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Chapter 413.1: 413.1
“Wait a minute!” The female of the three dacheng stage elders next to her stopped Bian Xuren’s restlessness: “He will be fine . ”

“What do you mean?” Bian Xuren was startled . Yu Wenyi was promoting to the dacheng stage and Yang Chen would be fine . What does this mean?

Yang Chen was a Jeidan stage younger generation junior . This was undoubted . Bian Xuren has seen it closely with his own eyes . There should be no fakes . It was by no means impossible for a Jeidan stage junior to face a dacheng stage elder . The elder said that Yang Chen would be okay, that would only show one possibility . There was a dacheng stage master around Yang Chen .

Then thinking of Yu Wenyi’s yin fire, and Yang Chen and others even watched so close, Bian Xuren immediately became more certain that there must be a master of the dacheng stage sheltering them .

Bian Xuren and Shu Lanqiu were surprised by this . A small Ten Thousand Treasure Tower, even had dacheng stage masters, it was simply incredible .

Of course, the most incredible thing was that Yang Chen actually became a proprietor of the Ten Thousand Treasure Tower with the middle Jeidan stage cultivation base, which was really incredible!

At this moment, there have been countless experts around the South China Sea area . There was a master crossing his Yin Fire Tribulation, and naturally everyone wanted to watch the ceremony in order to increase their experience . Fortunately, the South China Sea Alliance has already blocked this area first . Those who want to rush in were all stopped by the South China Alliance .

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The South China Sea Alliance was the overlord here . Since the people of the South China Sea Alliance did not let everyone in, no one dares to go in . People who thought they have face could only come to Bian Xuren first, and try to see if they could move the alliance leader to let them enter to observe the ceremony .

The idea was good, but it turned out that even the confederate couple waited far away and didn’t go in . Looking, there were three dacheng stage elders from the alliance next to each other, and no one dared to speak again . Who has a bigger face than the three elders of the South China Sea Alliance?

He passed seven the Yin Fire tribulation in a row, Yu Wenyi’s performance has not looked very bearable . After all, the realm of forced ascension through medicinal means was not so stable .

Now Yu Wenyi’s hope was that Yang Chen and the others attacked him while he was facing the tribulation . In this case, the power of Yin Fire Tribulation would also be borne by the attacking person . In this way, maybe he could still ride the chaos and pass it safely .

Yang Chen also saw Yu Wenyi’s reluctance . Suddenly a sudden whimsy occurred in his mind . The old tree demon was able to suppress the Yin Fire Tribulation by ten times . Maybe there was a way to disperse the power of Yin Fire Tribulation . Some, if this was the case, could give these Yuanying stage masters who followed them some benefits .

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“Old Gui, can you direct some of his yin fire and let them feel it too?” Yang Chen had a sudden whimsy and immediately asked the old tree demon for verification .

“Maybe . ” The old tree demon thought for a moment, and immediately gave the answer . For more than ten consecutive years of Yin Fire Tribulation calamity, no one in this world knew more about Yin Fire Tribulation than the old tree demon . Even if Yang Chen has the memory of the Great Principle Golden Immortal, he was not his opponent .

As soon as this was said, Yu Wenyi’s eighth yin fire had begun to burn, and a horrible look appeared on his face . In this case, there were no chances that Yu Wenyi could overcome it .

Just when Yu Wenyi thought he was going to die, a branch that he didn’t know where it came from directly struck his body . This time, the yin fire tribulation riot that raged on Yu Wenyi’s body seemed to suddenly find an outlet for venting . At least half of the yin fire flew along this branch immediately .

The pressure on Yu Wenyi was much smaller . With great joy, Yu Wenyi immediately forcibly lifted his spirit and suppressed the eighth yin fire tribulation .

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In the shield of the old tree demon, the ten Yuanying stage masters, such as She Kui and Xie Sha, flashed with a little yin fire on everyone’s body . Compared with the real Yin Fire Tribulation, the power of this little yin fire was so small and pitiful, even if it was faced with their Yuanying stage cultivation base, it could be completely suppressed .

The small group of yin fires suffered by everyone was proportional to everyone’s cultivation base . Just now what Yang Chen and the old tree demon said, everyone heard in their ears, and they all understood how enviable the opportunity was . No one had any words to improve their cultivation to the extreme, and they began to feel the power of the yin fire .

They could try the taste of the yin fire tribulation before facing their yin fire tribulation . This was an opportunity that many people have dreamed of but couldn’t hope for, and now it came to them .

As long as they gain experience of fighting against the yin fire tribulation this time, then in the future, when there were real tribulations, there would be more methods for the other party to use . After all, these yin fire tribulation was the same as the yin fire tribulation, but the power was different . It could be said that this time, the ten Yuanying stage masters who came out with Yang Chen were extremely lucky .

Everyone knows how rare a master who has crossed his yin fire tribulation was, so who would allow others to interfere during their tribulation? Even if someone else wanted to interfere, who could easily handle it without a thorough understanding of it like the old tree demon who understood the yin fire tribulation? There was only one consequence of hastily intervening, that was, the person who was facing the tribulation would directly fail and the person who interfered with it would also be trapped by the yin fire tribulation .

Even if the masters of the dacheng stage were to intervene, it was impossible without the level of the old tree demon . At best, they could only ensure that they were okay .

When idle people cross their yin fire tribulation, they would always be on guard . Where they are now, there was no need to worry about whether the other party could afford it, as long as they take care of themselves, they could be relaxed .

When the crowd tried their best to suppress the yin fire, the ninth yin fire tribulation began to come at the same time . Yu Wenyi didn’t know what was happening . He only knew one thing . When he was most desperate, it seemed that someone on Yang Chen shared his affliction very stupidly, allowing him to survive the eighth yin fire tribulation .

Even in the madness, Yu Wenyi still hoped that the ninth yin fire tribulation would be shared by the same people . As long as he passed the yin fire tribulation, he would become a dacheng stage master . All these guys in front of him were going to die, and it was going to be an extremely painful death .

In answer to Yu Wenyi’s sincere prayer, the ninth yin fire tribulation came and at the same time, the life-saving branch appeared again . This time, the power of yin fire tribulation was directly shared by a large part, and the remaining point was enough for Yu Wenyi to rely on his current cultivation base to support it .

The ninth yin fire tribulation passed smoothly, and the clouds in the sky also began to quickly disperse, exposing a clear sky .

In the air, Yu Wenyi looked like a new person, staring coldly at Yang Chen and his party as if he was staring at a group of dead people .

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