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Chapter 353
The Demon sects and the Dao Sects had always struggled to co-exist because their purpose and style of cultivation was all different . Therefore, in addition to righteousness, it had always been the reason for the Dao Sects to eliminate the demons to protect their Dao .

For the Dao sects’ disciples to gain experience, including the rogue cultivators, was a great part of the reason for the elimination of demons to protect the Dao notion . Of course, as for the true Demon sect disciples, there were still some differences, but at least in name, those were all part of the devils .

Some rumours were easy to sever, but some not, thus, it would not be so easy for people who wanted to recruit the Demon cultivators into their sect to absolve themselves .

Although it sounded ridiculous that is the leader of the Dao Sect wanted to collaborate with demons, which was inherently impossible . However, several monster cultivators who have been close to Demon sects had joined the Greatest Heaven Sect’s hall of eccentrics, which in turn seemed suspicious .

If one wanted to start a rumour, one had to explain the intention of the Greatest Heaven Sect for recruiting these monster cultivators . Outside the sect, only god knew that when the Greatest Heaven Sect recruited these people, they just wanted something that could augment their sect’s strength . After making the vows with their monster soul, they would be faithful and reliable, they would not think that they would have such a complicated relationship .

These rumours were anything good, this was related to the development of their sect . If they did not eliminate these misunderstandings with the other sects and continued to develop, they may lead them to have even greater contradictions .

However, it was not so easy to explain this clearly . Even if the Greatest Heaven Sect was too big, some things could not be reassured by words . Especially in the case of power the Greatest Heaven Sect held, it was hard to believe their side of the story .

They had the motive, they have made the move and they were suspected, a few monster cultivators who joined the Greatest Heaven Sect would serve as evidence, so if they wanted to show their innocence with one or two sentences, it would not be easy .

As for expelling the few monster cultivators to show their sincerity, It was even less feasible . Once this was done, it would temporarily indicate that the Greatest Heaven Sect did not have much to do with the demon sects . However, would the monster race be willing to work with them again?

Once those who made the monster soul vows were expelled, the Greatest Heaven Sect did not even need to mention about recruiting the monster cultivators to enrich their sect, they would already be fortunate that they would not be regarded as an enemy by the whole monster race .

For a time, the foreign affairs elders of the Greatest Heaven Sect frequently went out to explain these misunderstandings to the various major sects, to clarify the rumours and to make everyone feel at ease . If all of them had headaches about it, even the recruitment of new disciples for the sect will be hindered .

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The information and the materials needed to train the new disciples were all insufficient . Even if they recruited new disciples, it would not be good to train them . It could be that soon, the Greatest Heaven Sect could only suspend the pace in this aspect and recruit the monster cultivators to form a fighting force .

Yang Chen was very happy to watch this kind of excitement leisurely, especially when he knew where this rumour came from . He was enjoying it looking at his enemies at their wits end .

Whilst the Greatest Heaven Sect was thrown into a major confusion because of the rumours that they started, the master of the palace was working with the elders to promote the establishment of forces in the secular world .

Yang Chen’s proposal had been valued by everyone, and everyone had agreed . From the time when the Greatest Heaven Sect started to vigorously recruit the monster race, they were bound to enter the era of madness with various other sects recruiting monster cultivators . Since even the monster race gladly accepted them and they could also be proactive about it, so why not?

After the high-level members decided, everything was much simpler . For the servants, serving as slaves in the Pure Yang Palace, to return to the secular world to be influential people, was just too good of a proposition . All of them knew they just had to take this opportunity . It was all very simple, if one remained loyal to the Pure Yang Palace, one could avail it .

The sect would support these returning secular disciples with huge wealth in the secular world, so that these servants could establish their own family and influence as soon as possible . At the same time, this gave them a long-term business, of course, how to maintain, it depends on how they operate it .

All these slaves who have been released had an additional task; to do everything possible to secretly search and recruit qualified young people, for the sect . They would only pretend to be in contact with those who were tested and would never be found to have a deliberate behaviour .

