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The Spiritual Awareness mark could only let the person who is tracking know the direction of the target relative to himself. If the distance was close enough, within a hundred miles, it may also be able to roughly define the range of the target, but it does not allow people to find the exact position. .

If he was tracking a strong expect, he couldn’t find the other person’s position. Unless the target was trapped in a certain formation under his own arrangement, and there was a Spiritual Awareness mark on his body, then he would be able to find him accurately.

However, the person who was following Yang Chen's line now knows exactly where the Spiritual Awareness Imprint on Yang Chen's body was. In this case, he had experienced several times during the year.
Above the sea, a dozen of people looked at the sea under their feet bitterly, all of whom had a strong aura. These people seem to have experienced a lot of hardships, and they were a bit distressed. Among the crowds, there was only one Nascent Soul Expert(s), and the others were at the Gold Core stage.

The Spiritual Awareness Imprint showed that Yang Chen was below them and they did not know exactly where it was, but it was definitely in this area.

“This time it would not be the Cosmos bag again ?” The leader was the Nascent Soul Expert, but at the moment on the face of the Nascent Soul Expert, there was no pride, but it was a bit annoyed.

The other people’s faces and performances were not much better. Over the past year or so, the group of more than a dozen people tracked Yang Chen. Every time they tracked to one direction, they spent a lot of effort to get to the bottom of the sea and discovered that it was a terrible monster.

If it weren’t for a dozen people who worked together, and everyone’s cultivation was not low, and the magic weapon of Nascent Soul ancestor, they would not have been be able to retreat.

But even so, everyone was embarrassed. The most uncomfortable thing was that every time they found it, it was not a Cosmos bag, but a thing marked with the Spiritual Awareness Imprint. Yang Chen's figure was not even a hair near it.

Once or twice, everyone thought that Yang Chen was sly. But after eight times and ten times, apart from exhaustion and numbness, everyone had no other ideas.

However, despite this, everyone did not dare to relax. Yang Chen was the person designated from above. They don't dare to say any words. They could only go deep into the sea and inquire about it.

Many people were wondering how Yang Chen knows the places of these powerful monsters in this deep sea. Every time he was so accurate, he had put those things just beside the monsters. As long as they follow the Spiritual Awareness Imprint, they would surely alarm the beast, with no exception.

The Nascent Soul Ancestor was tired and bored, but unlike the other Gold Core stage masters, he knew very well that once he could catch Yang Chen, it would be a great credit and how much benefit it could bring.

The name of the Inner Heart Pill, after the event of the 100,000 mountain, was passed from above. The effect was said to have been thoroughly tested by the elder Hua Wanting of Blue Cloud Sect and the elder Min Huafeng of Green Jade Immortal Island. Legends said that it could almost rival the Heaven Seizing Pill, and even be stronger.

Heaven Seizing Pill could only be taken by a master of the Great Ascension stage.

Otherwise, the masters below the Great Ascension stage would only have one result after taking it. Their spiritual power would soar and they would explode and die. However, Ask Inner Heart Pill was different, you could take it from the bottom to the top of a realm, and it sounds like the lower the realm, the higher the success rate of promotion.
If Yang Chen arrives, it means that the recipe of the Ask Inner Heart Pill was in his hands, and it was said that Yang Chen still keeps a medicinal material of the Ask Inner Heart Pill, and would open another furnace in 30 years. Thirty years, was enough for Yang Chen to advance higher, if Yang Chen arrives in the realm of Gold Core stage, it means that the furnace would produce more Ask Inner Heart Pill than the previous one.

Even if there was only one, at least the Nascent Soul stage leader could be sure that it was no longer a dream to enter the Great Ascension stage. This huge advantage stimulated him, how could it not make people feel fascinated, like madness?

This was not a reward from the above, and it would add up, not to mention the Nascent Soul ancestor, a master of the Great Ascension stage would be willing to do to catch a glimpse of it.

The above has already expressed that they must-have it, otherwise it would not send a Nascent Soul Stage master and 12 Gold Core stage masters to deal with a younger generation of the Foundation stage.

Even if the younger generation foundation stage was so powerful, they would not be spared in the face of such a huge disparity in numbers and disparity in realm.

At this moment, Yang Chen, sitting in the sea below the cadres, sat on the shuttle and looked at the group coldly. Those people were not prepared very well. It seems that they did not know that Yang Chen was coming out of the East China Sea. People of all attributes were there, but there were only three people with the water attributes.

This position was where Yang Chen specially chose to wait here. Otherwise, at the speed of the shuttle, those people simply couldn’t catch up. Even if Yang Chen does not let go of the parcels of the Spiritual Awareness Imprint, the other party couldn’t detect it.

It might be precisely because the performance of the Spiritual Awareness Imprint on Yang Chen was different from those of the previous ones, so the followers would think that this should not be the bait that Yang Chen left, it should be the body.

A dozen guys, their costumes were not uniform at all, and there was no martial art mark on them. If they did not deliberately conceal it, then they were originally rogue cultivators and did not join any sect.

But watching these people have a good coordination, it was not like an unorganized posture. That could only be explained, even if they were rogue cultivators, they were also secret disciples of a certain sect, they were used as their eyes and ears.

There was an open space on the bottom of the sea in this area. Yang Chen was now parked on this open space. He held the Bright Light Sword and was gasping Xiao Tian and waited quietly for the people above. He would like to know who these people were and which sects thugs they were.

Greatest Heaven Sect was very suspicious, but several other sects were also suspecting. If they would come up with such a squad, then they definitely wanted to capture Yang Chen alive . The temptation of the Ask Inner Heart Pill was not something that ordinary people could resist, no matter which sects they were from.

The three water attributes Gold Core stage masters quickly came down from the sea. Their methods were very good. In the sea, there was no slight tension, so they directly rushed down.

In the sea water, the scope of the Spiritual Awareness had been greatly reduced. Within less than twenty feet, Spiritual Awareness was also shielded by the sea and couldn’t be discovered. If you wanted to know what was going on below, you could only come close to it. Cultivators with non-water attributes, even if they could enter the water and fight in the water, they would be very uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, the Spiritual Awareness thread that Yang Chen released was not within this range. When the other party was still 40 zhang (3.33 m) away from Yang Chen, Yang Chen had already discovered the behavior of the other three.
(To be continued)


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