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Chapter 321: 321
Before the 100,000 mountains incident, Yang Chen had also asked a question before the elders . If the value was not worthwhile . Now, it seems to be a reappearance of the same scene .

Of course, the elders were tempted to have control of the banyan tree Immortal’s Cave . With the inheritance cultivation methods, it would mean that it would be easy to add the hundreds of thousands of monster cultivators in the banyan tree cave to their sect .

We must know that the Pure Yang Palace has only just reached the scale of more than 100,000 people . This was the result of vigorous expansion in recent decades . If they suddenly added hundreds of thousands of new forces, even if they exclude the less qualified cultivators, they could double the strength of their sect .

Of course, if the power of the monster race was more than that of the human cultivators . This was by no means what the Master and the elders were willing to see . However, even if they did not pull all the monster races to the Pure Yang Palace, they could control the sales and purchases of materials in the banyan tree, and they could bring in benefits dozens of times to the 100,000 mountains each year .

The 100,000 mountains only covered a few thousand miles, yet the banyan tree cave directly radiates around tens of thousands of miles . It was not enough to know how many times larger the site was . Not to mention the fact that it was almost the only place where the surrounding monster race were doing business . The huge gains, needless to say, just thinking about it made them feel like drooling .

The most important thing was that this banyan tree cave has been hidden very deeply, except for Yang Chen, it has not been discovered by human cultivators . The Monster Race who entered the Immortal’s Cave had made a vow on their monster soul, and would never easily reveal the secret of the banyan tree cave .

Such a secret treasure, now placed in front of everyone in the Pure Yang Palace, not to mention the elders, even the master of the palace was eager to have a slice of it .

“This matter needs further consideration!” After all, the master of the palace was still in charge of the palace, although it was tempting, it was also an important matter, and before Wang Yong crossed his tribulation, these things had to wait before making any plans, so he was still strong to suppress the impulse, as it needs further consideration .

It doesn’t matter if they have a long-term plan, as long as they have a plan . At the beginning for Yang Chen, he did not intend to take the banyan tree cave . He thought of the things after the expansion of the Greatest Heaven Sect and took out the secret technique that controlled the banyan tree cave . Originally, the original secret technique was left by the original Immortal’s Cave owner to Yang Chen to collect the First Wood True Essence, but he could not bring such benefits to the Pure Yang Palace .

Benefits for Yang Chen would never be too much, so was the same for the Pure Yang Palace . Since the problem of worry no longer exists, then everyone would have no difficulty in discussing the solution to the problem, and the elders meeting would be dissolved .

“Yang Chen, what are your next plans?” Before the departure of everyone, the palace master asked Yang Chen . When this question was asked it caused all the elders who were planning to leave to stop and wait for Yang Chen’s answer .

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Yang Chen, a disciple, never let them take care of him, but he could still bring unexpected surprises to them every time . Yang Chen’s whereabouts, especially Yang Chen’s safety, was now of the most concern for them . However, since Yang Chen could kill the second city lord who was a master of the dacheng stage without any scars on his whole body, basically on this issue, everyone also felt a lot easier .

Therefore, Yang Chen’s plan was particularly curious to them . If he was planning to travel again or intended to have a closed-door cultivation in the sect for a while, everyone wanted to know .

“Blue Cloud Sect sect Master Lu may have to visit in recent days, and it is related to this disciple . Disciples does not want to be rude, so I have to wait in the sect!” Yang Chen thought and replied “Moreover this disciple got a pill recipe from the monster race side, I will just try it out . I also want to refine the Questioning Inner Heart Pills of the Green Jade Immortal Island and exchange it for this disciple’s fire seeds, so that I can cultivate with it . ”

Staying in the sect for the visit of the Blue Cloud Sect’s sect Master Lu, then refine alchemy . This arrangement was good . In the sect, Yang Chen’s safety does not have to be worried about and refining the medicinal pills could promote the cooperation with the Green Jade Immortal Island again . Exchanging it for the fire seeds was also beneficial to Yang Chen cultivation . This arrangement was good .

Everyone was very happy to leave as they were busy . Yang Chen stayed in the sect and began preparing the medicinal herbs to refine the Inner Sensing Pill . Of course, there was a purpose for Yang Chen to say that he must wait in the sect for a while, maybe his Master and Senior sister would receive news to come back .

However, after all, the plan was just a plan . Yang Chen thought that the Blue Cloud Sect’s people would visit soon, but he forgot that the Blue Cloud Sect had obtained his promise and knew that the Pure Yang Palace would not refuse . This time they were not anxious to come immediately because of the agreement, but to find the medicinal herbs first .

The Blue Cloud Sect has also studied about the Questioning Inner Heart Pill, this level of medicinal pill, no big sect was able to produce it . The Greatest Heaven Sect was also like the Green Jade Immortal Island, which allowed the sect’s best alchemist to analyze and disassemble it . However, the results had made many people very disappointed . Everyone knew what kind of medicinal herbs was used by Yang Chen to refine the Questioning Inner Heart Pill, but no one understood the alchemy technique .