According to their returns, the sect would promptly arrange formal disciples to bring these outstanding children to the sect . Of course, all of this was to be done in secret, and no one could know except the core disciples who were responsible for the execution and the people themselves .

In the eight months that Yang Chen was waiting for Gongsun Ling, the sect had arranged for at least a dozen loyal slaves . These slaves were also carefully selected with outstanding ability to work, their loyalty to the sect, and families with influence, so if they do suddenly rise, it would not be too suspicious .

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The return was almost immediate . In just eight months, according to the method provided by Yang Chen, at least a dozen young people with good qualifications had been found . They also had been secretly taken up to the mountain and were only waiting for when the sect would intentionally open their gate to recruit them as disciples . Thus, justifying their joining of the Pure Yang Palace .

Among the methods provided by Yang Chen for judging their qualifications, the method of judging their postnatal roots was also included . This made the head of the palace and the elders to become doubtful .

In this regard, Yang Chen’s explanation was that he found something strange and was in the process of testing it . Perhaps after decades of experimentation, it was entirely possible to prove something . Before that, he would not explain it for the time being . It was of great importance, but it must be considered from a long-term perspective .

The head of the palace and the elders were remembered how Yang Chen had asked several disciples to change their original cultivation methods, and instead practice the methods of five elements attribute . This point was most prominent in Gao Yue .

Yang Chen did not say exactly what it was, but everyone knew that this was definitely something unique, and he was allowed to test it on these future sects’ disciples .

Everything seemed to be on the right track . If the sect continued at this pace, in another hundred years, it would be enough to build a huge crowd of backup disciples who could compete with the first-class sects .

Gongsun Ling finally completed the initial refining of the mountain river geographical map and received it into her sea of ​​consciousness . She then began to nourish the magic weapon which may take even longer than hundreds of years .

Wang Yong also completed the refining of the ship and handed it over to Gongsun Ling . For a long time, Wang Yong would accompany Gao Yue in the refining of the dragon’s horn flying sword, which was also served as a stage of consolidating his cultivation base after entering the Dacheng stage .

After arranging with the head of the palace, Yang Chen took Gongsun Ling and embarked on the journey to collect the seventh metal true essence . In order to hide from the eyes and ears of outsiders, Yang Chen’s shuttle was used temporarily, and the outside was wrapped in the sea jasper . They only slowed down after they had rushed for at least two months .

There was some tacit understanding between the two people . On the shuttle, there was enough space for Gongsun Ling to make several delicious dishes for Yang Chen .

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A warm atmosphere had been spread in the shuttle, and Yang Chen it very much . They spoke of some of the matters they faced in their cultivation, some of the matters happening outside, and even talked about the detailed process of fighting with some people they’ve faced, it always made Yang Chen have a feeling of warmth .

During this journey, Yang Chen felt comfortable . Unlike his journey with Shi Shanshan and the activity filled time with Sun Qingxue, with Gongsun Ling, Yang Chen only felt the familial warmth .

To get to the domain of the Demon sects, it was necessary to go through the territory of the monster race . The demon and the Dao Sects had a direct border with each other, However, it was far from the destination where Yang Chen was going, so it was more convenient to pass through the monster race domain .

Fortunately, Yang Chen’s shuttle was fast enough, and it could be concealed . Generally speaking, he would not alarm any formidable monster . Even if one was alarmed, because of the recent easing of relations between the Dao Sects and the monster race, no powerful monster would be enraged of their flight over the monster race domain .

When Yang Chen entered the monster race territory, he removed the sea jasper . He didn’t want to let many people know that he could shield his spiritual awareness at any time he wanted . The whereabouts of the shuttle was easy to see . Especially in the monster race, there were some talented instinctive people, even from hundreds of miles away, they could find Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling’s shuttle without using spiritual awareness .

There were small accidents though . After being discovered by a few climate-loving monster cultivators, they were blocked . Yang Chen did not entangle with these people and controlled the shuttle to drill into the ground . Though, they could fly in the air with the speed of the shuttle, in the ground they will as slow as a snail, making escaping from their entanglement a breeze .

