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The name doesn’t matter, the key was to have a name. Yang Chen just thought that what the old Dragon King left behind should have a dragon character, but he didn’t want to be so obvious, so he took one very easily.

“Good, Jade Dragon Wine the jade dragon.” The wine immortal was a guy who doesn’t care about the name. It doesn’t matter how poetic the wine name was. Just drink it in your mouth and taste delicious. Nothing else.

“I will tell you where the nether world fire is, in exchange for four hundred pounds of  the jade dragon wine!” The wine immortal was really like the gambling character that Yang Chen values. The transaction was not cheap, even the eighty jin could be deducted by three people.

Yang Chen certainly does not care about this wine, directly gave him five drops of the distiller’s yeasts, letting him find the right auxiliary wine himself. The wine immortal almost laughed out happily. This time, eighty pounds of wine, three people can not drink it all, almost all of them were cheap.

Among the Cosmos bag of Jiu Xian, there were eighty pounds of jade dragon wine and five drops of distiller’s yeasts, and in Yang Chen's mind there was news about the nether world fire.

If he could get the fire seed of this nether world fire, the Fifth Grade flames of Yang Chen would reach five. There were two kinds of Fifth Grade flame that have not yet been absorbed. These two kinds of Fifth Grade flame, together with more than one hundred and twenty-three kinds of Third Grade Fire Seed, were enough to make Yang Chen’s fire attribute Cultivation Base go straight into the peak of the foundation stage, and even had the success of the Solidifying Core.

Both sides were happy, and each felt that they have achieved their goals. Yang Chen was also in a good mood. Sun Qingxue was also very happy. Taking this opportunity, Yang Chen sent an invitation to go out with Sun Qingxue to gain experience together.

The sect has this meaning. Sun Qingxue would not disobey Yang Chen, there was almost no hesitation. Sun Qingxue agreed to Yang Chen's invitation.

However, when they bid farewell to Master Hua Wanting, the two were kept by Elder Hua.

“Where do you want to go to gain experience?” This was her only disciple, so Elder Hua have always pampered her, although it was not her first time to go out, but Elder Hua was still very worried, and wanted to know clearly.

With the care of the elder, of course, it must be made clear. However, Yang Chen just casually said two ordinary places, and did not inform the destination they intended to go.

In fact, so far, Sun Qingxue did not know where they would go,she only knew that Yang Chen invited her, and then she agreed. As for where they would go, Sun Qingxue does not care, as long as she could be with Yang Chen.

Yang Chen was very astounded by the simplicity of Sun Qingxue, but also remembered the sultry Snow Dance Fairy Maiden of his previous life, it was simply not the same person.

In front of Yang Chen, Elder Hua gave Sun Qingxue a large variety of magic weapons of various types, and all kinds of medicinal pills which almost took into account the dangers she might encounter. It was as if Elder Hua was packing and travel bag for her child who was going on a long journey, although this was essentially the case.

Then,together with Yang Chen was also tens of thousands of people, they must take care of Little Xue,and could not let her be in danger, etc., when Yang Chen heard this he became stunned. Was this a master of the Dacheng stage,it was clearly a mortal parent.

With Sun Qingxue, he finally left the Blue Cloud Sect in the urging of Elder Hua with great difficulty. Their flying swords flew for a long time, and they changed to Yang Chen's shuttle. Until they completely left the Blue Cloud Sect site, Yang Chen made a sigh of relief.

“Master is just worried about me.” Sun Qingxue seemed to understand what Yang Chen was hiding, and only said with a smile. Being so favored by her Master, Sun Qingxue felt very happy.

“But if you have been growing up under the care of your Master, your mentality will be weak.” Yang Chen had a different opinion. In this world of the Law of the jungle, it was not easy to correct Gong­sun Ling’s ideas. As a result, the Snow Dance Fairy Maiden who had no problem in the past life turned out to be a flower in a greenhouse.

His pre­vi­ous life Sun Qingxue was weak because of her Master, and everything could only be won by himself. Not only have he had to resort to magical power to abolish himself, he have to rehabilitate it. Everything he need to do was to get it through the madness of Sun Qingxue.

But in this life Sun Qingxue became the disciple of Elder Hua Wanting, so this life was different. No matter what was there, there was nothing to be bullied, no one would be scornful. This kind of life was indeed very easy to cultivate people who were small and tender seedlings.

“Little Xue, have you killed people before?” Yang Chen suddenly asked.

Sun Qingxue shook her head. She was a disciple of the Blue Cloud Sect. No one dared to provoke her. The last time she came out was to go directly to Pure Yang Palace, and then wait for Yang Chen, there was no chance to argue with others.

“Have you killed a Beast before?” Yang Chen asked again.

Still shaking her head, Yang Chen could not help but sigh in secret. He thought that the master of the Dacheng stage was a good master, but he did not expect that she would be a dot­ing par­ent com­pared with Gao Yue un­ex­pect­edly. Now Sun Qingxue was the former Gong­sun Ling of his previous life. The school has relied on the ap­ti­tude to improve and cultivate. The final result could only be a failure in Cross­ing the Tribu­la­tion.

Yang Chen had to bear the temper and say his own worry and possible consequences to Sun Qingxue,with un­prece­dented earnest­ness.

“I know all of this.” What surprised Yang Chen was that Sun Qingxue was very clear about these. This made Yang Chen feel a little confused, if she knew why would she still maintains her present appearance?

“I just don’t want Master to worry.” Sun Qingxue laughed. “In the past few years, Master has taught me a lot and gave me a lot of love. I just don’t want to worry her these days.”

Hua Wanting was entangled in the Blood Phan­tom Vine for hundreds of years, so it was not easy to escape, and also got a qualified disciple. Of course, when she became her heart and liver, so she held onto her dearly afraid of falling.

However, Sun Qingxue, who was a big-time official bureaucrats as a child, knew that this was because of the experience of Hua Wanting, and also because she has just been promoted to the Dacheng stage and her mood was unstable. As long as this time has passed, Hua Ting would realize the problem and Sun Qingxue would return to the normal track.

Sun Qingxue’s analysis made Yang Chen stunned and he had to admit that although he had already thought very highly of Sun Qingxue, this time he still thought Sun Qingxue was simple. He did not say anything else, just because she can analyze these from the character and cultivation stage of Hua Wanting, made Yang Chen hold her in high esteem.

It seemed that his initial concern was uncalled for. While growing a sigh of relief, he could not help but sigh, the Snow Dance Fairy Maiden was the Snow Dance Fairy Maiden, his thoughts were worth­less.

“Yang Da Ge, you can tell me now, where are we going to practice this time?” Looking at Yang Chen who began to worry about her, Sun Qingxue was very happy, and now she began to ask his destination.

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