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Chapter 278

The meaning of the words of the palace master were meant to make these sects understand the difference . It was nothing more than telling these sects that people challenging him and getting killed in legitimate life and death challenges are worthy if being recognized while the duels their disciples pursued can’t be regarded as the same honorable acts .

The present Pure Yang Palace’s spirit was now a lot harder, and the tone of speech firmer . Someone from a small sect, couldn’t dare to mince words like this . Pure Yang Palace or the Luo family with their late Dacheng stage masters, would not make mistakes in lieu of this .

Speaking of it, Yang Chen’s killing of each of them was to show that he was not afraid to confront anyone . When he was challenged, he did admit defeat . But they still forced a fight, meaning that they were knowingly rushing to find death, and killing kills .

“Yang Chen, what is with your body shape?”

After finishing the business, the Palace Master finally investigated the change in Yang Chen’s body . Such a strong body, it was rare even for a body cultivator, the Palace Master could not help but be curious .

“This disciple is practicing a Body Refining cultivation method . ”

Yang Chen smiled and explained, “I haven’t gotten proficient yet and will wait until after I practice to small accomplishment, it will return to normal . ”

The Palace Master was only asking and did not intend to study it carefully . Listening to his explanation, he nodded and said nothing more .

Among the entire Pure Yang Palace, only one person did not need anyone to worry about what he was cultivating . From his entry into the sect as an outer sect disciple, no one had ever pointed out Yang Chen’s cultivation path for him . This was also an odd issue .

“The pill has become a success, what are your plans for the next?”

The Palace Master was completely concerned about him and did not have any other ideas .

“Reading thousands of books and traveling thousands of miles . ”

Yang Chen respectfully replied, “this disciple intends to travel around . ”

“Well, okay!”

The Palace Master nodded .

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“The way of cultivation is not to cultivate behind closed doors . But…”

Just when he said these two words, he suddenly saw Wan Qian next to him and could no longer continue talking . When he came out, he just reached out and patted Yang Chen’s shoulder: “Forget it, Luo Yuan can’t help you . Run, don’t worry about the face . ”

Originally, he wanted to remind Yang Chen to pay attention to safety . However, suddenly, he realized that Wan Qian, who was a master of the mid Yuanying stage, was actually captured by him, thus, couldn’t say anything else . Yuanying master cannot help him, Dacheng master could not catch up with him, if he still was worried about anything and his action fast enough, nothing was going to happen to him .

“Palace master, if the timing is similar, then take the Ask Inner Heart Pill!”

Yang Chen said to the Palace Master just before he left, “this pill is not as precious as you think!”

After that, Yang Chen turned and left, leaving only the Palace Master to stand and carefully chew Yang Chen’s words . The Two Revolutions Ask Inner Heart Pill was not as precious as imagined . What does this mean?

Leaving the Palace Master, Yang Chen went to meet his master ancestor Wang Yong . The current cultivation of the ancestor had been infinitely close to the apex of the Yuanying realm, and only the last step needed to be taken .

Yang Chen came to the ancestor to persuade him to take the Ask Inner Heart Pill . This kind of pill could be refined anytime be him and was not as precious as others imagined . The ancestor and the Palace Master have always been reluctant to consume it .

Convincing the Palace Master to convince master ancestor to use the method was more direct . Yang Chen was very casual . From the Qiankun bag, he took out more than 20 Two Revolutions Ask Inner Heart Pills wrapped in a Talisman and placed them in front of his master ancestor .

“Master ancestor, this pill, master and Senior sister both have consumed, you don’t have to be so frugal . ”

Yang Chen’s smiling face, now in the eyes of Wang Yong, was so shocking, “the ancestor entering the Dacheng realm is much more important than these medicinal pills . ”

Although the Pure Yang Palace now had a master of the Dacheng realm, it was the Hall of Eccentrics, Hall Master, Gui Shanyou, not the upper level of the original Pure Yang Palace . This always served as a point of contention .

The master ancestor Wang Yong was closest to Dacheng realm . If Wang Yong could breakthrough, it would be great for the Pure Yang Palace . A master of the Dacheng realm would surely increase the status of the sect .

