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Of course, Yang Xi does not know that there was such a person who was tempted to stare at himself. However, he was now screaming at the wind and the grass and even in the Greatest Heaven Sect, he was in fear of his daily life.


Who would have thought that a small Jiedan stage disciple of a second-class martial art sect could suddenly become a fifth grade alchemist master in less than a few decades? If he knew this early, why would he have bothered him previously?


Yang Xi and Yang Chen were fellow villagers. Yang Xi remembered that when he saw Yang Chen, he felt that he wanted to take a few slaps. At that time, Yang Chen had already demonstrated the strength that the Greatest Heaven Sect’s top management wanted to recruit. How did he get blinded with greed and wanted to put him to death?


If he was careful to recruit Yang Chen at the time, he would also be a man of great merits. Yang Chen would be a fifth grade alchemist master, but he would also likely reap the benefits of his recommendation. Such a big piece of meat, how could he not get more benefits from him than the young sect master?


Being natives of the same village, at that time, if he sent his sister Yang Lan to Yang Chen, don’t mention the Greatest Heaven Sect, he could walk across the entire dao sects domain arrogantly!


Unlimited regret made Yang Xi wants to bury himself in a pit, after a series of happenings, leading to him now having to face the possibility of assassination at any time made him want to cry without tears.


But in remorse, Yang Xi had an anger that couldn’t be vented. Who was Yang Chen? When he was in the Yang Fam­ily vil­lage, he was just a small fish who was a tenant of old master Yang. At the gate of the Greatest Heaven Sect, he was thrown out because he was a country bumpkin with no experience.


Such a despicable thing turned out to be a Pure Yang Palace disciple. If he was still mediocre, he would be able to do so. Why could he be so great in a second-rate sect? Even the top of the Greatest Heaven Sect was tempted?


He was carefully cultivated by old master Yang from a young age and he was literate since childhood. When he was a disciple of the outer sect, he had a little more advantages than those who were of the same rank. He became a foundation stage cultivator and became a disciple of the inner sect smoothly. Could a descendant of a servant be better than himself?


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The inner guilt made Yang Xi more and more hateful of Yang Chen and he wished he could break Yang Chen’s body into shreds. However, he was only in the foundation stage, there was only one dead road for him against Yang Chen.


It could not be helped but said that the wine Immortal was also good at trying to figure out people’s minds. Yang Chen would rather use spirit stones as reward for Yang Xi’s head instead of directly speaking it himself, he knew that Yang Chen did not want Yang Xi to die too quickly.


The wine Immortal predecessor was now at the peak Yuanying stage and naturally he also had a hot eye for the questioning inner heart pills. Although his cooperation with the Pure Yang Palace was good, but the news of some happenings could not be exchanged with the questioning inner heart pills. With how valuable the questioning inner heart pills were, he was afraid that even if Yang Chen refining it, it would not be so easy.


With the information system of Wine Immortal House, they knew that the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island got the questioning inner heart pills from the Pure Yang Palace. Naturally, it was not hidden from the wine Immortal. However, with the financial resources and friendship of the Wine Immortal House, it was impossible to ask for pills from the Pure Yang Palace for the time being. They were unable to provide rewards that Yang Chen would be satisfied with and could not come up with those medicinal materials with thousands of years maturity.


Now there was a big opportunity placed in front of the wine Immortal. As long as he could make Yang Xi give him his head, he could naturally attract the attention of Yang Chen. As for the questioning inner heart pills, in fact, the wine Immortal only needed one. Yang Chen could refine about ten or so in one refining. That was still in the past. Now, Yang Chen was a fifth grade alchemist master and it was estimated that the pill success would become more and more.


From the hands of the big sects, one could be deducted for him.


In Greatest Heaven Sect, the wine Immortal also had some connections there. The Wine Immortal House could mediate in the major sects by relying on these connections. If the wine Immortal sent a message that it was necessary to move an unpopular junior of the Greatest Heaven Sect. Naturally, many people would be willing to help.


Yang Xi’s days were even more inferior to hell. Even in the Greatest Heaven Sect, there were many people who come from time to time to “take care of” him. Everyone’s status was higher than his own and the things he had to do were very reasonable. He does not dare not do anything that they told him.


However, the things that these people told him to do looked simple, but each one needed him to go out, to collect any material, or to send a letter, everything they gave him to do was calculated with the sects contribution, which was a formal mission.


