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It was beyond the control of Palace Master Zhang Jiao for being overjoyed, this period was the most comfortable period of time in the memory of the palace master in the Pure Yang Palace.


When Yang Chen was not there, those who came to ask for pills would naturally seek out the head of the Pure Yang Palace. In the past, the Pure Yang Palace must be sincere and fearful to receive the masters of the dacheng stage. Now if some people were not on their list, they couldn’t see Palace Master Zhang Jiao, but they still have to look at the mood at that time. How could this huge change not allow the Pure Yang Palace to be boisterous?


In particular, the hundreds of heads that were slid out at the gates of the mountain have made many people smell discolored. At the same time, it was also the best gift for many masters to come to offer their respect to the mountain.


Now there were no people who dared to discuss the killing business of Yang Chen. When they heard the name of Yang Chen, not to mention the the powerful killers, they would directly go into seclusion and refuse visitors. Who would want to find trouble, and have experts turn their head into gifts for the Pure Yang Palace? If some of the killer groups pressed down from top to bottom said that they couldn’t do anything about him, would those who ran a single gang dared to touch his name, they were really not impatient to die.


Yang Chen still didn’t know about these things. Now he was just listening to Palace Master Zhang Jiao saying that he had already completed the marriage arrangements and naturally he was happy. However, Yang Chen also knew that his marriage was a matter of great importance and it was also necessary to look at the arrangement of the sect. Therefore, he was very cool to hand over the right to decide to the head of the palace: “When the head of the palace think it is appropriate, That is when it will be done?”


Even if he became a fifth gradealchemist master, Yang Chen never lost his bearing in front of the head of the palace, as always, he was respectful. This kind of outstanding disciple with both ability and political integrity, the master of the palace was simply more and more overjoyed.


“Okay, then wait a few decades, let the sect give you the most grand wedding!” Palace Master Zhang Jiao ​​laughed and said, the disciple was so good, the sect naturally could not lose his face, it must be a grand occasion.


Next, the master of the palace would only introduce the experts who came to request for pills when Yang Chen was absent to him. In short, apart from the Greatest Heaven Sect, the other major gates, including the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal, plus the Five Elements Sect and Qiankun Sect, all have made high-level appearances and hope that Yang Chen could help to refine their medicinal pills.


Several large overseas rogue cultivators alliances have also met the requirements. As for some small sects, as long as there were masters of the dacheng stage, they basically go to the sect to ask for pills, there was an endless stream of rogue cultivators coming to seek for pills.


All the sects were respectful to the Pure Yang Palace. The sudden changes in status even made many Pure Yang Palace disciples extremely uncomfortable. From being neglected or even oppressed, to slowly taking someone to treat them equally, it would take at least a few hundred years to become accustomed to it. But from the equal treatment of everyone to the enthusiasm, it seems that in just a few days, people were simply at a loss.


“It’s all because of you, Yang Chen!” Palace Master Zhang Jiao was heaping praises on him “You are the best disciple of the Pure Yang Palace and the Pure Yang Palace is proud of you!”


“This is the duty that disciples should do!” Yang Chen did not take the merits, he still had the same humility.


“I am waiting for the day when the Greatest Heaven Sect also bows!” The Greatest Heaven Sect’s conspiracy to annex the Pure Yang Palace and bombing of the mountain gate of the Pure Yang Palace, this shameful events, although Yang Chen also bombed the gate of the Greatest Heaven Sect, but it was not easy to let the head of the palace to extinguish his hatred.


Yang Chen could also feel the change of mood in the palace master. However, for Yang Chen, the elimination of the Greatest Heaven Sect was also his wish. At this point, there was no conflict between him and the head of the palace about it.


After saying goodbye to the head of the palace, Yang Chen with the old patriarch of the cypress monsters came to the residence of Gui Shanyou. This trip was to introduce the patriarch to Gui Shanyou, to see if the old tree demon would take him as an apprentice.


Sure enough, after seeing the old patriarch, the old tree demon agreed immediately and the old patriarch was honored to be the first disciple of the Pure Yang Palace’s hall of eccentrics hall master.


Yang Chen brought back the Immortal’s cave owner’s refining experience and as expected by Yang Chen, Gao Yue and Wang Yong treated it as treasures, they have not let go of it and have been concentrating on it.


He thought that the days in the sect would be very calm, but what Yang Chen didn’t expect was that his wishful thinking was obviously only a luxury.


