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“This is an Inner Sensing Pill, a first-grade pill, Senior sister can take one first to feel the blood and spirit power in your body.” There were good things to give to his own people, Yang Chen said with a smile “Although it cannot form your Nascent soul, it can help with your cultivation.”

For the Inner Sensing Pill which news was passed to the outside world, Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling of course knew about it, but they have never been seen one. Now Yang Chen took it out, just to satisfy their curiosity.

Gao Yue was also attracted, carefully put away the jade box, and then took another Inner Sensing Pill from Yang Chen’s hand and carefully observed it.

They have already taken the second grade Questioning Inner Heart Pill of Yang Chen. The two women were not surprised at Yang Chen for taking out the first grade Inner Sensing Pill. After appreciating them for a while, and then under the instructions of Yang Chen, they swallowed the medicinal pills in their hands.

Once you took a first grade Inner Sensing Pill, you don’t need to arrange a soundproof array to offset the damage of the sound, ten times to enhance the senses, all within the acceptable range. But Yang Chen was still careful to stay aside. Once there was a problem, he could solve it at any time.

The process of the effects of the pill was very normal, without any abnormalities. The two women also enjoyed the feeling of the spirit power operation in their body. After the completion of the efficacy of the pill, the two women had some feelings, and they sat quietly and began to relish it.

Yang Chen did not bother them, and he took out an Inner Sensing Pill and swallowed it, and began to feel the pill in silence.

Speaking of this, this was the first time that Yang Chen swallowed his own refined Inner Sensing Pill. Qiao Ming and Xu Chengxin, these two elders, because it happened just right, it was the same as taking the initiative to give him the test of the medicinal pill, let him confirm if the monster race medicinal pill also work for human cultivators.

His senses suddenly increased, and Yang Chen also used this extremely sensitive sense to understand the qi and blood power in his body.

The process did not last long. Yang Chen was very happy to discover that for the time being, there was no deviation in his practice, and everything was on the normal track.

It may be that this time when they went out to gain experience, the two women did have a lot of gains. After swallowing the Inner Sensing Pills, this time, the process of sentiment was surprisingly long. In a few days, even Yang Chen controlled the spirit furnace to absorb a third-grade fire seed. The two women did not wake up from that state of perception.

Carefully caring for his Master and Senior sister, Yang Chen absorbed the fire seed and began to ponder his next plan.

Now that the Blue Cloud Sect’s remuneration has been received, it was only necessary to refine the Questioning Inner Heart Pills and make a difference. Then, when these fires were absorbed into the Profound Spirit furnace, Yang Chen would consider going to the vein of the Seventh Metal True Essence left by the Golden Star of the Sun.

If it goes well, the seventh metal true essence could also condense a Dan, Yang Chen would be folded to the East China Sea. On one hand, he could collect more Tenth Water True Essence, on the other hand, he could try to see if he could open the remaining restrictions in the Dragon Palace. On the East China Sea side, Yang Chen plans to stay at least until he reached the tenth water true essence condensed Dan.

Then, Yang Chen intends to collect a dozen flying swords left by a certain immortal to use as the life source magic weapons for his Master and sister. Of course, in the course of the road, Yang Chen would use the Yin-Yang Burning Heavenly Fire at any time to absorb the fire seeds and raise the level of the Yin-Yang Burning Heavenly Fire.

It was estimated that it would take at least two or three decades to complete this. Just in time, he could take Mu Bai and the cypress family back to the sect, and then he could plan for another ​​future genius.

The plan was good, but unfortunately there was no arrangement for troubles in the Greatest Heaven Sect during this time. At present, both Yang Chen and the Pure Yang Palace needed to use the help of the Greatest Heaven Sect to rush to restore their strength, and to find a way for the sect to recruit large-scale monster cultivators.

It's not that Yang Chen doesn't want revenge, but revenge was not just as simple as killing a Yang Xi, The sect master of the Greatest Heaven Sect, including the entire Greatest Heaven Sect, was part of Yang Chen's revenge. This was not something that could be done overnight, Yang Chen had enough patience.

Moreover, using the power and influence of the enemy to strengthen themselves, and in turn to eliminate the enemy, wasn’t this vengeful taste more beautiful?

Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling were awake from their understanding of the Inner Sensing Pill, and they were even more curious about the second grade Inner Sensing Pill. However, at this time, Yang Chen did not intend to give it to the two women, he at least wanted to wait for their cultivation base to be re-consolidated for decades, and for the time being, the effect of the first grade Inner Sensing Pill was enough.

Yang Chen wanted to refine the Questioning Inner Heart Pills. The two women also wanted to spend more time with Yang Chen. They stayed here to accompany Yang Chen and act as protectors for Yang Chen.

However, before alchemy, Yang Chen still planned to use a year or two, until all the fire seeds in his hand were absorbed into the Profound Spirit furnace. The upgrading of the Profound Spirit furnace also means that the quality of the medicinal pill would be higher, and the alchemy would be easier.

The spiritual awareness double cultivation naturally would also take turns to carry on. This kind of cultivation, which was of great benefit to both sides' spiritual awareness, would never be wasted. Anyway, the two women have long been having double cultivation with Yang Chen, and they continued the spiritual awareness double cultivation so everyone could accept it.

Here, Yang Chen was proceeding in an orderly manner according to his own plan. Outside, he had set off an uproar because of the Inner Sensing Pills.

Fortunately, there was a lot of martial art sects which had the pill recipe. Already an alchemy master succeeded in refining some Pills in a period of one year. Although the number of medicinal pills in a furnace could not be compared with that of Yang Chen, he has already obtained several Inner Sensing Pills that have been refined, which also indicates that the refining of Inner Sensing Pills has been completely successful.

The efficacy of these Inner Sensing Pills was almost exactly the same as that of Yang Chen’s. The same could improve the sensory sensitivity by ten times, and let people explore the blood and vitality of their own body.

When many of the Jiedan stage masters who were on the verge of breaking through were looking forward to taking some of the Inner Sensing Pills, just as Xu Chengxin started, they also understood some deviations in his practice, but they could not take the last step in initiating the process of their tribulation.

With this problem, countless people rushed back to the side of the Pure Yang Palace to inquire about it, but it was a long time before they got a message from an elder of the Pure Yang Palace who was accidentally lost. Qiao Ming and Xu Chengxin were able to break through after taking the pill. It's not the first grade Inner Sensing Pill in their hands, but a second grade Inner Sensing Pill.

In the heart of many of them, they began criticising the Pure Yang Palace, and a bunch of alchemists have started a new round of refining of the second grade Inner Sensing Pill. However, the results of this time were unacceptable to everyone.

After spending hundreds of years of elixir, the one that has been formed has been turned into the first grade pills. When the second refining system was carried out, all of them failed without exception, and no pills was preserved. Those who did not believe in it continued to refine twice in succession, all of which ended in getting a stove of coke.

The second grade Inner Sensing Pill, was actually still firmly in the hands of the Pure Yang Palace.


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Editor:  Skizlock

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