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Yang Chen and Sun Qingxue,as if by prior agreement looked in the direction of the sound, even those who were waiting for the alcohol, could not help but curiously, looked over there.

It was a beautiful restaurant, completely different from the simple shop here. The four-story restaurant was very magnificent, and people came in and out from time to time.

The person who cultivated was also a person, they also had a desire for food and drink,, but most of their time was spent on cultivation, they did not pay much attention to this aspect of enjoyment. But it was not excluded that some people liked enjoyment, and the person who speaked out was on the third floor of the restaurant was like that.

„Boy, Blue Cloud Immortal Class is world-famous, can it be that you can slander it." The voice that just spoke made noise once more, expressing in a reprimanded tone.

“I am coaxing my younger sister, what’s that got to do with you?” Yang Chen didn’t pay attention to this person, and replied straight back with a single sentence.

Just now Sun Qingxue's anxious appearance, everyone in the queue saw it, naturally knew why Yang Chen would say that. Strictly speaking, it was really the words spoken to coax a child, which cannot be taken seriously. So no one said anything, but the guy upstairs only heard Yang Chen say that the Blue Cloud Immortal Class was common, and didn’t see why Yang Chen was saying this, and he shouted.

When he heard Yang Chen's words, the person in the restaurant seemed to be aware that he was impulsive.

However, Yang Chen's words made him not be able to bear it. He said that he could only talk to Yang Chen's theory: "if Blue Cloud Immortal Class is ordinary, what kind of liquor do you dare to call a good wine? Boys, if you don't give me an explanation today, this old man must ask your elders to discuss that!"

They were in the Blue Cloud Sect,  so the person upstairs could not kill. If it was outside, maybe Yang Chen's head would be used to compensate.

„This type of liquor, only a frog at the bottom of the well that has not seen the world will regard it as a treasure." Yang Chen coldly snorted: „Explain? Why do I need to explain?"

“On the name of this old man Jiu Xian!” The person upstairs could no longer resist, Yang Chen repeatedly degraded the Blue Cloud Immortal Class, and even the people who admired the Blue Cloud Immortal Class counted, how could the person upstairs take this .
Not to mention the person upstairs, those who lined up to drink alcohol downstairs, watching Yang Chen's gaze at the moment, were also quite bad. What a frog at the bottom of the well? they were so many people, are they all frogs that have never seen the world?

Everyone saw a sudden flower, and a middle-aged man appeared in front of everyone. His Yuan Ying  ancestor aura did not spread outside, but an invisible power forced Yang Chen, which seemed to make him feel a tremendous pressure.

It was a pity that this wouldn’t work in front of Yang Chen. The power that Jiu Xian sent out was simply like throwing a stone at the sea,Yang Chen did not react at all.

When she heard the name of Jiu Xian and then saw Jiu Xian appearance, Sun Qingxue knew it was not good. She hurriedly pulled forward the clothes of Yang Chen and said in a low voice.

“Yang Da Ge,Senoir Jiu Xian, is the guest of the Sect.” Sun Qingxue, although her Master was a master of the Great Ascension stage, but for these guests, she was still very respectful, and could not help but remind Yang Chen “Senior Jiu Xian is addicted to alcohol like it is his life, he goes around the world to drink good wine, as long as any liquor can earn his praise, immediately the sale price rises sharply."

To be honest, Sun Qingxue was a little anxious. Yang Chen provoked Senior Jiu Xian dissatisfaction. Seeing that there would be conflicts, it must be that Yang Chen, this Foundation stage younger generation would suffer, and all this was because of her, how could she calm down. She looked anxious beyond words.

“The old man doesn’t know the little girl.” Jiu Xian seemed to be directed at Yang Chen. Who told him to say that Blue Cloud Immortal Class was ordinary  “Boy, today, no matter what you say because of this, you will go to Blue Cloud Immortal Class , or you will come up with evidence of Blue Cloud Immortal Class being ordinary. Otherwise, don’t blame this old man.”

“Jiu Xian? Is it self Proclaimed!” Yang Chen saw  this kind of guy who was rushing to find abuse,and sneered „How many type of good wines have you drink to dare be called Jiu Xian? The beautiful mouth wants to deceive the liquor to drink, when I am a child?"

Let him come up with evidence to prove that Blue Cloud Immortal Class was ordinary. To put it bluntly, it was to ask Yang Chen to come up with a better wine. This remark has indeed been suspected as cheating. Moreover Jiu Xian, seemed to have been cut off by Yang Chen, how could he care about a mortal guy who claimed to be a wine celestial.

Jiu Xian was already a Yuan Ying ancestor, but he was also unable to speak for a long time after Yang Chen's words. Dignified Jiu Xian, had become a rogue to sip wine, how could the heart of Jiu Xian bear it.

“It's rude!” Someone screamed when they were on the side. The people who lined up were all good wine drinkers, and they all heard the name of Jiu Xian. And Yang Chen reprimanded him this way. How could people not be filled with indignation?

“Good! Good! Good!” Jiu Xian was angered and laughed, pointing to Yang Chen, and even said three good words “This old man has not come out for a long time, it seems that there are a group of great descendants. Today, this old man does not lie to you. as long as you can take out a cup of wine that is more better than Blue Cloud Immortal Class, this  old man’s possession, you can pick one.”

“Is this true?” Yang Chen eyebrows erected and asked. A cup of wine for a magic weapon of a Yuan Ying ancestors, this sale was worth doing.

“It's hard to chase after a word!” Jiu Xian raised his head and said proudly. He had this capital pride, the world good wine, which of it had he not drunk, the Five Elements Sect five phase disorder liquor and Blue Cloud Immortal Class shares the honor, they were on a par, it was almost the same, to say that it surpasses Blue Cloud Immortal Class,  certainly wad not possible: „all people on the scene, can testify."

“Good!” Yang Chen nodded.

“However, if you can’t get it, what should you do?” Jiu Xian did not give Yang Chen a chance to escape, and immediately asked. The people beside them were also pushing the waves and urging Yang Chen loudly.

“What do you want?” Yang Chen did not care, asked directly.

“I can forgive you a younger generation, if you can’t get anything decent.” Jiu Xian fully showed the generosity of his seniority at the moment. He waved his hand and said very generously: “As long as you are in front of everyone, and apologize to Blue Cloud Immortal Class and admits that what you said was nonsense!”

The people around, listening to Senior Jiu Xian, one by one cheered. It was as if they have won.

“Senior, are you sure you will not regret it?” Yang Chen suddenly asked with a smile.

“What can I regret?” Jiu Xian had already determined that Yang Chen was looking for an opportunity to escape.

Where would  he give him the opportunity “This old man will never regret it!”

“Senior are you not afraid. Once you have tasted the taste of wine today, you will never taste it again?” Yang Chen’s smile was getting more and more happier.
(To be continued)

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