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After listening to Yang Chen's explanation and sermon again, everyone clearly felt the improvement in the speed of their cultivation progress. This was not only the merits of the Spirit Gathering Formation, but the improvement brought on by the cultivation methods as well.

For a time, the entire cypress family was all rejoicing, all of them were full of confidence and even the old cypresses saw the hope of reaching the Yuanying realm.

The wood cultivators were different from other cultivators. Sometimes, with a low cultivation realm one may eventually die. But the wood cultivators were not the same. Generally, as long as their spiritual wisdom formed, they could survive for many years. Compared with humans, they really had a long life.

Basically, the wood monster cultivators could still impact the realm many times, by relying on their long life-span. With this time and someone to direct their cultivation, naturally, they had high hopes to reach the higher realms.

Although everyone was happy, it did not hinder everyone’s envy of the little cypress. Because after teaching everyone, Yang Chen separated the little cypress and began to teach him exclusively.

However, even if they were envious, Yang Chen was now the master of Mu Bai. And masters alone pointing to their disciples, was a common matter. Thus, the other cypresses, though envious, could only sigh and look on.

During Yang Chen's solo teaching, not only did he bring the cypress to his side, but directly arranged an Illusion array, which cut off the spiritual awareness of all the other cypresses. Making them unable to decipher the situation inside.

“Mu Bai, your qualifications are very good, so even if you practice the same cultivation method as you do now, you can still excel.” Yang Chen explained to Mu Bai very seriously “So, in terms of cultivation methods, temporarily I don’t care too much for you.”

“Master already taught the disciple the foundation cultivation method. The disciple has understood!” Mu Bai had a respectful response to Yang Chen, and there was no hint of dissatisfaction in his demeanour.

“So, you have this mentality, very good.” Yang Chen nodded with satisfaction. “However, since I am your master and you are my apprentice, I still want to give you some gifts.”

With Yang Chen's words, in his hand a large ping of leaves appeared suddenly. Mu Bai also looked over and saw the pile of leaves, making his eyes lit up.

The pile of leaves had an extremely pure first wood aura, which was extremely suited to Mu Bai.

Yang Chen said that this was a meeting gift for him. Were these that gift?

Yang Chen's hand was holding a lot of leaves of the Penglai Divine Wood. However, these leaves were taken from the Penglai Divine Wood that Yang Chen used to refine the First Wood flying sword. In fact, at that time, Yang Chen only took the trunk, the main roots and many of the side leaves. Other parts were cut but not used.

These scattered branches and leaves were just like an elixir for Mu Bai. Of course, he still had a low cultivation base, far from the old tree monster Gui Shanyou who directly devoured a whole Penglai Divine Wood piece. However, it was no problem to slowly absorb these leaves.

“I will stay here for a year with these leaves, and some branches. How many you are able to absorb in that time is up to you.” Yang Chen said directly. He wanted to use this time to make the little cypress absorb all these treasures slowly.

Although Mu Bai did not know what the leaves were, or the leaves of which tree they were, but relying on instinct alone, he could understand their preciousness. Hearing about some branches, he was even more pleasantly surprised. Now he thanked Yang Chen again while taking the leaves from his hand. The trunk cracked a small mouth and put the leaves of these Penglai Divine Woods into it.

In the time when the cypress absorbed the leaves of the Penglai divine wood, Yang Chen also stayed there. In addition to pointing out the practice of the cypresses monster, he was also tempering his own Body Refining Technique.

The bone-chilling cold astral wind of the hurricane smashed the cypress monsters here very well. Although they were not so powerful when facing Yang Chen, he knew how strong these guys were against such weather elements.

In addition to making them submit by force, Yang Chen also needed to use rewards to make them completely loyal to the Pure Yang Palace. The earlier cultivation methods, the Spirit Gathering Formation and Yang Chen's instructions were all in lieu of that goal.

However, these were not enough. Yang Chen must add more rewards.

For these ordinary cypress monsters, Yang Chen also gave them a motivation to practice. A branch of Penglai Divine Wood with a thin finger was setup as reward, if they progressed to the peak Jiedan stage. Of course, the premise was to use the new monster cultivation method to lay their foundations, unlike the self-exploring way they originally practiced.

The attraction of the Penglai Divine Wood was extraordinary. Although the cypress monsters did not know the origin of the branches, but the pure aura that they exuded, made them extremely excited. The big trees on one of the trunks were almost bursting with fire, staring at the branches and hating that they couldn’t swallow them with their eyes.

“In addition, you can’t make a monster body now, let alone a human figure, so you can’t go back to the sect for a while.” Yang Chen revealed but also gave a solution, “take this Transformation Secret Art and practice carefully. After thirty years, it is estimated that you can all transform into a monster body, then I will take you away.”

"The environment here is special, and the cold hurricane has great benefits for your body refining. All the cultivation should be carried out in this hurricane." Yang Chen was not willing to let these guys lose their tracks because of the spiritual qi in the Spirit Gathering Formation. “This Spirit Gathering Formation will be active every day, each person should only stay in it for two hours at the most, so the spiritual qi is concentrated and is good for everyone.”

No one objected to Yang Chen's words, his instructions have already made all the cypresses here content. Since the previous instructions were all fruitful, they blindly trusted these as well.

The aptitude of Mu Bai was really outstanding. In less than a month, he absorbed all the Penglai Divine Wood leaves Yang Chen had. His spiritual power now also had a touch of the Penglai Divine Wood aura.

For his own apprentice, Yang Chen certainly wouldn't be jealous, and directly gave him all the remaining Penglai Divine Wood leaves. He had prepared them for him after all. If he could absorb all of them, he would become a mighty monstrous talent in the future.

While pointing out Mu Bai's cultivation, and the rest of the cypress monsters, Yang Chen did not forget to temper his own body refining technique day and night. Everyone saw that Yang Chen himself practiced in the hurricane, thus, they were also unwilling to fall behind.

Soon, one year of hard cultivation had passed by.

Translator: DonStagy

Editor: Skizlock

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