course Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling could not cultivate the highest mystery yin-yang heart sutra on the shuttle . And because Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness has skyrocketed, he didn’t dare to cultivate the three purities secret art on the road, for fear that he would soon face the problem of his spiritual awareness splitting .

Hou Yun had questioned Yang Chen about his spiritual awareness and Yang Chen did not fully tell the truth . He just said that he had found a magic weapon to hide his spiritual awareness in the sea of no return . After he forcibly suppressed his spiritual awareness manifestation to the Jiedan stage, Hou Yun was able to detect the presence of Yang Chen again with his spiritual awareness .

Of course, Yang Chen’s explanation for this was that the magic weapons could be controlled at will . Hou Yun didn’t worry about him and believed it . After all, it was really incredible that Hou Yun should believe that a junior in the Jiedan stage could have a spiritual awareness that couldn’t be discovered by masters in the late dacheng stage .

Only Gongsun Ling knew that perhaps Yang Chen had truly broken through the dacheng stage with his spiritual awareness . A long time ago, when she and Yang Chen were having spiritual awareness double cultivation with each other, Gongsun Ling knew exactly how powerful Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness was .

Gongsun Ling was also looking forward to it, she wanted to know what kind of realm the spiritual awareness would reach which was above the dacheng stage . Beyond the dacheng stage, it was a world that Gongsun Ling had only heard of but had never seen before and she might soon experience it from Yang Chen .

The central plains road seemed to be normal and nothing major happened . In the case of the South China Sea, apart from having the Greatest Heaven Sect dispatch a group of experts led by Sun Chun, there was no further disturbance . The other sects were not sure what happened there .

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Back to the Pure Yang Palace, of course, Yang Chen first met his master and reported to the master of the palace .

When they heard that Yang Chen was back, the elders who were in the sect immediately gathered in the hall of the Immortal’s cave . This time, Yang Chen brought ten masters of the Yuanying stage with him . Hou Yun and Gui Shanyou were even taken out and it really made the sect’s high level members secretly sweat .

The master of the palace even regretted that Yang Chen was not blocked at the time . Fortunately, the results of the trip made the high level members of the sect stunned, as it went in the most beneficial direction for the Pure Yang Palace .

When the ten Yuanying stage masters came back with Gui Shanyou, the kind of satisfaction on their faces after releasing their killing intent, plus some unknown perception, could not be hidden from the top members of the sect .

After these guys returned, they continued to retreat, leaving only Gui Shanyou alone . It was said that they were in retreat when they rushed back on the ship . This situation shocked and delighted everyone, not knowing what happened .

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Fortunately, the old tree demon Gui Shanyou did not need to retreat . He was also the guy who participated in the killing throughout the process and was able to explain to everyone . After listening to everything that Gui Shanyou said, they heard that these ten guys, under the control of the old tree demon, had faced some yin fire tribulation in advance, almost all of the senior executives, including the master of the palace, almost jumped up .

This kind of once-in-lifetime event that could interfere with the other party at any time and let their own masters feel the good experience of the yin fire tribulation in advance, how could such a group of guys who only went out to kill and set fire encounter it? .

How important this experience was, which of the elders present was unclear about it? Who doesn’t know the benefits? Why were they all doing good things?

It seems that following Yang Chen’s departure, he really answered the statement of killing and setting fire to the golden belt . For a moment, all the elders were a little jealous . Why did these guys have such good luck?

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The benefits of Yang Chen’s trip were not only that, not to mention the benefits of pondering the Hidden Dragon Cave . The agreement for exchanging specialty products with the South China Sea Alliance alone filled the Ten Thousand Treasure Tower with profits . They believed that this item could be worth the hard work of the others .

After all, no matter how strong the others were, it was just a small-scale team, which was still incomparable with a large alliance of tens of thousands of people such as the South China Sea Alliance . This time, the Ten Thousand Treasure Tower would definitely be able to improve one step .

This was not counting the cohesion brought by Yang Chen’s direct revenge for the several treasurers of the Ten Thousand Treasure tower . The cultivators who originally joined the treasure tower, most of them were hopeless disciples in the Pure Yang Palace . Although the sect took care of them, they didn’t pay much attention to them .

This large-scale revenge of Yang Chen made these disciples of the Ten Thousand Treasure tower feel the protection of their master . Only by the intention of the master, everyone would strive to make the Ten Thousand Treasure tower bigger and stronger . Not to mention that the Ten Thousand Treasure tower has always been very generous . The bigger the business, the greater their income .

There were already dozens of disciples who were consciously hopeless . After joining the Ten Thousand Treasure tower for decades, they have earned a lot of net worth and obtained some suitable treasures from the Ten Thousand Treasure tower . They broke through the bottleneck of their cultivation and saw the hope of their cultivation again . Dozens of masters in the Jiedan stage have joined the Ten Thousand Treasure tower at the moment . Counting on them and the masters they later hired, their strength was already comparable to a small martial art sect .

The benefits of the Ten Thousand Treasure tower were considered by Yang Chen, but the benefits of aligning with the South China Sea Alliance were in the Pure Yang Palace . One more ally would mean that they have one more road . Even if the disciples of the Pure Yang Palace go to the South China Sea, they would also have an asylum .

About the detailed situation, the old tree demon Gui Shanyou was not very clear, but Yang Chen gave a detailed explanation . When Yang Chen explained the causes and consequences of the South China Sea Alliance’s conspiracy, they came to understand that this time they unknowingly cut off a hidden wing of the Greatest Heaven Sect .

Yang Chen did not conceal the things about Sun Chun and the others . When they heard that the Greatest Heaven Sect had damaged 21 masters of the Yuanying stage, the happy faces of the master and the elders almost laughed out .

It hit the enemy and strengthened itself . The material benefits were countless . Their ten Yuanying stage masters have gained valuable experience . They were hopeful of the future . Their secret dacheng stage master could also release his killing intent, practice and improve, everything was with such completeness, there was nothing unsatisfactory in the sect for them .

Even if there were, it was the high-level executive who did not enjoy the baptism of the yin fire tribulation, but this opportunity was not available to everyone and it was not always a good thing to encounter the enemy’s tribulation .

Regarding the matter in the sea of no return, Yang Chen didn’t say much and the master of the palace and the others did not delve into it . Where Yang Chen went to cultivate, that was his choice . As long as everyone knew that Yang Chen had finished training and he would return safely . They don’t worry too much .

Everyone got together and there was one thing to discuss with Yang Chen . This time, the Greatest Heaven Sect sought the help of the Pure Yang Palace again .

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