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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 35 Part 6

There was a row of various claw machines over there.

Tong Yao followed Liangsheng’s eyes and easily spotted a crowd gathered
in front of one of the machines. There were two tall, eye-catching men standing
in the middle of the crowd-- --

Amidst the admiring eyes of young girls and the envious eyes of children,
one of the men held a sack full of the various toys from different claw machines
and leaned against the claw machine which was even shorter than he was; the
other man, with a huge Pikachu hanging from his neck, was standing in front
of the machine controlling the stick with his lean and long fingers. He had
successfully picked up the palm sized stuffed animal……

The people around them cried out, “so cool” “how many is this one” “they’ve
almost cleaned out all the machines here”-- --

The man had his eyes cast down and had no emotion on his face.

He acted just like the numerous times that Tong Yao had watched him control
his champion to pulverize the enemy’s nexus.

Tong Yao: “......”

She stood there speechless. The young men next to her had already happily
rushed towards the red haired man leaning against the machine while calling
the man’s game id. He pushed away the crowd with all his might and squeezed
in front of the red haired guy, grabbing the man’s wrist and starting to gesture
lively while talking……

Lu Sicheng bent down to take out the stuffed animal from the claw machine.
When he straightened up, he took a look at the grateful captain from next door
who had finally found his AD. He seemed to sense something and turned to
look back-- --

He immediately saw his own Mid behind him who had three umbrellas under
her arm and one umbrella in her hand. She was looking at him incredulously
and not willing to get any closer to him.

Lu Sicheng took out his cell phone to check the time and found out that his
phone had ran out of battery and died.

He put the phone back into his pocket, then noticed that his friend was saying
sorry while pushing the sack of toys into the young man’s hands. His friend
said something in Korean, Lu Sicheng considerately translated for him: “He
said he’s terribly sorry and all these toys are for you.”

Liangsheng: “......”

Lu Sicheng walked over to Tong Yao and took over all the umbrellas she was
carrying: “Did you look for us long?”

Tong Yao moved around her arm: “One hour.”

Lu Sicheng: “Oh.” He was about to tell Tong Yao to call for a taxi to go back.
When he looked down, he saw the girl was still fixing her eyes on that sack of
toys in Liangsheng’s arms.

He paused: “What are you doing?”

“......” Tong Yao shifted her eyes, lightly glanced over the Pikachu on Lu
Sicheng’s neck, and flatly said: “Nothing. Let’s go back. I’m freezing to death.”

She turned to walked away after she spoke.

The man paused a bit, then followed her.

Tong Yao walked in the front, ignoring the person behind. Suddenly she felt
something heavy placed on her shoulders and pressing against her back. She
stopped and lowered her head to check the claws of Pikachu around her neck.
She raised her head and confusedly looked back. The man pushed the last
stuffed animal he had caught into her hand and patted her head: “It’s still raining
outside. Call for a ride back on your phone.”

Tong Yao replied with an oh and looked down. The stuffed animal in her hand
was a pink lop-eared rabbit, holding a carrot in its arms.

…...It was a cute stuffed animal.

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