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Chapter 147 - You Have A Chance To Survive


As if proving the shopkeeper right, the moment Yang Chen left Cloud Valley, he immediately sensed people chasing him in the surroundings.

Yang Chen sneered and still continued on his flying sword as before. Nobody had noticed that the small Sand Scorpion and the Meadow Viper on his body had disappeared without a trace a few moments ago.


A flying sword made a flitting sound, forcing Yang Chen to stop. In front of him two people appeared, these two were among the people he had seen at Cloud Valley.

Before anyone could say anything, a lovely laughter could be heard coming from behind Yang Chen’s back. Yang Chen didn’t even need to turn his head around to know that it was that devil cultivator who was throwing around flirtatious glances in the Cloud Valley.

While they were in the air, below them the zombie had silently appeared, like a cheetah. On the side of that zombie appeared the devil cultivator controlling it.

On one side, the demon qi had skyrocketed, while on the other side killing intent was wreaking havoc. A pair of blood red eyes were attentively watching Yang Chen, as if a hungry wolf was watching its food.

“Are all of you together?”

Yang Chen looked at everyone approaching him from the surroundings and faintly smiled:

“This really is a good place to kill someone and loot them!”

“Youngster, we don’t want to kill you, so leave your qiankun pouch and your flying sword here and run away as far as you can.”

A dao cultivator in front of him said fiercely.

“And what if I don’t do so?”

Yang Chen calmly looked at the person speaking and slowly asked.

“Then you will have to die!”

The complexion of the person speaking changed and he began to attack as soon a these words left his mouth. The flying sword flashed within his hands and he rushed towards Yang Chen.


A crisp and clear sound echoed in the surroundings between Yang Chen and the person who had said those words. Everyone in the surroundings was amazed. How was this possible?

The loud sound had just rang, when suddenly a gray ribbon appeared before everyone’s eyes. The long ribbon was like a living animal, incomparably nimble and in a flash it rolled around the flying sword.

Looking at this, the dao cultivator who was the master of sword was greatly alarmed and used all of his spiritual awareness to command the flying sword to return. However the gray ribbon was extremely flexible and strong, so the flying sword was unable to make any movement after it had been wrapped up.

Seeing that things were far from encouraging, the other people in the surroundings shouted loudly and released their magic weapons one by one. But just as their magic weapons had left their hands, their bodies immediately tensed up. On closer look, it could be seen that their bodies had already been bound by that magic weapon.

After rolling around their bodies, the long ribbon suddenly tightened and everyone released a blood curdling scream before losing consciousness. Regardless of what kind of magic weapon they used, all of them fell down from the sky. Without their masters’ spiritual awareness controlling them, they had all turned into masterless objects. Initially that zombie had also been moving, but he also suddenly stopped under the effect of the ribbon.

Yang Chen collected his own flying sword and his figure slowly descended on the ground. The long ribbon in the sky also began to come to the ground.

The slender ribbon then turned into She Kui. He had returned to his original shape just a moment ago. His body had become thumb thick but thirty three hundred meters long and had captured all of them after catching them off guard.

She Kui was an expert in concealing himself, adding to that the fact that his cultivation was a lot higher than these people. They didn’t have a clue that they were being surrounded by She Kui.

The Blood Phantom Vine quickly replaced She Kui’s body and coiled around the bodies of those people, even the zombie was no exception. Soon, the group of people began to wake up one by one under Yang Chen’s prodding.

“For every grievance someone is responsible, for every debt there is a debtor, since you wanted to kill, then you must also be ready to get killed yourself.”

These people were powerless because the Blood Phantom Vine was wrapped around them. Hearing Yang Chen’s words, everyone began to tremble. At the same time as Yang Chen said these words, he did not forgot to use spiritual awareness to communicate with the demon cultivators.

“I don’t know who you are, but I also don’t care.”

Yang Chen continued:

“I only want to know one thing.”

Speaking until there, Yang Chen paused, as if giving everyone some time to recall their memories and then continued:

“This is what I want to know: A woman was recently attacked not far from here. Who were the attackers?”

“I don’t know!”

Everyone revealed anxious expressions. The first one to speak was the devil cultivator who had blood red eyes. Even though he was under these circumstances, he didn’t seem to care much.

Yang Chen creased his brows together. He suddenly discovered an anomaly about that person. He was just about to speak, when that person suddenly started laughing heartily and his body rose up while the Blood Phantom Vine which was coiled around his body loosened and untied. Even Yang Chen didn’t know when this happened.

