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Published at 30th of September 2020 06:21:17 AM
Chapter 349.1: Chapter 349.1 - Gao Yue’s Weapon

chapter 349 . 1: Gao Yue’s Weapon

“Senior apprentice sister you should start refining this mountain river geographic map with the method of the life source magic weapon as soon as possible . ”

Yang Chen would not care about Li Junyu’s situation, he only cared about the cultivation of the people around him, so he immediately suggested; “In addition, explore more places as the more area you cover, the greater the power of the mountain river geographic map would become . If senior apprentice sister has the opportunity, try to go outside and experience it . ”

She had already learned these characteristics from the geographical map of the mountains and rivers so Gongsun Ling certainly understood the meaning of Yang Chen, she nodded heavily and collected the map seriously .

Seeing that Gongsun Ling already had her own magic weapon, even Wang Yong was moved .

Gao Yue couldn’t help but envy and couldn’t help but smile and said, “sister Ling’s life source magic weapon has already been settled, then what about me? Yang Chen, you promised that you will find me a life source flying sword!”

“Of course, I will not forget Master!”

Yang Chen smiled and took the two dragon horns out and put them in front of his Master, “the materials have been prepared for Master and you can make whatever you wish with them!”

Gao Yue opened her eyes with joy and smiled, but as she was about to pick them up, she suddenly saw a figure in front of her . Wang Yong didn’t even know when he stood up, and he had already picked up the two dragon horns, the shock on his face, it was as if he was watching something which was impossible to exist .

Wang Yong’s performance once again caused Gao Yue to be shocked, and then it turned into ecstasy . Even her master was so shocked, it meant that this was definitely a precious thing . It seemed that Yang Chen really found a good material for herself .

It was impossible for Wang Yong not to be shocked . When the two dragon horns were taken out, even his own flying sword, the sword made of Qilin horns, trembled .

This kind of tremor was obviously not a battlefield cry, but an instinctive fear of the other’s high-level origins . Even if the Qilin had lost its life, after Wang Yong’s sacrificial refining, it seemed that there was still a spiritual intelligence remaining in it . In the face of these two dragon horns, they shook slightly .

The spiritual wisdom of the Qilin horns was no longer the spiritual wisdom of the Qilin, but the spiritual wisdom of a tool spirit . Although Wang Yong’s tool spirit had not yet been produced completely, there was already a wisp of existence . In addition to the awe of the two horns, there seemed to be a trace of greed, wanting to absorb it .

“What is this?”

Wang Yong couldn’t help but use his spiritual awareness to find out but found himself unable to break half of what it was .

It was not surprising as the dragon clan seldom existed in the mortal world . The pure dragons could be said to have completely disappeared . Only some descendants with less pure bloodlines were left . Xiao Tian was one of them . Even for Xiao Tian, at the beginning its wolf-dragon bloodline was very thin, if it was not stimulated by the Howling Celestial Dog Blood Essence, it could not grow to the present stage now .

The dragon clan had long been extinct for tens of thousands of years or even earlier, it was certainly excusable for Wang Yong to not know the dragon horn . But this did not prevent him from understanding that this was a very powerful horn of a formidable monster, the two attributes of water and fire was just right for the current Gao Yue .

“These are two dragon horns!” Yang Chen carelessly replied, “a water and a fire attribute, just right for Master . ”

“What? Dragon horns?”

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Not only Wang Yong, but even Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling, they all screamed out loudly . Before they conversed, Wang Yong had casted a few restrictions otherwise this information may have seriously shocked many people .

“What’s this fuss about them?” Yang Chen looked at their strange behaviour . He looked at the three people in front of him and smiled, “senior apprentice sister’s geographical map of the mountains and rivers, isn’t the frame made by dragon skin?”

“Dragon skin?” Gongsun ling’s brain went blank and she almost fainted .

Although she knew that the geographical map of the mountains and rivers was very strong and was also very suitable as her own magic weapon, but she did not know of the raw materials used . Now, when she heard that it was actually a dragon skin frame, she felt completely astounded .

Wang Yong and Gongsun Ling seemed to be hit by a giant hammer, all of them were struck mute while standing .

Even if Wang Yong was already a master of the Dacheng stage, even if his own magic weapon was made from the horns of the Heaven and Earth Variant Beast Qilin, his eternal sensation was still not at par .

Not to mention Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling, the joy in their minds was even more powerful than Wang Yong . After all, whether it was the dragon horn or the dragon skin, they were their own magic weapons, their own things, how could they not become ecstatic?

“Is this true?”

After standing for there a long time, Gao Yue reached out and took a dragon horn with the water attribute from Wang Yong’s hand . After scanning it with her spiritual awareness, she couldn’t believe it and scanned it again . After watching it for a long time, did she ask .

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For this question, Yang Chen did not even have to answer . Of course, he knew that Gao Yue was not suspicious of his words, just because the facts were too shocking that an affirmative would take a while to take in .

“Did you rob the Dragon Palace?”

Even after Gongsun Ling regained her senses, she still remained in a state of shock and then unexpectedly asked .

When this sentence was spoken, Wang Yong and Gongsun Ling seemed to want to understand what it was and then their body trembled, they thought of the possibility .

Linked to the geographical map of the mountains and rivers made by the dragon skin and the dragon horn, Yang Chen had gone to the sea . Thus, there was a possibility to find the legendary Dragon Palace . The dragon horn and the dragon skin flame could only prove that Yang Chen had found the Dragon Palace and got these things from there .

Thinking of this possibility, the three looked at Yang Chen’s gaze and almost changed their breath . Finding the Dragon Palace, what kind of blessing could it provide?

In the hearts of Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling, there was nothing more than joy . Their beloved was actually trying to find a magic weapon for them by risking his life and exploring the Dragon Palace, how could it not make them happy?

Except for Yang Chen, no one had ever seen a dragon . No one knew whether these was really a dragon’s skin and horns . However, they all believed that Yang Chen would never lie to them .

This could be detected from the texture of the dragon’s horn and the dragon’s skin . The high level of these two materials, even Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling could not further sacrificially refine it .

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Gongsun Ling was okay, the geographical map of the mountains and rivers was already a magic weapon . If she carried out the refining of this life source magic weapon, it could become her own magic weapon by spending few hundreds of years at most .

But Gao Yue’s continence was different . The two dragon horns had not been sacrificially refined . If she wanted them to become flying swords, she didn’t know how long it would take!

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