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“Forty…, no, thirty-five jin of middle grade spirit stones."

When he just said forty, the stall owner suddenly saw that the bear and the wolf had already shot a murderous stare at him and he hurriedly changed his price to thirty-five jin.

“I will buy it!”

Yang Chen was too lazy to bargain. He took a bunch of spirit stones directly from the Leopard’s Qiankun bag, almost 35 jin of middle grade spirit stones. Threw it on the stall, picked up the Amethyst Golden Crystal and stuffed it into his Achievement Ring.

Such a large piece of Amethyst Golden Crystal, was at least three jin or so, was definitely a Metal Attribute refiner's most precious treasure. If it was placed in the auction of the Central Plains' cultivators, selling it for three jin of high-grade spirit stones was absolutely no problem. Here, it was only 35 jin of middle grade spirit stones, it was so cheap that it costed almost nothing.

He never thought that he could really get the spirit stones. The stall owner looked at the pile of spirit stones. A bad dog ate, his hands were wide, and he slammed into his booth, and protected the pile of spirit stones aggressively.  For fear that the in the next moment the spirit stone would fly away with wings.

“Go! Let's go look at something else!”

At the bear and the wolf, he made a snap, and Yang Chen said quickly and neatly. The two hurriedly got back their composure, then took Yang Chen to the next target.

With this good beginning, it seemed that people also realized that although the new Yang Chen was tough, he was not the kind of strong person who would buy and bully the seller. At least the price given by the stall owner was a little less than their psychological price. But it was still a little profitable.

However, in the face of the fierceness of the wolf and the bear, no one dared to arbitrarily set a high price, and remained near the actual price. Yang Chen almost never changed. If the things he saw were all clean and to his liking, he would inquire price, throw a bunch of spirit stones towards the stall owner and leave.

With the Qiankun bag of the leopard, Yang Chen added another layer of cover. At least people looked at him in a different light, he was not like a naive rich person with huge money. Everyone knew that he had robbed the Leopard’s Qiankun bag in broad daylight. He must then be feeling generous, squandering these spirit stones of the Leopard leader without a care in the world. That's how, no one doubted him.

Yang Chen thought that he had to spend a long time to buy the good things here but did not expect that someone would send them straight into his hands. During this purchase, he directly threw out at least a few dozen jin of high-grade spirit stones, but the things that were exchanged, could definitely sell several times higher in the Central Plains.

“Where do they sell the cultivation methods, take me there to see.”

Yang Chen turned over from the materials area and directly told the two newly-received younger brothers, “I still have a lot of younger brothers who have no decent cultivation methods. Your levels are just really bad. Looking at your good behaviour, I'll reward you one.”

Hearing that Yang Chen would buy cultivation methods and give them considerations, both monsters' eyes almost burst out with happiness. They used to follow the leopard to bully everyone in the city, but the great items were all taken up by the leopard. Others eat meat, but they could only drink some soup. They just changed to a new boss and they immediately had such a good reward, how could it not let the two people be surprised and happy.

“Boss, the cultivation methods are all in the book building over there. But…”, the wolf pointed out the direction of the cultivation selling area with some hesitation.

“But what?” asked Yang Chen.

“The book building is not the place we used to go. It is expensive, and the average person can’t afford it.”

The wolf looked up at Yang Chen’s face. Seeing that Yang Chen was not angry because he hesitated, he went on and said, “we never dared to go wild there, so…”

The tone of the wolf revealed that the power of the book building was not something they could provoke. It was no wonder that the place where the Inherited cultivation method building was located, was naturally where the two masters of the Dacheng realm also lived. The monsters who controlled the rules here. Would the ordinary people dare to act unruly there? Not to mention the two in the Jiedan realm. Even if they were replaced by the leopard of the Yuanying realm, borrowing twenty times more of his courage, he would still not dare to offend them easily.

“I have some spirit stones, what are you afraid of?”

Yang Chen was very disdainful of the two men and said, “they open their door to do business, they would love to have our spirit stones. We are going to buy the cultivation method, but not to make trouble, what is there to be afraid of?"

“Yes, yes, boss, pass here!”

Listening to Yang Chen’s words, the wolf suddenly got up straight. If you buy something, you don't have to worry about it. Even if the background of the book building was terrifying, since they are opening their door to do business, they can't push the customers out.

This area was obviously different from the place where the other stalls were set up. Most of the stalls there were for the monster cultivators in the foundation realm. The three-monster group of the leopard, the wolf and the bear were quite popular there.

However, the streets here were much wider with more gates. Even many of the gatekeepers were the masters of Jiedan realm, same as the wolf and bear monsters, directly setting off the difference between this side and the stall area.

“Old bear and wolf, here is not a place you can come, hurry back to your site to go bully there.”

The three people had just arrived at this street, that immediately someone shouted at the two behind Yang Chen, “If you want to act unruly, go do it in your domain, don’t plant yourself here.”

There was still a distance from the stalls area. The things happening there have not yet reached here, so no one knew that the old bear and the old wolf had changed leadership. The guards were still on alert, the remainder also gave warning stares to the two.

“We are accompanying the boss to buy some cultivation methods!”

With Yang Chen’s teaching, the two seemed to be overconfident. Their waists straight, they replied loudly, “What is wrong? Is it possible that the bookstore won’t sell to us?”

“If you have spirit stones of course we will sell to you!”

Hearing that they came to buy cultivation methods and not to mess around, the guards also lowered their vigilance a little. But some people still heard the name of the boss in their mouth and became aware that both were actually behind Yang Chen. There were some doubts about him when he came with them, so he turned out to be their new boss.

However, this had nothing to do with them. They were only responsible for controlling the unpleasant matters happening here. As for the arrival of old bear and the old wolf, it was not something they should care about.

“Shopkeeper, the big sale is coming!”

The book building was very stylish, it was estimated that the palace that existed long ago had been changed. When Yang Chen entered the door, he shouted loudly inside.

“The book floor is heavy, it is forbidden to make noise!”

Yang Chen's voice just fell, and a low voice was heard immediately, and a warning was issued.

“Bring your best cultivation methods, I want to choose a suitable batch for my brothers!”

Yang Chen simply ignored the voice inside, and then shouted again. While shouting, he threw the Leopard’s Qiankun bag directly onto the empty table in the bookstore and sat down next to it.

"These are a dozen top grade spirit stones, is there anyone in charge?”

After sitting down, Yang Chen yelled at the empty space and you could tell the arrogance in his voice.

Translator: DonStagy

Editor: Skizlock

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