“A mere Blood Phantom Vine wants to subdue me? My Blood Fiend Sect’s great method of blood evasion does not its reputation for nothing.”

With great laughter, the devil cultivator’s entire body turned blood red, as if he was made out of light and within a moment he completely disappeared from everyone’s vision.

The loud laughter still hadn’t disappeared, when the blood coloured silhouette which had flown away just a moment ago, suddenly returned to the ground with an even quicker speed and a loud sound.

The person was still in the air, as a few vines of the Blood Phantom Vine crazily wrapped around him and deeply entered the body of the blood colored silhouette.

This time, Yang Chen didn’t give him any opportunity and the Blood Phantom Vine immediately began to absorb his blood crazily. Within a few moments, the blood colored silhouette turned into a corpse in front of everyone and didn’t move anymore.

“I am not very fond of uncooperative people.”

Yang Chen didn’t even look at the dried up corpse and only walked back to the group of people, slowly saying:

“Who else wants to run, they are free to try.”

The remaining people were outdoing one another in shaking their heads. Yang Chen also didn’t want to talk much with them and with one thought from him, the zombie was raised before Yang Chen.

“Even after refining a metal corpse for a hundred years, you couldn’t even withstand a single blow, hmph, useless tricks.”

Shaking his head, Yang Chen concluded this. Hearing this, the face of the devil cultivator who was controlling the corpse turned unsightly, but Yang Chen continued:

“Since you will not speak up, then I will not leave you.”

A wave of hissing sounds which gave everyone a sour feeling began to rise from the metal corpse’s body. Everyone’s eyes were fixed on it and they suddenly discovered that the body of the metal corpse had been corroded by something and a big hole had appeared in it. The hissing sound was precisely the sound of corrosion of the zombie.

Soon, the incomparably stiff corpse turned into a river of pus, flowing across the ground. While flowing it even created some small holes in the ground and only then did the hissing sound stop.

“I have asked once, I will not ask again!”

Yang Chen again confronted the remaining people:

“The one among you who tells me will live. If you do not know then it is just unfortunate and we will certainly celebrate the anniversary of your death next year this day.”

“I know something! I know something! I request you not to kill me!”

This time, the one who had opened the mouth was precisely the female devil cultivator who had been throwing around flirtatious looks.

Under the threat of death, the witch who was initially throwing around hundreds of smiles turned deathly pale. Her entire body began to tremble and shiver.

The frightened words she had said while trembling even made people feel like a young lady who was frightened to the extreme and thus they couldn’t help but take pity on her.

“Please don’t kill me! Please don’t kill me!”

That witch talked without stopping:

“I will inform you of everything I know, I am also willing to serve you as a servant or a slave but please don’t kill me!”

Seeing that Yang Chen was looking at her, the spirit of survival began to grow stronger within the witch’s eyes. Her expression showing that she was willing to do anything to remain alive completely fit with her revealing clothes and taking her charming face into account, any cold person would take her as a slave.

“How dare you show this trifling, not even half matured, Beautiful Woman Devil Cultivation in front of me?”

But it was as if Yang Chen’s heart was made of stone:

“Say what you know, otherwise you die!”

“I… two months ago, there were indeed a few people hunting a woman. They were from Fulong Cave and Luihui Valley.”

That witch did not dare to say anything useless and quickly said what she knew.

“I am very sorry.”

Yang Chen very regretfully shook his head, and said to that witch as if regretting:

“I should have told you about something. The Blood Phantom Vine has already taken root in your heart, so I know when you are lying. Basically you don’t know anything, so: die.”

After he finished speaking, the witch suddenly issued a desperate yell, but she only yelled once and did not yell again. In front of the other people that beautiful witch turned into skin and bones.

After seeing the death of two people and the corrosion of the zombie, the remaining people did not think of using lies and started to do their utmost to think of some event which had happened recently, everyone was fighting for their own lives.

“Spare my life! Look, we are both from dao sects, please spare my life!”

That very first cultivator who had attacked Yang Chen did not have that arrogant and bossy attitude anymore, he had begun to weep almost immediately:

“I came here only half a month ago, so I don’t know anything.”

“In only half a month, you have learned to murder and rob people, not bad!”

Yang Chen faintly nodded his head and afterwards he said with a smile:

“Then you are of no use, die!”

Again there was a blood curdling scream and a dead corpse. There was only a Dao cultivator, a devil cultivator and a demon cultivator, who began to shudder in fear remaining. Seeing that Yang Chen’s gaze was fixated on him, that person whose zombie had been destroyed began to yell loudly.