It was precisely because of this that the Blue Cloud Sect does not even ask Yang Chen what kinds of medicinal ingredients was needed for the Questioning Inner Heart Pill, the people have begun to prepare it already .

Big sects are big sects for a reason, and their backgrounds are also amazing . Even if Yang Chen’s refining of the Questioning Inner Heart Pill uses elixirs that have been mature for more than 10,000 years, the Blue Cloud Sect could still produce a big part of the ingredients in a short time .

However, after all, what Yang Chen needed was a ten thousand years Spirit Medicine, and the tens of thousands of years mature herbs, even if it was a big sect, it was not to say that it could be taken out immediately . Not everyone has Yang Chen’s powerful medicine garden, so for the last few herbs, the Blue Cloud Sect still took a while .

To this end, the Blue Cloud Sect also specially sent an elder to explain to the Pure Yang Palace, and agreed on the date of the visit of the Blue Cloud Sect . It was temporarily set for three years later, by then, Elder Hua Wanting, as well as Elder Shi Yanhe would accompany them, accompanied by the apprentice of the Elder Hua, Sun Qingxue .

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In addition to the deep cooperation between the two sides, there was another thing to discuss which was the marriage of Yang Chen and Sun Qingxue . Because the last time the Island Master used it to cover up the secrets of her travels, the excuse of Shi Shanshan and Yang Chen’s marriage was used, and the Pure Yang Palace could not be overthrown . So, this time, the Pure Yang Palace still had to hold their nose and recognize it .

The biggest trouble of the palace master was how to let Yang Chen agree to it . He even deliberately found Yang Chen and discussed it with him . Now, with Yang Chen, the head of the palace, would not order him as the sect master, but discuss it with him, even though Yang Chen respects the master of the palace as always .

“I want the palace master to make me a promise . ” Yang Chen had no good idea about this . This time, Yang Chen had discovered that he has completely fallen in love with his master and was unable to extricate himself . If he couldn’t be with his Master, Yang Chen would be alone . Even if he was destined to hurt Sun Qingxue and Shi Shanshan who were affectionate to himself, Yang Chen would not accept this kind of appearance .

This was not Yang Chen’s idea of ​​forcing the palace master to press Gao Yue, but his own innermost feelings . If he couldn’t let his Master make a decision, Yang Chen would drag on .

Anyway, Shi Shanshan was now a recognized Dao Companion of his, but there has been no substantive action . Yang Chen and Shi Shanshan were just peers who had gained experience together once and then shared tea a few times . In the same way, there was not much contact with Sun Qingxue . All this was because Yang Chen has his master in his heart .

The master of the palace was of course aware of Yang Chen’s mind . In fact, all the high-ranking members of the Pure Yang Palace had seen Yang Chen’s feelings for his master Gao Yue, which was beyond the teacher’s sentiment . Everyone understood but nothing was brought to light .

Now Yang Chen finally understood himself and wanted to face his own feelings about his Master . Therefore, before the matter with his Master was resolved, Yang Chen would not promise anything even if the Pure Yang Palace and the Green Jade Immortal Island had already announced the marriage of Yang Chen and Shi Shanshan .

“Your matters, wait for your master to come back and solve it yourself!” The master of the palace was able to understand and understood it clearly . These things could not be solved by his orders . The only thing he has to do was that if Gao Yue also agrees, then he must transgress the laws of human relationships for this master and disciple and help relieve all the pressures on Gao Yue and Yang Chen, that was all .

Sect Master Lu mainly postponed their visit, Yang Chen just happened to refine the medicinal pills in advance . The Questioning Inner Heart Pills medicinal materials was ready-made . Yang Chen could complete the transaction with the Green Jade Immortal Island first, and then get a batch of fire seeds to improve his strength .

Yang Chen wanted to refine pills, of course, he would not avoid Zhu Chentao . Now Zhu Chentao of the Yuanying stage has already vaguely achieved the strength of the Third Grade Alchemist Master . It’s just that he couldn’t maintain the success rate, but he was already moving in this direction . In time, he would be able to become a true Third Grade Alchemist Master .

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For this elder who gave himself a Profound Spirit Furnace, Yang Chen was highly respected of, and even in the process of many alchemy, he cooperated with Zhu Chentao .

This times refining of the Questioning Inner Heart Pills, Yang Chen made no exception, and brought Zhu Chentao in again . In addition to Zhu Chentao, there was Yang Chen previous female servant, and now Zhu Chentao’s disciple Ho Lin .