However Yang Xi did not want to go out, but he had to go out. On the one hand, being rebellious to the sect was a capital crime. On the other hand, if he went out and there were killers following him, it was also a death sentence. Under the boundless fear, Yang Xi could only go out with care and courage.


It was a pity that no matter how careful Yang Xi was, under the care of the Wine Immortal House, where could his whereabouts be kept a secret? A few so-called killers arranged by the wine Immortal quickly found him.


A junior who was in the foundation stage, a few killers could easily take out Yang Xi ten times, but the wine Immortal just let them start to scare him, they made Yang Xi become hurt and then every time things were getting dangerous, they would allow him to escape.


After a few times in succession, Yang Xi heard the instructions to let him go out in the sect, and he would almost immediately reflect the embarrassment. The feeling of life and death hanging in the hair, he no longer wanted to try.


Waiting until the above instructions, Yang Xi would rather violate the rules of the sect and would not take another step. After several consecutive times, the law enforcement hall of the Greatest Heaven Sect found Yang Xi.


Judging from the information held by the law enforcement hall, Yang Xi was a foundation stage disciple who could not even complete some of the simplest sect missions and later he was not able to complete the task at all and even became a disciple who did not accept the sect mission. What was the use of such a disciple?


The sect Law Enforcement Hall certainly listened to Yang Yu’s distinction. However, no matter how he checked, it was impossible to say that the simplest task of collecting materials from the disciples outside to the sect was to deliberately frame him. As for the fact that someone has put a high amount of rewards for his head, it was even more nonsensical.


How could the wine Immortal not take care of all the details? At the time of the plan, all the rewards for Yang Xi had been withdrawn. This was issued by the Wine Immortal House. It was of course an easy matter to withdraw it.


After the inspection, the Law Enforcement Hall did confirm that there had been a high reward for Yang Xi in the past, but it has now been removed. If Yang Xi refused to complete the sect mission within two years after the withdrawal of the reward, he would be punished by the sect Law Enforcement Hall.


Let the law enforcement hall of the Greatest Heaven Sect punish Yang Xi, this process would continue for a long time. This was more difficult for Yang Chen to use the high amount of spirit stones as a reward for Yang Xi’s life. Especially being hurt by the knife from the inside, the knife from the people around him, the feeling of swearing was even more painful than that from the enemy.


Yang Lan was trapped in such pain.

When the wine immortal met Yang Chen, he did not say anything more. He only gave Yang Chen a piece of jade slip, which recorded the days that Yang Xi had been having these years and the punishment of the Greatest Heaven Sect Law Enforcement Hall on him.


Yang Chen was very surprised, but immediately he became stunned, the wine immortal predecessor showed up to him in good will without asking for anything, but they were better than his own means.


The wine immortal was old and spicy, and Yang Chen couldn’t help but admire him. The procedure of the wine immortal was indeed more resentful than killing Yang Xi. In his previous life, Yang Xi bullied Yang Chen with the sect forces of the Greatest Heaven Sect. Now he used the hand of the Greatest Heaven Sect to punish Yang Xi. This was really a true payback and it made people happy.


What the wine immortal wanted, Yang Chen understood it clearly, nothing more than the same, the same was with the jade dragon wine, the same was the refining of the medicinal pills. From the cultivation base of the wine immortal which was now at the peak Yuanying stage, he wanted the questioning inner heart pills.


The relationship between Yang Chen and the wine immortal was not too deep, but they also had a lot of dealing. A lot of information needed by the Pure Yang Palace and Yang Chen could be obtained from the Wine Immortal House.


Since the wine immortal predecessor did this thing that made Yang Chen feel comfortable and satisfied, Yang Chen naturally didn’t mind bringing the relationship with the wine immortal predecessor closer. There was a friend who has no harm to himself.


At the moment, Yang Chen didn’t hold back and he took out the jade dragon brewing liquid directly and put it in several large jars. So many jade dragon wine liquids were enough for the wine immortal predecessor to not worry about his wine breaks in the next few decades.


“This is some of the auxiliary wines brewed by this younger generation junior. Which one is most suitable for the Jade Dragon Wine, it needs the seniors to comment on it.” To the jade dragon wine liquid, Yang Chen did not have some new wines. It was said to be newly brewed, but in fact there have been there for decades.


For the wine immortal, this was simply the best gift. Not to mention that the value of these jade dragon wine that Yang Chen gave him has far exceeded the cost of using his manpower, the wine brewed by Yang Chen was simply a surprise.


