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Chapter 271
Yang Chen’s whole person had been stunned, and his whole body didn’t dare to move, but Gong Sunling’s action made Yang Chen feel the softness of Gong Sunling’s body easily . Especially when Gong Sunling’s legs were on his waist and her hands were on his neck, Yang Chen’s heart was soaring .

“What are you doing, fool!” Seeing that Yang Chen stayed in the same place, Gong Sunling couldn’t help but scold him lightly, and then she closed her eyes with shame . However, Yang Chen’s more and more rapid sensation of the spiritual awareness made her wake up immediately, and quickly turned her forehead to Yang Chen’s forehead, and then began to work on her own .

At this time, if Yang Chen still didn’t understand what happened, Yang Chen would be a fool . His Master Gao Yue must have found that her and Yang Chen’s dual cultivation have been unable to solve Yang Chen’s troubles, so she put this idea in the head of his Senior sister, Gong Sunling .

Originally, Yang Chen was somewhat resistant, but when he saw that Gong Sunling had made such a embarrassing thing for himself, Yang Chen’s heart softened and no longer resisted, closed his eyes and began to act .

Although it was the first time for the two to cooperate with the double cultivation, but there was a silent tacit understanding, it was easy for the two to enter the realm where they forgot everything .

Gong Sunling only felt that her whole person had flew up and flew in the air, and the light fluttering could not fall . The feeling of letting herself sink into it gave her supreme pleasure . She had never tried this feeling, and Gong Sunling was a bit eager to stop but couldn’t .

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Compared with Yang Chen, Gong Sunling’s spiritual awareness cultivation base was very normal, almost close to the level of early Jiedan stage . At the same time, the spiritual awareness between the two people run the Highest Mystery Yin-Yang Heart Sutra, and this time aslo Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness seemed to have found the an exit to vent, and madly rushed to the sea of consciousness of Gongsun Ling .

Gong Sunling’s sea of consciousness was originally white, and this moment, suddenly, there had been a change, the Pure Qi rose, the Foul Qi declined, and it directly became two distinct parts . The most amazing thing was that there was a solid land underneath, and even a strange aura was felt in the land, just like the most original earth attribute aura .

At this time, neither of them cared about these, just immersed in the kind of tacit understanding and pleasure that came from the Spiritual Awareness double cultivation of the two people, and no longer separated .

Gao Yue had a silent and uninterrupted appearance not far from the two, and seemed to be protecting the two . Just, looking at Yang Chen and Gong Sunling’s current position, Gong Sunling was held in the arms of Yang Chen and she was holding Yang Chen’s neck and carrying Yang Chen’s waist . She didn’t know how, Gao Yue felt such an indescribable sorrow and grief .

This was because Yang Chen’s body shape had changed . Gao Yue had told herself this way, but her eyes couldn’t help but stare at the two people, seemingly afraid of what they would be doing further .

After watching it for a long time, Gao Yue realized that it was not right . She shook her head slightly and found a place to sit down . She guarded the two from far away .

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Soon Gao Yue thought of a problem . Now Gong Sunling and Yang Chenxiu used such a shameful posture . After that,if Yang Chen’s body shape was unchanged . When her and Yang Chen were double cultivating, would he still want to use this posture?

How could this be? They were master and apprentice? Gao Yue’s heart suddenly became stunned, and this problem in front of her made her start to entangle, even when she saw Yang Chen and Gong Sunling’s cultivation this time, she threw the grievance from her mind and it became filled with this problem .

For the first time when cultivating the double cultivation Highest Mystery Yin-Yang Heart Sutra, it took a very long time . Gao Yue and Yang Chen lasted for at least a few months . Of course, there was a big part of the time when Yang Chen was healing for Gao Yue .

Gong Sunling and Yang Chen certainly did not have the trouble of healing, but even so, the two people took the first double cultivation, which took a full two months . It was not a simple matter to balance the gap between the spiritual awareness of a late Yuanying stage and the spiritual awareness at the foundation stage . It was a long process .

The two maintained this position for a full two months, they were motionless . The kind of sensation of Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness was finally slower and slower, and eventually ceased, and the spiritual awareness of Gong Sunling began to rise wildly .

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The peak foundation stage, the early Jiedan the, the middle Jiedan stage, the late Jiedan stage, the peak Jiedan stage, the early Yuanying stage, the spiritual awareness cultivation base of Gong Sunling was simply like an ir­re­sistible force made a crazy improvement all the way, after successive breakthroughs in several realms,It stopped at the early Yuanying stage .

Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness was also reduced again from the late Yuanying stage to the middle Yuanying stage, the early Yuanying stage, after reaching the initial Yuanying stage, it would not change again .

This time, the two people’s spiritual awareness cultivation base was basically adjusted to the same realm . But in essence it was slightly different .

Gong Sunling was only trained to forcibly upgrade to the early Yuanying stage, but Yang Chen’s sea of consciousness was once again confined and compressed, and the spiritual awareness was now like a sturdy iron rope, which became more and more tough .

Finally, both of them stopped doing their double cultivation, and their foreheads that was put together was also separated . However, the wonderful feelings from the double cultivation process had made both of them feel a little bit unfinished, and they were still in the aftertaste .

In particular, Gong Sunling experienced such a wonderful pleasure, and her body was still in the arms of Yang Chen, posing such a shameful posture . The bonus was that she would soon reach Solidifying Core, and she was still ashamed of herself . She buried her face in the neck of Yang Chen, no longer dare to look up .

There was a coughing sound from the side, and the two people who were relishing became awakened . Gong Sunling couldn’t help but look red, and hurriedly jumped up from Yang Chen, flashed aside, looked up and saw the face of Gao Yue with a smile . She did not dare to look at Gao Yue again, and she hurriedly bowed her head .

Yang Chen was a little ticked skinned, always sitting there, his face had not changed . In addition to the aftertaste of the double cultivation, Yang Chen was still checking his own changes in his spiritual awareness .

This time, the double cultivation seemed to be more effective . The spiritual awareness had been confined . Yang Chen even had a conception that even if the golden bell in his body was rung again, he would not stun himself . His own spiritual awareness, had become fully capable of fighting against the bell and no longer had to worry that he would become dizzy from using his own pro­tec­tion Magic Weapon .

“How is the effect?” Gao Yue, who was next to Yang Chen, did not speak for a long time . She couldn’t help but anxiously asked in a loud voice . Even Gong Sunling was worried about it and raised her head . If it was useless, isn’t it a waste of their double cultivation, and it’s still made Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness to fall crazily?

“I’m fine!” Yang Chen looked up and replied to the two women who cared about him, but he began to think about how to face the two women in the future .

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