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Indeed, the body of a monster at the dacheng stage, even with the strength of Gao Yue now in the Jiedan stage was far from being able to refine it. To be successful in refining, the strength of the late Yuanying stage or peak Yuanying stage at least was needed for it to be completed.

Moreover, even with strength at the peak Yuanying stage, refining a dacheng stage puppet was also a protracted process.

“Senior Brother Wang has been in retreat for a long time, and he should have almost crossed the dacheng stage tribulation!” The master of the palace directly pushed the matter to Yang Chen's master's ancestor, Gao Yue's master Wang Yong “Handing the refining of the puppet over to him, it is to refine for his own apprentice.”

Wang Yong had been retiring for decades. Before retreating, he brought at least five second grade Questioning Inner Heart Pills with the suggestion of Yang Chen. The master of the palace also knew that these things were not as precious as imagined, and naturally let Wang Yong bring more of it. A few more, so that he could be more sure.

Counting up, in a maximum of another ten years, Wang Yong would be able to break through the realm of the peak Yuanying stage and cross into the dacheng stage. This was Yang Chen’s estimate. In this regard, the master of the palace was also well aware.

The elders also knew that Wang Yong's retreat was to impact the dacheng stage, but they were not as confident as the head of the palace and Yang Chen. Now that they heard the words of the head of the palace, it seems there were also no small accidents.

However, in the midst of there being no accident, everyone was still happy to live in the Pure Yang Palace. If there was another master of the dacheng stage, it would definitely be a good thing.

The body of the second city lord was still collected by Yang Chen, but the jade slips that recorded the inheritance of the monster race were handed over to the sect, and the sect began to copy and classify their management.

Elder Geng Hong also supervises the work on the research of martial arts. The work of categorising and analyzing whether it helps human cultivators to practice was naturally handed over to him. Of course, all those who could participate were the core disciples of the Pure Yang Palace.

Next, Yang Chen reported the initial agreement with the Blue Cloud Sect Leader, Sect Master Lu, to the head of the palace and the elders. Since this kind of cooperation had been done once with the Green Jade Immortal Island, this time with the Blue Cloud Sect bringing the medicinal material along with their close cooperation with the Pure Yang Palace because of the 100,000 mountains. Naturally, it was not a problem.

For the sect, Yang Chen thought, this was a good thing, and everyone knew that. With the same conditions as the Green Jade Immortal Island, not only could the sect get most of the benefits of the 100,000 mountains, but they also believed that Yang Chen, in the process of refining, could make a lot of Questioning Inner Heart Pills for the Pure Yang Palace.

As for Yang Chen's discovery of the Eighth Metal True Secret Art for the Blue Cloud Sect, Yang Chen's vows would not be circulated, so it would naturally be hidden.

At this point, Yang Chen's experiences of this experience has been fully explained. Next, it was time for everyone to discuss some things.

The Blue Cloud Sect’s thing was best done. It was very easy to handle it according to the Green Jade Immortal Island’s. It was easy to be impartial. Even Yang Chen's remuneration had not changed. It was still the fire seeds of the third grade, fourth grade and fifth grade, so long as the two sides do not repeat the same fire seeds.

The most troublesome thing was that the inheritance of the monster race cultivation methods was only a reference. There was absolutely no big problem. The key point was that with the rapid development of the Pure Yang Palace, the number of disciples had greatly expanded, even then the Blue Vault Mountain Immortal’s Cave had room still for more than ten times the disciples.

Originally, the number was small. If there was a monster race, it was definitely an opportunity to strengthen their strength. But the question was, once the monster race joins, how would the other Dao sects react? The Pure Yang Palace had these Inherited cultivation methods. This news couldn’t be concealed. If the time comes and others come to ask for it, do they still give it?

If they give it, the Pure Yang Palace would not be reconciled. If they don't give it, they would greatly offend the others. Moreover, if the monster race joined the sect in large numbers, this would be unprecedented. For the Pure Yang Palace, it may be an unprecedented opportunity, but it may also be a huge problem.

After all, monsters and humans were different. It takes time for the cultivators to accept the monster race when they join the sect. This problem would definitely be faced and must be discussed.

In other words, the big city lord of the Immortal’s cave still does not know the identity of Yang Chen. If the Pure Yang Palace reveals the legacy of the monster race cultivation methods, it would mean that the identity of Yang Chen's identity would be exposed. It was very likely that Yang Chen would be faced with a chase from the dacheng stage and innumerable Yuanying stage monster cultivators.

If the big city lord was willing to make those things public, maybe there would be such a strong and invisible guy who would come after him, unless Yang Chen stays in the Pure Yang Palace for a lifetime, but even then his safety was not guaranteed.

Adding these questions together was really a headache for the palace master and elders. Everyone was very optimistic about the addition of the monster race to the sect’s strength, even the monster race who joined because of the monster soul vow, were more reliable than the human cultivators. However, when they thought about these problems, there was no good solution at the same time.

They wanted to seize the opportunity to revitalize the Pure Yang Palace, yet they were afraid that they couldn’t bear the enormous pressure. This was the place where the palace master and the elders were in conflict.

“Actually, this disciple thinks that these problems are not too big. So long as it is over a period of time, there will naturally be a solution.” After listening to them for a while, he saw everyone frowning, and Yang Chen slowly opened his mouth.

Yang Chen's words made everyone's eyes focused on him, and no one understood why Yang Chen said so. Would there be a solution after a while? What solution?

“Why do you say this?” The master of the palace provoked a brow, and his eyes that were originally troubled was now bursting with light. Yang Chen was not the kind of untargeted guy. Since he said there was a way, there must be a way.

“Palace Master, Elders, in fact, the people in most need to strengthen their strength now is not our Pure Yang Palace.” Yang Chen smiled and said: “It is another sect, the Greatest Heaven Sect!” He thought of this and said it. Compared to the small-scale expansion of the Pure Yang Palace, the last time the gate was destroyed, was the biggest loss. Even if the connection was supplemented by dozens of small sects and rogue cultivator squads, their original strength could not be restored immediately.

The eyes of the elders also suddenly lit up. According to Yang Chen’s suggestion, the Greatest Heaven Sect was the most in need of strengthening their strength, and in accordance with the normal method, wanting to restore to the heyday of the Greatest Heaven Sect, would take at least for a hundred years.

But now, where would the Greatest Heaven Sect take a hundred years to recover? Almost all other major sects would have dissatisfaction with the Greatest Heaven Sect. During this time, they would definitely put a lot of blame on them. Even if they don’t know how to strike the sword at the Greatest Heaven Sect, they would find the way to pull the Greatest Heaven Sect.


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