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Gao Yue was busy all the time, and Yang Chen was idle again. At this time, he finally began to consider the words of the Palace Master at the time they drank.

“Since you are already a Jiedan realm master, consider taking a few talented apprentices!”

This was the original words of the Palace Master.

The rules of the Pure Yang Palace were that an apprentice could only be accepted by a Master of the Jiedan realm. Of course, this refers to the inner mountain disciples. In fact, most of the martial art sects had such rules, otherwise it would not make a Jiedan expert, a master.

The words of the Palace Master were very exciting for Yang Chen's memory. Since it was not possible to move the idea of ​​the secret land or plan for it for a while, he really could take a few apprentices to cultivate.

One must know that at the Immortal Executioner Stage, Yang Chen also promised a lot of people. Many had met the right disciples and wanted them to inherit their schools. These were some of the conditions that Yang Chen agreed to in exchange for their information.

Since he already had the qualifications to accept an apprentice, Yang Chen wanted to accept some to fulfill the conditions he had promised. However, Yang Chen was not just accepting anyone, he still must consider some.

If their qualifications were mediocre, and they were Pure Yang Palace’s disciples and they were willing, he could give pointers and will spare no effort to cultivate them, but he will not accept them as disciples.

Now that this was his second life, Yang Chen knew of the future talented disciples. Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue, he could not do anything about them, but he had to establish an unbreakable relationship with them. As for the younger generations who were famous in the world, he was naturally impolite, and must get them to be on his side.

Chen Mo: male, previous life overseas rogue cultivator, earth attributed. A free soul and unconventional cultivator, no one dared to offend him before his ascension to the Immortal World.

Ye Yu: male, previous life child of Limitless Demon Sect Master, metal attributed. Practiced the Limitless Demonic Art, unrestrictedly laughed at the arrogant Demon Realm.

Yu Youyou: female, previous life Water Moon House disciple, water attributed. A starry magic weapon which completely composed of numerous fine needles, was a woman, no one dared to be disrespectful to in the Demon Realm.

Hua Mengyou: female, previous life Green Jade Immortal Island disciple, wood attributed. When it came to combat effectiveness, perhaps Hua Mengyou was not the strongest, but she could grow plants. No matter how difficult it was to plant, if it was handed over to Hua Mengyou, it could be successfully planted. The method of planting Thunder pomegranate was her credit. Only this one ability would make countless people to rush to her.

Mu Bai: male, previous life Greatest Heaven Sect disciple, sword cultivator, wooden attributed. He was Monster race; a mourning cypress tree which transformed into a spirit. Later became Greatest Heaven Sect, Hall of Eccentrics, Hall Master. The Nether Dragon Sword that was refined with his own heart, swept the Monster Realm. Although he was a disciple of the Greatest Heaven Sect, he concentrated on cultivation and ignored foreign affairs. He never had any contact with Yang Chen.

Bing Kong: male, previous life Cold Crystal Cave disciple, mechanical master, water attributed. His silver star composed of six-handed ice crystal flying swords was unmatched. He was also an outstanding mechanical master, the puppets he produced were simply the treasures that all cultivators dreamed of.

Yu Fan: male, previous life overseas rogue cultivator, earth and gold dual attributes. What he was best at was the Myriad Swords Secret Art, which had the same skill as Yang Chen's Ten Thousand Swords Return to Origin. His Divine sword in his hand, he swept away everything.

Sa Nan: male, previous life Divine Profound Sect disciple, qillin bloodline, qillin left arm, fire attributed. The talents were different, ingenious and the left arm was tempered into a magic weapon that was invincible. After joining the heavenly court army, although he was only a small celestial soldier, the leader Juling Shen did not dare to be even slightly scornful.

Mo Chunmei: female, previous life Blue Cloud Sect disciple, fire attributed. After hundreds of years of Sun Qingxue, another outstanding disciple came. From the mortal world to the heavenly court, the Blue Cloud Sect had been able to stand up against Profound Heaven Sect's Greatest Heaven Sect, and it was all because of the powerful Sun Qingxue and Mo Chunmei.

Bei Fuyun: male, previous life Kunlun Mountains rogue cultivator, fire attributed refining master. At the Immortal World, even if the firepower ability of Yang Chen was at full strength, it still could not be compared to Bei Fuyun. With only this one can judge the strength of Bei Fuyun. As a master of refining instruments, his magic weapon was incomparable. He was known as the first refiner to be the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord.

So many talented little cultivators would appear in the next millennium. At this time, if Yang Chen did not take the time to receive them one by one, would it not be a pity that he was so lucky to be reborn?

Yes, there was also the Old Demon Yi, although in the past life Old Demon Yi and Yang Chen perished together, but that Demonic Art was the root of Yang Chen’s life. Speaking of it, it was a gift of merit.

Since Yang Chen of this life had already stood at the top position of this time, naturally he will not forget to fulfil the Old Demon Yi’s debt. The merits of passing on the merits were still rewarded with grace. Nothing was better than cultivating Old Demon Yi as a disciple, wasn't that a better way of repaying his debts?

All these people, except Old Demon Yi and Hua Mengyou, had almost all kinds of spiritual roots or postnatal values, their qualifications of cultivation were better than Shi Shanshan, Sun Qingxue, Gao Yuegong and Sun Ling. Yang Chen, in his heart had already booked them as his own disciples.

He believed that if these people were taken under his apprenticeship, it would be impossible for Pure Yang Palace to decline. And if one could become the master of these superb seedlings, the possibilities could be endless!

After another three hundred years, Mu Bai (the cypress) would join the Greatest Heaven Sect. Slowly then promote to become the Hall Master of the Hall of Eccentrics. In the past life, the Greatest Heaven Sect was the first to come up with a Hall of Eccentrics, only then other sects made the rules to allow the Monster race to join in.

Joining the Hall of Eccentrics required at least the strength of the Yuanying realm. At this time, Mu Bai should at most be at the Jiedan realm. It was necessary to receive this extremely enchanting candidate in advance before the Greatest Heaven Sect had the chance.

Receiving Mu Bai not only enhance the strength of the Pure Yang Palace, but also weaken the power of the future Greatest Heaven Sect. The good deed of this killing two birds with one stone, what more one would one want?

What made Yang Chen somewhat speechless was that when this Mu Bai gave himself a name, it was at the same level as She Kui and Xie Sha. It was clearly that the name of his own body was reversed, it was quite irresponsible.

Fortunately, in the previous life, Mu Bai was strong and famous enough, so Yang Chen still remembered where he was. Not to say, the current timing was also opportune, why not get this powerful guy under his tutelage. As for how to direct a Monster cultivator, Yang Chen had a secret cultivation manual, even the old tree demon had not obtained from Yang Chen. For the time being, he needed to observe how reliable they were. Only after they do conform to his standards will he accept them.

Translator: DonStagy

Editor: Skizlock


Hua Mengyou: The Dream of Flowers

Bing Kong: Ice

Mu Bai: The cypress

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