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Chapter 308

As a medicinal garden tool spirit of the first wood, at least in the understanding of trees such as the first wood, A’Zhu also had considerable insight . However, when she saw the Penglai Divine Woods, she was shocked by Yang Chen’s handiwork .

Because of the second layer closure of the medicine garden, A’Zhu and A’Bi did not know that the first layer had many of these new species planted . However, after all, the two women were all tool spirits, and once they came to the first layer, they almost immediately knew what was being planted here .

The original medicinal materials were basically the seeds thrown out by A’Zhu and A’Bi thousands of years ago . Because of the relationship between the medicine gardens, they have successfully cultivated countless thousands of years of medicinal herbs . Basically, there were plants that were probably clear to both women .

But now, there were so many more herbs and plants . However, the Penglai Divine Woods and Blood Demon Vine were not common . In particular, the Penglai Divine was simply of the Peerless Grade . This was the purest tree of the first wood that could be heard of in the mortal realm .

After standing for a long while, only then did A’Zhu react . As soon as she became awake, she immediately rushed into the Penglai Divine Wood forest, feeling the pure first wood aura, she was so excited that it was like she had gotten what she always desired the most .

Although the first wood true essence was the purest first wood aura, but A’Zhu preferred the Penglai Divine Wood, a plant with a body . As a Tool Spirit, she shuttled back and forth through the Penglai Wood Forest like a happy deer .

The nearby A’Bi was also curious, she was now kneeling in front of the blood demon vine, curiously staring at the bloody vines up and down . Her body was a Blue Jade Vine, and it was a natural nemesis of the blood demon vine . If it was not that the blood demon vine was for the owner, maybe she would have used her main body to poison the bloody vines .

Yang Chen didn’t talk to either of the two, when they were getting familiar with the plants . It was just like a show of meagre skill in front of an expert . The two Tool Spirits had a plant body, and after being sacrificially refined, there was almost an instinctual connection to communicate with plants .

Although the various elixirs were not necessarily sensible, but A’Zhu and A’Bi could understand the needs of the plants themselves through contact with their plant bodies . That also allowed the two women to look after the various elixirs better .

At this point, A’Zhu and A’Bi were the most competent masters of planting . No matter what plants were in their hands, they could know how to cultivate them . This was the second most important feature of this medicine garden .

A’Zhu had stopped moving in the forest of the Penglai Divine Woods . She had changed her action to holding each Penglai Divine wood and leaning her small head on the trunk as if listening to something in general .

A’Zhu’s strange move seemed to not have affected A’Bi . She went to work alone after watching it for a while .

As an instrumental spirit, it had almost the same dominance as the owner of the medicine garden space . Soon, all the ten thousand years Spirit Medicines were transplanted and disappeared directly, A’Bi’s figure also disappeared .

However, Yang Chen knew that A’Bi had taken these elixirs into the second layer, which was more suitable for their growth .

A’Zhu still continued to inspect the Penglai Divine Woods one after another . Her figure then appeared in front of Yang Chen .

Next, A’Bi was interested in the oceans that came out of the space . Since Yang Chen used the Tenth Water True Essence sacrificial refining, the surrounding area of ​​the medicine garden space had a circle of oceans . Although there were no marine medicines growing in it, they were ready to receive some .

It couldn’t be helped but said that even if Yang Chen had the pill recipe of his memory, plus the pill recipe learned in this world, all the raw materials used in the medicinal herbs, there was no medicinal material in the sea . It seemed that it was easy for everyone to ignore some materials on the seabed . Instead, ordinary people would use ordinary sea products such as sea cucumbers and sea seals that were easy to catch .

A’Bi stood at the seaside of the medicine garden and quickly understood what these were . Her happy little hand waved, and most of the ocean disappeared without a trace .

In Yang Chen’s mind, a scene soon appeared . In the second layer of the medicine garden, the edge of the space got expanded becoming a small ocean . It seemed that after the Tenth Water True Secret Art sacrificial refining, the second layer space had begun to grow .

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Next, A’Bi began to study the soil of the first layer of the medicine garden . This was the soil that had been tempered by the Fifth Earth True Essence sacrificial refining . Although the original soil was already very fertile, there was no such pure fifth earth aura . Feeling this kind of vigorous atmosphere, A’Bi’s little face had a burst of joy .