Who was Yang Chen? A fifth grade alchemy grandmaste, would he make a mistake in the wine he brews? How many people could enjoy the wine brewed by Yang Chen? What’s more, Yang Chen said in the early decades when he met the wine immortal that those ordinary auxiliary wines were not enough to stimulate the delicious taste of the jade dragon wine. He wanted to brew a special auxiliary wine for the jade dragon wine.


Yang Chen giving him these good things definitely made the wine immortal the happiest. In the name of wine immortal, it was naturally known that he was addicted to alcohol. When he heard Yang Chen’s words, he couldn’t help but want to open it and try it.


Fortunately, the predecessor wine immortal was also handling the affair of Wine Immortal House. After so many years, he has already been able to exercise control and he happily accepted the wine of Yang Chen and was not rude to open it on the spot.


The wine immortal also knew that this was the reward that Yang Chen gave him, indicating that he did a good job in Yang Xi’s case. This was better news for the wine immortal. Yang Chen accepted his kindness and even gave him his favorite wine in return.


For Yang Chen’s medicinal pills, the wine immortal never thought that he would get it because of such a small matter. His purpose was to further his relationship with Yang Chen so that he could seek help from Yang Chen in the future. Now that the goal was fully achieved, how could he not become delighted?


However, Yang Chen had another thought, looking at the happy appearance of the wine immortal, his heart suddenly moved. The wine immortal predecessor was born in a rogue cultivators family and they had a lot of rogue cultivators. The wine immortal house was now a force that cannot be neglected by the cultivation world.


If this force could be turned to the Pure Yang Palace, it would be more grasped for the future dealings with the Greatest Heaven Sect. When he thought about it, Yang Chen still felt that it was an opportunity, perhaps it should be said to the wine immortal.


“Predecessor, this younger generation junior has some words to say, I don’t know if it is appropriate to say it.” Yang Chen took a moment and thought about it and he slowly said.


While talking, Yang Chen took out some jade cups from his Qiankun bag and took out a good jade dragon wine that had been blended and filled one cup each for himself and the wine immortal.


“If there is something you would like to say, feel free to speak your mind.” With the appearance of the wine, the wine immortal was happier. For Yang Chen’s politeness, he didn’t care, he would let him just say it.


After Yang Chen laid down several restrictions, he carefully asked: “Predecessor, this younger generation junior is very curious, with senior’s achievement, no matter which big sect you choose to join, there are people who would welcome you with open arms, how come senior never considered it? ”


The experience of the wine fairy was pure and Yang Chen was clear about this from his previous life, so he would have this question. To draw the wine immortal, of course, he must know what he wanted.


“He He, do you think that if this old man has entered a big sect, those people will treat this old man as a treasure?” The wine immortal smiled a little bit unwillingly.


Yang Chen stared and immediately became stunned. With the cultivation base of the wine immortal, he could be accepted, but it was impossible to become a high-ranking member in a big sect at this point.


By relying on the Wine Immortal House, the wine immortal predecessor could give himself a place to rule, but no big sect would be willing to have such an intelligence system in the hands of a half-way cultivated cultivator, naturally they would try their best to penetrate in the organisation and then have the sect gain complete control of it.


As a result, the status of the wine immortal predecessor would not be so high. If you look at the wine, he would rather throw it outside, and you know that he was not a person under the candid. It was natural to understand this choice.


And the small sect words would inevitably be unable to confront those big gates. If such an intelligence system was in the hands of a small sect, they would be courting disaster. It was better to be independent as it was now. No one was close to anyone. Who was more secure? The Wine Immortal House was among the cultivators, but it was also very difficult to survive.


“I don’t know what Senior think of my Pure Yang Palace?” Yang Chen hesitated and finally said the words.


The wine immortal was startled, then began to consider immediately. Compared with the big sects, the Pure Yang Palace would not naturally be strong. If he joins, he would definitely be entrusted with heavy responsibilities. This was in line with his requirements.


Moreover, the Pure Yang Palace was now enjoying a pleasant cooperation with the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island and its strength has begun to swell. Even if it was a large sect, it does not dare to easily take on the Pure Yang Palace. In particular, after Yang Chen became a fifth grade alchemy master, countless people would pay close attention to him. Their status was naturally more and more stable and their future was boundless.


If he joins the Pure Yang Palace, it seemed to meet the requirements of the wine immortal and there would be no other sect to concern him, it seems to be a good choice.


Soon the eyes of the wine immortal lit up!.

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