“Looks like you haven’t remembered anything which could save your life.”

Yang Chen regretfully shook his head. That devil cultivator’s loud yelling suddenly came to a stop as his body was reduced a small puddle. Soon he went to keep those other dried corpses company underground.

It was not that Yang Chen was fond of killing them, but at the Greater Mountains, even if he showed leniency towards those people, they would not be grateful. There was only one rule here: the weak were the prey for the strong. If you let others go, it meant they would probably come back and try to kill you.

Right now, Yang Chen was quite calm. He had only one desire, and that was to know who attacked his master. Those people certainly would not admit it themselves, so he had to use this kind of method and along the way he would probably also attract the interest of the people responsible, or he may be able to obtain some information by killing people like this.

Currently only a dao cultivator and a demon cultivator were left in front of Yang Chen. When Yang Chen’s gaze passed by, the Dao sect’s disciple began to shiver so badly that he was not even able to speak.

Yang Chen sighed and turned his gaze towards the demon cultivator. The demon cultivator had completely lost his mind under Yang Chen’s pressure and was just about to scream when he suddenly remembered something and forcing himself to restrain his shout, he began to speak in a high pitched voice:

“I remember something! Last month one of my friends informed me that some people had been hunting a woman to obtain the Red Sun Metal Soul which she had, but that female had been able to flee!”

Hearing the word ‘Red Sun Metal Soul’, Yang Chen immediately knew that his plan was working. With one thought of his, the dao sect’s disciple was completely absorbed by the Blood Phantom Vine.

Hearing the blood curdling scream of a fellow dao sect disciple, Yang Chen was like an amiable old man, the smile never left his face. That demon cultivator told him everything. Apparently there was some kind of cultivation method for demon beasts in the Greater Mountains.

“Your friend told you?”

The Blood Phantom Vine raised the demon cultivator to Yang Chen’s height. As if wishing to confirm it, Yang Chen again asked.

“My friend knew about this, he informed me this personally.”

Demon cultivator hastily nodded, knowing that his life was at stake.

“Where is that friend of yours, help me look for him!”

Yang Chen said, without giving him any leeway.

“Yes, yes!”

The demon cultivator hurriedly nodded and then carefully said:

“You see, this is inconvenient for me, can you release it a little?”

“Then give me your demon soul!”

Yang Chen ordered him without the slightest hesitation. He could be released, but Yang Chen had to hold his life in his own hands; otherwise, if he was even slightly careless and allowed him to escape, the trail of clues which Yang Chen had obtained after so much pain would be completely lost.

The demon cultivator had no alternative other than handing over his demon soul, but this was different from an agreement where both parties agreed. Instead it was forcefully obtained by the enemy to control or kill him. However his life was already in Yang Chen’s hands, so the demon beast did not dare even to play any games and obediently handed over his demon soul.

Only after the demon soul of the demon cultivator entered Yang Chen’s spirit sea did Yang Chen find out that this demon beast was actually a gray wolf. He also didn’t know that he had cultivated the Appearance Transforming Secrets and had transformed himself into something strange. Even Yang Chen didn’t know his original form until now. Only after getting hold of the other party’s demon soul did Yang Chen control the Blood Phantom Vine and released the wolf.

With the demon soul in Yang Chen’s hands, the demon wolf didn’t even have the slightest thought of rebelling and only did what Yang Chen told him, like collecting the qiankun pouches of those dead people and delivering them to Yang Chen.

After flipping through them once, Yang Chen realized that these people didn’t have anything precious. Apart from a few flying swords, there was nothing that Yang Chen wanted, so he immediately gave them to the demon wolf:

“I will give you these as a reward for helping me in finding your friend!”

Not only hadn’t he died, but he had also made easy money. The demon wolf was delighted and hastily nodded and led Yang Chen to some unknown direction.

After flying for almost three days, the figure of the demon wolf slowly descended to the ground and pointed towards the front and said with some concern:

“My friend is somewhere within this area of the Greater Mountains, but I need some time to find him, probably two days.

“Quickly go and quickly return!”

Yang Chen nodded and after finding a seat for himself, he began to meditate.

After obtaining Yang Chen’s permission, the demon wolf hastily left and entered the mountains.

Within Yang Chen’s hands again appeared the bottle lid of the Medicine Garden. Although he was sitting at the same place, his mind was completely immersed within the palace hall of the Medicine Garden.

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