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When he got these kinds of fire seeds, Yang Chen went straight to his place of residence.

Yang Chen's small courtyard was full of spiritual power, but there was no servant to take care of it. Gao Yue sent her maid directly to help him take care of it usually. Yang Chen left for so long but the room in the small courtyard was still abnormally clean, and there was no dilapidation because Yang Chen was absent.

After greeting the maid, Yang Chen began to absorb these fire seeds one by one. The Yin-Yang Burning Heavenly Fire was now a higher-level fire seed at the third grade, so Yang Chen also started from the third grade fire seeds.

He was afraid that it would not be so easy to use the Yin-Yang Burning Heavenly Fire to absorb the third grade fire seeds after reaching the Jiedan stage. Fortunately, the absorption process was completely automatic, and did not require too much effort from Yang Chen.

What Yang Chen was doing now was to control the Profound Spirit furnace to store these fire seeds first. Although the Green Jade Immortal Island had kept these fire seeds very well, Yang Chen would feel more at ease if it was in the Profound Spirit furnace.

The Profound Spirit Furnace had absorbed several kinds of fifth grade fire seeds. After blending most of the Cyan Crystal Profound Gold, it had the same qualitative change as the same nature of the Yin-Yang Burning Heavenly Fire. The more fire seeds that were absorbed, the stronger the Profound Spirit furnace became. The stronger the Profound Spirit furnace was, the faster the speed of the absorption of the fire seeds. Now it was absorbing the third grade fire seeds, but it was as simple as the absorption of a first grade fire seed.

Even so, a third grade fire seed would take Yang Chen at least four or five days. Yang Chen absorbed them for two months before he absorbed the fifteen kinds of third grade fire seeds into the Profound Spirit furnace. It was necessary to absorb it all, so it didn’t take a short time.

On this day, Yang Chen was controlling the absorption of one of the third-grade fire seeds. When it was about to be completed, his heart suddenly moved and there was an indescribable joy in his heart.

This kind of emotion came so suddenly that Yang Chen was very surprised. However, the mood of joy did not stop him from working with his hands. He still managed to control the Profound Spirit furnace, and after inhaling the third-grade fire seed that were being absorbed into the furnace, he stood up and pondered the inexplicable mood. what’s going on?

The inexplicable joy came with no reason, was it in his heart? Yang Chen carefully looked through his mind and there was no such thing as a cultivation deviation in his memory. He just felt happy, no matter whether it was his spirit power or spiritual awareness, there was no change, it should not be a Cultivation deviation.

Soon, Yang Chen suddenly discovered that when faced with a certain direction, this feeling was at the strongest. Yang Chen couldn’t help but feel a movement in his heart. The spiritual awareness threads of the peak early dacheng stage swiftly expanded in the direction crazily, and in a moment, it reached a hundred miles away.

Forcibly suppressing the excitement, Yang Chen urged the spiritual awareness to explore the farthest places in that direction. As a former Great Principle Golden Immortal, Yang Chen also knew that spiritual awareness was not omnipotent. Otherwise, Ming Guangruo would find that something was wrong with his flying sword and could detect many clues.

However, after all, the spiritual awareness threads were several times faster than the flying swords. After a while, the spiritual awareness were thousands of miles away from the scope of the Meiqing Mountain range.

This was not the limit of Yang Chen's spiritual awareness exploration. You must know that Yang Chen's spiritual awareness was now opened fully, and he was exploring a particular direction. When he concentrates on exploring in a certain direction, he could even explore five times larger than the scope of his exploration usually.

A stick of incense time later, Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness finally reached the limit, two thousand miles, this was Yang Chen’s farthest distance when exploring in this direction, he could detect that there was a person who was moving towards this side hurriedly.

After waiting for a while, Yang Chen's spiritual awareness knew the existence of that person.

These familiar figures, Yang Chen almost directly called out to them.

That was his Master Gao Yue, there was another familiar shadow around, it was his Senior Sister Gongsun Ling. He didn’t know why, but Yang Chen could feel his Master’s attraction to himself, but couldn’t detect Gongsun Ling.

Gao Yue was obviously somewhat confused, but after entering the scope of the exploration of Yang Chen's spiritual awareness, Yang Chen sent a thought directly to his Master, using the Beast Controlling Secret Art method.

“Master!” In the mind of Gao Yue, Yang Chen's voice suddenly sounded, and she was overjoyed. Finally, it was a timely response. This was not because Yang Chen was talking to her. She did not openly ask Yang Chen why.

“I am in my residence in the sect.” Yang Chen’s voice of joy was not pretending and appeared again in the mind of Gao Yue. Then, after a pause, Yang Chen suddenly said: “I miss you, Master!”

This time, it let Gao Yue's face and ears directly become red. She couldn’t communicate directly with Yang Chen. She didn’t have Yang Chen’s Beast Controlling Secret Art, and she also didn't have the communication ability of the monster soul. Gao Yue could only listen to Yang Chen’s words, but could not respond. Just, listening to Yang Chen's words, Gao Yue was somewhat ashamed, but her heart was happy.

She also felt strange. When she passed somewhere, she felt that there was something in front of her that attracted her. Suddenly, there was an inexplicable joy. It was precisely because of this that Gao Yue accelerated back to the sect with Gongsun Ling, and she heard Yang Chen's voice on the road.

Does this mean that she and Yang Chen had an indescribable connection? Could it be caused by the double cultivation? Gao Yue was not sure, because Gongsun Ling does not seem to respond to it.

“Senior sister!” Yang Chen did not pay any attention to this. After speaking two sentences with his Master, he also sent a greeting to Gongsun Ling.

“Yang Chen?” Gongsun Ling could not be as calm as Gao Yue, and she called out directly. However, she immediately realized that she did not seem to see the shadow of Yang Chen.

When Gongsun Ling opened her mouth, Yang Chen listened very clearly, and he knew that he could do this. This time, Yang Chen also sent a message to his Master and Senior sister “Welcome back to the sect.”

Listening to the call that Gongsun Ling blurted out, Gao Yue also understood that this was definitely what Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling also said. However, looking at Gongsun Ling's astonished look it was not like the same feeling as herself. She was relaxed, she doesn’t know why she felt like this. Maybe, when she sees Yang Chen back in the sect, she could explain it all.

Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling once again speeded up and set the flight of their flying sword to the highest, while Yang Chen was already driving the shuttle to fly over here.

The speed of the shuttle was faster, the two sides accelerate, and less than an hour, Yang Chen and his Master and Sister met in the middle. He didn’t want to think about it. Yang Chen directly included the two women in the shuttle. He adjusted the direction of the shuttle to the Pure Yang Palace and he turned to his Master and Sister.

“I have been waiting for you for a long time, Master, Sister!” Faced with the two women, Yang Chen blurted out!.


Translator: DonStagy

Editor: Mike

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