Moreover, afterwards, if the sect was willing, he could directly subdue a monster of the Dacheng realm from the Dacheng realm portal of the Blue Vault Mountain’s Immortal’s Cave . In lieu towards making it join the Hall of Eccentrics directly .

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Three masters of the Dacheng realm were enough to make the strength of the Pure Yang Palace soar again . At that time, it may be able to reach the apex of the second-rate sects . If still allowed to accumulate for a period, it would not be impossible to truly become a first-class sect .

The stronger the sect’s experts, the stronger the sect . The stronger the sect, the more resources that could be mastered, which in turn leads to the development of the sect more easily, which leads to more sect experts . This was a virtuous cycle of a well-developed martial art sect, and the Pure Yang Palace was on this path .

This reason, Yang Chen understood, the master of the palace and Wang Yong also understood, so the second day after Yang Chen visited the master ancestor, Wang Yong announced his seclusion to attack the Dacheng realm .

Gao Yue was busy with another matter in the sect . As a master of refining, Gao Yue had both the roots of water and fire attributes . Some of the magic weapons that the sect needed were her responsibility .

The refining device was naturally inside the sect . Yang Chen was very happy with this arrangement . At least for a short time, Gao Yue could rely on the refining device to consolidate her cultivation base without worrying about instability . As for going out to gain experience, it was completely possible to wait for his master’s cultivation base to become stable .

Senior sister, Gong Sunling, also had responsibilities . She was now following her own master to delve into a deeper study of formations . Such a genius disciple, Gong Sunling’s master also had gained a lot of face . Of course, she must be carefully cultivated and not be wronged .

When her master summoned, she naturally couldn’t say anything and could only refine with her master . It was a pity that she couldn’t go out and gain experience with Yang Chen .

This arrangement, Yang Chen also liked very much . Though, he was going out this time, it was not a simple tour, but he wanted to take aim at the Greatest Heaven Sect . Once something went wrong, it would spell big trouble . Yang Chen didn’t want to involve his master and senior sister in this dangerous natter .

When he calculated the time, the consciousness clone’s decent to the Greatest Heaven Sect had a few years of time left . Presumably, the Greatest Heaven Sect had already prepared everything . Yang Chen wanted to destroy it but still needed to make more arrangements . It was not so simple .

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In addition to the arrangements made by the Heavenly Court, a person at the lower realm was also needed to receive the consciousness clone at the time of its descent . The recipient must accept the possession of the avatar to make the transfer successful .

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As calling it body possession bluntly seemed to convey a bad notion, it was called accepting the perfusion of consciousness . Still this consciousness carrier was destined to be sacrificed like a consumable .

The reason why one had to be sacrificed was that the avatar could not last for a long time on it’s own, this kind of passage between the two worlds required a huge price .

From the bottom up, it was called ascension and needed tribulations to be passed to be successful . Conversely, the difficulty was greater by tens of thousands of times . Several Great Principle Golden Immortals had to abolish their cultivation of thousands of years as a sacrifice . It was not something that anyone could afford . Only Profound Heaven Sect, this Immortal World’s big sect, could do it .

The whole process was also very dangerous . Once any error occurred, both sides could pay a devastating price . However, success could bring great many benefits . At the very least, news of the upper realm and the experiences regarding cultivation methods could be passed down . For the mortal world, this was simply a heaven defying matter .

Unfortunately, nothing was as perfect as everyone imagined . It was impossible to bring a large amount . On the one hand, there was not enough time, on the other, it needed strong determination, preparation and remembrance capacity for the information needed to be transmitted .

Even so, when crossing the barriers of the two worlds, the avatar would still be greatly hurt . The memory of the avatar would get erased by up to ninety-nine percent, only the deepest of memories could survive . Knowing all the information completely was still impossible .

The rebellion of the heavenly court and the re-establishment of the Jade Emperor were the matters that could be remembered by anyone . Therefore, in the memory of Yang Chen’s past life, the news of Profound Heaven’s Sect’s success was the memory that survived . As for what else, Yang Chen was not very clear .

