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For Yang Chen to pick something, as long as he didn't take his own magic weapon and collect several kinds of fine wine, Jiu Xian would really not mind,but he just took a wooden sign, which was strange, but it allowed Jiu Xian to settle down .

As a result, he said nothing.
Regardless of the usefulness of the wooden sign that Yang Chen took, the eyes of Jiu Xian closely stared at the jug in Sun Qingxue's hand, with an expression of desire, revealing such a speechless appearance.

Sun Qingxue was originally a witty and intelligent person. So she got what was going on. Yang Chen gave her the rest of the wine, just to let her exchange some good things from Senior Jiu Xian. She rolled her eyes, and immediately calculated in her heart, opened the lid of the jug, and brought it up to gently sniff, and suddenly shook her head and asked: “Brother Yang, is it more delicious to use alcohol to drink than to use water?”

“That is natural!” Seeing Sun Qingxue asking this question, Yang Chen knew that the little girl already knew  what he wanted to do, and he responded with a good answer.

“That’s the case, then this wine is really a pity.” Sun Qingxue shook her head. “I still don’t want to drink this, i will wait until when your wine is good!”

“Little Girl,give it to me!” Jiu Xian saw  that the jug was about to fall out. And was shocked and hurriedly slammed forward “Don’t dump it!”

Sun Qingxue and Yang Chen sang a duet, Jiu Xian couldn't be blamed if he couldn’t see it. But the taste of the wine was really memorable. With the amount of wine, the amount of two cups, that allowed him just to taste the flavour. His wine worm had just been hooked up, there was no wine to quench his thirst now,how could he stand it.

“This way, little girl, what do you want, you say it, I want to exchange this jug of wine with you!” He knew that Sun Qingxue was waiting for him to play this game, but Jiu Xian still said it directly, as he was addicted to the alcohol. Which could be seen at a glance.

Sun Qingxue's eyes dribbled, Yang Chen did not prompt her that this Jiu Xian had any good things. It seemed that there was nothing in his Cosmos bag that was too suitable for her, so she opened her mouth and said "Senior Jiu Xian, this younger generation junior does not want anything in your Cosmos bag.”

When she said this Senior Jiu Xian felt a bit embarrassed. He just threw the Cosmos bag to Yang Chen, knowing that there were not many good things in it, and he was afraid that Yang Chen would chose the good things that he regarded as treasures.

Fortunately, Yang Chen chose to take a wooden sign that he didn't know what purpose it performed. But now Sun Qingxue was not like this, and she drove Senior Jiu Xian to a corner.

His old face was red, and he looked at Yang Chen, but found that Yang Chen was holding the wooden sign with ecstasy and a lost look, he did not pay attention to him, Senior Jiu Xian face became awkward.

Looking around, he thought about it and looked at Sun Qingxue, who was smiling across her face. Senior Jiu Xian finally took out a green and glossy branch from his bosom clenched his teeth and gave it to her “This is from when this old man went out to gain experience some time ago, I obtained this Eternal Spring Wood. Small girl you have the wood attribute spirit root, you will need it.”

Eternal Spring Wood was a good material, Sun Qingxue just picked it up, and her face almost blossomed with a smile . The jug in her hand was not held back anymore, but she sent it directly to him. Her mouth was very respectful and thankful: “Thank you Senior Jiu Xian!”

“It is nothing!” Senior Jiu Xian took the pot of wine and was about to drink it, but suddenly thought of something, took the small jade cup on the table, poured a cup, and smelled it for a long time.

He was reluctant to drink the rest of the wine, so he solemnly sealed the wine pot with a Talisman and collected it. Now Senior Jiu Xian realized what Yang Chen said at the beginning. After drinking this wine, drinking other wines would be boring, but there was not much to drink, for those who were addicted to alcohol, it was simply torture.

He knew that he shouldn’t have placed this bet and he shouldn’t have tested this wine, and there wouldn't be so many problems. The key was that he wouldn’t be able to forget about this wine. Now it would be good to drink this pot, but where would he go for more?

He suddenly looked at Yang Chen and Jiu Xian eyes brightened, this distiller’s yeast was poured out from the gourd by Yang Chen, certainly there was more of it, he could not ask for it, he could only try to get close with Yang Chen, and in the future ask for more.

“Young Brother what is your honourable name?” Needing the favour of the person, the words of Senior Jiu Xian were also polite, and the name had also changed from a kid to younger brother.

The people watching next to them couldn’t help but snicker, but the people who lined up to drink alcohol were heartbroken. They really wanted to drink some of that kind of wine, and who was that little brother? Everyone raised their ears and wanted to know who this unfamiliar person was.

“Pure Yang Palace Yang Chen!” The other party was polite, Yang Chen was also polite, directly handed out his origins.

When they heard him say Pure Yang Palace Yang Chen, the scene became noisy. Yang Chen's name had been heard by many people in the Blue Cloud Sect. Especially after the hundred thousand mountain incident, the Ask Inner Heart Pill was only legendary among the top levels, but the Thunderbolt Pomegranate was known by everyone like thunder reverberating in one’s ears. Yang Chen at the hundred thousand mountain battle, with hundreds of Thunderbolt Pomegranate directly broke the Big Dipper Heavenly Thunder Formation,even if many people didn't know about the Thunder pomegranate, they needed to pay attention to Yang Chen.

“It turned out to be Virtuous Nephew Yang!” Senior Jiu Xian began to act close, calling him Virtuous Nephew Yang!. It seemed that he had a feeling of friendship with a Senior of the Pure Yang Palace: “One day this old man will go to the Pure Yang Palace for a few days, and I will not have to worry virtuous nephew about it.”

“This junior will welcomes the Senior to the sect!” Yang Chen also began to speak with courtesy.

The purpose of Jiu Xian was to know the origin of Yang Chen, so he could find him later. Now that the purpose had been reached, he would not say anything more. After a few words, he returned directly to the restaurant. Others had also remembered the name of Yang Chen. It was estimated that many alcoholics would come to his door in the future.

Sun Qingxue got the Eternal Spring Wood and she was really happy. Holding the small branch of the tree, she was unable to put it away and showed off to Yang Chen “Yang Da Ge, why did you pick the wooden card? You knew that there was such a good thing, why did you not ask for more.”

“Oh, people must be content.” Yang Chen smiled, but was also happy for Sun Qingxue, suddenly he remembered something, and reminded Sun Qingxue  “This Eternal Spring Wood if combined with the immortal good wood, the effect will be better.”

“I know!” Sun Qingxue carefully closed the Eternal Spring wood, and then smiled at Yang Chen sweetly: “You also said that you must be content with yourself. This is already very good. Moreover, the immortal good wood is not something I can’t get it, but I won’t be greedy for the time being.”

Seeing that Sun Qingxue was so happy, Yang Chen didn’t  know why, but his heart was gratified, as if Sun Qingxue was happy, he was also happy. He couldn’t help but say: “This immortal good wood is not easy to find, but, Little Xue, you are lucky, I have exactly one here.”

(To be continued)

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