Looking at A’Bi’s appearance, Yang Chen understood that she also wanted to move the soil that was tempered by the Fifth Earth True Essence sacrificial refining to the second layer space . Yang Chen directly stopped her . A’Bi seemed to be very uncomfortable with this action of his . She showed him a grieved and unhappy expression .

“Don’t worry, wait for A’Zhu to finish . I will use the Fifth Earth True Essence, Seventh Metal True Essence, First Wood True Essence and Tenth Water True Essence again for sacrificial refining in the medicine garden second layer space . ”

Yang Chen smiled and explained .

Hearing Yang Chen’s explanation, A’Bi smiled happily .

Of course, Yang Chen was even happier . With A’Zhu and A’Bi, he could not only master the pure bottle medicine garden more completely, but also have two more good hands to take care of the medicines . This kind of thing couldn’t be found with lanterns Ah!

A’Zhu and A’Bi were clearly getting to the point where they were getting stronger with the years . At that time, if A’Zhu and A’Bi had such ability before the original owner ascended, perhaps the he would have taken the medicine garden with him . Now it had fallen in Yang Chen’s lap .

Over there, A’Zhu finally arrived at the last Penglai Divine Wood, holding a huge trunk, but her hands could not hold it all . The little face clung to the trunk with a solemn expression . It took a long time for her to hear all its thoughts .


Seeing that Yang Chen had been watching, A’Zhu was a little surprised .

“Do you like these Penglai divine woods?”

Yang Chen asked with a smile .


A’Zhu nodded heavily and replied affirmatively . But soon, there were some expressions of desire at the end . She seemed to be holding back something .

“What’s wrong? I am not taking care of it in the right way?”

Yang Chen asked in confusion . If he really ruined these Penglai divine woods for his own reasons, it would be a big sin .

“Master, most of these Penglai divine woods have some intelligence . ”

A’Zhu started to speak, but the information, shocked Yang Chen greatly .

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“They have Spiritual Wisdom?”

Yang Chen was shocked and asked in a hurry, “when did that happen?”

For common trees, it was not easy to attain spiritual wisdom, but once they had the ingenuity, with the deep accumulation attained in thousands of years, it was destined to become a monster .

This was the case with the old tree demon Gui Shanyou, and the same was true for the later Mu Bai . Yang Chen couldn’t imagine, if the Penglai Divine Wood became like that, what kind of future would there be .

If this was true, then compared with the Penglai Divine Wood, the old tree demon or Mu Bai, these current future masters, in the face of the Dacheng realm Penglai Divine Wood demon would definitely be small characters .

“It has happened recently . ”

A’Zhu answered with a stern voice, “these Penglai divine woods have experienced tens of thousands of years of a willing land to nourish and have planted a good spiritual wisdom seed . Recently they have been heavily watered by the First Wood True Essence, and the seeds began to sprout slowly, but most people still can’t detect it . ”

With this matter, Yang Chen was a little relieved . If he didn’t know what changed the Penglai Divine Wood in his own medicine garden, it meant that he was slacking too much .

It was nourished by the willing land and was clearly in the land temple . At that time, Yang Chen dug out the location of the Penglai Divine Wood Box, which should be the place where people worshipped the land . It was indeed a magical thing to be nourished by the wish power to attain the seeds of spiritual knowledge .

“However, master, it is a pity!”

Yang Chen’s mood changed from relieved to confused by A’Zhu’s words .

“Why is it a pity?”

Yang Chen did not understand what A’Zhu was pointing at and asked with a doubtful tone .

“In the last period, the nourishment of the First Wood True Essence should be the most important time for the opening of spiritual knowledge . However, while they accepted the First Wood True Essence, they also completely accepted the master’s spiritual awareness implant . ” A’Zhu answered with regret .

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“What will happen?”

Yang Chen still didn’t understand, but he knew why . At that time, he wanted to control the flow of the First Wood True Essence . Obviously, he had to use spiritual awareness to control it .

“Once they open their spiritual wisdom, they will automatically regard their owners as their masters . ”

A’Zhu’s words still sounded her regret . She seemed to think that it was not worth it for these Penglai divine woods to attain wisdom under such circumstances .