It was not that easy to break the boundless consciousness of the Greatest Heaven Sect . This matter was of great importance, Greatest Heaven Sect would definitely have a master as the guard, and the location would definitely be at the core of Greatest Heaven Sect . Not to mention a living person, even a mouse was estimated to not be able to enter .

Secondly, once the welcoming array got completed, he would not be able to destroy it . This kind of array had a self-preservation ability, and the protection potential was not inferior to the Greatest Heaven Sect’s Mountain Protecting Great Formation . It was a wishful thought to want to destroy it after completion .

However, Yang Chen must sack this grand event of the Greatest Heaven Sect . This was not only related to the strong development of Greatest Heaven Sect in the future, but also, Yang Chen’s vengeance against Liang Shaoming for destroying the Pure Yang Palace in his previous life .

In the memory of Yang Chen, there were several kinds of welcoming formations . Yang Chen couldn’t judge which kind, the Greatest Heaven Sect would use . If he wanted to know, there was only one way; to see the appearance of the formation . Only by knowing which type of welcoming formation was involved that Yang Chen could determine how to destroy it .

Greatest Heaven Sect was a big martial art school . There even had a lot of rogue cultivator attachments around the Pure Yang Palace . Not to mention the Greatest Heaven Sect side, it was ten times livelier than the Pure Yang Palace .

The welcoming array would take a large area . If the array layout was placed in the inner sect, it would definitely not fit, and could only be within a strictly guarded area somewhere nearby .

Yang Chen had a Face Changing Pill . If Yang Chen took the Face Changing Pill, he changed his face and mixed into the site of the Greatest Heaven Sect with the rogue cultivators . He could secretly look at the welcoming array of the Greatest Heaven Sect . What was too difficult .

But now, Yang Chen’s body shape was so valiant that even people who have not seen it could recognize who he was at a glance . Don’t even talk about changing his looks, he couldn’t hide his features even after changing his appearance ten times .

It seemed not so easy to sneak in from the front, so he could only find a way from the other direction . That area must be heavily guarded also, and he may be able to see the appearance of the formation if he could bypass them . In fact, he only needed to see a glimpse of the formation, he did not require much .

The once-in-lifetime consciousness clone descent was a matter of future development for the Greatest Heaven Sect . It was always the top priority for defence . At least two masters of the Dacheng realm would use their spiritual awareness to explore the entire area at any time and the slightest movement will be enough to make them act . It was almost impossible for Yang Chen to not disturb anyone by his approach .

However, there were exceptions to everything . Few magic weapons found in the treasure house of the Dragon Palace could be fully used here .

The shuttle was almost omnipotent underground, but it couldn’t hide the insights of spiritual awareness from the Dacheng realm masters .

Yang Chen still got another treasure, the Sea Pouring Jasper Cup . In addition to being able to absorb and condense the Tenth Water True Essence, it also had a very important role in blocking spiritual awareness .

When Luo Yuan chased Yang Chen, he escaped his pursuit many times by relying on the sea jasper . He eventually led him to the site of Lan Yan . After successfully concealing himself, he then had him killed .

Luo Yuan and Lan Yan, both in Dacheng realm, one was at late and the other at peak stage, ready to ascend . It was impossible for them to find Yang Chen . Naturally, the master of Greatest Heaven Sect under the shield of the Sea Jasper, would be the same .

To conceal his whereabouts, Yang Chen entered the shuttle from the get-go . Similarly, he also used the Sea Jasper to cover his whole body to conceal it from other’s spiritual awareness . Furthermore, he even circled a few times erratically, and finally went towards the Greatest Heaven Sect .

This was also a safe thing to do . After all, the Greatest Heaven Sect was still a super-sect . If this time, he attracts the hostility of it, he was not worth a candle in front of them . We must know that destroying the avatar of the expert descending into the lower realm could definitely be compared with the destruction of a sect . Everyone had only one result, that was, death .

With Yang Chen’s cautious approach, three months later, his shuttle finally entered the Greatest Heaven Sect, and no one noticed it .

However, Yang Chen was a little bit worried . He couldn’t find the location of the Greatest Heaven Sect’s welcoming array layout .

Translator: DonStagy

Editor: Skizlock

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