She had been in the foundation stage for decades, Ho Lin, who has a handful of high-definition fire controlling methods under the cultivation of Yang Chen, was now highly valued by the Pure Yang Palace Medicinal Hall . Apart from Yang Chen, if they were looking for someone to refine the Qi Seeking Pill, now only Ho Lin could refine it . This brought her a large number of sect contribution points, but also brought her a lot of spirit stones, with the spirit stones, she naturally could buy more herbs for more refining . Ho Lin’s alchemy level was also leaping forward .

Ho Lin knew better than anyone else where everything she got came from, so when she saw Yang Chen, there was no change because she was a disciple who belong to the same peers now as Yang Chen . There was still a great deal of worship from her .

After a simple greeting with Zhu Chentao and his apprentice, Yang Chen began to refine the Questioning Inner Heart Pills . This was the second time that Yang Chen was refining it in front of the two, but the two were still very focused . Any action by Yang Chen must be carefully observed .

The Questioning Inner Heart Pill was very important, so Yang Chen was also dedicated to the refining process, and could not give them any direct advice, and could only wait until after for the two people to specifically ask for advice . Even so, each time they observe Yang Chen’s Alchemy, it seemed that there was a new understanding of alchemy for them .

Zhu Chentao thought that he would have been in the peak Jiedan stage all his life, but he did not expect that he could still form his Nascent soul . What he also did not expect was that he could reach the level of the Third Grade Alchemist Master . One day, perhaps he might still be able to seize the realm of the Fourth Grade Alchemist Master, this has completely exceeded his expectations .

This time, he was asked to refine the Questioning Inner Heart Pill by the Green Jade Immortal Island, so Yang Chen did not intend to carry out the second-grade refining system . The first grade Questioning Inner Heart Pill, Yang Chen was already refining it for the third time, so it was easy and familiar to him . Moreover, his current cultivation base was several times higher than the first refining, and his realm had been upgraded one by one . The three spiritual powers were condensed, and the speed was naturally faster .

At the time of the first refining, Yang Chen spent a year and ten months, but this time, Yang Chen completed the refining process in only one year .

One furnace of the Questioning Inner Heart Pill, Yang Chen produced thirty-five pills, far more than the twenty that was promised to the Green Jade Immortal Island .

When giving it to the head of the palace, Yang Chen handed over thirty-five Questioning Inner Heart Pills to the head of the palace, letting him handle it himself, and even took out two second grade Questioning Inner Heart Pills to let the palace master give to the people of the Green Jade Immortal Island .

In the end, the palace master decided to take out twenty-seven pieces of the Questioning Inner Heart Pills, and the two second grade Questioning Inner Heart Pills to be handed over to the Green Jade Immortal Island . This quantity was still far more than the number promised, and the quality was higher .

This was a strategy to make the Green Jade Immortal Island have a more important strategy for the Pure Yang Palace . A first grade Questioning Inner Heart Pill had been so powerful, then how much more powerful would the second grade Questioning Inner Heart Pill be? Yang Chen’s status among the cultivators would only get higher and higher . And if they wanted to continue to cooperate with Yang Chen, they have to win over the Pure Yang Palace more . This was the purpose of Yang Chen and the head of the palace .

These things were handed over to the head of the palace to deal with, the master of the palace would naturally use his full strength to fight for the maximum benefit . Now Yang Chen’s mind has come to the Inner Sensing Pill .

The Inner Sensing Pill’s powerful function, before Yang Chen, has already been understood . Now that the medicinal materials were ready, Yang Chen would open the furnace again and refine this kind of monster race medicinal pills .

Compared with the Questioning Inner Heart Pill, the difficulty of the Inner Sensing Pill was almost reduced by at least three levels, and even Zhu Chentao may be successful in refining it .

However, Yang Chen was not only pursuing success, but rather the second grade . With Yang Chen’s current cultivation base, it was relatively safe to complete the second grade of this class of medicinal pills . Yang Chen did not have a strong intention to break through the third grade . He just wanted to know how the second grade of the Inner Sensing Pill would be useful to human cultivators .

The first refining was a little rusty, for the first grade Inner Sensing Pill, Yang Chen spent half a year . Then Yang Chen did not stop at the slightest, and directly carried out the refining of the second grade . It took another half a year to complete the second grade . After the furnace was opened, Yang Chen got thirty-three second grade Inner Sensing Pills .

Holding these Inner Sensing Pills, Yang Chen could not wait to experience the medicine . However, when he just got out of the alchemy division, he met Qiao Ming, the Fierce Yang Hall Hall Master .

Qiao Ming was also at the peak of the Jiedan stage . The last time Yang Chen sent him a praying mantis body to refine as a puppet, and also sent him two Thunder pomegranates, making him use it to pass the Thunder Tribulation, but Qiao Ming has never broken through, he knew that he still had to stay at the peak of the Jiedan stage .

“Yang Chen, my recent Nascent soul formation is on the last level . What can you do to help?” Qiao Ming was very sincere and asked .

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