Yang Chen was also in the same place . As a cultivator, he certainly knew the difference between a free demon and a demon who recognized his master . After acknowledging his master, there would be some limitations, at least to some extent, the real masters are those who are self-cultivating .

However, now Yang Chen had no way to return them to their original state . When he controlled the First Wood True Essence irrigation of the Penglai Divine Woods, he simply wanted them to absorb it . He did not think about training the monster race, nor thought about giving them spiritual awareness marks . These Penglai Divine Woods were marked with the spiritual awareness threads and were completely unconscious .

It was precisely because of this that these Penglai Divine Woods, which had been washed by Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness for a long time on the seeds of spiritual knowledge, needed much more than simple elimination of the spiritual awareness marks . They had already remembered Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness in their soul, and naturally recognized him Chen as their master .

Even if it was his own medicine garden’s Tool Spirit, A’Zhu still felt that it was a pity for these Penglai Divine Woods . This was not an act of betrayal, but pity for the fate of this kind of Heaven and Earth Spirit Wood .

Yang Chen also felt pity, but it was a pity with a layer of joy . If this was the case, didn’t it mean that so many masters were now available to him out of thin air? And they would remain the most loyal of subordinates .

“How long does it take for them to open their intelligence?”

Yang Chen quickly calmed down and asked very seriously .

“It takes at least ten years, and we must always maintain that level of the First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution irrigation . ”

A’Zhu had estimated it before answering .

Ten years, and consistently controlled First Wood True Essence irrigation, even Yang Chen could not help but feel that it was hard work to train a group of experts as subordinates .

“If you increase the irrigation speed of the First Wood True Essence, will it work better?”

Yang Chen frowned and asked . Waiting 10 years for these Penglai Divine Woods would be too wasteful .

“Of course!”

A’Zhu looked at Yang Chen, and seemed to complain a little, “if you can soak them in the first wood true essence, it will be faster . ”

“If they are soaked in the first wood true essence, there will be no problem?”

Yang Chen had been worried that if the Penglai Divine Woods were irrigated by a large amount of the First Wood True Essence they would have problems . So, he had thought to find ways to control the amount but now that A’Zhu said this, wasn’t he doing useless work before?

One must know that the Banyan tree Immortal’s Cave was not without the tree demon, but it was still bombarded by the First Wood True Essence Spiritual solution . Yang Chen also did it for safety reasons, otherwise it would not cost this kind of effort .

“Inborn Divine Wood which are of the first wood are better off with purer First Wood True Essence Wood . How can it be a problem?”

A’Zhu quickly continued, “the owner thought that these god like Penglai Divine Woods would easily be damaged?”

Being taught by a Tool Spirit, was the first time for Yang Chen . However, this was to let him find a way to train the Penglai Divine Woods faster . After thinking about it, Yang Chen still asked, “in this medicine garden, will it be able to bear a lot of First Wood True Essence?”

“The first layer certainly can’t . ”

A’Zhu replied earnestly, “but the second layer will be completely fine . No matter how much First Wood True Essence you put there, it will be able to bear it . ”

“Transplant them to the second layer . ”

Yang Chen decisively said .

The Penglai Divine Woods was naturally given to A’Zhu to handle, and soon, she transplanted them to the second layer’s most suitable place . After doing all this, A’Zhu and A’Bi looked at Yang Chen curiously, not knowing what he was going to do .

Yang Chen did not explain . He directly controlled the space of the medicine garden and formed a huge pit on one side of the Penglai Divine Woods . Then, in the eyes of A’Zhu and A’Bi, the gourd was taken out, he then opened its mouth, and began to dump it into the big pit .

The first wood true essence liquid rushed into the big pit like a waterfall . After a while, Yang Chen poured out almost half gourd worth of First Wood True Essence Solution, filling the big pit completely .

From the moment the dumping began, A’Zhu and A’Bi directly became two stunned statues . Looking at the situation in front of them, they were so shocked that they could no longer move .

Who could think that the incomparably precious First Wood True Essence with the purest First Wood aura in the Heaven and Earth, had been condensed into a liquid solution? The most incredible thing was that there was so much of this spiritual solution that could form this small lake?

“With this kind of nourishment, how long can it last?”

Yang Chen put away the gourd and asked casually .

Translator: DonStagy

Editor: Skizlock

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