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Chapter 270
Chapter 270: Eventually Face It Again


“You are condensing your Life Source Flying Sword early . ” Yang Chen smiled and replied “Master, Senior sister, what I promised, when haven’t i delivered?”

“Just reminding you just a little, lest you forget . ” Gao Yue smiled and came over, it seemed that Yang Chen completed the sword embryo refining, and also saw that Yang Chen was genuinely happy .

In fact, Yang Chen refining a flying sword, it was not the first time that Gong Sunling heard about it, but it was only the first time she saw it . In fact, when the Great Calamity of the Demonic Art came, the Blood Phantom Vine sword in the hands of Yang Chen appeared frequently on the mouths of all the cultivators who talked about this matter .

Of course, everyone does not know that it was a blood demon vine sword, but only knew that that Yang Chen this Pure Yang Palace Foundation stage disciple himself had refined a sword embryo, and was looking for a hundred-year-old tree to warm up, and Lin Chang and himself collided on the blade edge . At that time, Yang Chen had a sword embryo of a flying sword .

In front of him, it was also a sword embryo of a flying sword, and it was still refined under the eyes of Gao Yue Gongsun Ling . After the first secret technique was made, all the aura of Penglai divine wood was closed by the secret technique . So far, the two women still haven’t seen what this material was?

However, this does not prevent the two women from knowing the huge weight of the flying sword . A whole plant of Penglai Divine Wood, hard and raw, was made to such a size, but the weight was not alleviated at all . It seemed that it was also complementing Yang Chen’s brute force .

After all, it was just a sword embryo . The sword edge could not cut anything . The two women did not have much entanglement on this issue . Gao Yue was concerned that Yang Chen was still troubled by the troubles of his spiritual awareness and asked on the spot .

This problem, Yang Chen would face it sooner or later . Now Yang Chen’s second grade fire seeds had been completely absorbed . This had once again made Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness climb to the peak of the middle Yuanying stage . Next, Yang Chen would cross this obstacle as long as he absorbed any kind of third grade fire seeds, he would once again reach the late Yuanying stage .

Third Grade Fire Seed, as long as one was absorbed, it was enough for Yang Chen’s cultivation base and the spiritual awareness to raise a small level . Although it may not be enough, but the spiritual awareness could definitely grow .

Towards his little hesitation, Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling saw it immediately . After the two women looked at each other, they were worried and overflowing with words .

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Immediately, Gong Sunling’s face burst into a red color, and no longer dared to look directly at Yang Chen .

Gong Sunling’s abnormal performance, Yang Chen did not care much about it, he had now decided to bear the consequences of the division of the spiritual awareness, so hus mood was more calm .

Refining the First Wood sword embryo, this was to consolidate his cultivation base . So far, the sword embryo has been formed, and the rest was for it to be carefully crafted, which was not a day’s work . Yang Chen quickly collected the sword embryo and asked about the progress of the two women .

Gao Yue had changed from the Water Attribute cultivation method to the present, and it had only been 60 years since she was fully charged . After cultivating to the late Foundation Stage, it was already a rare genius performance . Therefore, the seclusion to accompany Yang Chen to the Solidifying Core, was purely to accompany Yang Chen, and wanted to follow the pace of Yang Chen’s Solidifying Core, but would also take at least a 20 years of maturity .

However, because of the improvement of her spiritual awareness, when Gao Yue was cultivating now, and it was more convenient than ever . She believed that even if there was a gap with Yang Chen, it was only a gap of one or two decades . After a long period of cultivation, the gap between the two decades was simply small and pitiful .

Gong Sunling had an astonishing achievement, and at this moment she was almost at the peak foundation stage . She was only one step away and she would enter the realm of Solidifying Core .

In his previous life, Gong Sunling was a genius of cultivation . This life was influenced by Yang Chen and changed some of her attitudes . However, there was no delay in her cultivation, but there were signs it was faster than before .

It should be known that in his previous life,for three hundred years, Yang Chen was unable to enter the Jiedan stage, and then spent almost seven or eight hundred years before he was promoted from the Jiedan stage to the Yuanying stage . At that time, Gong Sunling had already died in the midst of her Crossing Tribulation .

In his previous life, Yang Chen used the power of the True Sun Fire, and in the last hundred years of Gongsun Ling’s dying, he rushed to the Yuanying stage . Gong Sunling relied on her excellent talents all the way . She was like an irresistible force and entered the dacheng stage . At that time, Yang Chen, compared with Gong Sunling was a slag .

Fortunately, this life from Yang Chen began to cultivation until now, but in only a short period of eighty years, he had already reached the peak of the foundation stage, and would soon enter the Jiedan stage, compared to his previous life, it was not known how many times faster it was . The most important thing was that his master has embarked on a completely different path from his previous life, and Yang Chen, would not let Gongsun Ling repeat the same mistakes in the Heavenly Tribulation again .