Even while tempering the magic weapon, Gongsun Ling could still clearly perceive the changes in the mountain river geographical map . In the places that they passed, hundreds of miles of terrain would be continually recorded in it . In just a few months, large amounts of information had been added .

In the mountain river geographical map, there was also Li Junyu who had lost her mind . She was constantly sacrificially refining it for Gongsun Ling every day . Now Li Junyu had no way of remembering why she was wandering around the sea . She only knew in her mind that she should continue to fly on the vast sea while cultivating . She had almost become an unconscious puppet .

With the help of Li Junyu, a master of the Yuanying stage, Gongsun Ling’s time in tempering the geographical map was almost shortened by more than half . The addition of the mountain river geographical map graphics could shorten this process even more .

Gongsun Ling soon noticed this, and she had begun expecting Yang Chen to travel with her to more places . However, as the two began to enter the domain of the Demon sects, the atmosphere turned a little nervous .

In addition to the difference in the starting point of thinking between the Demon sects and the Dao Sects, the biggest point was the difference in their path of cultivation .

The Dao path was gradual . After laying the foundation, they slowly strived for a breakthrough . The overall process followed steady development . This kind of cultivation with a firm foundation, would be increasingly stable in the later stage . The probability of breakthrough was also very high, and the influence of the heart devil was relatively small .

However, the path of cultivation for the demon sects was completely different . The Dao Sect’s path was difficult at the beginning and it became easy in the latter stages . Conversely the demon sects’ path was easy in the beginning and difficult in the latter stages . From the beginning, the demon sect took the opportunistic way, using all means to obtain their breakthrough, but after they cultivate to a higher realm, due to their unstable foundations, their state of mind would not be strong enough and cause powerful heart devils .

Relatively speaking, the cultivation of the demon sects before the Yuanying stage was much faster than the Dao Sects . Almost 90% of the Dao Sects cultivators who practiced the same year would not be the opponents of the Demon sects’ cultivators . There would be a large difference in their realm, making it difficult to win against them .

But after the Yuanying stage, the Dao Sects would have the advantage . However, this was also a relative conclusion as it only concerns the gap in the realm . If it came to life and death, the demon sect cultivators would act without any hindrances, it was difficult to say who would win .

Using the simplest words to describe the characteristics of the demon sects’ cultivators, one could use the following adjectives; insidious, poisonous and competent fighter . Thus, within the territory of the demon sects, they needed to be very cautious .

Yang Chen came here only to collect the seventh metal true essence, and he had nothing to do with the subjugation of the demons to protect the human cultivator’s Dao . Gongsun Ling was also on the way to perfect the mountain river geographical map and thus, she did not even have this such a thought . Otherwise, two little Jiedan stage masters in the domain of the Demon sects would not be able to protect the Dao in any case . They would only end up dead .

The demon sects’ domain was also vast in area while also being different from the Dao Sects’ domain . The spiritual veins existing in this domain were filled with demonic qi . The deeper they went into the domain, the more intense this qi became . Ordinary people, exposed to this qi, would unconsciously start getting influenced .

If a Dao Sect cultivator absorbs too much demonic qi and did not refine it in time, it would also lead to disaster . This demonic qi would accumulate and once it breaks out, it would lead to powerful heart devils . It was also common for it to rob the cultivators of their lives without them knowing it . If you enter the place with the most powerful demonic qi from the start, it was possible to just explode and die .

Both Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling were carefully and silently making way in the domain of the Demon sects . Yang Chen did not come here to fight, so he moved stealthily .

At present, Yang Chen had not met anyone from the Demon sects . He hoped that the situation remained this way . If a possibility arises to collect the seventh metal true essence without letting them know, it would be the best outcome .

It was a pity that the situation took a turn for the worst, like the sating; the better the hope, the crueller the reality . The two flew in the direction of the seventh metal true essence for a few days and found many Demon sect disciples along the way .

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