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Chapter 379.2
chapter 379 . 2: Skill


Pulling over the Five Elements sect and the Qiankun sect, they couldn’t do it without taking advantage of the actual benefits . But after taking it out, not only would there be chaos in the sect, but if they were to take less, not only would it not play the role of pulling them over, but it would also be underestimated .


With such a trade-off, they could only watch the four major sects become a small group . Originally, they all had some dissatisfaction with the Greatest Heaven Sect . Now there were more allies who were advancing and retreating together .


Yang Chen did not expect that the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island would have such a large undertaking . Half of the benefits didn’t sound like much, but what needed to be captured by the lives of several dacheng stage masters, where was that simple? Apart from the attitude of the Five Elements sect and the Qiankun sect, but they were almost comparable to the Greatest Heaven Sect .


This was also good, the greater the power of their allies, the greater the chance of dealing with the enemy . It seemed that the Greatest Heaven Sect has become a target of public criticism . Now they had to expand wildly, otherwise they would be pushed off the position of the leader of the dao sects by the four united sects .


The more they rushed to expand their strength, the more likely there would be a mixed situation and naturally there would be some uncontrollable situations, which was what Yang Chen and many people wanted to see .


After a series of tossing Li Liheng in the bloody river ten times in a row, Yang Chen finally reached the scope of Meiqing Mountain . However, he did not go straight back to the mountain, but found a secluded place, he pulled out the captives and threw them on the ground .

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Closing the five senses, without any feeling, but still retaining consciousness, this was an extremely cruel punishment . No one could support it for too long . The last time he caught a few foundation stage guys, within just a few days, they collapsed and asked what he wanted to know .


The mind of a cultivator was firm and resolute and now the weakest of these assassins was at the peak Jiedan stage . No more than the previous group, Yang Chen certainly had to spend more time .


The guy who was thrown out was a man in the peak Jiedan stage . Because he closed the five senses, he did not react when he was slammed on the ground until Yang Chen removed the restrictions did he find out his situation .


After all, it was a master of peak Jiedan stage, who could practice to this point . It was not known how many years of lonely seclusion he has been through . Although there has been some exhaustion, he still has not lost his mind .


“It is good for people, loyal to people, to kill and to listen to respect!” It seemed that the other party was also a very hoodlum-like killer . In the face of such a situation, there was no slight confusion, he just made a cold statement, Then he closed his eyes and said nothing more .


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Seeing this situation, Yang Chen did not say anything more and directly threw the killer back into the dome . Seeing that these were professional killers, they have undergone rigorous training and were very determined . The time of ten days was not enough to make their spirits collapse .


From this situation, even if the time was longer, it seemed that it would not have much effect . Some people could endure loneliness by nature . Even Yang Chen knew some extreme guys, they could even hide in a very small area, not eating for decades or even longer .


It’s not that easy to get news from these killers . Yang Chen simply let go of any hope of that happening . The guy said that he was benefited by people and loyal people . Maybe he was really the killer because of the reward . Anyway, behind the scenes, the real culprit was nothing more than the Greatest Heaven Sect . Yang Chen does not have to have any real evidence .


Moreover, even if there was real evidence, how could it be used? It was impossible for the Pure Yang Palace to take the evidence to look for an explanation from the Greatest Heaven Sect . Yang Chen would not expect to be able to judge the Greatest Heaven Sect fairly . Between the two sides, apart from the death of one side, there was no other possibility, but it has not been officially turned over on the table .


Back to the Pure Yang Palace, Yang Chen was of course going to visit his master .


Yang Chen was now going out every time, Gao Yue was a bit worried, watching Yang Chen returning safely, she was also happy . After asking about Yang Chen’s travel, after hearing the performances of Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue, it seemed that her face also became somewhat weird . It was just that Yang Chen was immersed in seeing his master’s happiness and didn’t pay much attention to it .


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When he met his master, it was natural to see the master of the palace . The consequences of Yang Chen’s departure from this sect were simply to make the high-level of the Pure Yang Palace laugh . Was there anything more fun than watching your own enemy suffer from their mistakes?


Originally it was the secret of the Greatest Heaven Sect . Suddenly, it became known to the world . Then it was easy for them to have a chance to rush to the secret plane, but they lost their soldiers . In the end, they had to be forced to work with several large sects to go through the secret plane and they got less than one-fifth of the benefits .


The five dacheng stage masters of the Greatest Heaven Sect were wasted . The elders of the Pure Yang Palace also took a breath of cold air after hearing the news . There was a total of thirteen dacheng stage masters who were dead or wounded .


When they decided to give up this secret plane, everyone still had some distress . It’s just that Yang Chen said that it’s too terrifying and that they had to pay the price of two or three masters of the dacheng stage and this was to be as a last resort . But now it seemed that Yang Chen was still conservative at the time . How was it only two or three masters of the dacheng stage, it was distinctly 13!


Yang Chen’s calculations were indeed somewhat conservative . After the former Greatest Heaven Sect got the secret plane, they were not eager to open it, but carefully prepared for a long time, concentrated their power, and then opened it . In the end, it was just the price of two or three masters of the dacheng stage that had to be paid, this was the fact .


But it was completely different this time, because there were strong competitors and the Greatest Heaven Sect couldn’t produce evidence that it was a property of the Greatest Heaven Sect . Naturally, it could only be a strong action . Everyone was motivated by the same reason . The lack of preparation and the loss were far beyond the expectations of Yang Chen .


When the head of the palace saw Yang Chen, he asked what occurred when he was outside with the elders the same as Gao Yue . There was really not much thrilling events this time . The results of the secret plane have long been known . It was only to confirm that Yang Chen was fine and everyone soon had nothing to discuss so they dissipated .


Yang Chen did not go directly to his master, but went straight to the law enforcement hall . Elder Meng Xian had just seen Yang Chen and seeing that Yang Chen actually came to the law enforcement hall, it was a bit puzzling .


“Is there anything you need?” Meng Xian asked very strangely .


“The disciple encountered more than a dozen killers on the road . ” Yang Chen replied with a slight smile: “Their minds are very determined and hard to give in . The disciple feels that it is suitable for the uncle master and the law enforcement hall to practice, so I brought them . ”


After saying this, he waved his hands, a dozen figures were like dumplings, fell on the ground of the law enforcement hall .



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