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It seemed that both Yang Chen and Gong Sunling had hopes to reach Solidifying Core . Consolidation their cultivation base was almost the same . Gong Sunling in addition to cultivating was fighting the monsters . There was also no big problem . Next, the two would once again attack the Solidifying Core .

Gao Yue was also a seasoned person, she came over and told them about her experience in the past years . Yang Chen also did not hide anything, he not only shared the experience of the Elder Wu Xiong with the two women, but also named the experience of his previous life in the name of a book he discovered accidentally .

After all, it was a Great Principle Golden Immortal, and the gap in their insights was irreparable . Even if it was Gao Yue, listening to Yang Chen’s words, she couldn’t help but feel the feeling of waking up . Gongsun Ling was amazingly savvy,both of her eyes released extraordinary splendor as if she found a treasure, listening to it again and again,and hated that it could not be tested immediately .

When they got together, Yang Chen took out a large bottle of jade dragon wine and tasted the wine with his  Master and his Senior sister . Even for each of the two women, he gave a large cup of Four Seas Mysterious Coral liquid, so that they also have a big sleep, to eliminate fatigue, so as to recharge their batteries and impact the Jiedan stage .

For Yang Chen’s big handiwork, both women seemed to have become accustomed to it, and did not deny it, let alone guard against Yang Chen . In front of Yang Chen, after drinking the four seas mysterious coral liquid, they entered the dreamland under the guardianship of Yang Chen .

After a brief gathering, the three people dispersed again . Yang Chen didn’t need to beware of anyone here, so he didn’t pay too much attention to the whereabouts of the two women .

Refining the First Wood sword embryo made his cultivation base almost as solid as it had been consolidated, and then he could start to attack the Solidifying Core . Prior to this, Yang Chen still habitually used all the cultivation method, including the Yellow Turban Strongman Body Refining Technique, to cultivate his body . After even drinking a cup of four seas mysterious coral liquid, after he took a nap and raised his spirit, he started to absorb the fire seed again .

This time, it was the third grade fire seed that had been collected by the sect . There were no fewer than ten kinds . These ten kinds of third grade fire seed were enough to make Yang Chen attack the Jiedan stage .

Yang Chen was not worried that he can’t condense Dan, but he must always be careful about his spiritual awareness splitting . The most ideal situation was that Yang Chen’s Solidifying Core succeeds, and his spiritual awareness was enhanced at the same time . In this case, the spirit power Cultivation Base and Spiritual Awareness Cultivation Base would not be too far apart, and the trouble of splitting the spiritual awareness would be avoided .

But Yang Chen knew that this was just a luxury thought, and there were some things that he must face . Since he had already figured it out, Yang Chen had no unrealistic fantasies, but just started to cultivate step by step .

There were several kinds of Third Grade Fire Seeds in the Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire . Therefore, now that the primary Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire absorbed the Third Grade Fire Seed, it had no feeling of difficulty .

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The Third Grade Fire Seed that were being absorbed, under Yang Chen’s attention, separated a flame from the profound spirit furnace, and almost entered the body of Yang Chen without stopping, and the purple dragon in his body bite it and ingested into it’s abdomen .

However, this silk flame was endless, and it had never been cut off because it was swallowed by the fire dragon . The color of the fire dragon that seemed to be purple seemed to be getting stronger and stronger, and Yang Chen’s heart was happy for a while .

Where in his previous life did he have the opportunity to touch these legendary flames, let alone Yang Chen, even those masters who play with fire it was impossible, now the legendary flame has been formed in Yang Chen, how could Yang Chen not be full of emotions?

Although the absorption of the Third Grade Fire Seed had been spontaneously absorbed by the primary Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire, it would still take a long time . Yang Chen could safely cultivate other cultivation method, as long as he pays attention to this point .

This kind of distraction, after the cultivation of Three Purities Secret Art, Yang Chen had been very familiar with it to know that the Great Yin and Yang Five Phases Secret Art were ten spirit power simultaneous cultivation, but it was easy for Yang Chen to master it, this kind of just paying attention,was not difficulty .

However, for the time being, Yan Yang Chen did not dare to work too hard on the Three Purities Secret Art, he was absorbing the flames and it was not suitable for the cultivation of the Great Yin and Yang Five Elements Secret Art,he could only work hard in the Yellow Turban Strongman Body Refining Technique . It took at least a few months to absorb the flame, which was a waste .

