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Chapter 416.1

“Here is the sea of no return?” Gongsun Ling looked at the endlessly calm sea, it was impossible to associate this tranquil sea with the dangerous name of the sea of no return .


Hou Yun frowned, staring closely at the bottom of the water, as if a ferocious beast would suddenly jump up .


Under the calm sea, there were countless dangerous creatures . Gongsun Ling cannot find them for the time being, but it does not mean that Hou Yun couldn’t find it either .


This was just the outermost part of the sea of no return, in fact, they have not yet reached the sea area . Although the sea of no return was only a part of the South China Sea, it also covered a sea area of ​​tens of thousands of miles . They were just now touching the edge .


“Let’s be apart here!” Looking at the calm sea, Yang Chen turned his head and looked at Gongsun Ling and Hou Yun and slowly said .


After Hou Yun had completed the 300,000 jin Strength of the body refining technique, Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling Hou Yun stated their intentions, and the three had to act separately . He would go to the depths of the sea of no return to explore by himself and Gongsun Ling and Hou Yun would hunt sea beasts outside .

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After hearing Yang Chen’s intentions at the beginning, Gongsun Ling’s first reaction was to disagree . She meant to die together with him, to go in together . But soon, with Yang Chen’s persuasion she agreed with Yang Chen’s plan .


There were many things he wanted to say but Hou Yun was here, so Yang Chen didn’t say too much, the sea of no return here was definitely related to the Dragon clan, even if it was dangerous, but he believed that he has obtained so many good things from the treasure house of the Dragon Palace, plus there was also a Xiao Tian, so there should not be any problems .


But, if he were to take Gongsun Ling . Yang Chen might not be able to protect her by himself, maybe he would take care of her poorly . It was possible to let Gongsun Ling and Hou Yun stay in his own medicine garden or dome hall, but he didn’t know why, Yang Chen always had a bad feeling about it . So this method was abandoned .


For Gongsun Ling and Hou Yun, this expedition to the sea of no return was unnecessary, so Yang Chen didn’t want to get them involved .


Originally this was not the adventure planned by Yang Chen, but because of Xiao Tian’s sake, Yang Chen had to come to see it anyway . And the closer to the sea of no return they got, the more intense the reaction of Xiao Tian in the medicine garden became, it seems that there was something inside that strongly attracts Xiao Tian to go to the depths of the sea of no return, It was oimperative .

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Hou Yun was a water attribute cultivator and there was no problem with Gongsun Ling . Originally, Yang Chen planned to give the shuttle to Gongsun Ling, but Gongsun Ling refused . She knew Yang Chen’s ability and speed in the water . With the shuttle, Yang Chen’s grasp of safety in the sea of no return would be greater .


The two sides parted ways, Yang Chen drove the shuttle and rushed to the depths of the sea . To prevent any entanglement of sea beasts, while Yang Chen was in flight he took out the magic crystal left by Lan Ying .


The dacheng stage crystal . In the ocean, it was a pass-like existence . No sea beast dared to shoot at Yang Chen . The power level that was deeply imprinted in their instinct . The shiver that scared the sea beasts along the road, let alone attack Yang Chen, they did not even dare to show up .


The unimpeded flight along the way was still above the sea at first . But after flying for two days, a huge suction faintly came from below the sea surface, taking Yang Chen with the shuttle and inhaling it into the sea water .


Entering the water, even through the shuttle, Yang Chen could feel the power of the terrifying ocean currents underwater . The horrific ocean current formed for no reason, carrying a force to shred everything and wrap everything, rolled up the shuttle and dragged it to the unknown ocean floor .


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With the strong suction in the ocean currents, Yang Chen was drawn into the sea even in the air, barely able to control a few directions, but it was an extremely labor-intensive task .


The Dragon clan’s magic weapon was powerful, especially the magic weapon stored solemnly in the Dragon clan’s treasure house . Although the shuttle was not a magic weapon for body protection, it was not comparable to the protection of the golden ball . However, when in the water, the shuttle was like a swimming fish . With the state of balance, Yang Chen couldn’t feel a bit of dislocation .


The shuttle’s performance calmed Yang Chen’s heart and confirmed his previous guess . The sea of no return, it was definitely related to the Dragon clan . This was undoubted, the dragon clan magic weapon that Yang Chen guessed could also pass through here, which has also been confirmed by him .


The ocean current has a certain law . It seems to flow in a certain direction . Yang Chen tried to control the shuttle and changed it in several different directions and he determined this . In the end, he simply gave up controlling the shuttle and allowed the current to take him in a certain direction .


Even in such a terrifying ocean current, Yang Chen detected the existence of countless powerful sea beasts . The more extreme the environment, the easier it was to create some tough guys . This was true of Mu Bia and so was the old tree demon . The same was true of the guys Yang Chen saw before him .


In such an ocean current that could shatter ordinary Yuanying stage masters, these powerful sea beasts lived in peace and tranquility . Perhaps they have been in such an environment since they were born and they have already adapted . This has also led to the existence of monsters here, each of which could be compared to the peak Yuanying and even dacheng stage masters .


Fortunately, Lan Ying’s demon power was crystallized and in the ocean, it was an absolute token of power . Those fierce sea beasts, even if they were sometimes caught by ocean currents not far from the shuttle, would try to avoid them .


However, Yang Chen still noticed that although these sea beasts lived very freely here, their trajectory was intentionally or unintentionally moving away from the current . Even if they sometimes drift along the ocean for a while, they would swim in the opposite direction soon, as if the destination of the ocean current has something terrible .


Everything seemed to indicate the danger of Yang Chen’s destination, but Yang Chen was looking forward to it more and more . Xiao Tian couldn’t help but started flying up and down, it seemed that he was very close to the target .


He didn’t know what’s emitting the dragon qi here, Yang Chen even guessed that there would be a living dragon here? In his past life, Yang Chen has never seen a dragon anywhere except in the Immortal world . As early as hundreds of thousands of years, millions of years, and even earlier, the dragons have all reached the immortal realm, leaving no one in the mortal world and the spiritual realm .


Only a few creatures with a trace of faint dragon clan bloodline were passed down and Xiao Tian was one of them . But if it wasn’t for the bloodline and blood essence of the Howling Celestial Dog, Xiao Tian would now be nothing more than a dirt dog .

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