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Chapter 405.2: 405.2
As always, Yang Chen chose to go into seclusion for his cultivation . Gao Yue got the inheritance of the immortal cave master and studied tirelessly . At the same time, she was also sacrificially refining her own dragon horn sword and did not retreat with Yang Chen .

Gongsun ling still has to go out and cultivate . She now has three more Yuanying stage masters to sacrificially refine the mountain river geographical map . Naturally, the more complete the mountain river geographical map was, the better it would become . She must go through at least all the domain of the dao sects, and if possible, go out to sea and go around the domain of rogue cultivators .

There were sharp swords formations on her, plus the high speed of her ship, not to mention the praying mantis puppet, for the time being, Gongsun ling’s safety was not to be worried about . Unless someone was targeting Yang Chen, even if it was a stupid fool, they would know that moving against Gongsun ling was equivalent to completely offending Yang Chen, for Yang Chen, it was not known know how many dacheng stage masters were willing to use some people’s heads to please him .

Yang Chen was having his seclusion on a spiritual vein in the immortal’s cave . Xiao Tian has now cultivated to the sixth picture . It was estimated that after the completion of all the cultivation methods of the eight pictures, the second layer of the Dragon Tower can be opened to cultivate more advanced cultivation methods .

Now the body shape of Xiao Tian seems to be slightly larger and the dragon qi was more and more intense . All the flying swords in the hands of Yang Chen were digested once in it abdomen and they were wiped clean and there was no sword spirit in them .

Perhaps after the second layer of the dragon tower was opened, Yang Chen could try to let Xiao Tian go to collect the dragon ball in the Dragon Palace treasure house, which was the real Dragon Palace treasure .

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It was said to be a closed-door cultivation but in fact, Yang Chen wanted to refine his own yin yang five elements flying sword . The discovery of the Fourth Fire True Essence made Yang Chen very happy and some of the fire attribute materials found in immortal cave were the best for the refining of fire attribute flying swords .

Yang Chen refused to take these materials out . This would be used to refine the Fourth Fire flying sword among Yang Chen’s yin yang five elements flying swords .

The jade slips left by the owner of the immortal cave, Yang Chen had read all of it and remembered it on the way back . Some things were worthy of Yang Chen using as reference .

Before refining the sword embryo, Yang Chen chose to fuse all the third grade fire seeds that was brought to him as gifts into the Yin-Yang Heaven burning fire .

With the absorption of enough third grade fire seeds, the speed of absorbing and fusing first grade and second grade fire seeds were now extremely fast and one could be completed in a few days . After removing the hundreds of fire seeds to fuse, it took Yang Chen two years . And as more fire seeds were absorbed, the Yin-Yang Heaven Burning burning fire was increasingly evolving in the perfect direction .

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The powerful Yin-Yang Heaven Burning fire, blended these materials to form the sword embryo and laying the imprint of Yang Chen . This process was completed by Yang Chen, and it was many times easier than the refining of the First Wood and Second Wood flying swords previously .

It took only a short two years and a Fourth Fire flying sword embryo that looked very beautiful was freshly refined . The perfect fourth fire attribute, coupled with the carefully selected materials of the Greatest Heaven Sect, has made this flying sword the perfect sword embryo .

The reason why it was still a sword embryo was because the flying sword has not been tempered by Yang Chen for a long time . A series of follow-up work has not yet been completed, but it could now be used for combat . If it was bitten in the mouth of the Xiao Tian, Fourth Fire flying sword could also cut off any opponent .

It’s rare to calm down and retreat for a long time . Yang Chen simply did not go out, but began to carefully study and practice the experience left in the medicinal gourd .

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Yang Chen, who has already collected enough common medicinal materials, has tried to use all kinds of medicinal materials, various kinds of fires, various fusions, various techniques, and his distracting efforts, with the profound spirit furnace, within a short period of ten years, the jade slips in the medicinal gourd was thoroughly studied and even the combination of single and two kinds of pills was tested once .

Among the squares in the medicinal gourd, there were tens of thousands of medicinal residues . This was the most basic drug residue of Yang Chen’s own refining and it was also the result of Yang Chen’s re-solidification of his basic knowledge of alchemy . At this point, Yang Chen’s short cut on the path of alchemy has been filled and it’s no longer based on the experience of his past lives .

With these solid basic knowledge, when Yang Chen tried to refine the second grade inner sensing pill, he felt more comfortable . Everything was under control and any changes that occurred in the furnace was within his own expectations . Even if Yang Chen wanted to control which one was of high quality and which one was of low quality, it could be easily controlled .

This kind of change, compared to Yang Chen’s simple use of his knowledge of fire control to refine the medicinal pills, he did not know how many times higher than it was . This was the realm of alchemy master that Yang Chen wanted, rather than relying on the memories of previous life alchemy . When the old man of the previous life was always used up, he was now a complete alchemy master .

The quality of the second grade pills refined were even more impressive . Yang Chen even has the feeling that if he started to refine the second grade questioning inner heart pill, it would be even more perfect . Of course, the second grade questioning inner heart pill would also be promoted to third grade under the role of the profound spirit furnace .

Third grade questioning inner heart pill, if he was to pass it out, it would definitely make people crazy . This kind of medicinal pill, if he just took out one, it was worthy of making people do anything to obtain it . Now, Yang Chen was truly relying on his own alchemy strength to stand on the highest peak of alchemy in the mortal world .

After more than ten years of retreat, Yang Chen’s spiritual power has been fully upgraded to the level of middle Jiedan stage . It took a long time to promote all his spiritual power, otherwise he would reach it sooner .

However, now his full spiritual power was condensed, his cultivation was faster . Yang Chen has a hunch, even if there was no external force and it was only through his own cultivation, he could enter the late Jiedan stage in 30 years, then after a hundred years, it would be enough for him to cross his tribulations and form his nascent soul .

Now Yang Chen also has to consider the incident of him forming his nascent soul in advance . For his entire spiritual power, at least six kinds of spiritual powers were needed, and the three spirit power of the positive and negative five elements could be done . If it was the forming of a nascent soul, more demanding conditions were needed to be met .

It’s just that Yang Chen doesn’t know what the concept of all his spiritual power forming nascent souls was and what would happen if he did it . Although the yin yang five elements secret art was powerful, but after all, it was only the legendary perfect cultivation method . Before Yang Chen, no one has ever successfully cultivated it . Yang Chen himself was the pioneer .

What would happen, Yang Chen could only explore it by himself, everything was still unknown . However, one thing was certain, that was, once Yang Chen entire attributes was successful in forming the nascent souls, then Yang Chen would definitely be the number one cultivator in the Yuanying stage, even if it was the masters in the peak Yuanying stage, they would not necessarily be able to compete with Yang Chen .

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