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Even after leaving the book building, Yang Chen had still been pondering over what the old man said. The old man’s words were very reasonable, but Yang Chen was not sure if he said those words for him or for himself.

In any case, now he had succeeded in obtaining a cultivation method for the old tree demon, She Kui and Xie Sha and the future monstrous talent Mu Bai. He had also plundered several high-grade materials. Now, seeking for the First Wood True Essence would be the key point.

As for the more advanced materials in the store, Yang Chen needed to go through the goods for a while, otherwise he would spend a lot of spirit stones, which would definitely attract the attention of many people. If he wanted to find the First Wood True Essence, that was not good for himself.

The bear and the wolf monsters got the foundation laying cultivation methods they had dreamed of, but they faced a difficult decision. They were hesitating whether to abolish their current cultivation and restart again.

At this point, Yang Chen did not give any advice. He only needed the two to make this decision on their own. He knew, how they would give him any related news promptly. But he didn't want to control them over how they cultivated.

The two didn’t have the kind of enthusiasm of Sun Qingxue, and they were unable to completely ruin their cultivation base.

After hesitating for a long time, they decided to reconstruct their foundation based on their current cultivation base.

This approach was obviously more time consuming than discarding their cultivation base. However, keeping one's cultivation base could still be beneficial, even when it would take longer to replace consequently.

The room rented by Yang Chen had been thoroughly inspected. In this lowest-level room, although the spiritual power was more than the outside world, there was absolutely no such thing as the First Wood True Essence. The same was true for a room that was more advanced. A jin of high-grade spirit stones could rent a room for a month. Yang Chen did not think that being that much precious.

Well, that was to say, in this standard practice room, it was unlikely that there would be the First Wood True Essence. Yang Chen was still not sure whether there was any First Wood True Essence in the city, but if there was a glimmer of hope, Yang Chen would not give up.

This was the Ten-thousand Trees Forest, the most likely place to have the First Wood True Essence. Other places don’t seem to have such a strong First Wood aura, perhaps there may be, but never more than here.

Of course, Yang Chen can’t come up and ask the two monsters what was wrong with the city. He must always broach such a subject carefully. Therefore, he took out the spiritual awareness cultivation method of the monster race and pretended to practice his own cultivation.

Relatively speaking, the Monster Race cultivation method was biased towards the monster race. Yang Chen only looked at it for a while and found the problem. It was not that this practice had its drawbacks, but rather that Yang Chen had a more effective cultivation law than this.

The Secret Technique and Beast Controlling Secret Art that the Cyan Ox left behind, both could work at the same time. Enhancing the spiritual awareness more efficiently than this method. This was what Yang Chen did not expect.

Originally, he thought that what the Cyan Ox left, would let him practice the Beast Controlling Secret Art, but he did not expect that it was for the growth of spiritual awareness. This cultivation method was different from the Three Purities Secret Art, it was just a supplement.

The so-called growth of spiritual awareness for Yang Chen, was the growth of the monster soul. That were the pair of huge Ox Horns in his sea of consciousness. The reason why Yang Chen was thought to be the same by the monsters of the monster race was because of this.

After learning about this, Yang Chen understood something that had been ignored before. The reason why he was easily seen through by the old tree demon and Lan Yan was not the origin of the monster race, but because of his own monster soul was not strong enough, in front of their powerful monster soul, he simply could not hide.

In this city, there are monster race everywhere, and Yang Chen must be careful. He couldn't be seen by others, otherwise there would be big troubles.

Yang Chen hadn’t seen the depth of the old man at the bookstore yet, because he dared not use his own spiritual awareness to explore the other side. The sentence left by the other party when he left was still very vivid in his mind. He didn’t even know if he had been seen through, but now he had to take steps to mitigate this weakness.

Absorbing the First Wood True Essence was not a small-time matter. Even if it was found, it would take at least a few years before it could be cultivated as a First Wood True Secret Art. Once he got seen through, all would be lost.

Yang Chen had to temporarily keep his calm to continue to practice this Secret Technique and the Beast Controlling Secret Art. Fortunately, practicing these Secret Arts did not require strong spiritual power, but a strengthened monster soul, so Yang Chen did not care about the level of room to practice in. This room he had been renting for at least a year, just to strengthen his monster soul.

Since Yang Chen practiced the superior Beast Controlling Secret Art, he did not practice these secret techniques again. After only cultivating for two months, he could feel the powerful effects.

In the sea of consciousness, part of the spiritual awareness began to transform into a monster soul and strengthened into one of the huge ox horns. The horns of the ox began to become denser, and many patterns appeared on them like real ox horns.

Although Yang Chen did not use the Beast Controlling Secret Art against other monster cultivators, he had already felt that he could easily establish contact with the monster race and communicate better than before. It was also clearer, the content more detailed.

With this understanding, Yang Chen began to work hard to cultivate the Beast Controlling Secret Art. In a year’s time, his monster soul had undergone earth-shaking changes.

The huge ox horns were still the same size, but he could feel the extreme hardness of the ox horns. Compared with when Yang Chen came here, the monster soul was absolutely more than a few times more powerful.

As a bridge connecting the two sides of the blood river, the growth of the ox horns played a stronger role. At least now, Yang Chen's sea of consciousness had once again improved the its level of firmness. Even if there was a master like Luo Yuan to launch a spiritual awareness attack, Yang Chen would not have any problems.

The spiritual awareness which was at the peak of Dacheng realm slowly weakened to the middle of the early Dacheng stage. In exchange for not only the stability of the whole sea of consciousness, but also to make his spiritual awareness even more powerful. Cultivating the Monster Soul to rise so suddenly, was really a matter of killing two birds with one stone.

Translator: DonStagy

Editor: Skizlock

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