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In the air, Yang Chen was really unable to escape. However, it seemed that Yang Chen himself did not think about avoiding it. Under the sea, the two guys flying swords strucked on the golden bell, Yang Chen was still vivid, Yang Chen didn’t believe that with these people’s cultivation base they could break through the defense of the Golden bell.

And it was as Yang Chen expected, the two flying swords cut on Yang Chen's two legs one after the other, but they could only make a clear and squeaky noise but Yang Chen was unharmed.
“Be careful, this kid has a body protection magic weapon!” This situation was immediately seen, and someone shouted when he saw it.

„Snort, body protection Magic Weapon?" A cold and violent voice said, the Nascent Soul ancestor was very disdainful to Yang Chen and shouted: “Break for me!”

A red light, like a sword, was sent from the hands of the Nascent Soul ancestor and went straight to Yang Chen’s chest. The Several Gold Core stage masters around him were shocked. One of them hurriedly shouted: ” Ancestor he must live!”

As if he suddenly remembered of the fact that they wanted Yang Chen alive. The red light from the Nascent Soul ancestor suddenly stagnated, and then it seemed that the light became weaker, but the speed was not reduced, still hitting Yang Chen's chest.

Yang Chen's body had been restored to balance by two flying swords, but he was immediately faced with another blow. This attack was not an attack by a Gold Core stage Master, but a magic weapon attack by a Nascent Soul Stage ancestor.

Seeing that the red light had hit Yang Chen's body, but Yang Chen's face was strangely revealing an unpredictable smile.

The Nascent Soul Stage ancestor felt strange, the attack made a deep bell from Yang Chen's body.

Buzzzz, the dull bell sound came from the place where Yang Chen's chest was hit by the attack of the Nascent Soul Stage ancestor. An invisible shock wave that could not be seen was spread out and spread around.

Wherever it went, whether it was a person or an object, all of them began to tremble with the dull bells sound.

Except for Yang Chen, there was no other voice in the ears of all the people. It was completely filled with this sound, and the sound of buzzing was endless.
This sound seemed to have penetrated everyone’s body and got into the Sea of Consciousness of the ​​people present. As the bell began to tremble, their body swayed involuntarily, and they couldn’t grip anything in their hands.

The flying swords flying in the air seemed to be hit by a huge force. A series of them fell, and the owners of the flying swords could not establish any connection with them. Everyone stayed in place, and constantly trembled, but could not do anything else.

“The Tenth Water Divine Thunder explosion was very crisp!” Yang Chen’s body shape appeared directly next to the Nascent Soul ancestor, accompanied by Yang Chen’s calm but not concealing the anger of his voice: “the Taste of this bell is not bad right!”

In fact, Yang Chen himself was also affected by the bell, but the impact was simply negligible relative to other people. Even so, Yang Chen could only use one martial arts, and then his spiritual power could no longer be condensed, and weapons such as flying swords could no longer be used. This bell almost dissipated his Spiritual Awareness.

However, for Yang Chen, even if his spiritual power could not be used at all, it would not matter. If Yang Chen could not use spiritual power, his enemies were also unable to use theirs.

However, for a Nascent Soul Stage master who couldn’t use spiritual power, tragedy would inevitably occur when he was faced with Yang Chen, who had cultivated the Yellow Turban Strongman Body Refining Technique, and had strength exceeding 200,000 jin.
Yang Chen had no concept of holding back. These people came to capture him. Yang Chen would naturally not be soft hearted. When his big hand stretched out, he directly grasped the back of the head of the Nascent Soul Stage ancestor, while his other hand grabbed the other’s shoulders and arms, and began to exert force.

Under the horror of the Nascent Soul Stage ancestor, and the horror of the surrounding Gold Core stage masters, a horrible scream of pain by a creepy voice was suddenly sounded.

The Nascent Soul Ancestor that originally was aloof, whose head was connected to his body, was pulled out of the body by the hands of Yang Chen. No matter how many spirit power that had tempered the body of the Nascent Soul ancestor, it was as weak as a tofu for for Yang Chen, and he directly separated it into two sections.

The screams came to an abrupt end, and the fleshy bones were connected to the whole head, Yang Chen directly threw it to the roots of the Blood Phantom Vine in the medicine garden. The other side of the body, was raised in the hands of Yang Chen, very skillfully he took off the Qiankun bag, and it also became the blood of the Blood Phantom Vine.

Easily he put away the Qiankun bag of the Nascent Soul ancestor, Yang Chen’s eyes turned to the other Gold Core masters.

For people who cultivated, there were many ways to kill people. However, it was when using flying swords and other weapons. How could Yang Chen tear a Nascent Soul ancestor’s head off with his hand?

Not to mention that everyone was still affected by the bell, even if there was no such influence, watching the scene of Yang Chen tearing off the head of the Nascent Soul ancestor scared them to the soul.

„There’s someone responsible for every grievance, For every debt there is a debtor, you and I were not resentful in those days, No recent hatred, pursuit, must have for no reason delivers you to start off!" while speaking, Yang Chen did not stop, the people around the Nascent Soul ancestor was directly pulled by him, and was punched one by one, and instantly there were six heads which exploded.

Until this moment, everyone was gradually weakened by the influence of the bell, and finally the spiritual power could be used again, but the remaining four Gold Core masters didn’t have the courage to attack Yang Chen. Even the Nascent Soul ancestor was not his opponent,the moment that the spiritual power could be controlled again, and the thought of escape was directly in the minds of the four people.

However, the moment that the Gold Core masters were able to use their spiritual power, Yang Chen recovered earlier than them. His mind moved, Wan Qian and the six women appeared directly around them, and the Five Sides Profound Woman Formation surrounded the four Gold Core stage masters.

Originally facing Yang Chen had been chilling, now suddenly there were five more Gold Core masters surrounding them, and there was also a Nascent Soul master on the side as a deterrence, where these four people little bit of courage came from was now lost, awkwardly Yang Chen put them under restriction one by one, and they were afraid to even move around.

As soon as they appeared, Yang Chen had already taken over the girls and appeared in the shuttle with four captives. The four Gold Core masters were shocked directly, but after seeing the surrounding situation, they finally understood why Yang Chen could hide under the sea.

What made the four people a little uneasy was that after Yang Chen restricted them, he did not ask any questions. He just checked the seized Qiankun bags slowly and looked at what he was gaining. But the more this was the case, the four people’s hearts were more and more uneasy.
(To be continued)

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