From the second day after Yang Chen’s return, there were people coming to visit him. For Yang Chen, these people who he has not met, they would have to meet each other. They were all famous. With Yang Chen’s current status, he really had to go through it, so as not to give people a sense of arrogance.


These people came one after another, apparently knowing the news that Yang Chen returned to the Pure Yang Palace. It was estimated that there has always been people staring at the movement in the Pure Yang Palace. Everyone was thinking of being able to meet Yang Chen. Even if Yang Chen couldn’t immediately start the alchemy, at least he should be familiar with it. In the face of this enthusiasm, Yang Chen could only meet them with a smile.


All of them were predecessors, all of whom were relatives and none of them were of the younger generations. Everyone who came was not empty-handed. They knew that Yang Chen liked to collect fire seeds. Almost everyone came with more or less different kinds of fire seeds. They didn’t say anything and they left it to Yang Chen.


In less than a month, Yang Chen received at least five or six hundred kinds of fire seeds in the third grade, these were just their gifts for the visits. It was not something that was too precious. It could be imagined what kind of gift would be received when Yang Chen started to refine the medicinal pills.


Even the alchemist masters in the Immortal world has always been given such golden treasures, Yang Chen understood this, so after the resignation, the gifts that each person left behind were politely accepted with a smile, as for the requirements of these predecessors in alchemy, they would have to discuss the time with the head of the palace. Whoever was first and foremost, they could even communicate in private, Yang Chen would not make decisions for them.


The masters who came to visit also knew that Yang Chen was not rejecting them, but letting them decide the order on their own. Everyone asks for the sect at the same time, either to complete a task or to pay enough price to let the other party retreat. However, the most fundamental thing, was that they still had to please Yang Chen, no matter what, as long as they were on good terms with Yang Chen, there would be no harm.


Many people began to dig into the hobby of Yang Chen. Some people even knew that Yang Chen wanted to marry with four people at the same time and vaguely felt that Yang Chen liked beauty and began to search for some for him. After hearing these news, Yang Chen himself felt a little bit like crying and laughing. When did he become a pervert in peoples eyes?


The people who sent the fire seeds was a small vein of Yang Chen, but some people dig into the other way to get a more secretive thing closer to Yang Chen’s mind.


Some disciple of the Greatest Heaven Sect, it seems that Yang Chen has not been getting along with him and he has even placed spiritual stones for his pursuit and there was still no result.

Yang Xi’s days were like hell. Although people who were in the Greatest Heaven Sect should be safe in theory, but he does not feel any sense of security.


Someone used spirit stones as a reward for Yang Xi’s life. Yang Xi knew that this must be Yang Chen. Apart from his blatant expression of killing intent in front of Yang Chen, he has always been overcautious in the Greatest Heaven Sect. Who in the division had he offended to the point of wanting to kill him, except Yang Chen, there was no one else.


At the beginning, Yang Xi did not put this kind of thing in his heart. As long as it was not a fool, they would not take such a reward. Just for a few pounds of spirit stones, the one who would come to the Greatest Heaven Sect to kill the disciples of the Greatest Heaven Sect was purely a fool.


However, the development of things has changed very quickly. With the improvement of the rewards, Yang Xi also began to panic. When he didn’t care about it before, he could go out and cultivate around the Greatest Heaven Sect and there was no danger. However, after the rewards were improved, Yang Xi had to start to be careful.


Yang Chen’s reward was at least three times his value at this level. The money was tempting, even if it was among the cultivators, this was also the unbreakable truth, the spirit stones could also be a big help for their cultivation.


From that time on, Yang Xi easily did not leave the domain of the Greatest Heaven Sect. Even if it was done, he was cautious, always ready to be attacked by people, he was so cautious and careful.


Fortunately, his worry has not happened. Even though the Greatest Heaven Sect was unfortunate these days, it was still a big sect of the majestic dao sects. No one dared to play with the idea of killing ​​a disciple of the Greatest Heaven Sect in broad daylight.


When Yang Xi was worried, he could not help but start looking for a solid backing for himself. Li Liheng, the young sect master, became the mountain of Yang Xi. It was said that the young sect master was the illegitimate son of the current sect master and would inherit the Greatest Heaven Sect’s ethics in the future. His future was boundless, It was definitely not wrong to follow the young sect master.


However, it was not so easy to hold the thick thighs of the young sect master. After a long time of research, Yang Xi made a decision to sacrifice his sister Yang Lan.


