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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 51 Part 2

“What sister-in-law?” Lu Yue turned from discussing the menu with Ming god
in confusion to look at Tong Yao. He then noticed the phone on the table and
responded in a calm voice: “Oh, you answer it for him.”

“What the heck, haven’t you had enough fun yet? You brat.”

Tong Yao slapped Lu Yue’s head as he chuckled. As he was about to say
something, Lu Sicheng opened the door and came back. He looked at the
missed call on his phone and casually asked: “Who was it?”

Tong Yao straightened her back, somehow feeling as if she’d done something
despicable, and answered: “It looks like it’s from your girlfriend.”

Lu Sicheng gave Tong Yao a glance, baffled. Tong Yao pointed his cell phone:
“The caller id said ‘Mrs. Lu’......Ahhh, I just took a brief look, I didn’t do it on purpose-----”

“Stop, I haven’t even said anything.” Lu Sicheng checked the missed call then
realized who she had mistaken the caller for. He flatly said: “It’s not that Mrs. Lu.”

Tong Yao: “?”

As they were speaking, the cell phone in Lu Sicheng’s hand started to ring again.
It was the same caller id…...Tong Yao nervously fixed her eyes on Lu Sicheng,
watching her captain swipe across the screen to answer the phone: “Hello.”

Tong Yao subconsciously held her breath.

Lu Sicheng didn’t talk after giving a brief greeting. The person on the other end of
the phone seemed to have a lot to say. Lu Sicheng played with the silverwares in
front of him and casually said: “Slow down, why in such a hurry. You’re mumbling,
aren’t you in a meeting?......You snuck out? Is the company doing so well that you
have the luxury of skipping out on a meeting?”

Though he seemed to be complaining, there was a feeling of intimacy. Tong Yao
concluded that it was his girlfriend, without a doubt.

Tong Yao had never heard him speak in such a tone with anybody ever since she
joined the team.

“------What, what, it’s nobody, my teammate…...Why did I compliment her? What’s
wrong if I complimented her when she played a good game?”

Tong Yao quietly listened to his deep voice and felt her stomach acid rising up to
her throat. She looked around at her other teammates, they were all acting rather
normal, not an ounce of worry about their captain at all……

Tong Yao was different than her teammates. She already started to imagine how
the girl at the other end of the phone got so irritated by Lu Yue’s video clip that she
left the meeting to call her boyfriend to interrogate her. Maybe she was crying-------

Tong Yao wiped her face with the palm of her hand------

Her mind began to run wild.  Maybe ZGDX’s mid and bot couldn’t work together
from now on. The fans would start asking: This mid can only go up to the top?

Tong Yao found the thought stifling.

“------You’re coming to Shanghai? What for? The summer competition has already
started, I don’t have the time to fool around with you.”

Lu Sicheng’s voice indicated that he was losing his patience. Tong Yao moved
closer to Lu Yue, wishing she could use the BBQ sauce to draw a line in between
her and Lu Sicheng------

So the girlfriend was going to Shanghai to check on him!


Tong Yao wished she could tell the girlfriend that she really didn’t need to do that.
Actually, she should worry more about Little Fatty, the man who played games with
her boyfriend every day. Yesterday, Tong Yao even saw Little Fatty lock arms with
Lu Sicheng’s to beg him for help ranking up!

Lu Sicheng seemed to sense Tong Yao’s eyes boring into his hand holding the
phone. Lu Sicheng paused for a while, frustratedly turned his head to mouth to
the person next to him: My mom.

Tong Yao: “.....................................”


Oh, oh.

So there wasn’t a “crying girlfriend.”

……...It really wasn’t “that Mrs. Lu.”

Tong Yao turned her head back to stare at the tips of the chopsticks right in front
of her-----

Now, she felt like she could breathe freely again.

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