To put it bluntly, after Yang Chen got this cultivation method, in addition to the fact that he did not have the opportunity to do other things, basically it was like the Great Yin and Yang Five Elements Secret Art, and he had to cultivate One Heavenly Circulation every day .

So far, there had not been much advancement into the Yellow Turban Strongman Body Refining Technique, this was also normal . After all, here was the mortal world, not the Immortal world . This kind of immortal Secret Art, Yang Chen had only cultivated for 20 years, and it was still intermittent . If he was to have small accomplishments it would rather also belittled this cultivation method

Even so, Yang Chen was able to perceive his own strength improvement from every cultivation .

After being conditioned by the four seas mysterious coral liquid,when cultivating the Yellow Turban Strongman Body Refining Technique, the life essence of the immortals absorbed by Yang Chen, began to be stimulated bit by bit .

In addition to changing Yang Chen’s post-mortem roots, those life essences were all improving Yang Chen’s physique, which was why this life’s Yang Chen strength was so strong . But until now, those life essences were truly absorbed by Yang Chen .

Yang Chen in his cultivation did not find that his own form seemed to be changing . His body that was already very strong, this time seemed to be more robust . The muscles of his whole body, on the basis of the original, was more bulging, at first glance, it seemed that the body of Yang Chen suddenly became thicker .

The whole body’s joints were slightly creaking, and Yang Chen’s body became very strange and tall . Yang Chen’s whole person,was like a monster who returned from the wild, the muscles of his whole body were like small snakes, entrenched in the body, showing an indescribable fierce and formidable body .

The clothes that his master and senior sister gave to him split directly, they could no longer bear the strength of Yang Chen’s body expansion .

Boom, his sea of consciousness shook fiercely . Yang Chen stopped paying attention to his cultivation directly, and began to pay attention to his sea of consciousness . The Yellow Turban Strongman had the advantage of being able to be cultivated at any time, but it was not afraid of being interrupted .

The third grade fire seed had been completely absorbed by the primary Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire, and completely transformed into powerful tonics . Under the big supplement of this third grade fire seed, Yang Chen’s fire attribute spirit power rushed wildly, and the purple fire dragon inside the sea of consciousness directly expanded by a small section .

His spiritual awareness was almost uncontrollable and directly broke through the bottleneck of the mid Yuanying stage, and instantly entered the realm of the late Yuanying stage . Yang Chen hasn’t had time to feel the novelty of the spiritual awareness sharp rise . When the Sea of Consciousness fiercely shaked, he suddenly stunned, and once again the spiritual awareness begun to split after the  shock .

Although he was already psychologically prepared, Yang Chen was still somewhat lost . However, this time was obviously not the time when Yang Chen should be lost . He immediately converged his mind and began to cultivate the Three Purities Secret Art, preparing for the pain of the next division of his spiritual awareness .

Immediately, Yang Chen suddenly noticed that there was someone in front of the gate . Who would appear here, except for his master and senior sister, it must be that his master had noticed an abnormality and wanted to come over again and rely on the Highest Mystery Yin-Yang Heart Sutra double cultivation to help Yang Chen suppress it .

“Master,it is useless . ” Yang Chen did not open his eyes, but said very calmly . From the last Spiritual Awareness double cultivation, Yang Chen knew that himself and his master had reached a balance . Then, if they were to have another Spiritual Awareness double cultivation, they could only enhance the spiritual awareness of both sides and could not complement each other .

“It’s i, Junior brother!” Gong Sunling’s voice suddenly sounded in Yang Chen’s ear, letting Yang Chen burst into surprise, and quickly opened his eyes .

Opposite him, Gong Sunling was standing in front of him with her face blushing, and seemed to be unable to think of anything in a while with an anxious expression, revealing a speechless appearance .

“Senior Sister?” Yang Chen was shocked . What happened?

“You don’t have to say much, I know . ” Although Gong Sunling was flushed, she spoke very sharply “Aunt Master Gao has told me everything, even the Highest Mystery Yin-Yang Heart Sutra was passed me, I… I help you!”

When it came to the following words, Gong Sunling was almost ashamed to look up, but her action had not stopped . It seemed that she wanted to sit in the opposite position of Yang Chen and balance her forehead with Yang Chen .

However, it was very difficult to do this now . Yang Chen didn’t know the changes in his body when he cultivated the Yellow Turban Strongman Body Refining Technique, but it was clear that Yang Chen’s more and more sturdy figure and the expanding muscles have made Gong Sunling’s posture a bit awkward .

Feeling the increasingly fierce sensation of Yang Chen’s body, Gong Sunling slammed her teeth and stepped forward, sitting on top Yang Chen’s legs . Her long legs directly caught Yang’s thick waist . At the same time as her face was blushing, she turned her forehead toward Yang Chen’s forehead .

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