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Chapter 406.1: 406.1
After refining two furnace of first grade questioning inner heart pills and two furnace of second grade questioning inner heart pills, Yang Chen finally went out .

This retreat of Yang Chen took fifteen years . When he was concentrating on his cultivation, he didn’t feel the passage of time . Only when he was out of the cultivation state did he realize that such a long time has passed .

The sect didn’t seem to have changed by much, but the spirits and vigor on the faces of the sect’s disciples seemed to be different, all of them were very proud .

When he saw his master, he became happy again . In these years, Gao Yue has already prepared the dragon horns and started the refining work . Because the difficulty of refining was extremely high, this process would continue for at least decades .

His master ancestor has also been helping, and was very satisfied with Yang Chen’s promotion . After encouraging him, he wanted Yang Chen to make persistent efforts .

When the master of the palace met Yang Chen, he said a lot . The things happening in the sect and the things happening outside, as long as they were related to the Pure Yang Palace, he knew basically everything .

In the past few years, the Pure Yang Palace has recruited thousands of highly qualified outer sect disciples . After undergoing repeated evaluations, most of the new students have been sent to the Blue Vault Mountain immortal cave . Judging from the current appearance of the Pure Yang Palace, the strength of the Pure Yang Palace has not improved a lot and it was developing step by step .

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The Wine Immortal House and Pure Yang Palace have now cooperated with each other . In some positions, the Pure Yang Palace has inserted their core disciples . Nowadays, major events and incidents outside the sect basically cannot escape the control of the Pure Yang Palace and it was convenient for the Pure Yang Palace to adjust its external strategy at any time .

However, these were hidden and they never let others know . The only thing that could be said to let outsiders know that their strength has risen was that the Pure Yang Palace held a ceremony for apprenticeship more than ten years ago . At that ceremony, the Pure Yang Palace recruited hundreds of monster cultivators at one time to join their hall of eccentrics .

Among the monster cultivators which joined, there were twelve Yuanying stage masters, more than eighty Jiedan stage masters and the rest were all in the foundation stage . Although these forces were completely incomparable to those of the big sects, the sudden addition of twelve Yuanying stage masters resulted in the doubling of the high-end strength of the Pure Yang Palace, which made people frequently watch them closely .

And there was also good news, the Pure Yang Palace was equally secretive about . In the Blue Vault Mountain immortal cave, the strong ape king Hou Yun in the dacheng stage, under the frequent contact between him and the old tree demon and Wang Yong, he was also from the beginning hostile to fraternity and finally under the temptation of the questioning inner heart pills joined the Pure Yang Palace, becoming the third dacheng stage master of the Pure Yang Palace .

With three masters of the dacheng stage, many things could be solved by the Pure Yang Palace . However, Hou Yun’s joining, the Pure Yang Palace did not announce it, but let Hou Yun be a secret weapon .

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Hou Yun has recently reached a bottleneck in his spirit power cultivation and was stuck in the middle dacheng stage . The Pure Yang Palace was not bad to him and he was sent one questioning inner heart pill directly, allowing Hou Yun to go into seclusion . At least in the past ten years, it was estimated that Hou Yun would spend it in retreat .

After all, Hou Yun was different from the masters of these large sect . He has always been confined to the Blue Vault Mountain immortal cave . He has not traveled . He couldn’t compare with those masters in terms of vision and knowledge .

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Even with the help of the transformation secret art and the systematic cultivation method provided by the Pure Yang Palace, it took him several times more to cross his bottleneck than those of the other masters . When he completed the retreat, regardless of whether he was successful or not, the Pure Yang Palace would arrange for him to go out to gain experience and increase his knowledge .

There were more and more core disciples . The hundreds of top-quality flying swords that Yang Chen brought back last time have also been distributed . It has increased the core disciples’ combat effectiveness by a huge step .

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Now the Pure Yang Palace was also like those big sects . After consolidating their Jiedan stage realm and becoming core disciples, it was necessary to begin to quenching their life source flying swords . Compared to the Yuanying stage, no suitable magic weapon could be found as the life source flying sword . It was already the difference between heaven and earth .

All the things happening in the Pure Yang Palace were good things . The sect was flourishing . No wonder the disciples were full of vitality .

Prior to Yang Chen’s retreat, some people were having ideas on him . In this regard, the Wine Immortal House spent a lot of effort to investigate . The idea came from the mouths of some high ranking members of the Greatest Heaven Sect, but it was supported by several people who practiced alchemy, such as the Pill Cauldron Sect and several concocting pills sects and some rogue cultivators alchemy masters .

This was purely a matter of blocking Yang Chen and it was also a conspiracy to provoke greed and deliberate chaos . Maybe in the confusion, someone could really find a hint of Yang Chen’s alchemy . By then, everyone was likely to make a profit .

This technique seems to be clumsy, but it was very effective . The Pure Yang Palace has issued harsh wording notes to several ancestral sects, no matter what attitude they want to cope with, they should not be polite when it comes to the manipulators behind the scenes .

But everyone was afraid of those masters who needed Yang Chen’s alchemy, so they had to restrain themselves, at least on the surface, they had to stay on good terms with him and even call everything a misunderstanding .

In this regard, Yang Chen was not surprised . Even if Yang Chen did not reach the fifth level, outsiders would have a lot of guesses . After all, the questioning inner heart pill was a good way to make people tempted . Moreover, to those people, Yang Chen didn’t take them seriously . Were there few people who wanted Yang Chen’s life these years?

Palace Master Zhang Jiao was very nervous, he completely forgot that Yang Chen had brought back the corpse of the second city master . It seems that the positioning of Yang Chen in the mind of the head of the palace was also getting heavier, otherwise he wouldn’t feel so .

The Five Elements Sect and Qiankun Sect could be regarded as being fortunate, because they had friendship with the Blue Cloud Sect Green Jade Immortal Island, they were among the first batch to know that Yang Chen had become a fifth grade alchemy master so their request was faster .

The two major sects were seeking pills, questioning inner heart pills . During the fifteen years of Yang Chen’s retreat, another dacheng stage master in the Green Jade Immortal Island also broke through after taking the questioning inner heart pill .

In just two decades, four consecutive dacheng stage masters have appeared because of the questioning inner heart pills and the entire cultivation world was going completely crazy . Countless people wanted to get a questioning inner heart pill, but there was always a price and no market . No matter how high the price was, no one would sell it .

The Five Elements Sect and Qiankun Sect simply wanted questioning inner heart pills at all costs . Both sects knew that if the Blue Cloud Sect and Green Jade Immortal Island always occupied this advantage, it would not be a dream for them to surpass them comprehensively, but it was already becoming a reality .

For this reason, the price that the two sects mentioned to the Pure Yang Palace almost made the master of the palace who have been used to good things in recent years a little dazed .

Of course, the benefits of Yang Chen were indispensable and Yang Chen’s remuneration even surpassed those from the Blue Cloud Sect and Green Jade Immortal Island .

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