His brother Yang Xi was the hope of the Yang family. Yang Lan naturally cannot watch his brother in a dangerous situation, although he was in violation of her heart. However, she also had to accept Yang Xi’s arrangement. They waited for the opportunity to approach the young sect master. Under the guidance of Yang Xi, several small undertakings came down and they were slightly favored in front of the young sect master, now they had a certain status.


At this moment, Yang Xi was thinking that he had fallen on the back of the mountain. When he thought that he could rely on it and no longer fear any killer, the bad news of the young sect master’s cultivation deviation suddenly came. The little sect lord actually went into cultivation deviation when he was cultivating.


Although he didn’t know what the main cultivation method of the young sect master was, it would definitely be very troublesome after the cultivation deviation. If you don’t move, you would have no signs of fainting. When you are idle, you would be okay. Sometimes you would suddenly lose consciousness during the practice. Suddenly, the spirit power would be out of control, the spiritual awareness would be divergent and they would always be seriously injured. If someone was staring at the moment, maybe someday he would not know when he would die.


In this regard, Yang Xi was almost angered by the heavens, he had already paid the price of his younger sister’s innocence and she became a dao companion of the young sect master. How could the young sect master suffer this dramatic change? Could it be because of the double cultivation with his sister?


Yang Xi thought so, even some elders who value the young sect master thought so. Poor Yang Lan, went directly into the bottom of the Greatest Heaven Sect and his brother, Yang Xi, was also implicated.


Originally, Yang Xi was asked to come forward to convince Yang Chen to join them. However, Yang Xi forced Yang Chen to the opposite side without demur. This was not a good thing. In addition, the top management had to bow to Yang Chen on the secret key, which made the high-level unhappy. With the introduction of Yang Lan to the young sect master, the top executives were more unhappy with Yang Xi.


Among the high-level members of the Greatest Heaven Sect, who was not good at playing with their means, Yang Xi making Yang Lan close to the young sect master was seen through by a few elders at a glance. If it was not that the cultivation method of the young sect master has never been successfully cultivated by anyone, so It couldn’t be completely blamed on Yang Lan’s head. Maybe the elders would have taken a good look at Yang Xi.


The house leaked to the night rain, and the boat arrived to make up the leak. At this time, Yang Chen once again raised his reward. This time, let alone the killers outside, even some of the sect members were tempted.


The hearts of people were unpredictable and Yang Xi felt that he had no one to trust. Even if it was people in the Greatest Heaven Sect, it seems that everyone was going to deal with him to collect the reward, the huge fear made him all the time even afraid to close his eyes.


Even when cultivating, Yang Xi only dared to cultivate in the most obvious way. He didn’t even try the deep level of meditation, for fear that someone would pick up his head unconsciously while he was cultivating.


He was restless when eating and his nights were very awkward. This was the current state of life of Yang Xi. If his foundation has not already been built, he may have become a madman under this tremendous pressure.


But Yang Xi wishes that he was already a madman. At least the madman would not have any worries, there would be no fear and no one would try to deal with him.


As the fact that Yang Chen became a fifth grade alchemist master slowly spread from the top, gradually passed to the ears of ordinary cultivators, Yang Xi could no longer support the fear of despair, his whole person seems to become an empty shell in general.


At this time, not to mention that Yang Chen used the spirit stones as a reward. If he even said one sentence, one meaning for others to understand. Naturally, there would be countless people who would be able to get rid of Yang Xi to win Yang Chen’s favor.


There was a person who was paying close attention to Yang Xi. This person was Senior Wine Immortal of the wine Immortal house who has been cooperating with Yang Chen.


Many of Yang Chen’s previous rewards were issued through the Wine Immortal House. Therefore, Wine Immortal was very clear about who the promoter of this reward was. However, by his status as Wine Immortal, it was not enough to find trouble for a junior in the foundation stage for a few pounds of spirit stones. Since Yang Chen gave a high reward, naturally someone would be willing to pay attention to it.


At the beginning, senior Wine Immortal did not put this matter in his heart. However, after the news that Yang Chen became a fifth grade alchemist master spread, all the information related to Yang Chen became the focus of the senior Wine Immortal.


Soon his attention was focused on Yang Xi’s body. This guy actually let Yang Chen use his rewards more than ten times the price to ask for his life. He was obviously hated by Yang Chen.


At this time, the Wine Immortal certainly hoped to have better contact with Yang Chen. Naturally, a weighty meeting gift was essential. He would be a very good gift for Yang Chen.

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