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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 39 Part 5

Watching the Nexus explode, Tong Yao pull off her earphones, she could
hear the background music at the end of the match and the cheering audience.
Tong Yao stood up and turned to look at the screen behind their side of the stage
with the word “Win” on the blue background. She was taken aback.

She won?

Three seconds later, Tong Yao screamed internally-- --

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, she won. Ahhhh shit, she won. Ahhhhhhhhh!

Tong the great!

Tong the handsome!

Tong the carry!

Though she didn’t show any emotion on her face, she was jumping up and down
inside and almost broke out into a dance right there. Then she saw Old K stand
up and walk towards CK and remembered the ritual of shaking hands-- --The
players of the winning team walk over to the losing team and shake hands with
each member of the losing team.

Tong Yao was behind Old K, she was a little nervous since it was the first time
she was doing it. Players from CK all looked saddened yet still politely shook
hands with the winning team. CK’s top Come Good Luck even smiled as he was
shaking hands with Tong Yao: “Little jiejie, you’re good. Looking forward to our next

Tong Yao finally couldn’t hold her happiness anymore, showing a bright smile.

However, the smile only lasted for about 3 seconds.

Jian Yang was right after Come Good Luck. Tong Yao hesitated, then reached out
with her hand. This was the first time after two years she held his hand again-- --
His palm was slightly sweaty. When they shook hands, he suddenly flipped his hand
and held onto her wrist.

Tong Yao looked up and smiled embarrassingly while silently trying to slip her wrist
out of his grip-- --

Her struggling only made him tighten his grip.

All the other players shook hands for 3 seconds, Tong Yao and Jian Yang took ten
times longer. Tong Yao’s smile on her face began to wane. She felt some people
down in the audience begin to look at their direction out of curiosity……

“You have become stronger.” Jian Yan casted his eyes down and lightly said.

“Yeah, so I’ll come over to shake your hand quite often from now on, till the time you
retire.” Tong Yao said without much expression on her face: “So, let go of me, now.”

Jian Yang: “......”

Right after she finished speaking, someone patted her head from behind: “Impolite.”

While the man spoke with a hoarse voice, his tall body also stepped forward to
squeeze in front of Tong Yao. Jian Yang reluctantly let go of Tong Yao. Lu Sicheng
instantly held onto Jian Yang’s hand and shook it.

Then it was mid Little Flower, adc Butterfly, and support Old Wang-- --

Before anyone had realized it, Lu Sicheng had moved in front of Tong Yao. Even
after the hand shaking, the team went to the front of the stage to bow to the audience,
that tall figure was still standing in front of her.

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